Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gun Owners join Tea Party as being Racist

The Tea Party had long been labeled racist by the left, news organizations, and by many in congress.  A smear against many who are god fearing people and only want the best for the country.

Fact, not open to debate!

Now a NY Daily New report states that gun owners are most likely to be racist, as is labeled the Tea Party.

 The headline reads: "U.S. whites exhibiting higher levels of racism more likely to be gun owners: study"
The report by researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University looked at how racism among whites and gun ownership is linked. The report used data from the American National Election Study and scored people based on their ‘symbolic racism,’ which is used to measure anti-black sentiments. Besides keeping a gun at home, they were also more likely to oppose gun control reforms.
I think this racist bit is way overblown, but the left won't let go if it, especially among white liberals. Keep crying wolf, well you know the story...

In my life in the service, 20 years plus, I didn't have time for such things.  Minority, woman, gay, lesbian, or whatever worked for me at one time or another. Yes, there was gays in the service way back then!  Could care less. The bottom line was; did they come to work each shift (and on time), did the job to the best of there abilities, and have integrity when they didn't think anyone was watching? Happy to have them on board if that was there work ethic!  Even had a declared witch working for me at one point.  One of the better workers among her peer group and someone I could count on to get the job done.

So, as a white gun owner who is against further gun regulations, for less government, and a conservative I failed the real world racism test, as I think most gun owners would!


Racism and guns go together.

That’s the finding of an international study released Thursday that says the two are linked. More specifically, odds are greater that a racist white American also keeps a gun at home and opposes gun control regulations.

The conclusion wasn’t too surprising for researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University, which sought to better understand American gun culture.

“There had already been research showing that ... blacks are more likely to be shot, so we thought there must be something happening between the concept of being black and some whites wanting guns,” Monash researcher Kerry O’Brien said in an email to the Daily News.

He also found that political leanings and geography play a part into firearm ownership.

“It is particularly noteworthy that the relationship between symbolic racism and the gun-related outcomes was maintained in the presence of conservative ideologies, political affiliation, opposition to government control and being from a southern state, which are otherwise strong predictors of gun ownership and opposition to gun reform

Read more:

2014 Canadian Trap Championships @ L'Acadie

The 2014 Canadian Trap Championships (June 23 - 29) will be hosted by Club L'Acaide (Quebec).

Too early to have information on the shoot (sanctioned by the ATA), but for those in the states who may be thinking of attending, the basics of attending shoots in Canada.

At a World English ICTSF Sporting Clays Shoot held in Ontario in 2013, the only complaint that American shooters had was they did not expect the traffic (delay) at the border. A major outdoor event was taking place at the town at the Niagara Falls crossing that weekend and traffic was backed up.
Firearm processing went smoothly for all. I asked many of the shooters, as I host a page on "crossing the border with a firearm" and wanted to assure that all procedures stated were correct. Who best to ask then those who just crossed into Canada!

- You require either a Passport or U.S. Passport Card (Driving Only), or Enhanced Drivers License (Driving Only) to re-enter the USA.  An enhanced drivers license is issued by many states and less expensive then a Passport. The days of presenting your standard drivers license is no longer!

- Prior to DEPARTING the USA, process a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Form 4457 and list all firearms. You can process the form at any time prior to crossing the border (at any location).  A one time requirement. If you have a form from ten years ago that list your firearm and is readable, it's still valid! This form allows you to re-enter the USA with your firearm without issues.

- A Canadian Nonresident Firearm Declaration must be in your possession. The declaration is available at all border crossings (and processed day of crossing), but can be Emailed to you and filled out prior to arrival. The declaration is good for 60 days. It cost $25 Canadian, paid at point of entry (credit cards accepted).

* Each shooters must have his/her own declaration. The declaration also allows you to purchase ammunition while in Canada.

- No Handguns, leave all handguns at home!

- Import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition. I normally bring in a case or two without issue.

- The club is located southeast of Montreal.  Approximately 45 minutes from the NY I-87 border crossing.

-The club has ammunition.  Can't remember seeing STS, but Winchester and other brands available.  Don't know what they will have available for the shoot, but a lack of ammunition at the club has never been an issue.

- The club kitchen is open when the club is open.  Breakfast and lunch available!

- GPS is recommended.  English is understood and spoke by many, but as in the states when visiting a club for the first time, having your motel and club punched into the GPS makes for a less stressful mode of travel.

- If you had a DWI in the last ten years you may not be allowed to enter Canada.

