Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clay Target Delivery Oct 29, 2011 @ SCFC

Went over to the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County, St. Albans Bay, Vermont to lend a hand with a target delivery.

Plenty of hands available to move target boxes, as the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 603 assisted.

Scouts and Club Members

The scouts use the club from time to time. This is their way of given back to the club!

As well as club members, my "back" appreciated the help...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using Radar Gun for Setting Skeet Targets

Was in a recent discussion on the setting of skeet targets with a radar gun.

From the NSSA website...

Use of Radar Gun for Setting Skeet Targets

1. Check high house-set at 46.0 to 46.9 MPH.

Stand on station 1 and aim gun at the top of the hoop. DO NOT TOUCH THE TRIGGER.

Hold gun steady and throw a target through DEAD-CENTER (+ or - 6 inches) of hoop.

The top speed will be measured approx. _ way to the hoop.

Set spring tension within above speeds. A good machine with good targets will throw 4 consecutive targets through a 12" hoop under "NO WIND" conditions.

The targets will strike level grounds 58-59 yards from high house. As shooting progresses the transmissions warm the oil and the targets fall at 61-62 yards.

2. Check low house-set at 48.0-48.9 MPH.

Aim gun at the top of the hoop. Targets will fall as above.


1. Turn on "power”
2. Push "self test" or use calibration fork (included)
3. Push "set up" mode. Use "A-25" recommended for skeet. Speeds are recorded in 1/10 MPH and the gun disregards all movements slower than 25 MPH
4. Push "x-mit" button-turns on transmitter
5. Push "peak-hold" button -display fastest speed only

The gun is now ready for use

NOTES: Targets slow down approx 8 MPH from the arm to the hoop. Speeds will self clear from the screen in a couple of seconds.

Pushing "x-mit" to hold will lock-in the top speed with the use of the trigger.

Radar guns often pick up targets from adjoining fields. Altitude has negligible affect on distance once the springs are set for above speeds. Tests show that targets set manually on multiple fields by real experts will vary 3-4 MPH.

Targets set properly will cross approx 1 foot to the right of center (hypotenuse). No further adjustments will be required on spring tension. Speeds will remain constant for weeks.

Selecting a radar gun is important as a 15 milliwatt microwave system is far superior to a 5 milliwatt. We have used 4 different guns -1 bad - 2 fair - 1 excellent. The STALKER SPORT model (15 milliwatt) worked the best and NSSA owns one.



* Target Hoop: Three-foot circle centered at a point fifteen (15) feet above the target-crossing point.

Radar gun or not, setting target distance (speed) always starts with using a hoop under NO WIND conditions.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct 22, 2011 @ Lamoille Valley

NSSA skeet shoot at Lamoille Valley Fish & Game, Morrisville, Vermont.

Not a large crowd but all had a good time.

12 gauge and doubles.

$20 a gun, to include lunch.

A cool damp day. 47 degrees at 2pm. Rain pants and rain jacket kept me warm!

Rained on the way to the club, but only a slight drizzle for the first three rounds in the AM.

Interesting background...

As for lunch. Hambugers served fresh and hot off the grill, not pre-cooked and reheated. Cupcakes for dessert. Tasted great!


Friday, October 21, 2011

The Headline... Firearms industry takes aim at continued growth

Schools failing the country?

A Michigan firearms component manufacturer is considering opening a satellite foundry in South Dakota, but first needs assurance about the workforce, the firm’s owner told college and economic development officials Thursday at a forum aimed at expanding the firearms industry in the state.

“I’m being asked to set up a manufacturing operation here,” said Richard Singer, president of ACRA CAST precision metal castings company in Bay City, Mich. “I’m going to need people.”

He said the workforce in Michigan is not meeting his needs.

