Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I like! "Save-It Shell Catcher"

For years I used a snap on shell catcher on my 1100.  If all I shot was trap I wouldn't have been looking for an alternative, but I also shoot skeet, and having a shell catching option on singles was something I prefer.  The problem with the snap on when shooting skeet was it had to be removed for shooting doubles.

I saw a few shooters using the Save-It Shell Catcher and thought I might give it a try.

A simple installation.  The instructions have you remove any oil you may have on the part of the gun it was to be attached. 1100's also require a slight offset when attaching (follow instructions).

Peel off the double-faced tape to attach the unit to the gun’s receiver. The semi-permanent adhesive can be removed if desired.

The wire is locked in the up position for catching shells and locked in the down position when you don't want it to catch shells.
Shell Catching Position
Insert Shell
Fired Shell

Inoperative (locked down)
I've had it out twice shooting trap and so far no hiccups!

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