Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening gun safes is 'easy'

A must read article.

Las Vegas - Lock cracking experts have shown hackers that opening small gun safes widely sold in the US is child's play.


Tobias said that Security Labs turned its attention to gun safes after the 3-year-old son of a now-former sheriff's department detective in Canada was shot to death by a sibling with a pistol that had been locked away at home.

Researchers toyed with the Stack-On safe at issue and discovered it could be opened by simply tipping it a bit and then dropping it, with the jar of the impact causing it to unlock.

Intrigued, the pair scrutinised another half-dozen or so models of gun safes from the Illinois-based company.

"They could be opened with wires, a drinking straw, bouncing...," Tobias said, rattling off unsophisticated techniques used to crack gun safes.

"They are putting everyone who buys these at risk."

A high-end gun safe with a fingerprint scan activated lock can be opened using a pair of paper clips


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