- Cross into Canada with a full tank of gas. Gas in Quebec is at a minimum a dollar higher a gallon then what you pay in the states.  The prices you see posted is for a liter of gas.  1 liter = 1.06 quart.

Club de tir L'Acadie Directions & Information

Check out the above link and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Gun Box, Shipping for the Holidays

Responsible gun owners should take a look....

The Gun Box uses RF and fingerprint scanning technology to keep handguns secure, yet rapidly accessible in an emergency. To prevent tampering, The Gun Box will text its owner and trigger an alarm when its accelerometer detects movement

The Gun Box

You do have safe storage, especially with children in the home?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NY SAFE ACT Ammuntion Requirements Delayed!

As reported.....

SAFE Act provision on background checks for bullet buyers to be delayed

Background checks won’t begin on Jan. 15

ALBANY – Checking the backgrounds and recording detailed information about anyone buying ammunition, a key component of New York’s gun-control law, will not begin as expected Jan. 15.

State Police said Friday the agency needs more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition.

Additionally, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and maintain an assortment of information – from the buyer’s name and occupation to the type and amount of bullets bought – also will not be kicking in on Jan. 15 as permitted under the gun-control law.

Officials did not say when the ammunition background checks might start.

The law requires ammunition sellers to register with the State Police and to also run the purchaser’s name through a state-created database to see if they can buy ammunition. Only commercial dealers capable of running a background check, which must include a photo identification procedure in a face-to-face transaction, can sell ammunition under the new law.

Further, ammunition dealers must keep a written log – noting the date of purchase and the name, age, occupation and residency of ammunition buyers – for each sale that police can later inspect “at all reasonable hours.’’ That could have begun, under the law, on Jan. 15.



My unanswered questions and those you need to ask your elected officials:

- Will gun clubs who sell ammunition (formally or informally) to members, visitors, and those who attend shoots and/or classes be required to be REGISTERED with the NY State Police and follow all reporting and documentation requirements?

If so, your local club will likely not be selling ammunition, especially at member (volunteer) run clubs! 

- Will ammunition awarded as prizes at many fun shoots held at clubs across the state be against the law, even if the club does not sell ammunition as an everyday activity?

- Will Canadians be able to purchase ammunition in NY when they are attending sporting events, visiting a club, or hunting in the state?

- What ammunition sellers in New York will be still selling the one box of ammunition to hunters in there stores if all sales have to be recorded at that location?

Can you imagine the long lines during hunting season and sales staff needed to sell ammunition?  What businesses do you think will be selling ammunition?

- Will sportsmen who travel to adjoining states and purchase ammunition for themselves and bring back a few cases for there friends be prosecuted, even if it can be argued they are not in the business of selling ammunition?

Remember, once the law takes effect, all ammunition sales must be face to face, no internet or telephone sales!


Monday, October 21, 2013

A home run, Valleyfield FUN shoot!

A fun shoot with the emphases on FUN!!!!

A very windy day and on the cool side.  The first time this year wearing my winter shooting jacket. It did warm up a bit in the PM.

Joe and Heide Potosky

As you can imagine with the wind, birds were bouncing around and just all over the place. You can't say Boo when shooting trap, but a lot of laughs on the skeet fields when at times the bird took a dive or skyrocketed into the clouds just as you were getting ready to pull the trigger.

The wife and I tied, 45x50 in skeet. I had the upper hand in trap, but it was mostly luck as I shot over my share of targets also, but got lucky and hit just a few more targets!

In both skeet and trap we had excellent squad mates, who lucky for us had a sense of humor and did not let the wind and bouncing targets take away from the good time we were having.

As well as skeet and trap, Handicap and Doubles trap was offered.

A nice turnout!

$1100 in random draw prices awarded, plus medals for event winners and club champions. 

2 x 20 shoot coupons ($ 220)
1 x membership card ($ 80)
10 x 10 shoot coupons ($ 550
2 x $ 50 Voucher Sail ($ 100)
2 x $ 30 Voucher ST-Hubert ($ 60)
2 x Vouchers Ultramar $ 25 ($ 50)
1 x Work light, 2x Jackets and different caps.

The awarding of shoot coupons was a good idea and something that all clubs should consider!

The club in conjunction with the shoot also held it's club championships.

Several at the shoot were for the first time being introduced to skeet and/or trap and plenty of shooters willing to give pointers.  It was nice to see!

You had your choice of hamburger or hot dogs for lunch.

The shoot was held at Club de Tir Valleyfield in the province of Quebec.  Crossing the border coming and going was without delay.  USA shooters will need either a Passport or Enhanced Drivers License (driving only) to return to the USA.

