Sunday, April 29, 2018

Apr 28, 2018 @ Rochester Brooks (Spring Deuce Sporting Clays)

Rochester Brooks Gun Club (Rush, New York)

Beautiful Friday weather and the club was looking good.

I drove out to the FITASC course and included several few minutes of video of the FITASC event (two parcours) in the posted video.

Friday and Saturday

Saturday weather was rough. Rained all day and temperature seemed to be dropping. My squad had a 2:30 start time. At 5:30pm it was 43 degrees.  A slight breeze at several of the stations made it seem colder.

It didn't stop raining.  It would slow down a bit, but only temporarily.

I was not prepared for the cold (how many years have I been shooting?).

Own some great cold weather clothing (but sitting in the closest at home).

I wore sweatshirt and two shirts, as well as top/bottom rain gear and still froze my butt off.  I had a jacket with me, but it would offer no protection from the rain and was useless.  A set of good old fashioned long johns (just the top) and a pair of gloves would of made it a more enjoyable day.

Both the sub gauge course and the Preliminary offered some nice target presentations. 

On the prelim course the tower machine went down for at least 30 minutes.  We shot the next two stations and then returned.  Of course it had to be the tower machine. You just can't walk over and make the fix.

Due to the rain a few machines acted up on the prelim course, but after throwing several targets they cleared on there own.

The club put hay down in a few areas, as carts were having issues traversing some parts of the trail in the mud.

On the prelim course on several stations I could of used some sun light.  I used the lightest lenses I own, but still picking up targets on some stations late.

Using my darker lenses in the AM all I saw was a blur and changed them out when shooting 5-stand practice.  At least with the lighter lenses I wasn't seeing the blur, but just had problems picking them up in low light conditions, especially with a tree background.

I don't want to become a fair weather shooter after all these years, but have to start facing the realities.

I ran into someone who shot all his events on Friday (I gather he checked the weather report for Saturday).  He just had the main event on Sunday left.  He looked comfortable sitting in the clubhouse all day Saturday.

Even with the rain and mud shooters seemed to have a good time and didn't hear anyone complaining. 

Excellent refs on all stations.

The ladies working the desk have seen it all and I don't think any crises would throw them.

When I'm shooting I usually take video of nearby squads, but had to pass on most of my opportunities.

Left right after Saturday shooting to head home (never planned on shooting the main event).  About 30-40 minutes later I stopped at a Burger King rest stop on I-90.  In the middle of eating my burger I started getting the chills.  Chilled to the bone I think is the saying.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Apr 22, 2018 @ Club de Tir Huntingdon

Club de Tir Huntingdon Sainte-Barbe (Québec)

Ouverture du Club de Tir (Pigeon d’argile)

Club closes in the fall and stays closed until a Sunday in late April.  This years shooting season started today.

Almost warm enough too not need a jacket.

Nice turn out.  People coming and going throughout the AM.

Only a handful of club shooters shoot registered (ATA) but many could give long time seasoned ATA shooters a run for there money.

Concrete roof being replaced on field #1.  The new roof will open and close hydraulically working off the Pat Trap pump.  At least two other clubs in Quebec use this system.

Crossing the border saw no traffic nor did I experience any issues.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Before and After (cleaning) - Beretta A400 Piston Assembly

Finally got around to cleaning the Piston Assembly and replacing the Piston Ring (Midwest Gun Works $12.08).

Notice the excess carbon buildup on the A400 Piston Assembly and bent Piston Ring? 

Cleaned the assembly and replaced the ring.

 Yes, you can shoot a couple thousands rounds without cleaning a Beretta A400, but comes a point where a thorough cleaning is required. 

Just wasn't paying attention when putting on the barrel.  The assembly was getting harder to insert, but I ignored the warnings, obviously ignored the carbon buildup, and popped the ring when shooting.

I've read that if you don't have a replacement ring you can just pop it back in place and squeeze the ring back together to get you through the shoot.   I had a complete replacement assembly in my shoot bag.

Not much to the Piston Ring. A light weight piece of metal.  I guess aluminum. 

Once a month cleaning will now be part of the routine.