Friday, September 28, 2012

Remington 1100 light contour barrel

I've been shooting my 1100 for sporting clays on and off for the last year.

My 26 inch barrel was adequate, but something was missing.  I ended up shooting my 30 inch barrel, but not always happy with the swing.

I had been thinking of purchasing a 28 inch barrel for the wife and if I did I give it a try.  A few months back I ran into a deal on a 28 inch light contour barrel and pulled the trigger on the sale.  I just got around to shooting it a few weeks back, as not wanting to make changes during the peak of the shooting season and liked the way the gun moved in my hands.

Not a sporting clays test, but I shot it at a skeet fun shoot and shot 47x50.  Only missing high house station #1 birds.  Missing because I was holding to high.  Didn't shoot the first target, as I never saw it.  Anyway, I found it shot flatter then my 30 inch barrel without making any comb adjustments. Suited me perfectly!

This past week my wife gave it a try on the skeet field.  She mounted the gun that was set for the 26 inch barrel she uses and couldn't see the beads.  We ended up adding three washers to the comb! A nice round shot and mostly center hits! As I had experienced, it seemed to shoot flatter then the 26 inch barrel she uses. Anyway, its now her barrel!

A bit of searching around and I found another deal on a used light contour barrel.  You can find them used for under $175, but it takes patience and some poking around.

I'll put the two 26 inch barrels on EBay. Seeing what they are going for I don't expect to make big bucks. Hopefully, both will pay for at least one of the light contour barrels!

As a side note.  I have a theory on barrel length. I don't think 26 inch 1100 barrels cycles ammunition as well as longer barrels. May have something to do with gas buildup and the longer barrel. I seem to never have an ammo hiccup with the 30 inch barrel, but  using the same ammunition I can have problems with the 26 inch barrel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2013 Florida Chain Shoot Dates

Florida 2012 / 2013 Calendar

2013 Florida Triple Blast (Sporting Clays)

Shoot in the Main Events of all three shoots - The Caribbean Classic, The Seminole Cup and the Florida Challenge - and you will be competing for a piece of an additional $10,000 in prize money beyond the combined $60,000 in purse money already offered by the shoot promoters.

02/13/13-02/18/13 - INDIAN RIVER TRAP & SKEET VERO BEACH - Caribbean Classic

02/20/13-02/24/13 - QUAIL CREEK PLANTATION OKEECHOBEE - Seminole Cup

02/28/13-03/03/13 - BRADFORD SPORTSMEN'S GRAHAM - Florida Challenge

Information / Registrations

WinScore Registration

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 23 @ The Lost Target Fun Shoot

Thanks to Club de Tir Valleyfield for hosting a Lost Target Fun Shoot and donating the proceeds to the Lost Target!

The proceeds will be put to good use and go a long way with helping offset the expense of running the website and the other activities taken by the Lost Target throughout the year to promote the clay target sports.


A cool start to the day and windy, but it warmed and just as I departed a shower or two.

A 47x50 in skeet.  Missing three station #1 high house birds, two in round #1 and one in round #2.  Holding way to high!  Shooting an Improved Skeet Choke.  Thought the hits were a bit tight on all stations. Will have to rummage through my gear and see if I can find a regular Remington 1100 skeet choke for registered skeet.

Shot a 45x50 in trap.  Missed a few that I rushed, but overall was comfortable with my shooting.  I was seeing the target really good!

Shoot Photos

Thanks to the Valleyfield club and the Quebec Provincial Trapshooting Association (QPTA) for also making  contributions to the Lost Target.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

NY State Trooper, you lost a bit of respect today!

I was driving to a shoot Sunday morning and was stuck behind five vehicles traveling west on Route 11.  The lead vehicle according to my GPS was going between 47 and 50 mph in a 55 mph zone.  A no passing part of the highway and no opportunity to pass for any of us, as a winding part of the road.  Saying that, good visibility and dry roads.

We passed a NY State Trooper vehicle parked along the side of the road.  Looking in my rear vehicle I see just as we are about to lose sight of him he pulls out and starts following us, keeping his distance.

About a mile up the road we finally get to a passing area and the number 3 vehicle passes the number 2 vehicle and pulls back in.  Maybe 30 seconds later he passes the number 1 vehicle and takes the lead.

Sure enough, on comes the emergency lights and the state trooper passes us all and pulls over the vehicle who done the passing.

What a crock.  The passing vehicle from what I could see never went faster then 65 mph and he passed in a safe manner.  Most, if not all of us have done this hundreds of times, to include the trooper in question.

The more I think about it I imagine the trooper knows that part of the road and looks for four or five vehicles following a slower vehicle and uses the opportunity to write a ticket that most troopers would be embarrassed to give.   

Write a ticket for passing on a double line, speeding in a work zone, but for this?

