Monday, July 28, 2014

Yourg Travelers Guns Allegedly Damaged By Airline

Olympic Hopeful’s Dreams Shot After Guns Allegedly Damaged By Airline



From the type of damage indicated I will assume a theft attempt that went wrong.


Lock requirements:

The use of TSA-accepted luggage locks is allowed when transporting firearms.

However, federal regulations do not require air travelers to use TSA-accepted luggage locks or remove other types of locks, however passengers using non-TSA-accepted locks do so at their own risk. Should a bag require additional screening, TSA officers have the right to remove the lock to access the contents. Locks that do not open with TSA master keys may be cut from the bag.

Recommended you use your own locks!

Lockable case:

Have a good lockable case that will securely hold your firearm (the shorter the better).  The case is going to take a beating, make sure it's sturdy.
    a. The firearm must be unloaded.
    b. The container must be locked.  A locked container is defined as one that completely secures the firearm from access by anyone other than you.  Cases that can be pulled open with little effort do not meet this criterion.
    c. A firearm in a hard-sided, locked container may be placed inside a soft-sided, unlocked suitcase or duffle bag.
As in many of life choices, the cheapest purchase in not always the best way to go.  Spend the extra money and get a sturdy case.


Insure your travel insurance policy and/or homeowners insurance or a rider (replacement value) covers the firearm and container.   Most airlines offer insurance, check before you arrive.
    a. You typically won't be reimbursed for normal wear and tear of baggage; damage to wheels, feet, and extending handles; damage to an over-packed bag; and loss of external locks, pull straps or security straps.
    b. If relying on homeowners insurance verify it covers your firearm (and case) when not in the home.
    c. Take photos when packing.
    d. If your packing other items with the firearm make a packing list.
    e. Keep in mind that you will be reimbursed for the depreciated value of your items by the airlines.
    f. If your bag goes missing after you've left the baggage claim area, your claim is no longer with the airline, but with the police.

Well know bunker trap shooter and frequent traveler Tom Baber has this to say.
I have flown through Denver a number of time on both Southwest and Delta.  This should not have happened.  I have learned a number of things flying around the country with my Perazzi's.

Here are some of them:
1.  Never let an unlocked gun case out of your sight.

2.  Go with the gun to TSA to insure it is properly relocked after inspection.
3.  Don't use TSA locks.
4.  Tag your case with your Cell Phone Number.

5.  This is very important....   Buy the extra baggage insurance.  Airline like Southwest give you $2000± in coverage and their limits are a max of $5000.  Buy the extra because it puts the airline on notice that they will really have to pay if the case grown legs or gets damaged   Ticket agents don't know how to do it but they will learn.  Yes...  it's a hassle but it make the airline sit up and take notice.  Cost is $1 per $100 of excess value.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We visited Klaus Hiptmayer!

We visited Klaus Hiptmayer (Stockmaker/Engraver/Gunsmith) to have him take a look at my wife's gun fit and to replace some stripped screws. 

Gun fit was the big ticket item.  She has been shooting both guns for years with no discomfort, but starting sometime in March she come back from a day of shooting with a bruise on her cheek.

Klaus lives east of Montreal in Eastman, Quebec, so looking at a 2 1/2 hour drive.  Klaus has been fitting guns for my whole adult shooting life and his stock work is something to see. Klaus learned how to work on guns as a young person in Europe.

We arrive at the border and the computers down.  We had to sit while they rebooted the computer.  Not a big deal, but for years I crossed the border before they had computers and never a problem.  But, times have changed and they can't process anyone without a computer check. 

West of Granby, traffic slows to a crawl, as the road went from two lanes to one.  According to the GPS we lost 20 minutes.

Also, saw more police in Quebec today then if I was driving by the police station at shift change. Besides the normal cars you see on the road, one cop was standing outside his vehicle pointing a radar gun at traffic.  We saw a police car doing a traffic stop.  The police car was a white Grand Caravan with no visible lights if not activated.  We saw another police stop by a motorcycle cop, and another cop running radar while hiding behind a highway truck. 

