Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 10, 2013 @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

An afternoon visit to Amelia Shotgun Sports to shoot sporting clays. The club is located in Yulee, Florida, just south of the Georgia border (north of Jacksonville, Florida).

After a quick sign in we grabbed a target counter and hit the course.  The 12 station course has two stands per station.  Red and Blue.  When they hold registered shoots one color is shot for the AM shoot and the other color for the PM shoot.  For practice we chose to shoot half the targets from the red stands and the other half from the blue stands.  Normally shooters would pick one color and stay with it. We only threw show me targets from one of the stands at each station.

The course also has several yellow stands for beginner shooters.  A nice touch!

Station #1 is an easy walk from the club house.

Two rabbit machines on the course.   We had fun with them, especially with shooting both the red and blue stands.

Shooters coming and going during are stay.  The clubs trap field was getting a workout and I saw several shooters on the 5-stand.

The club also offers skeet shooting on the clubs two combination fields.  No, I didn't see President Obama shooting a practice round, but I imagine he's welcome to drop in any time.

The club is hosting a member appreciation day on March 16th.  If not a member come on down and join the fun anyway.  If not a shooter but thinking about it, a good time to come down, meet members and get in a bit of shooting.  As with all the clay target sports, ear and eye protection required.  The club sells ammunition!  Always take an extra box of shells along, you never know when you may have to re-shoot a station because of a broken target or a failure to fire the second shot. One extra box should easily cover the squad.

The club (check the club calendar) is also going to be offering Ladies only Introduction to Sporting Clays, Introduction to Skeet, and Introduction to Trap.

The scheduled March 23rd NSCA registered shoot will reportedly be serving steaks for the lunch meal.  Most of the monthly shoots held in this part of Florida, include the cost of lunch in the shot fees, so no extra cost (non-shooters will need to pay for the meal).
As with most NSCA shoots unless stated in the program (usually only seen for major shoots), non-members can attend the shoot and be placed in what is called Hunters Class.   No NSCA membership required!  Prizes may or may not be given to Hunter Class shooters.  Each club decides on awards.

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