French was of course the language of choice, but not a worry if shooting in Quebec, as the vast majority of shooters speak and/or understand English.  I only know a handful of words in French and for the most part never have a language problem when visiting clubs in Quebec!  We all understand Dead and Lost.....

Visit this link for:

Shoot photos, a rather noisy (wind in the background) Video and Shoot Results

I had not let it be known in Quebec that I was going to be attending the shoot, but I was honored at the shoot by the club, shooters in attendance, and the Quebec Trap Shooting Association (QPTA).

Thanks for the kind words and the contributions given!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Expensive clay target practice!

I attended a FUN shoot and was charged $40 for 100 targets. 

Not complaining about the price, but it turns out NO prizes awarded, nor was shoot management ever intending on given out prizes!

No shoot flyer was printed, just email notification that the club was holding a FUN shoot.  After many years of attending such shoots I ASSUMED some type of awards would be given.  That's what I get for assuming...

I talked to someone closely associated with the club and talked about "No Prizes".  He didn't get it.  Saw nothing wrong with it and tried to justify it.  To say the least an uncomfortable conversation on my part, as I soon realized I was not going to win the discussion.

If the club would have broke down a case of ammunition and gave boxes out as prizes I would have been satisfied or maybe awarded be a fast food coupon to a fast food joint, but no prizes at all???

Maybe it's me and times are changing and I'm expecting to much when invited to attend a shoot!

My fault for not checking before traveling to the shoot, but not something I would have expected after attending 100's of such shoots in my years as a clay target shooter.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hats off Jeff Wright (Vermont Skeet Shooter)

Hat’s off to Vermont shooter Jeff Wright!

It’s often surprising to some on what one person can accomplish.  One who is not only dedicated, but also has a strong work ethic, vision, and plays well with others. 
Jeff is one of the few with that same mindset found at clubs we all belong or visit.  One of that small group (a handful) where shoot programs as we know them would die a slow, sometimes painfully slow death without people like Jeff.  Look around your own club, how many Jeff’s do you have helping at your club 24/7?

Jeff (and his wife Linda) took the Underhill Rod & Gun Club NSSA skeet program, a program that was static to say the least, and gave it a shot of adrenaline.  Jeff was not the only one who righted the skeet program, as he had the support of others!

In the last few years.....
A policy to make the use of wireless release an option was implemented.  The use of the mandatory wireless release during NSSA shoots had become a sore point for some and cost the club shooters. 

The number of 4-gun shoots scheduled was increased, with less emphasis on 50/50/50/50 shoots.  One day shoots are welcomed in any format and a great way to attract new shooters, but the lack of 4-gun shoots found a decrease in the number of shooters who traveled to the club from out of state and Canada.  The popular September 4-gun shoot that was dropped in favor of a one day shoot has still not recovered, but looks to be heading in the right direction after being reborn once again as a 4-gun shoot.
A 200 target .410 shoot long held at another club held to honor Jack Corse, but no longer, was reincarnated at the Underhill club and now is an annual event.

After a draught of articles, Skeet Shooting Review now receives in-depth shoot reports that all can enjoy.
Moving into the modern era, the use of email to keep shooters informed is utilized.

Not doing it alone I'm sure, but Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shotshell ammuntion purchases, 2014 is just around the corner!

2013 shooting season is coming to a close (for those in the north) and 2014 is just around the corner. 

An ever ending cycle, or so it seems!

I usually shoot 12 gauge reloads for practice, but for shoots I prefer factory.

Never to early to restock.....

Value packs at Walmart at this time are overpriced and I passed, but they did have a good deal on Gun Club shells last week, under $6 a box.  Not enough Gun Club shells on hand to meet my needs, but a start!

While internet searchers are not finding vast supplies (if any) of reloading supplies, shotgun ammunition is available.

I was looking to purchase low cost ammunition, Rio or Nobel Sport.  I've shot both in the past and as long as I stay close to 1200fps or higher, not a problem when used in my Remington 1100.  My Browning O/U ejects them without issues.

My impression is that Rio shells pattern a bit tighter and what I purchase if I have a choice, but I won't pass on a deal that I may come across. Nothing a tighter choke can't overcome!

Lately I've been leaning towards 7 1/2 instead of the 8's.  I seem to get better breaks with White Flyer Bio's and Lawry targets using 7 1/2, especially at distance.

I ended up picking up a mix of shells, as a limited supply of shells in both brands in the shells I wanted, but will meet my needs. 

I also purchased Federal Premium shells in my internet travels, as free shipping and I had a coupon.

