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Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Friday Trap Shoot @ Valleyfield

The annual Good Friday trap shoot was held at the Valleyfield club in Quebec last week.  A shoot that I try to attend, as usually the first clay target shoot of the year held in Quebec and a chance to see people that I haven't seen in some time.

Crossing the border is part of my travels when I shoot in Canada.  I haven't shot in Canada since December and was wondering if crossing procedures had changed any, and as a holiday, if traffic at the crossing was going to hold me up.

No traffic at the small crossing I was using.  Before I could hand over my ID and firearm credentials, I hear, "going shooting today"?  I didn't recognize the person processing me, but he recognized me. After checking my credentials he did have me pull the vehicle foreword a bit and had me open the back of the vehicle and did a quick visually scan.

Cool, overcast, and wet grounds at the club. I was hoping I could shoot without my coat on, but after giving it a try, just a little to much on the cool side. 

30 Shooters in attendance. No problems noted with the voice release and no machine issues.

In singles, the shooter to the left of me didn't have a shell catcher or deflector. Hulls flying in front of me. After a few stations I got over it, as it didn't look like that I was going to be hit.  Talking to the shooter after the round he asked if his hulls were bothering me and if so he apologized.  It turns out he has been looking for a shell catcher. I gave him a suggestion on where he could purchase one.  For American readers, many companies won't ship firearm related goods to Canada, so it can be hit and miss when a Canadian goes shopping on the internet.

On the way home I found that my favorite ice cream stand had opened for the season and a stop was a must.

When I hit the US border, I hear, been shooting today....


Reloading Winchester AA HS 28 Gauge Hulls

Years back I ran into a deal on several thousand old style AA 28 gauge hulls (may have even been more but memory fails me).  They were being sold for under the going rate, but I had to agree to also purchase a couple thousand 20 and 12 gauge hulls. The deal was done!  The 20 gauge and 12 gauge hulls are long gone, but I still have plenty of the old style 28 gauge hulls on hand.

Over the winter I had to shoot factory at a sporting clays shoot I was attending and picked up several boxes of  Winchester HS 28 gauge shells.

I know there was horror stories when the hull first came out, but if I remember correctly a change to HS hull design was made to satisfy those who reload. 

Without making any adjustments to my re-loader (9000g) and mixing old hulls with new I loaded four boxes with the following results.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 AA Target Loads Rebate

For a limited time, earn $2.00 for each box of AA Target loads you purchase. Minimum purchase 10 boxes ($20 Winchester Ammunition Check) and maximum purchase 50 boxes ($100 Winchester Ammunition Check)

Rebate offer is valid on qualifying purchases made between May 18, 2014 and September 13, 2014. Offer expires and all requests must be received by September 27, 2014.

Mail in completed redemption form, original UPC codes and original cash register receipt.

Include the original UPC Codes cut from each qualifying box of ammunition purchased. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Rebate offer is limited to one offer per household. Rebate offer valid in the U.S. and Canada.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9000G Primer Feed Adjustment

Do you have an early model 9000G MEC re-loader and having problems with the large capacity primer feed, in that no matter the adjustment, the primer drop is slightly off? 

If so, a possible solution.

Years back I was a 4-gun skeet shooter.  Reloaded all four gauges and on occasion still do.  Started out with a MEC Jr. in the 12 gauge, but soon moved on to the Grabber series.

When the 9000G came on the market I upgraded, first the 12 gauge and then the 28 gauge.  Some time after, in the next two or three years, I also upgraded my .410 and 20 gauge re-loaders.

All came with the old style chain activated primer feed.

When the large capacity primer feed came on the market I quickly upgraded. 

The .410 and 20 gauge primer feeds worked without issue right out of the box.  However, the 12 gauge and 28 gauge re-loaders were tricky to adjust and getting a primer to sit properly took a large amount of patience. 

The primer tray on both had be positioned to the far left in order for a primer to drop into the receiver hole on the re-loader.  So much to the left that the primer feed slide had little purchase with the actuator arm, just barley engaging.  Over time the right side of the feed slide on the 12 gauge primer tray became worn and no longer engaged the actuator arm.

I ordered a new tray, but before installing I added washers to move the actuator arm slightly to the left. The feed slide and actuator marriage now looked more like the picture in the installation guide and I had primers hitting the center of the hole on the re-loader.

I just modified my 28 gauge re-loader.

Beside the washers I installed a longer bolt.

I don't see any difference in the construction of the 12 and 28 re-loader virus the 410 and 20, but I don't think a coincidence that I had trouble with the early model 9000G's in regard to Primer Feed installation and not with the re-loaders purchased at a later time.


