Friday, April 17, 2015

Remington 1100 Frozen Action Spring Plug

The 1100 would fire without problem, but if I touched the Link (T) the wrong way while cleaning with the bolt to the rear it would come off it's track.

An older 1100 and pretty much shot out and something I had not run across before.  My thinking was I had a worn receiver.

When switching the stock to another receiver I decided to do a complete breakdown.  During the breakdown I found the Action Spring Plug jammed in the tube.  It was frozen in place and would not move, down or up. 
Ended up backing it out using a screwdriver, with the theory I could back it out like you would a screw.  My next step if that failed was to work a breakdown cleaning rod into the tube via the chamber and pound it out.

The Action Spring Plug looked beat up and greater minds then mind would have to tell me how it got that way!

I purchased a new Action Spring Plug (new style).  It smoothly fell from one end of the tube to the other end without hang-up.   I also replaced the Action Spring Plug Pin and the Action Spring Follower.  And, installed a new Action Spring even though the old spring looked good. 

Put the gun together and the Link is not falling off it's track. 

For now the gun is designated as a backup gun, but I will take it out to the range and give it a workout and see if the problem with the Link is resolved.

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