Monday, February 17, 2014

February ATA Trap Shoot @ Flagler

We attended the Flagler Gun Club's monthly ATA trap shoot.  Mid 60's, blue skies, and windy.

A cool start to the day but it warmed.

A nice turnout.  I think the club was pleasantly surprised on the number of shooters!

A nice touch.  The club has started naming individual events after the winners of the previous monthly shoot.  If singles in the previous month was won by John Brown, the shoot flyer would call the next months shoot the John Brown Singles Event! The do the same for Handicap and Doubles.

A no fooling around shoot with no waiting around.  They put out three squads and we were off to the races!

My wife Heide beat me in singles.  Seems she likes shooting on windy days.  I've arranged for her to give me lessons next week : )

I won a few bucks in 20 yard handicap.

I posted a video and photos.


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