Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Reloads, oversized brass.

I had two reloads, one after another, get stuck in the chamber of my Beretta A400. 

First time shooting reloads in my A400 and happened on the first two shells : (

Chambered the shell and the shell did not set completely. Just went in far enough to go past the extractor, but the brass itself did not set completely in the barrel chamber.

Had to use the tip of a knife blade to lift the shell extractor enough in order to remove the barrel.  Then a cleaning rod to extract the shell.  Same procedure both times.

Got to say I was worried as re-loading for years and never had this problem and the first time using them in my Beretta.

Loaded a shell out of the box in the wife's 1100 and same problem.

Good news, as not a problem with the Beretta, but the reloads (expanded brass).  

Either the collet needing adjustment or worn out.

At home I took several fired shells of different brands and resized them on my MEC 9000G.  Didn't fit in the Beretta barrel, nor the 1100.

Played around with the collet and wasn't getting anywhere. Tightened the collet to the point the handle wouldn't go down all the way and then backed off a bit to the point the handle would bottom out.   I resized a few and they fit the barrel.  I went ahead and reloaded a box of five different brands of 12 gauge hulls.

Happy to report all worked at the range today.

I suspect at some point I will have to replace the collet, as no further tightening is possible.

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