Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween 5 Stand Shootout @ NCSC

North Country Sportsmen's Club (Williston, Vermont)

Halloween 5 Stand Shootout

The plan was to have two separate 5-stand setups. 

One, on the clubs permanent 5-Stand that has covered shooting positions and the other, setup on the trap field.  This would give the club two 50 target courses and allow for ten shooters per rotation.

Unfortunately, rains were forecast for the weekend and the two separate course setup was changed to allow the shoot take place with shooters not needing to stand in the rain. 

The borrowed machines that were to be used on the Trap field were instead installed on the permanent course and each given a Letter designation.    You first shot 50 Numbered machines and then shot 50 Lettered machines for a total of 100 targets.

The one course slowed things (only 5 shooters per rotation instead of 10) but made for a more enjoyable day for those in attendance.  A good decision!

Both courses had a rabbit.

Volunteers worked there butts off.  It didn’t go unnoticed.  Hats Off to all!
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  1. That was some shooting(Photography) Joe. I could see almost every presentation.

    Good thing they moved to covered shooting positions. That was some rain!