Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ammunition Sales Identification

Recently some stores in the U.S. have stated to ask for identification when ammunition is purchased.

Each state is different in regard to ammunition sales. In New York you cannot purchase handgun information without a NY State pistol permit.  However,  some ammo can be used in a long gun or a handgun; .22 cal as an example. You may be asked to declare what type of firearm your buying for.

Identification is not a problem for adult U.S. citizens, but a Canadian will also need to show a valid hunting license (from any state) or an approved ATF Form 6NIA.

Don't be surprised if the clerk is not aware of the procedure for selling to a Canadian or not even sure if they can.

Canadians can only use the ammunition in the states.  They are not allowed to take the ammunition back to Canada.  Does not matter if purchased, won at a shoot, or given to them as a gift. Subject to $10,000 fine.

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