You lost a bit of respect today…

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Florida Challenge 2013

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm
Graham, Florida


Video From 2012 (Sunday Action)

Vermont Clay Target Shooting, 2012 Retrospect

From a shooters perspective, a good year for clay target shooting in Vermont.

The Northeast Kingdom Skeet and Sporting Clays club received a spring face lift with a bulldozer and chain saws re-making the sporting clays course. 

The old sporting course was skeet in the woods.  The new course has something for everyone.  Newer shooters should not feel beat up and the more experienced shooters will find several stations with challenging targets.  A well run state shoot with many happy shooters!

The club also installed a trap field.

The club has skeet and an excellent 5-stand.  I’m told a new club house is planned.

A big surprise for me was this year’s visit to Bulls Eye Sporting Clays.  Several years back I was not impressed and had not returned. 

Much improved target presentations.  Mostly hand traps and it is what it is.  The club has shot fall issues and has to be very careful in that regard.  I had a more enjoyable time on this visit. Will be returning next year!

The Montpelier Gun Club recovered from the floods of 2011 and all trap machines were working perfectly at this year’s state shoot.  A club with a Shot Fall Curtain.  Makes for an excellent background.

The Underhill Rod & Gun club, a three field skeet club with trap and a 5-stand once again transformed the club into a sporting clays club for two shoots this year.  In FITASC terms, they setup six parcours.  Very well done! I'm told some type of registered NSCA 100 target shoots are planned mid week once per month.  Most likely built around the 5-stand and an adjoining field.

Registered skeet ended with a bang!  The last shoot held, a 200 target .410 shoot, was a big hit.  Talk is that next year the club will be reworking the skeet program. I’m looking foreword to it. To be honest I had been thinking of dropping my NSSA membership, as not many places to shoot registered skeet in this region. With a revised Underhill shoot schedule and maybe a strengthened Vermont program I will stick around.

The Derby Fish and Game Club just keeps trucking along. A one field trap club that has an aggressive fun shot schedule.  Much larger clubs would be happy with the turnout the clubs sees at some of its shoots.

The Sportsman’s Club of Franklin County held a skeet and trap fun shoot this year.  It seems a few years have past since the last such shoot.  A member only shoot. Maybe future such shoots will be open to all and garner a few extra shooters.  A well run shoot, trophies for both skeet and trap, and a nice lunch.  The club runs an excellent skeet league.  They offer a trap league also, but having a rough time getting it off the ground.

The club is installing a “warming building” near skeet field #2.  A much needed addition.  Call it what you want. but the club has long needed a gathering spot for socializing near the fields.  The club house is not that far away, but far enough that it impacts the socializing aspect of clay target shooting.  Just my opinion and take it for what’s its worth….

The North County Sportsman’s Club has shot fall issues that have been identified and the club looks to have a handle on it. If in the neighborhood, stop in and shoot a round of 5-stand or trap, as the club needs to throw targets to pay for all the changes required to solve the issues at hand!  A relocated 5-stand is planned and the first shoot of 2013 is set for February 23rd, a 100 target shoot. 

A number of clubs have someone working with youth shooters, but a small group is planning on taking it to the next level in 2013, forming a Scholastic Clay Target Shooting Program (SCTP).

Something that we should all be willing to support at whatever level we can afford, may it be a cash contribution, ammunition donation, or reduced cost shooting at whatever Vermont club they visit.

Hopefully, clubs will reach out and offer their facilities for practice and or shoots!



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  • New Shotgun Web iPhone App!

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    Sep 16 @ the Farnham Fun Trap Shoot

    We shot the annual fun trap shoot at Club Chasse, Pêche & Tir de Farnham inc., Farnham, Québec.

    50 targets. Ammunition included in the shoot fee.


    I first visited the club last year and thought this years targets were a big improvement from what we experienced the previous year. If I was a club member I would ask that orange rim targets be thrown instead of black rim.  A tough background when they fly to the right!  Maybe not a big problem when the sun is shinning, but most of the time the sun was behind the clouds.

    Someone not familiar with clay target shooting, I assume a rifle person made the trap range rules, as you were not allowed to hold your gun when someone went downrange to load targets.  Good for the puller who brought it to are attention, but at first had no idea what she were talking about!

    My wife Heide shot well.  Especially the second round.  A mishap with score keeping resulted in the posted scores not being correct.  She missed one target for a score of 24x25.  According to my score keeping she beat me my one target. As they were not calling out after every post change, we had to live with it.  The second fun shoot this year where this happened. I know it's just a fun shoot and you hate to say anything, but when the scoring gets messed up... 

    The cost of lunch was $1 for a soft drink, $1 for a hot dog, and a $1 for hand cut french fries (a generous serving).


