Monday, December 12, 2016

Hard of Hearing and Shooting at the Range

Having problems hearing range commands or the calls of the trapper?

May be time to consider Electronic Hearing Protection.

Modern state of the art protection not only amplifiers sound (hear conversations), but more importantly cuts off loud noises, such as gun fire. 

If you have significant hearing loss and removing your hearing aids for whatever reason, a product listed may make your visit to the range a more enjoyable one.  Yes, going to cost you $$$ over dumb protection, but....

There are a host of electronic options out there.  Hopefully this will nudge you to upgrade your protection or for those who are thinking of not shooting because of hearing problems, keep you at the range.

Using Hearing Aids with Hearing Protection

7 Best Electric Ear Muffs | December 2016

Best Ear Protection For Shooting – (Reviews & Guide 2016)

For those that for whatever reason don't want to use ear muffs.

Ear plug inserts.

Pro Ears Behind The Ear Amplifiers: Pro Hear

Pro Ears Custom Ear Plugs: Pro-Fit

GSP•15 GunSport•PRO® Electronic Earplugs


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