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Upgraded my Router (Linksys AC 900)

A few years back I switched from DLS to cable and saw an increase in wireless bandwidth speed, but the increase was not what I expected. 
Something I could live with (I run everything wireless).  The cable connection was much faster then my old DSL service and for a time not a big deal, as long as I had a good upload speed and could watch movies without interruption.

Anyway, time to upgrade my router. I purchased a Linksys AC 900 Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router. The specks showed the router had twice the speed of my old router and was duel band.  

Following the simple directions I unplugged my old router and plugged in the new. 

No need to attach a cable to your computer to setup the new router. Through the magic of wireless technology I brought up the router setup page on my computer screen.  I was directed to unplug the modem for two minutes and then power it back on.  

A message showed that a software update was available. It took a couple of minutes to complete the automated process.  I checked the box to allow for future automatic software updates.

I was given an option to change default sign in information. I changed the network name and wireless password to what was on my previous router so I didn't have to change other wireless sign in connections in the home.

After a short wait my devices were connected throughout the home. All but my wireless printer was working. 

I couldn't remember what button on the printer to push (also a scanner and copier) to send a single to the router to be recognized.
I had to look at the printer directions.  A button that has several uses was identified.  A push on that  button and a push on the blue button on the rear of the router was all that was needed.  They did a handshake and I was set to go.

In speed testing I found that 37 mbps download was the average speed (was averaging 12 mbps on the old router). 
I  checked (and rechecked) speeds against various servers across the country. A couple of times I had speeds of 42 mbps. 
Upload speeds did not see much change, but upload speeds are severely limited by internet providers and my previous router was almost at the set limit, but I did see a slight increase. 

A guest option is available.  A wireless sign on with it's own network name and password for those visiting who need internet access. No need to give out your own network password. Change the visitor password as needed.

I have at least the same range as before. My laptop worked flawlessly in the backyard, well away from the router.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Spring? Not in my back yard!

Spring may have come to the south, but not at home.

The raised bed garden still buried!

On a positive note.  Blue birds making a home!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taco Bell Employee of the Month (not)

I was in Taco Bell and waiting on my order to be filled.  I observe the person who just waited on me call over the manager.  He tells her, I just wanted to tell you that today is my last day, I have another job! 

If looks could kill, she would have been guilty of murder. She was steaming, but quickly recovered.

I gather two weeks notice is no longer the norm? 

Some will say, he doesn't owe the business anything, much less given two weeks notice, as a minimum wage job, but what of his fellow workers who now have to work short handed until a replacement can be found?  I don't think he made his mother proud!

Times are changing but to what end?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Firearm rights (or not)

Firearms owners who thought they won a huge victory in the Supreme Court not so many years ago are finding through many court battles that basically the only right they won was the right to own a firearm, with states having many rights to control.

Those who read and understood the ruling are not surprised at recent rulings.  I was thinking that way from my readings, but what do I know? I think the various Gun Rights organizations knew this, as they have smart lawyers, but not something they wished to pass on to the membership, but maybe not. Let me give the benefit of the doubt!

Background checks (public and private sales). OK

Firearm registrations (all firearms). OK

Guns that look dangerous restrictions.  OK

Firearm registration fees (within reason).  OK

Dedicated taxes (fees) on firearms and ammunition (within reason).  OK

10 round magazine restrictions. OK

Ammunition purchase restrictions.  OK

Face to face ammunition purchase requirements (no mail order).  OK

Requiring the securing of a firearm in the home.  OK

Gun Free Zones (Kill Zones).  OK

Minor Domestic Violence laws that bans firearm ownership for life (even if just a push/shove). OK 

I'm sure more restrictions have been approved by the courts, but I just listed the one's I could think of without doing in-depth research.

Federal courts over the next several years are expected to move more to the left, as has the EPA, IRS and a host of other government agencies.  Those agencies making rules that benefit the special interest of the left and turning a blind eye to those on the right, without a vote of congress.

No way a pretty picture for those who actually work for a living and are taxed and regulated to death to support an ever growing government and entitlement (welfare) state!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

ERAD wireless voice release system

The Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club  has an ERAD wireless voice release system installed on one of it's trap fields.  I finally got around to given it a try. No clubs in my home region uses such a device, so it was nice to finely get to use one.

No wires, no speakers, just a card size device for each individual shooter! 

A dream system for the person who has to open and close the club each day.

Clip it to your shirt or shooting vest.  You can actually talk without fear of releasing a target.