    Monday, September 10, 2012

    Slow Motion Sporting Clays (Video)

    Very well done, take a look!

    Tiro al plato

    Golden Triangle Sporting Clays Shoot

    An early start to attend the Golden Triangle Trap and Skeet Club (Brockville, Ont) sporting clays fun shoot.

    I crossed the border at the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge ($1.75 toll).  No lines and I was processed quickly. A short run west on highway 401 and I was at the club.  Maybe ten minutes from the exit, if that. For you upstate NY shooters, about an hour drive, going west, from the Massena Gun Club.

    I arrived just after 9am, two squads were already on the course. 

    The 75 target shoot was shot over three fields.  Thirty-five (35) targets shot off the 5-stand and twenty targets (20) each shot off two other fields, set as parcours.  A nice setup and things moved along smoothly.

    A good variety of target presentations.  The rabbit presentation was enjoyed by all. We might not have hit all of them, but a lot of laughs.

    Machines seemed well maintained.  This shooter didn't have to re-shoot any presentations.  A 75 target shoot and I shot 75 shells, never needing to use my extras. 


    Lunch was included in the price of the shoot ($35).

    A number of prizes were handed out in the lucky draw.  At first I thought they were items for sale, as they seemed to nice too be lucky draw prizes. I took home a very nice sport shirt!

    A well maintained club.  The clubhouse itself was clean with plenty of space for hanging out.

    The construction of the 5-stand shooting stands was first rate.  Nothing sticking out to snag cloths and the front was low enough for youngsters to use.

    Gun racks were in good shape!

    An hour after the shoot you would never know the club held a shoot.  Machines put away and even the broken targets littering the infields had been removed.


    I was asked if I was interested in shooting a round of skeet, but it was time to hit the road.  Lucky once again at the border, no traffic.

    Maybe just the time of the year but saw four or five dead foxes along the route. I saw at one flock of geese right next to the road and one deer!

    Todd Murphy Memorial Sporting Clays Shoot

    Twice a year the Underhill Rod & Gun Club (Westford, VT) transforms itself into a sporting clays facility, with the property sectioned off into parcours. A transformation that is well done!

    A windy day but forecasted rains held off.


    Volunteers did an outstanding job.

    A caterer provided lunch. 

    Photos / Results

    On my way home the rains came.  Visibility almost zero.  I stopped for gas and just after I paid the lights flickered a few times and the pumps went down.  They station never lost power but the traffic lights at the intersection were out.  I was prepared to wait it out, but the heavy rains passed and I was on my way.

    Thursday, September 06, 2012

    Canadian purchasing a firearm in the USA

    Recent rule changes have generated some confusion in regard to a Canadian purchasing a firearm in the states.

    The bottom line is the rules for such a purchase by a Canadian VISITING the USA have not changed.

    All sales (private or business) must go through an FFL. The FFL will have the firearm shipped to Canada. The Canadian CANNOT take possession!

    What did change is the 90 resident requirement for those making a home in the USA.  90 days is no longer a requirement.  A purchase can be made almost immediately.  
    Nonimmigrant aliens lawfully admitted to the United States without a visa (e.g. Visa Waiver Program), will not be prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms or ammunition, provided that they meet State of residency requirements and are not otherwise prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms.

    To acquire a firearm, you must demonstrate the intention of making a home in a particular State. The intention of making a home in a State must be demonstrated to a Federal firearms licensee by presenting valid government issued identification documents indicating an address in the state in which the licensee’s place of business is located. Such documents include, but are not limited to, driver’s licenses, voter registration, tax records, or vehicle registration.
    Regulations for Nonimmigrant Alien

    Wednesday, September 05, 2012

    Winchester 25 Straight Patch

    Recently a few clubs looking for 25 straight patches.

    Here you go....

    You bust more clay with AA – now say it loud and proud with these straight patches (from 25 to 200) that have a heat-seal backing. Perfect for affixing to your favorite shooting vest, shirt, or jacket.
    Price: $1.00

    Winchester Gear

    Tuesday, September 04, 2012

    New York 2013 Sporting Clays Championship

    New York State Shoot July 26 - 28, 2013

    Rochester Brooks Gun Club - Rush, NY

    If you have not visited the club recently they have a designated small gauge course and enclosed 5 Stand.

    If attending the shoot you might want to visit Ontario and shoot the World Sporting the following week.

    World Sporting July 31 to Aug 4, 2013

    Galt Sportsmen's Club - Puslinch, Ontario

    About a three hour drive from Rochester, New York.  West of Ontario.

    If flying, passport required.  If driving, either passport or an enhanced drivers license.

    $25 (Canadian) per shooter for a 60 day firearm permit (No Handguns).

