Friday, May 05, 2017

Liquidation prices! Preparing for the new Gander Mountain

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

21st Annual Spring Deuce @ Rochester Brooks Gun Club

Rochester Brooks Gun Club (Rush, New York)

203 shooters in the main event, 179 shooters in the Prelim, and the two (2) Parcour FITASC event had 77 shooters.  A handful of Hunter Class shooters.

The sub-gauge course was pretty much busy throughout the shoot.  More so then I've seen in the past.

Great weather on Friday (T-shirt and  shorts). 

Saturday I was in dungarees and sweatshirt. 

Sunday, froze my butt off.  Rained just before the 8:30 start and made for a cool and damp morning. 

38 degrees when I returned to the vehicle.  I went out to shoot more video and take additional photos when I was done shooting on Sunday, but the body was not willing and packed it up after about 15 minutes. 

No problems with machines and didn't have to use any spare shells. 

As always, excellent referees.

Ample water on the course, as well as bowls of peanuts and apples.

I'd call the Prelim., skeet in the woods (in difficulty) and the main event the opposite.

Posted two videos and a couple hundred photos

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Club Clean Up Day @ Sportsman's Club of Franklin County

Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (Vermont)

Boots a must have.  Muddy at the start and drizzled a few times during the day.  Cool and damp.  I don't think the temperature hit 50 degrees.

More then a clean up day. Trees cut down and target stands for the rifle/pistol range built.

Hot dogs for lunch, as well as a raffle.  

The clubs sends out monthly emails keeping members informed of club activities and I suspect todays turnout was a direct result. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tachyon Gun Cam - Trap Station 2 & 4

I've posted on my use of the camera for sporting clays and skeet, and highly recommend for those clay target disciplines.

For trap shooting I'm on the fence.  16 yard shooting.  A tree background didn't help, but saying that I think the combination of fast gun movement and an out going target pushed the camera to it's limits.

I would think if you held well above the roof (two eye shooter) you would reduce gun movement and achieve better video results.

I'd suggest frame by frame viewing if your trying to see barrel movement in relation to the target and looking for issues you or a student might have.

A short video, you decide.....

Shotgun used was a Beretta A400, 30 inch barrel.  Stock not modified.  Used for skeet, trap, and sporting clays.

Video shot at Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (St. Albans Bay, Vermont)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Apr 10, 2017 @ Sportsmans Club of Franklin County

Sportsmans Club of Franklin County (St. Albans, Vermont)

It takes about 1hr 20min for us to drive to the club, so when summer like weather (mid 70's) was the forecast we decided to take advantage.  Three others (two from New York) had the same idea and both skeet and trap were shot.

We shot on a Monday, but the clay target portion of the club is open for skeet and trap (summer schedule) on Thursday (after 3pm) and Sunday starting at 9am.

Outdoor pistol/rifle range is open seven days a week and gets a good workout each day judging by the traffic and sound of shooting.  The club also offers archery.

We last visited the club in late 2016 and it wintered well.  Machines running like a fine watch and we didn't have any target issues.

The fee charged to shoot is reasonable priced for both members and non-members.  A family can come out with a value pack or two and have an enjoyable day without breaking the bank.

The club no longer offers registered skeet but I remember attending NSSA shoots in the 80's.  A squad or two from New York and a squad from Quebec always in attendance.  Also, it was not unusual to run into shooters from Maine or NH and of course always a strong showing from Vermont shooters. 

An enjoyable place to shoot and we'll be visiting often.

 New gun racks on all three fields.

Picking up hulls....

Friday, March 24, 2017

GunCam ® for Clays (Skeet)

We've used the camera on the sporting clays course.  Now, I wanted to see what it could do on the skeet field.

I think an excellent teaching tool for problem stations for new shooters and for old timers having issues.

Targets much closer then in sporting and almost no need to display video in slow motion.  The camera does not record in slow motion.  You need a video program that offers that feature.

A heavily edited video..... Short and to the point.

Best viewed full screen...

Shooting a Beretta A400 with 30 inch barrel.  I find the camera works best if the lens is 5 inches behind the front of the barrel/choke.  Had it a little further back and you can just see the barrel.

I picked up on a couple of issues in my shooting that could cause problems.  Once I got to my hold point not waiting a few seconds before I called for the bird. And, on singles not staying with the target after I pulled the trigger.

If you have that "one" problem station such as High 2 or Low 6, a must have.  Sure beats shooting box after box of shells trying to figure out what your doing wrong.

Camera weight has not been an issue. 

$229.99 direct from the company.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mar 18, 2017 @ Flagler Gun Club

Flagler Gun & Archery Club (Bunnell, Florida)

We paid a visit to the Flagler club for practice trap.  First time this year we shot trap.

When we arrived one field open and by the time we left, three fields open.  15-20 shooters on hand.

Dean Newell told me Saturday trap shooting was the most popular of the two days they offer open shooting.  They also shoot on Tuesday and have a coin operated field so members can pre-purchase coins and shoot seven days a week.

I been coming to the Volusia club for 11-12 years and Dean has been a mainstay. Always lending a hand.  When Dean's around everything seems to run smoothly.  Dean also shares his volunteer time with the Volusia Skeet and Trap club.

 The club recently purchased two PAT traps to replace older machines.

 Dean Newell

First time shooter.  I'm told he shot a 15 and 16.

Club throws back rim targets.  On field #4 both my wife and I found them hard to see, but on field #3 no such problem. The voice release on field #4 was overly sensitive.

A good time and everyone was friendly.

