Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 23 @ The Lost Target Fun Shoot

Thanks to Club de Tir Valleyfield for hosting a Lost Target Fun Shoot and donating the proceeds to the Lost Target!

The proceeds will be put to good use and go a long way with helping offset the expense of running the website and the other activities taken by the Lost Target throughout the year to promote the clay target sports.


A cool start to the day and windy, but it warmed and just as I departed a shower or two.

A 47x50 in skeet.  Missing three station #1 high house birds, two in round #1 and one in round #2.  Holding way to high!  Shooting an Improved Skeet Choke.  Thought the hits were a bit tight on all stations. Will have to rummage through my gear and see if I can find a regular Remington 1100 skeet choke for registered skeet.

Shot a 45x50 in trap.  Missed a few that I rushed, but overall was comfortable with my shooting.  I was seeing the target really good!

Shoot Photos

Thanks to the Valleyfield club and the Quebec Provincial Trapshooting Association (QPTA) for also making  contributions to the Lost Target.

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