    Visiting Canada with a Firearm

    Sunday, September 02, 2012

    Quebec Trap Shooting Championships

    I attended the Quebec Trap Shooting Championships. I shot Saturday and Sunday. Passed on doubles.

    VIDEO  (Singles)

    The kids working the shoot hustled throughout the weekend.

    Scores posted in  a timely manner.

    A few problems with voice release (not on my squad).  They were switched out in a timely manner.  I don't remember any broken targets being thrown.

    Saturday, I had problems adjusting to field #4, both in the AM and PM, but not to badly in  the PM.  I ended up holding about three inches higher.  Managed to win my class.  The higher hold point worked on Sunday also. 

    Free corn on the cob on Saturday!

    Sunday, field #3 cost me a handful of targets.   Hard left targets went high, really high.  Was chasing after them (and not catching them). Station one was not fun! Had me holding more to the left then I normally do.

    Sunday could of been better time managed. People who drive any distance were looking at the clock.  I suggest a timely start and the use of four doubles fields to move things along. Handicaps needed to start earlier then it did. The down time between doubles and handicap needs to be shortened considerable. 

    Photos / Video / Results

    I posted three videos.  Saturday, Sunday and a Awards video.  The awards runs long as very limited editing.   Mostly in French, but the first trophy is given to an American from Minnesota.

    TSA Locks and Firearms (Flying)

    A number of shooters have the belief that TSA locks cannot be used to secure a firearm case when flying.

    TSA locks have been authorized for use starting in late 2009!

    Q. What is the proper lock that I should use to secure my hard-sided firearms case?A. Travelers can use a single key or combination lock to which only the traveler has the key or combination, or a TSA-recognized lock.

    Q. Are TSA-recognized locks permitted for securing firearms in a hard-sided case? A. Yes.


    Travelers may only transport UNLOADED firearms in a locked, hard-sided container in or as checked baggage. All firearms, ammunition and firearm parts, including firearm frames and receivers, are prohibited in carry-on baggage.

    Firearm possession laws vary by state and locality. Travelers should familiarize themselves with state and local firearm laws for each point of travel prior to departure.

    Airlines may have additional requirements for traveling with firearms and ammunition. Travelers should also contact the airline regarding firearm and ammunition carriage policies.

    Also, please note that other countries have different laws that address transportation and possession of firearms. If international travel is planned, check the regulations of the destination country to ensure compliance with their requirements.

  • Travelers must declare all firearms to the airline during the ticket counter check-in process.
  • The firearm must be unloaded.
  • The firearm must be in a hard-sided container.
  • The container must be locked. A locked container is defined as one that completely secures the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be pulled open with little effort cannot be brought aboard the aircraft.
  • If firearms are not properly declared or packaged, TSA will provide the bag to law enforcement for resolution with the airline. If the issue is resolved, law enforcement will release the bag to TSA so screening may be completed.
  • TSA must resolve all alarms of checked luggage. If a locked container containing a firearm alarms, TSA will contact the airline, who will make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner and advise the passenger to go to the screening location. If contact is not made, the container will not be placed on the aircraft.
  • If a locked container alarms during screening and is not marked as containing a declared firearm, TSA will cut the lock in order to resolve the alarm.
  • Travelers should remain in the area designated by the aircraft operator or TSA representative to take the key back after the container is cleared for transportation.
  • Travelers must securely pack any ammunition in fiber (such as cardboard), wood or metal boxes or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
  • Firearm magazines and ammunition clips must be securely boxed or included within a hard-sided case containing an unloaded firearm.
  • Small arms ammunition, including ammunition not exceeding .75 caliber for a rifle or pistol and shotgun shells of any gauge, may be carried in the same hard-sided case as the firearm, as long as it follows the packing guidelines described above.
  • TSA prohibits black powder or percussion caps used with black-powder.

  • ----------

    Do not exceed airline weight allowance of 11 pounds gross weight (five Kgs.) for both ammunition and packaging.


    Flying with Firearms

    Saturday, September 01, 2012

    Ammunition Sales Identification

    Recently some stores in the U.S. have stated to ask for identification when ammunition is purchased.

    Each state is different in regard to ammunition sales. In New York you cannot purchase handgun information without a NY State pistol permit.  However,  some ammo can be used in a long gun or a handgun; .22 cal as an example. You may be asked to declare what type of firearm your buying for.

    Identification is not a problem for adult U.S. citizens, but a Canadian will also need to show a valid hunting license (from any state) or an approved ATF Form 6NIA.

    Don't be surprised if the clerk is not aware of the procedure for selling to a Canadian or not even sure if they can.

    Canadians can only use the ammunition in the states.  They are not allowed to take the ammunition back to Canada.  Does not matter if purchased, won at a shoot, or given to them as a gift. Subject to $10,000 fine.