Tuesday, July 03, 2012

One Box of Fiocchi Shells; Misplaced or Stolen?

I brought to a shoot one flat of Fiocchi shells.  New shells, not reloads, unopened flat.

I shot 100 registered targets in the AM and 100 registered targets in the PM.  In my cart I had an extra box for spares (not needed).

Loading the Van at the end of the day I could not find the box of shells (the 10th box) left in the rear of the vehicle.  It was there after the first 100 as I saw it when restocking the cart.

Misplaced or Stolen?

I tend to leave the rear of the Van open and I guess that was foolish on my part!

A number of shooters at the club were not shooting registered. I tend to lean in that direction in my thoughts on the missing shells.

If you had asked I would have given them to you...


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