Saturday, December 21, 2019

Lost Target Update

Several times this year I've had to take time off from posting to the website.  Sorry about that and I know it can be frustrating to visit the site and find the opening page hadn't been touched in days.

Hospitalized five times and some days just didn't have the energy.

At the beginning of December I was at the doctors office and she sent me to the emergency room.  After seven days in the hospital, that included treating an infection among other things, was sent home.

Anyway, most health issues seem to be under control and can't wait to get back into the clay target sports come late January.

Should start seeing blog postings on various clubs we visit and in mid / late February will be recording a International Skeet and a Sporting Clays shoot and posting to YouTube.

I don't currently belong to any clay target associations but looking at resuming my ATA shooting come spring.   If I shoot sporting it will just be in Hunters.

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