Friday, October 21, 2016

Cell Phone Use at a Registered Trap Shoot

Unlike other clay target disciplines the ATA has no written rule prohibiting the use of a cell phone while shooting.  So, score one for the shooter if someone complains. 

But, the use of a phone may disrupt the flow of the shoot and should be a concern of all shooters and shoot management.

Shooters claim emergency standby or other reasons to carry a phone while shooting.

The phone starts ringing and playing a favorite James Bond theme when your just calling for a target, and worst yet, the shooter answers the phone and starts to have a conversation.  We're told were suppose to shake off such disruptions, but we're talking real world, not some discussion on a talk board.

May I suggest you either place the phone on vibrate and answer when finished shooting your 25 or give your phone to someone off the line that can answer it for you, or don't shoot.

As for the ATA and a lack of a rule.  Don't need an ATA rule if shoot management prohibits in the Shoot Program.

If a shooter is not happy with it, he/she has the option of passing on the shoot.

If a shooter does shoot and decides to use his/her phone anyway.

Page 10

3. Shoot Management of any registered event and/or tournament, at its discretion,
may reject any entry, or refund any entry.


Page 39.


1. A shooter may be disqualified tor an event or for a whole tournament
at any time by Shoot Management, or at any time by the Executive
Committee or such person as they shall designate for that purpose,
or disciplined by the Executive Committee, whenever the following
prohibited conduct is brought to their attention:

a. if in the opinion of Management or the Executive Committee the
shooter disrupts the harmony of the shoot, or

i. if the shooter does not abide by the Rules of the ATA, by the Rules set
out by Management, and/or in the official program.

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