Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 25 @ the Golden Triangle Waterfowl Warmup Fun Shoot!

I crossed into Ontario early Sunday morning.  Crossed at Cornwall.  No traffic to speak of and no issues with my shotguns.

The club is maybe 10 minutes off the 401 (Brockville, Ontario).

Arrived at the Golden Triangle Trap and Skeet Club before the shoot started, so made good time.

The club broke down it's 5-stand and sets up it's three fields into three parcours.  25 sporting clays type targets on each field.

A two-partner fun shoot.  Steve Roland from Ontario was nice enough to be my partner.  We had a good time (I know I did) and more then a few laughs.

Steve and the Lost Target

A record turnout for the club with over 70 shooters.  I'm told they had to make a market run to make sure they had enough food to feed everyone (free lunch was included in the price of the shoot).  I was offered seconds so for sure they had enough food!

Parking along the road....

A number of first time visitors to the club.  Talked to a number of hunters who said the first time they shot clay targets off machines that weren't hand traps.  A few could of fooled me, as excellent shots!

A long day and a long drive and had to leave before the last shots were fired!


No traffic problems crossing back into the states, but did have the serial numbers on my shotguns checked by US Customs.  Just a few minutes delay....


If thinking of attending a shoot in Canada, you must have either a Passport or an Enhanced Drivers License to return to the USA.

Many border states issue Enhanced Drivers Licenses.  Cheaper then a Passport, but can only be used when driving across the border, not when flying.

Bringing Firearms into Canada


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