Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Windows 8 Installed

I installed Windows 8 on a laptop. 

An easy install, but it did take sometime.  I defragged the hard drive before I started and also made the necessary backup of data.  Installed right over the previous version.

During the install it asked for Microsoft passwords and passwords to access the internet, but I ignored.  Had internet access when the install was completed without having to punch in the password!  I don't use the Microsoft email program and ditched it.

As  part of the prelim install procedure the program checks your computer to see if its suitable for an upgrade and also tells you what programs are not compatible.

Two programs that were identified that I was worried about, as they would have cost me big bucks to upgrade, worked fine after installation completed.

I ended up unpinning many of the icons on the new start page.  On the left side I kept Desk Top and Weather.  The page was too busy with news, stocks and so on.

I even unpinned Internet Explorer.  I access it from the Desk Top.

I kept programs listed that I use weekly, if not monthly, and unpinned the rest.

Internet Explorer needed some work, as my toolbar was messed up.  I have it back where I want it. 

My password program was not to be found.  I gather not yet 100% compatible with Windows 8.  I having it working, but a few extra steps now needed to retrieve passwords.  Will be testing programs in the next few weeks!

A few password protected websites asked me ID type questions (What is your pets name, what color is your house) as they did not recognize my computer.

Had to go looking for new card games, as the ones I had were no longer working or no longer available.  The Store had free replacements.  Just hit the search button to find useful apps.

Oh! Where is the search button?

Bottom or top right corner of your screen is where you want to place the pointer to bring up what I would call the heart of Windows 8, to include the search button. In that area of the screen you will also find the power button needed to turn off your computer.  I had to Google to find out how to turn off the computer.  Its under Settings!  Hit the power button.

One last thing.  The bottom left corner will bring up the start page and the top left corner will show you what you have open.  I think!   Still trying to figure it all out without reading the directions.

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