“It’s pathetic,” Singer said. “People can’t read. They can’t add and subtract. They’re lost.”
Read Article

Should congress and President Obama really be considering lowering standards in regard to "No Child Left Behind"...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wilder, Browning (US), Boddez (CAN) Medal in PAN AM Womens Trap Games

Silver medalist Lindsay Boddez, of Canada, left, gold medalist Miranda Wilder, of the United States, center, and bronze medalist Kayle Browning, from the United States, pose for photographers during the shooting women's trap award ceremony at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011. (AP Photo/Javier Galeano)

Video Link

US and Canada in the winners circle.

At 42:28 into this video is Women’s trap finals at the PAN AM Games and awards ceremony.

* A couple of commercials at the start.

Let it run past the commercials and then move to the 42 min mark.

CBC Video

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lead shot prices Oct 18, 2011

Lead shot prices October 18, 2011

Not necessarily the best prices. I use Gamaliel Shooting Supply to track the price of lead shot used by clay target shooters.


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Oct 18, 2011

$37.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jun 18, 2011

$39.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Feb 21, 2011

$38.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 20, 2010

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Sep 29, 2010

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Jul 28, 2010

$29.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$29.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Mar 23, 2010

$36.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 15, 2009

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jan 7, 2009

$24.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$25.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


February 28, 2008

$42 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$42.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A contrast in trap shooting backgrounds

Kayaderosseras (NY) last week, Valleyfield (Quebec) this week.

Missing the sun this week, but what a difference in backgrounds.

Even without the sun, seemed to pick the target up quicker.

A fun shoot, wished it had been registered!

Also, two weeks in a row, hamburgers from the fridge to the grill. Not already cooked and re-warmed when ordered.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 North America Grand Prix, Alberta Canada

2012 North America Grand Prix

Silver Willow Sporting Clays

Alberta, Canada

July 6-8, 2012

Shoot Flyer

A listing of motels will be made available at some point with links added to the flyer page.


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 2011 @ Kayaderosseras Trap Shoot

Attended the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game monthly trap shoot. The club is located next to the Saratoga County Airport (New York).

A 9:30 start time is advertised and at 9:30 the first squad was on the field.

Shot singles (first squad) and handicap (squad 5).

A few broken targets at the start but not an issue the rest of the day.

No voice release issues.

The kitchen was well run. Your order went from the refrigerator to the grill (no pre-cooked hamburgers or hot dogs).


Friday, October 07, 2011

God awful food at some shoots

Only a few shoots left this year...

Please, no ready to serve pre-cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.

Nothing worst then being served a dried out pre-cooked hamburger or hot dog that has been sitting on the side of the grill, than re-heated and served.

I'm willing to wait the 8-10 minutes it takes to cook a burger. I'm sure others our as well.

Also, don't purchase six shoots worth of hamburgers and store them in the freezer. Same with the rolls.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

George Digweed, World record longest shot at a clay pigeon

Nineteen-times world champion George Digweed has set a new world record for shooting a clay pigeon. In front of the cameras from Fieldsports Channel, and using standard cartridges, he shot one at 130 yards.

George pulled off the incredible shot at the Bisley Live shooting show. The record rounds off an incredible year for George, he has won 19 World titles (11 Sporting and 8 Fitasc), 11 European Fitasc title, 2 European Compak titles and 9 World Cups. He was awarded an MBE in 2009. This film first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 97.


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Monday, October 03, 2011

SCTP Shooting Clinics

We have a very exciting shooting clinic Oct 29 and 30th at Minute Man Sportsman's Club. If you have any youth shooters, know of any youth shooters or want to start a youth shooting team now is the time.

There will be four USA Shooting Team members in attendance and a chance to get some great training. For the new SCTP teams signing up you will receive a $10K endowment in the Midway USA Foundation for your team.

We need to get more SCTP youth clay teams started in New England and this is the time. This will be the biggest youth shooting event in NE and a great time to meet the USA Shooting Olympic Team Members. Please take a look at the flier and sign up early because this will fill up.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Hank Garvey


Youth Shooter Clinics

October 29th & 30th

Minute Man Sportsman's Club
Burlington, MA


Skeet Women Highlights - ISSF 2011 - UAE