I will be taking advantage of bulk club ammunition purchases (something available at a few clubs that I belong) and sales of ammunition at some of the shoots I attend.

A few states have started placing controls on ammunition sales and NY shooters should be aware that internet sales (or by telephone) of ammunition is going to be outlawed sometime in 2014, if the NY State Police can get it's ammunition background check system up and running.  All ammunition sales will need to be face to face and background check approval for each purchase! 

Going to be interesting to see what stores in NY will bother selling ammunition, if for each purchase they have to contact the State Police.  Can you imagine the lines at Walmart during hunting season....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Job, NEK Skeet & Sporting Clays Club!

A job well done!

The club, located near Lyndonville, Vermont, not only had a vibrant sporting clays shoot program throughout the warm weather months, but also held a Fun skeet/trap/5-stand shoot in June and hosted the first FITASC shoot held in Vermont in recent memory.

Growing pains Yes, but always learning from mistakes (perceived or real), making corrections and making it better for the next shoot.

As seen at many member run clubs, only a handful (small handful) responsible for upkeep of the grounds and running shoots.  Hats off to all who volunteer!

Just announced after the last shoot, the building serving as a clubhouse to be demolished and  a new building in place prior to the 2014 shoot season.

If you haven't attended a NEK shoot in recent years, "skeet in the woods" is no longer the game.  A 100 target course with targets for all level of shooters is what you will experience, with always the option to shoot 5-stand.

Looking forward to 2014!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Going to shoot registered .410 (after a long layoff)

I committed to the Underhill club NSSA 200 target .410 shoot next Saturday. 

I shot registered .410 years back, but not in recent times.  So long in the past that I don't carry a classification. Matter of fact, registered skeet has barely been on the radar. Not many registered targets in any gauge in the last couple of years.  Three hundred targets this year....

No longer a 4 gun shooter, as not willing to put the time to attend 4-gun shoots, nor willing to spend the kind of $$$$$ that 4-gun registered shooting requires.  Four or five hundred shells, shoot fees, motel, restaurants, fuel.  Just given my reasons, to each his own.  If 4-gun shooting is your enjoyment, great. I'm just no longer willing to make the commitment required.

It's been a few years from the last time I reloaded .410 shells, and can't even tell you the last time I shot .410.  Thought it might be a good idea to give the .410 reloader a good cleaning before I started, as it's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust. That went well and I ran three boxes without issues. I use AA hulls, 296 powder, and Winchester primers. I'll shoot them sometime next week for practice and I'll assume they will all go bang!

I usually have a good time attending one day skeet shoots.  You meet old acquaintances, shoot the bull, maybe stay around for the Saturday dinner (4 gun shoots) and go home. On many occasions we find ourselves at another club the next day in our region, shooting either trap or sporting clays.   Matter of fact, we are attending a fun skeet and/or trap shoot (you have the option) the next day at a club in Quebec. We'll most likely shoot both.  Show up at 10 and be on the road NLT 2pm unless we stay around to visit.

Anyway, good or bad I'll post my scores for all to see.....

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Low House 7, Dead!

Received via email...

These photos were taken by Rick Havner at Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club.  The shooter, Jason Nash, was on the Skeet range at station 7 shooting the low house with a 12 ga and a Full choke.

Pretty cool!

A rough patch for those who reload!


Many years ago I had a problem finding certain IMR powders.   I lived in the area where they did the packaging (remember the metal containers) and was told a quality control issue.  Rail car after rail car was not accepted because the powder (after testing) did not meet standards and could not be packaged.  I grew tired of having to purchase extra containers of power when it was available and switched to Hodgdon powders. 

Problem solved, or so I thought until early this year.  Rumors of a Hodgdon factory fire could not be nailed down, but for whatever reason the purchase of both Hodgdon and IMR powder was and is, hit and miss (Hodgdon now owns IMR).  After a few misses at attempts to purchase powder and finally a hit earlier this year, I fortunately planned for future shortages and made sure I had enough to last out any long term draught.

It seems powder from all manufactures' used to reload shotgun shells is in short supply.  I've seen a few places were you can purchase 1lb cans of  some powders, but this is the most expensive way to buy powder, and supplies are limited. You might as well buy factory shells if you can find them.  800x is plentiful in 8lb cans, but a powder many won't use as a hard powder to meter.

Stories of stores suddenly receiving a supply of powder are seen, but the mail order storefronts list most powders as OUT OF STOCK.