Entry to the club is via a secured gate using a card swipe system.  Your membership card (with photo imprinted), slightly bigger then a credit card, is needed to enter and exit.  Club has a record of the coming and goings of club members and can also disable individual cards if lost or failure to renew.  Sure beats handing out keys or combinations.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mar 17, 2017 @ Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

Jacksonville Clay Target Sports (Jacksonville, Florida)

We dropped in to shoot sporting clays. 

Shot the North course last winter, but not yet had a chance to shoot the new South course.

15 stations.

After the first couple of stations it became apparent birds had more speed on them than the previous two clubs we shot.  Not necessarily harder, just faster.  We had card issues and it wouldn't work on three stations (the lady working the desk said she was going to destroy it). 

We shot unused targets on the North course.

Unlike the North course where I think only the hardiest should attempt to walk (cart is a most), the South course can be walked provided you park your vehicle in the parking spaces at the end of the skeet range.  If you have health issues, rent a cart.

Club has cart rentals at $18 (member and non-member).

It looks like the club ran a water line around the South course.  Planted trees have individual watering hoses.

Nice looking club and great facilities.  I filmed an International Skeet Shoot at the club recently.

I've always found it hard to partner up for trap at this club.  Unless they changed policy, no Voice Release for practice.  Don't know if they have a Clay Delay available.  So, unless your meeting up with someone.....

I've said it in the past and will repeat.  Before you shoot skeet or trap at the club as a non-member, do a price check.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tachyon GunCam for Clays - Quick Review

A friend used a GoPro with a barrel attachment and I got a chance to play around with the unedited video,  Just no way could I see sporting clays targets breaking, even using slow motion.

Seen the advertisement for the Tachyon and it was pocketbook friendly.....

Camera operation is pretty straight foreword.  You do have to purchase a mini memory card.  The size you require is determined on how long your going to run the camera.  I picked up a 16GB card. 

In theory, the battery will last non-stop for 2.5 hours.   We turned on and off the camera at each station, conserving the battery.  Recharge (USB or plug) upon return home has been quick.

Also, by turning on and off the camera at each station it made viewing individual station videos manageable.

We took the camera to three clubs. 

Dark areas (flying in front of trees/brush in the shade) can be an issue. 

Best viewed full screen

I attached the camera to the barrel, with the camera lens 6 inches from the barrel/choke.  It worked, but the second time out the camera walked and I could see the barrel.  Maybe I didn't tighten it properly.  Now I attach at 5 inches and carry a tape measure to periodical check. 

You have the option of popping the mini card and viewing video from you laptop or any machine that will accept a card.  You can also use an USB cord.  I have not done it, but if you have the equipment you could review the video after each station.

I highly recommend a video program that can do slow motion.  Many times you have to slow down the video to see what happens in regard to barrel swing and leads.

I highly recommend.....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Klaus Hiptmayer (Quebec)

Because of health issues, stock maker and gun flitter, Klaus Hiptmayer has closed his business.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Remington 1100 Feed Latch

We're shooting Indian River and the wife's says her bolt won't lock to the rear.

A quick tear down of the gun and don't see anything unusual.  Putting the gun back together I find I don't have to depress the Feed Latch to insert the bolt, but the bolt does lock to the rear.

I suspect when the piece broke off the latch, it stayed in the gun (bolt won't lock to the rear) but fell out after I removed the bolt.  Gun worked but the part needed to be replaced.


Up and running with a new latch, but didn't stake it.  If not staked it will fall out every time you remove the trigger, but no harm done.

I have a staking tool, but have had on and off success using it.  I may glue it in place if it becomes to much of a bother.  Clean the slot with alcohol, use a Metal Epoxy Adhesive, apply pressure. I have a pair of mini C clamps that will do the trick. 

This is the second 1100 that the tip broke.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

February 8, 2017 @ Saltwaters Shooting Club

Saltwaters Shooting Club (St. Augustine, Florida)

High 70's.  Expecting afternoon thunderstorms, but never saw them. 

Two Sporting Clays courses, skeet (1), and 5-Stand.

The club is overlaid on an old race course at the end of Big Oak Road, west of the St. Augustine Air Port. Look for the light at the Grumman entrance. Big Oak Road is just north of the light (cross the rail road tracks).

We shot the 14 station Blue course. Starts out relatively easy but ends up given you a good workout.  Station #13 had us looking into the sun. The second course would be enjoyed by seasoned shooters that are up to a challenge. 

We saved a few shells by not shooting all the targets on several stations and shot station 1 & 2 on the second course.  I think you can leave your skeet choke at home.

A short video. Check out the trampoline station.

The 5-Stand is scheduled for an update, but didn't get into the details other then covered shooting positons.  I saw 8 machines.



Pistol & Rifle.  A number of outdoor bays for shooting handguns.  100 & 200 yard ranges for rifle.

$40 for 100 targets and if a cart is available you get that also. Ammunition is available.

The public is welcome, but in the next several months the club will be going to paid memberships.  I assume non-members will be paying a non-member rate.

Be shooting the second course on the next visit....

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Kids learn gun safety as toddlers

Guns in the home and NOT secured?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tragedy struck a Northside neighborhood in Jacksonville the first week of February when an 8-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 5-year-old sister and injured his 4-year-old friend.

The kids were playing with the gun when they were home alone. The owner of the gun has since been arrested, but the incident begs the questions: When should parents teach their kids about gun safety and how?

A link to the full article and a excellent video.......

Kids learn gun safety as toddlers