Thursday, February 01, 2018

Feb 1, 2018 @ Triple N Ranch Shooting Range

Triple N Ranch Shooting Range (St. Cloud, FL)

Just a hair on the cool side at the start, but ended up in the mid 70's.

Cart and gun rentals available.  Guns for rent; Browning 12 and 20 O/U.

Friendly staff.

Three mile drive from main road to the clubhouse (25mph).

As first time visitors we had to watch a 17 minute range safety film.  It loops throughout the day.

19 stations.  One mile circle.
$38 per hundred.  No show targets.  

We decided to walk but recommend renting a golf cart when temperatures get on the high side. 

No water on the course.

Many trees planted and in ten years.....

Hadn't seen a gun rack with the top and bottom holders cut at an angle before. Awkward at first placing guns in the rack, but worked well and a smart design.

No, we didn't feed it : )

Various pistol and rifle ranges.

Short video of me and Heide hitting a few targets.

Many machines placed near the shooting stands along the road (reminded me of the old days when we used hand released targets).  May ease restocking, but they need to get the majority of machines out into the fields and spread them out to increase target presentations. 

Could an issue be that stations are to close together and can't put the machines where they need to be or just easier for reloading by keeping them near the road?  

19 stations sounds great in theory, but I think poorly executed.  Maybe the planners were thinking it would be great for charity shoots and overflow days, but not what I was expecting target wise from a brand new course that had its grand opening last November.  Maybe the nineteen station course needed to be set on a 1 1/2 mile track instead of one mile.

I suggest the club abandon 5 of the 19 shooting stations (leaving 14 stations).  I would take the ten machines and target counters and double up 5 stations (4 machine superstations).  Would work well for practice and with the empty spaces from the abandoned stands, allow for getting machines out into the fields (and smartly spaced).  If having a registered shoot, adjust the course as needed.

The club has plans to install a 5-Stand.

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