Saturday, January 27, 2007

Flagler's 3rd Skeet Field

We dropped in at the Flagler Gun & Archery Club and found the third skeet field nearing completion.

Last year when we visited the field was laid out but construction had not started.

Two gentlemen were working on the field thoughout our stay and every once in a while they called for re-enforcements. I was a forth man on a crew moving a machine to the high house.

When we departed the high house window needed to be cut, but the high house machine and platform were in place, but not yet married. The low house machine was bolted down and ready to go.

A bit of trim work and a quick mowing of the lawn and and they will be set.

A club Work "B" is scheduled for Sunday, so most if not all work will be completed.

The new field was partial funded by a NSSA field grant.

The club is having a NSSA skeet shoot on February 3rd and we're attending.

The club is offering 12, 20, & Doubles. We're shooting 12 & 20.

Northeast Florida Clay Target Shooting Clubs

We shot four rounds of skeet and all were friendly. It was sunny and 77 degrees.

I did not get a chance to check out the trap side of the house, but both fields were seeing plenty of activity.

Skeet and trap at the club is a morning activity, 9am - Noon. You have to plan accordingly if you want to shoot four rounds of each.

I have to drop by sometime to not only shoot trap, but also to shoot the sporting clays course.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Odds & Ends (Jan 26)

I replaced the collet on my 9000G 28 gauge re-loader and all seems well.

On the other hand, the primer drop is off. After playing with it for a while its working, but not always perfectly. At some point I need to take the primer feed (new style) off another re-loader and see if it’s the primer feed or the re-loader that’s given the problem.

The cheapest I can find shot for is $25.50 plus 7% tax for Lawrence brand. Off brand shot not offered. This was a club buy.

I see from a few talk board postings that some Wal-Mart’s are offering TG shot for $23. No mention on shot size or hardness. This seems to be regional, so you may have to ask the next time your in Wal-Mart. A number of clubs and individuals have been purchasing pallets of targets from Wal-Mart. Again, this may be regional and depends on the store manager.

I checked ammunition prices at the local Wal-Mart and no deals were to be found. In the next week or two I will be visiting Dicks Sporting Goods and maybe find a deal. Dicks has sales on ammunition several times a year.

Thanks too White Flyer the US Open at Sparta (ATA Trap) is to be held this May. It looked like it was going to be canceled, but White Flyer got the ball rolling after contacting a few movers and shakers in the industry…

We signed up to attend the one day NSSA shoot at Flagler. They are offering 12, 20, & Doubles. We will be shooting the 12 & 20. We prefer one day shoots and schedule accordingly. Saying that, a 4-gun shoot is on the calendar for the following week.

Quebec has released its 2007 schedule and a number of one day shoots are scheduled. I’m waiting on one club in Vermont to post so I can finish off my skeet calendar.

My shooting buddy Armando has us scheduled to shoot NSSA at Hartford (Ct.) in May (4-guns). I have never shot the club before, but all say they throw excellent targets.

I was in contact with the father of the young person we shot with at WW last week. I suggested his son might be interested in taking lessons and suggested someone he could contact that teaches in the area. He got back to me and he and his two sons are scheduled to take classes. Hopefully, we have picked up three who will be long time shooters.

Gator (Gainesville) is scheduled to have its second Olympic Bunker (15 machines) up and running by the end of February, if not a little sooner. They are also replacing all skeet machines. We only visited once, but found the Olympic shooters to be good people. If you’re in Florida and looking for something a little different and you have never tried bunker shooting, drop in and pay them a visit. For practice they don’t worry about what ammunition you’re using, as long as its target ammunition. The club also offers trap, skeet, and 5-stand. Located near the airport.

We’ve run into more than a few shooters who were not aware of all the clubs in the region, so I posted up a little something.

Northeast Florida Clay Target Shooting Clubs

We hope to visit Bradford this Sunday and shoot sporting clays. The club has an upcoming charity shoot we might be interested in. I’ll see if they have a flyer we can check out.

