Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Milford supervisors receive complaints of bullets flying from shooting range

Milford supervisors receive complaints of bullets flying from shooting range

I've come across articles claiming bullets flying off a clubs property more then a few times a year.

In this case the email complaint sent to township officials said “About twenty minutes ago, there was a series of 4 or 5 rounds that left the range and cracked over my backyard.”

In another portion of email, the resident wrote: "In the past, projectiles have passed directly over my head while I was out on my deck and in my backyard. They cracked and leaves fell from trees." He continued, "My daughter has had shots go over her head while she was walking on Walnut Lane."

At this point you'd think the club would have to temporarily close the range until an investigation took place and/or do some serious tap dancing with local authorities trying to prove they had a save range.

Not the case thanks to Chester Dotts, chairman of the board of Milford Township Fish, Game, and Forestry Association.

"Dotts said that over the course of this summer, he had made several improvements to the gun range by building new benches that slope down, adding extra dirt around backstops and installing security cameras.

The current shooting backstops stand at 47 high, 250 feet wide, 40 feet thick — that’s far above the traditional standard used in military practice facilities.

According to Dotts, only high-powered pistols can be used to rapid fire. He said the two men who were shooting on the 100-yard range at the same time that day followed all the rules and he has the documentation and video to prove it.

"These guys that I could see on the videotape did not do anything wrong and their guns were pointed down," Dotts told the board members."

From reading the article it looks like the complaint was made by a disgruntled former official of the club.  Thank goodness for the video system.


I've visit a number of ranges who in the last few years have installed credit card type cards for gate entry and exit.  Club knows the coming and goings of club members and the individual card itself can be deactivated if lost or membership not renewed.  I belong to one club that uses a card system and it's also my membership card (with my photo imprinted on the card).

One club that I'm aware without such controls has been playing around with the idea of either installing such a system and/or installing a video system because of repeated problems on the outdoor range.

I suggest a necessary outlay in monies. 

Even if you have the safest rifle range and have people shooting through pipes, theft and destruction need to be addressed. 

The old days are gone.  New neighbors may want your club closed and won't let ethics stand in there way, young people causing destruction just for something to do, and criminals looking for easy money and hoping to make an easy score.

It was either late last year or earlier this year where a private range owner reported someone stole the coin operated system off a clay target field. The following week he had a video system installed.

As the old saying goes; "Penny wise, pound foolish!"

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