We arrive 15 minutes late for the 11am appointment : (

Klaus had Heide mount her 1100.  He takes a quick look and says here adjustable comb is to far to her left.  He removes the comb and finds the part the comb sits on has shifted. Above my pay grade, but he popped it out, did a bit of chiseling and mixed up some type of glue solution and popped it back in.  He moved her comb as far to her right as it would go.  He then worked on the stripped screws on the 1100.  The gun was purchased used in 1972, so not surprising parts start to wear.

After completing the work on the 1100, he turned to the O/U.  She had never had this gun fitted, but it does have an adjustable comb and the length of pull is identical to her 1100.  Once again, the comb was set to far to her left.   He moved the comb as far as it would go to her right and said she should be good to go.

We took both guns to the pattering board in Klaus's back yard and she shot several shells out of each gun.  Both guns felt comfortable and no bruised cheek bone.

We're doing practice on Thursday with fingers crossed!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Quebec Cup Trap Shoot

Crossed the border and attended a trap shoot at Club Valleyfield in Quebec.

A little hang up at the border as they were processing a tour bus.  A small crossing with limited manpower. When I arrived they were doing a mass processing of identification via computer.  I was maybe delayed 10 minutes, not to bad.  Thankfully I had arrived when they were almost done. Not that long of a delay compared to wait times at major crossings. When I was finally processed the serial numbers on my shotguns were checked.

When I arrived at the club, doubles was underway.

Doubles, singles, and handicap were shot, in that order.

For singles and handicap we used three fields; 25, 25 and 50.  Worked well and things moved along.

Warm, just over 80 degrees, but the humidity didn't seem that bad.

A little hiccup with a factory Rio shell.  I'm not the greatest shot in the world and need everything to go my way to hit a decent score and at that particular moment I didn't need this.  Going straight, 25th target and my shell wouldn't fit in the chamber of my 1100. 

A little bent and a bulge.  I've seen that in other shells to include STS, but the first for a Rio. Yes, I broke the 25th target!

As always for shoots held at Valleyfield, a well run shoot.


I'm still messing around with slow motion video.  Let me know if you think it detracts from the video.  Always open to constructive criticism.

The Valleyfield club has two fun shoots scheduled in August. 

The first shoot consist of 50 target events; skeet, trap and 5-stand.  Shoot one, two or all three.

The second shoot is a Hunters fun shoot.  The fields are populated with decoys.  You shoot out of blinds and in past years, a boat.  A flurry of targets is released at each blind (station).  You can expect to see many hunters in attendance.  For many, the only clay targets they shoot each year!

Crossing the border on the way home.  Been shooting today?  Yep!  Have a nice day....

Going to see Klaus Hiptmayer this week.  Klaus is a well know Quebec gun smith, stock maker, and engraver.  Klaus migrated to Canada many years ago, learned his trade at a young age in Europe. The wife has two guns that need adjustment, plus a few stripped screws need work.  I gave him a call today and he was able to fit us in this week.  A bit of a drive, but well worth it!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Odds & Ends UPDATE

I mentioned in my last posting that I was involved in a vehicle accident.  I wasn't at fault, no injuries.

The owner stated he was insured for $5,000,000 and went off on me while I was calling the police. He was really upset that I was calling the police.  Kept telling me that I didn't have to do that and I was called some swear words that I had not heard in the past few years.  I gather he was trying to intimidate, trying get me to just do a "friendly" exchange of information without police involvement!

Today, I'm contacted by my insurance company and they state the other vehicle owner had lapsed insurance.  His insurance company would not be honoring the claim.

Thankfully, I have collision and can have the vehicle repaired on my insurance companies dime.  There lawyers will be taking the other party to court to recover there cost.  They will also be suing to recover my deductible.

If I only had liability insurance and not collision I would have been left holding the bag, the one to take the other party to court to recover my expenses.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Odds & Ends (Jul 2014)

Open carry.

When was the last time you walked into a retail store with your hunting rifle slung over your shoulder or visited a public building with a 30-06?

Some on the "right to open carry" crowd is doing so to make a point, but in my way of thinking sending the wrong message, and in some instances shooting themselves in the foot and doing harm to the cause.

Enough said!


Golden Goose slowly being cooked?

More and more I'm hearing from various sporting clays shooters who are passing on certain shoots because of cost per target.  Some shoots have gone past a dollar a target!


Cost of practice shooting.

If you live in a region with an abundance of member run clubs be thankful.