At my home club it seems I will be voted on to become the Chairman, Board of Directors. I've been the membership secretary for more years than I can remember and see no problem doing both, as the membership secretary in our club is not an elected position.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

WW Sporting Clays

We shot WW Sporting Clays today. 79 degrees and partly cloudy.

The game plan was to shoot sporting clays in the early afternoon at WW, and later on in the day run over to Jacksonville Skeet and shoot skeet and trap.

We never made it to Jacksonville Skeet, as we had such a good time shooting and talking, the next we knew it was time to head for home.

A good bunch at the club and everyone is friendly. We ran into a nice couple on the sporting course and shot skeet with a young person who was with his dad.

The sporting course consisted of 12 stations to include tower, rabbit and chandels.

I overheard a few shooters talking about using modified choke, but as most practice courses, IC was all that was needed.

Shooters coming and going throughout the day, but never a crowded feeling.

The club is just west of Jacksonville, off of I-10. Open at noon on Wednesday & Friday and 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

They sell hot dogs and chips on weekends, or if you prefer, you can stop for fast food about five minutes from the club. Gas at the local station was $2.16.

WW Sporting Clays Web Site

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Looking back, 2007 Shot Show

I made a past Blog posting on my day at the 2007 Show Show in Orlando.

A few additional comments and a little follow-up to thank those were given out free products to about anyone who asked, including me and my brother.

I'm sure if I had been a bit more aggressive I might have added to my haul, but there was too much going on to spend a large amount of time at any one booth.

It was the largest building of that type I have been in. I told someone you could shoot a high powered rifle at one end, and need a spotting scope to see the target at the other end. Maybe a 50 cal. would be needed to reach out that far. Matter of fact, the 50 cal. was on display and all were free to check it out.

Think of the largest outdoor/hunting store you have ever been in, and then think ten times that size.

Some booths were maybe 15x15 and the big guys seemed to take up a quarter of a football field. Browning went on forever. Winchester was huge. Remington was bigger then big. The Germans and Italians had there own section. I enjoyed checking out the Blaser line of shotguns.

Eight hours and we didn't see everything. Towards the end we were just blowing by booths, as we just did not have the time. Most should plan on spending two days.

A few niche players were not in attendance, but most companies that offer outdoor products for camping, hunting and shooting were showing products.

We picked up a couple neat looking hats by Shasta Wear that commemorated the 2007 Show Show. Not cheap hats by any means.

Thanks to the Robert Lousie Co. for given me a brass Wad Wacker. One of those little items that is a must have. I had the company's web site posted to my links page. I ran into the owner at a shoot in Connecticut last year. He remembered me and said he receives more than a few hits from my web site over the course of the year. The companies primary products are the Shotgun Combo Gauge and the Shotgun Multi-Bore Gauge

Tru Hone was demonstrating there knife sharpening products and I gave them my pin knife. They did a nice job.

Downrange wads was at the show and given free samples. When I asked about 28 gauge wads I was given additional wads so I could check them out. Much more then what I needed to run a test. Thanks for the generosity. In the next few weeks I will load up a few boxes and see how it goes.

I had mentioned we stopped by the MEC booth and saw the MEC Auto-Mate on display. The Auto-Mate will hit the MEC web site in March. We were given a black funnel that fits the MEC bottle.

We picked up a variety of gun cleaning products (packets), to include brushes and bore cleaners. I think maybe two years worth : )

I'm sure I will miss a few companies...

Top Duck

Otis Gun

Command Arms


Birchwood Casey

I picked up a 10% off coupon for my next purchase at Brownells.

Birchwood Casey was also given out packets of Lens Wipe.

I picked up a number of Ear Plug inserts from Elvex and Radians.

We picked up two folding Bandit knives from, I have no idea : (

We did have to spin a wheel to win the knifes.

A nice fleece blanket was given to my wife by John Marshall Design.

Precision Metals was given out key chains shaped in the form of a colt 45. Pretty nice as they were made in the US, stamped out at the NY plant.