I had a similar problem with the availability of primers just a few years back, but as not willing to change from Winchester 209 primers, I ordered extra when supplies once again became plentiful and now make it a habit.  Lucky I did, as with powder, primers are in short supply.

Lead, if you can purchase for under $40 a bag, don't be shy when making a purchase as the price does not seem to be coming down anytime soon.

Those who only keep enough powder and primers on hand to get them by the current shooting season I imaging are in a world of hurt. For many small gauge skeet shooters the only way to afford to shoot .410 and 28 gauge was through reloading, as factory shells cost more then the most expensive 12 gauge shells.

Some who reload are cutting back on practice to the detriment of the club, as less targets thrown each week. Some are cutting back on registered shoots attended, trying to stretch the supplies on hand. A few, according to several talk board postings have stopped reloading completely and purchase cheap factory shells and have cut back on shooting altogether.

Remember, clay target shooting is not a cheap sport and has never been!  When flush with cash and/or not having many family responsibilities, an affordable game, but when on a tight budget, a game that many can no longer afford. A one or two dollar savings by reloading may not seem like a big deal for some, but reloading was a lifeline that kept many in the game, but that is another posting.... 

What to do?

Except for keeping feelers out and asking friends if they stumble across powder or primers for sale to make a purchase for you, especially if they are going to be attending a major shoot, I suggest you take advantage of a stores Back order Policy, such as seen at Graf & Sons:

Your Cart Contains Products not Currently in Stock

If you continue with your purchase, these products will be backordered and will ship to you as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer. You will be contacted if delivery date is greater than 30 days. Note that additional fees may apply if multiple shipments are needed (hazardous materials, postage — when applicable, etc.).

We take backorders as a service to our customers. Backorders are subject to price changes due to manufacturer’s cost increases to Graf & Sons. You will be notified if your backorder has a price increase and given the option to ship or cancel.


If you go the backorder route I suggest you order two of a product, not one.  I ordered one backorder product several years ago.  At about the 45 day mark I received a call from Graf and asked if I still wanted the product as they received a shipment.  I said yes and asked if I could increase the order.  Was told no, as everything that was delivered was spoken for!

ATA Website (New)

The ATA just updated it's website.

First impression. A home run!

I find it easier to find what I'm looking for virus the old site.

As on the old board, you can see your shoot activity, and if you wish, download and print your average card.  If you have not used this feature in the past, be warned, it's only as good as the clubs (submitting timely shoot reports) make it.  I attended a shoot and my scores were not posted after a month.  I asked the club about it and after a bit of tap dancing my scores magically appeared a week later. 

A forum has been added and will be interesting to see how much traffic it receives.  Will also be interesting to see if the ATA has a thick skin as not all comments will be positive!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Lead Shot Prices, October 2013

I use Gamaliel Shooting Supply to track the price of lead shot used by clay target shooters.

Not necessarily the best price. 


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Oct 4, 2013

$44.50- Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$44.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Oct 4, 2012

$41.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$41.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Jun 13, 2012

$39.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jan 9, 2012

$36.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 18, 2011

$37.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jun 18, 2011

$39.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Feb 21, 2011

$38.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 20, 2010

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Sep 29, 2010

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Jul 28, 2010

$29.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$29.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Mar 23, 2010

$36.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 15, 2009

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jan 7, 2009

$24.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$25.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


February 28, 2008

$42 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$42.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blaser TEN YEAR warranty (WOW)

Shooting practice sporting today at the La Roue du Roy (Quebec, Canada) and a long time acquaintance joined my wife and I at station 5.  Had not had a chance to talk to him one on one for some time and he started to tell me about his Blaser, a shotgun he owned for seven years.

He was shooting this past spring and it locked up.  Would not open.  He took it to a gunsmith.  Once opened it was found a piece of metal was missing from the receiver.

Photos were taken and sent to Blaser (Germany).  Was told the receiver was not fixable, send the receiver for replacement, as covered under warranty.

After three months, a brand new receiver was received (no cost to the shooter).

He said both his 32 inch 12 gauge barrel and his 32 inch 28 gauge barrel fitted the new receiver flawlessly.  The 12 gauge barrel came with the gun and just last year he picked up the 28 gauge barrel.

Two barrels, make in different years, and both fit a new receiver without issues!

When Blaser says TEN YEAR warranty, they mean TEN YEARS...

He was given his 28 gauge a workout today and he offered to let me take a few shots.  A smooth swing and the balance was great.  Didn't feel like I was swinging a 32 inch barrel.  Gun also fit me pretty good.

Next time you in the market for a high end gun, you might just want to give Blaser a look!