Thursday, October 22, 2015

Anti-gun Agenda

The anti-gun agenda.
Besides the call for Background checks and additional Gun Free Zones pushed by Bloomberg anti-gun groups in various states.
  1. Mandatory firearm liability insurance.
  2. Ammunition purchase Background Check requirement.
  3. Smart guns.
I can’t imagine under any situation where those with illegal firearms would get insurance nor stand in line at a store to undergo a background check when purchasing ammunition.  Easy enough to steal ammunition or have someone else purchase it for you.

As for smart guns.  If the states would get out of the way on proposals to mandate the market would take off.  As for now the technology is not 100% if you believe various reviews and a very expensive addition to any handgun.   Technology would improve and prices would drop if state governments would just stand aside and the spouse would make sure a smart gun was the first choice for home defense.
Real gun control.

Gun control is not crime control.  Pass mandatory criminal control!

If found using a firearm unlawfully....

No reduced bail, no plea bargains, no reduced sentences, no early release from prison, and minimum state sentencing laws for crimes committed with a firearm.

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