As a side note, of all the celebrities at the show signing autographs, the Gunnery Sgt (R. Lee Ermey) had the longest lines. Tom Knapp, the clay target trick shot artiest was there, and of course Olympic shooter, Kim Rhodes. Several other celebrities were in attendance, but I don't know who they were, one was a race car driver.

A few compaines had free laser games set up (like you would see in an ammusement park) and my wife took part in one.

All the Shot Show motels were running free shutles. One way in the AM and one way in the PM. The motel we stayed at was two minutes from the show. Parking was $10.

The complex had a food court in the lower level. At several locations, along the corridors leading into the main area, food could also be purchased. A number of small food vendors were inside the main shot show area along the walls.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anti-gun press in Canada?

Ontario, Canada - CBC News

Guns, knives led 40,000 to emergency in Ontario

A similar article, but published in India, gave us this headline.

Guns, Knives - Main Cause for Hospital Emergencies

The article made its way too all major news orgainizations in Canada and published around the world.

What will the non-shooting public and even fellow shooters perceive from just a quick glance of the headline?

A reading of both articles find the headlines are misleading.

The rest of the story...

1.2 million emergency visits for trauma in the province between 2002 and 2003.

Of the 40,240 visits to emergency for penetrating wounds 98 per cent of the injuries were caused by knives and sharp objects.

The remaining 586 were from guns and other firearms.

About 10 per cent of ER visits for guns, knives and other sharp objects were classified as intentional, either assault or self-harm.

46 of the gun-related incidents and 2,594 of the stabbings were classified as assault, rest of the injuries from guns or knives were accidents, self-inflicted or described as 'intent unknown.'

Talk about slanting the news.

586 emergency visits were for trauma caused by firearms, not 35,0000 or 39,000.

Does someone have an anti-gun agenda?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tenoroc Shooting Sports

The game plan after visiting the 2007 Shot Show was for the next day to visit Tenoroc Shooting Sports in Lakeland, Florida and shoot sporting clays. A first visit to Orlando and we wanted to tie it in with a visit to one of the local clubs.

Heide checking out the targets

A forty minute drive from Orlando.

On I-4 near Disney World, both coming and going, the police were out in force and a number of vehicles were pulled over. The most police activity I've seen in Florida. Traffic flow was never an issue and we never experienced any slow downs.

The Tenoroc club was easy to find and everyone is welcomed! The club is southwest of Orlando.

A posted sign said targets were $0.40 each. When we paid at the end of the day we received a reduced rate as we were visiting from outside the area. I'm not sure if it was a member rate or what, or that's the norm for visitors from outside the region, as I did not ask. In any case, it was appreciated.

Target payment is on the honor system. You tell them how many boxes you shot and pay accordingly.

The ten station course was not crowded, but a steady flow of shooters were coming and going during are visit. A father and son was going out as we were walking back to the main building. A lone shooter should not have any problem squadding up.

Overcast and 79 degrees.

Everyone was friendly and more than happy to spend a few minutes talking. As we had just attended the Shot Show all were interested in hearing about it. We ran into two shooters who had attended the same day we did and we talked about the $100,000 guns we saw.

One gentlemen was out shooting the course with his .410 using 7 1/2 shot and having a great time. I saw him at a few stations and he missed more than a few, but you could tell he was having fun.

I saw a number of carts next to the main building and assume they have rentals, but if you don't mind carrying you ammunition, a cart is not required.

The course is not laid out in a circle or horse shoe configuration. You walk in and walk out on the same path.

The course lacked rabbit, springing teal, and tower shots but I was told a number of machines were on loan to support a charity shoot at another club and I can only assume they are offered when all machines are available. I did see a place where a tower machine could be placed.

We used IC choke and Estate #8's.

The club has ammunition for sale and I saw Estates and Winchester. They also sell a full line of reloading components.

Next to the main building is a 100 yard rife range and next to that is a pistol range. Both ranges had a large number of shooters. Both ranges are supervised.