I didn't have any slow pulls and didn't see any extra targets flying in the air.

The card can be tricked out in a number of configuration and can also used in skeet and sporting clays. Powered by two button type batteries.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hodgdon Clays - 12lbs - $725.00

A powder shortage for shotgun shell reloading throughout North America has been with us for over a year. 

Hodgdon powder due to a factory fire in Australia is not in production and generally not available through normal channels.

However, 12 pounds of Clays is for sale on

Current bid as of 1:49pm EST on March 18 is $725.00.

Bidding ends on 3/23/2014 1:16:10 PM ET.

If  your desperate for powder and don't wish to shoot factory ammunition.

Check the current bid!


\Bidding has ended. The high bid was $725.00


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Florida 4H Skeet & Trap Shoot @ Volusia

We spent Saturday AM at the Volusia County Trap and Skeet Club and shot video and took photos of the Florida 4H shoot.

A warm day, in the low 80's.

A big "Hats Off" to club volunteers who worked the fields (three skeet and three trap) and kept things moving along. 


We decided to get a bite to eat and do a bit of shopping in Daytona. The club is only 15 minutes from the I-95 Speedway exit.  It was Bike Week at Daytona and saw thousands of bikes.  Traffic wasn't to bad in Daytona and except for a couple of what seemed extremely long red light delays near the track we moved along.  Police worked a few key intersections.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Obama pick for Surgeon General bad medicine for gun rights

Monday, March 10, 2014

Remington Feed Latch bites the dust!

I can't believe I broke a Feed Latch.  I've had them pop out, but never seen a broken one.

We were shooting sporting clays and the second shell wouldn't feed.  At first I thought a broken extractor, but not the case.  A closer look and I saw that Feed Latch didn't look right.  I used my wife's gun to finish.

I took the gun apart today and found the top tip of the Feed Latch was missing (broke off) and it was sticking out a bit.  The latch was still staked in place.

I pried out the Feed Latch and replaced with a spare.  The part needs to be staked in place and I have a Remington staking tool.  The new part was put in without any problems.  I like to clamp it in place before staking, as it keeps the part from bouncing around if I mishit.  You could use a punch instead of a staking tool in a pinch and I've read that some glue the part in place. 

Usually, the only time the Feed Latch would be a problem if loose is that it will fall out when you took out the trigger.  A pain to get the trigger back in if the Feed Latch is not secured. I've tried not securing it when in a hurry and I ended up taken a few more minutes and securing it properly.

I ordered a replacement ($19.29) to put in my spare parts bin and should have it by the end of the week,

Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Yellow Course @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

We met with are friend Russ McKittrick at Amelia Shotgun Sports for an afternoon of sporting clays shooting.

Russ, who is just down for a few weeks (shot the Florida Challenge with me), brought local relatives to the range, specifically two youngsters for an introduction to clay target shooting.  Prior to our arrival they took to the skeet field and became familiar with shooting a shotgun and skeet shooting in general.

One youngster was a little under the weather, and went home early, but seventh grader Josh stayed to watch us shoot sporting clays and a promise we'd let him take a few shots. After the first station we gave Josh the target counter and he pulled targets the rest of the way.

At the end of the course and on the way back to the clubhouse, the club has six Yellow stations that are set for new shooters.  Skeet in the woods type targets, but in those six stations, a barrel of fun to include a rabbit station.

My wife let Josh shoot her 1100 with skeet choke. Josh had only shot his first clay target this AM on the skeet field and at our suggestion he started just shooting singles; with a miss and hit, hit and miss, but then he wanted to start shooting report pairs.  Targets were breaking as fast as we threw them. Impressive to say the least and someone who will long remember his first time shooting sporting clays.  A natural shooter I think!

The Yellow station concept has been long used at Amelia and something that all clubs should consider.  Many times I've visited and found three or four squads of  youngsters with a parent or granddad and/or young couples having a blast.  Lost count of how many young ladies I've seen on the Yellow course.  
A clay target starter course that starts near the club house (station 1) that allows for a club official to give a safety briefing and makes sure they understand the operation of the firearm and who watches them shoot a few clay targets and offers suggestions to make there outing an enjoyable one.


I noticed for the first time a voice release on the trap range.  A newer wireless model.  I asked when they acquired it and was told they always had it.  I think someone was pulling my leg, but in any case a good addition.  As a side note. The club offers the ATA Big 50 on Thursdays (contact the club to confirm schedule) and when shooting the 50, non-ATA members can shoot with ATA members and all are invited to participate.