They strive and strive to keep the cost of shooting low, sometimes to there own determent, as some are operating on a shoe string.  And, for those who fight the local member run club tooth and nail to stop any price increases, time for you to attend a few meetings to see the monies it takes to run a club 12 months a year.


Speaking of member run clubs.

A thing of the past (or a decrease in days of operation) unless they younger crowd starts lending a hand and get involved running the club. A number of  league and registered shoots may not be seen in the next few years, as less and less willing to run them and the guys (and gals) running them now are well past retirement age.


Powder shortage.

You have to feel for the small gauge shooters.  Powder for 28 and .410 is hard to come by and never a deal when it comes to purchasing factory ammunition.


Shotgun ammunition.

The days of $30 - $45 per case are long gone, but so is chicken for $.69 cents a pound and gas for $2 a gallon. I saw gas in the Montreal area for the equivalent of $6 a gallon a few weeks back, but it has eased some.

Walmart just had value packs on sale and after doing the math price per case is $50.  

I've been buying the cheaper brand shells for anywhere from $56 to $61 a case.

Shooting is and always will be an expensive HOBBY and it's not going to get cheaper!


NSCA / NSSA Newsletter.

What an informative email.  Always enjoy reading.  They do send more then a few each month, but I never consider them SPAM.


Ontario Youth Trapshooting

I ran into a very nice lady at the Canadian who was involved with the Ontario Trapshooting Association and youth shooting. Seems they have a number of youth involved and the hope is to expend the number of youth shooting trap.  I wish them well!


Wind mills.

Not to far in the distant past if a cell phone tower was put up in some regions it had to be disguised as a tree.  A badly disguised looking tree, but never the less, it had to look like a tree.

Now, 300 foot high wind power generating towers are being erected and not a peep from the same crowd who protested cell towers.


Killing birds.

One bird is found dead near a gun range and environmentalist have a fit.

Reports of bird kills involving power generating Wind Mills and Solar Power arrays and not a word from the left.

The government actually allows for X number of eagle Wind Mill kills. The owning company just has to put in for a permit  I've read reports where 100's if not 1000's of birds are killed yearly flying over the large solar arrays seen in the southwest. There wings get singed if they fly to close.  Again, not a word of protest.


Not in my backyard.

The same people who want Wind Mills and Solar Power arrays built want none in there backyard, nor do they want the needed transmissions lines built to move the power generated. 

Almost as bad as the people who protest moving oil/gas by pipeline, even if safer then moving by rail or highway. And, yes, we also have an anti-rail crowd who I guess just want people to go back to burning wood, or not.

I think if today the interstate highway system was proposed it would never be built!


Break pads.

The last two times I had my vehicle in for work (dealer) I was told my front break pads were in the Yellow zone.  Even received a checklist showing said pads marked in Yellow.

Today, I took the vehicle to Monro Muffler and told them to replace the front break pads.  I also told him I heard one of the front breaks squeaking from time to time. 
While waiting I walked over to the mall and shortly after received a text message.  Nothing wrong with your break pads, vehicle ready for pickup.
As for the squeaking when I hit the breaks, he stated it could have been from a humidity buildup.  He said he used air to clean in the area of the pads. 

No charge, have a nice day! 


No fault insurance.

My vehicle was hit last week when I was returning from a shoot.  The lady who hit me stated it was her fault.  She was pulling out and didn't see me. 
Her husband who was on foot (we were at a road side stand and I was departing) came over and he told me he was insured for $5,000,000 and not to worry. 
In any case, I took a few photos and told him I was calling the police, as I figured I had several thousand dollars in damage.  At that time he started calling me every name in the book, including a few I hadn't heard in some time, all because I was calling the police. 
In the old days, this would of been a confrontation, but I guess you get mellow as you age and I just walked away and let him vent. 
By the way, he should really watch who gets in confrontations with, as he can never know if the other guy has access to a firearm and might be willing to use it, or not!

Long story short, the police arrive and the women tells him it was her fault.  The husband tries to butt in and tells the cop it was my fault.  The police look at my car and the other, and the damage to both. The women was found to be at fault.

Anyway, talking to my insurance agent, if my fault I have to eat my deductible (as well as insurance increase), if the other guys fault, they gets the raised premium and also they pay my full cost, deductible or not. 

I hope I can get a decent car rental!