Friday, February 15, 2019

Lost Target Update #3

Number of people asked and now I'm able to give the rest of the story.
Over the past year my health has been going south. At the end of they year could no longer hold a shotgun (very weak), nor didn't (or couldn't) put the energy into thinking for more then a few minutes at a time.
So many test...
Tuesday, February 12th I was operated on at the Albany Medical Center in New York (2.5 hr. drive). Adrenal Gland Cancer. I was told rare and most doctors have never seen it. Not much information available on how to treat.
When I arrived Monday could barely walk 100 feet without sitting or taking a break leaning on something. No energy. Also, among other things didn’t care to eat.
Cut open on Tuesday, sitting in a chair on Wednesday, walking on Thursday, and Friday discharged.
Two surgeons operating. One a vascular surgeon. I was told later the best surgeons for that type of operation the hospital had.
Five hour operation. Cut off my right adrenal gland, cleaned off around the kidney, and took a small sliver of my liver (will grow back).
Lost four liters of blood and they put eight liters of various fluids in. On Wednesday I received an additional bag of blood.
They removed a mass the size of a melon. Closed the incision with glue.
Rough night Tuesday with on and off pain.
Pain now only when I cough. Not on any pain killers other then tylenol.
Chemo is the next step. Have a small cancer on my lower left lung they are in no hurry to remove. They don’t think it’s going anywhere. Waiting to see what happens to it after a couple months of chemo. Hopefully nothing grows back.
Best my mind has felt in six months. It was tiring to think. I gather the sick adrenal gland was really messing with it (along with my body). My taste buds seem to be going back to normal. Enjoyed my Friday breakfast and lunch at the hospital. Seems the left adrenal gland is now in command (shut down when the other was sick).
At home, but the body feels beat up. Bent over when I walk. Will take some time (hope not too long) to recover.
Thinking of cleaning a gun tomorrow and sometime in the next week start updating the website.
And, how was your year : )