I did see an archery range but did not check it out.

Driving home we purchased gas for $2.26.

I posted photos several photos:

Tenoroc Shooting Sports Photos

Friday, January 12, 2007

Shot Show 2007

We attended the 2007 Shot Show being held in Orlando, Florida.

I hooked up with my brother and his better half. He's into handguns and for me it's shotguns, and there was plenty of both.

Joe (Lost Target) & Heide

I thought we would spend part of the day browsing and then depart, as how big could it be…

We ended up staying eight hours and still did not see everything.

The show is bigger then anything I could imagine.

1.3 million square feet, more than 1,870 exhibitors.

We ran into a number of shooters that we knew from Quebec, Vermont, and New York. I heard a few others that we knew were at the show, but did not see them.

First, what I did not see...

I had hope to see all the companies that sell target counter systems, radar guns, and the numerous trap machine companies, but if they were there I did not see them except for Promatic.

A few minor companies were selling target throwing machines, but they did not look like serious machines. They may not be minor companies, but I do not consider them major players in regard to club shooting. More like machines you may put on the farm, but what do I know.

My wife was along and we looked at the various clothing lines offered by major brands. Women shooting vest and jackets were lacking.

What we did see…

It seems Promatic has bought out the ClayMate target counter company. A good move as they can now offer a complete package too clubs. I had used the ClayMate in the past and was very impressed. I was also shown the companies 5-stand controller. Very versatile. Clubs with a home made controller may want to check it out.

The Promatic representative volunteered that in the past the companies clay target machines had problems with American targets, but a redesign had taken care of that problem. He told me European targets were harder then found in the states, thus a number of broken targets and the need for a tweak of the machines.

MEC was there and I saw a nice funnel they had developed and told them it looked pretty neat. The next thing I knew I had a free souvenir. MEC has recently bought out the company that made the electric 9000G automation add-on (Auto-Mate) that came on the market a year or so ago (you don’t use the handle). I was told it would be posted to the web site in March. They were demonstrating it at the show.

Yes, every shotgun you can think of was on display and all could be handled. The same for rifles and handguns.

All the European gun companies were in attendance.

All the wad companies were in attendance and samples could be had.

We picked up a couple of free knives and a fleece comforter. I had my pocket knife sharpened for free. Ear protection inserts were given out by the handful and various samples of cleaning fluids and brushes were given away. Hats and things of that nature were freely available.

Line after line of outdoor clothing and hunting equipment was seen.

Various celebrities were in attendance.

We saw three time Olympic Champion Kim Rhodes and we talked a bit about turkey shoots we had attended, as I understood she attended a number a few years back. She told me she went to one shoot and won thirty two (32) turkeys. She gave them all away to fellow shooters. I told her of the Turkey shoots I attend, and that I make sure to take my friend Bob Howard along, as he always gives me one of the turkey's he wins...

I asked her to do me a favor when she wins a medal at the next Olympics. It was that she give her first news interview to FOX and not NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN the anti-gun networks. She got a kick out of the request.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

January odds & ends

Broke three collet fingers on the 28 gauge reloader. Who knows how far in the past the first finger broke. Anyway, not a spare I keep so the good people at MEC will be sending me a replacement.

In the past I usually see a three day delivery, so I should have the reloader up and running in no time.

The broken collet was a pain to remove, as I did not have the proper wrench, but I was able to remove it. One more tool to add to my bag.


I saw Lawrence shot for $26. I'm ordering several bags of shot next week and it will be interesting to see what the club price will be. The last time I purchased lead it was selling for $21.50.


Over the summer I replaced the firing pins on my Browning O/U. The lower pin had a ding in it and I was getting a number of misfires.

I ordered the pins and also the main springs, as I figured if I was going to open up the gun I might as well do a complete job.

The firing pins came, but the springs were on back order.

I replaced the pins without waiting on the springs, as the misfires had to be taken care of.

No such luck. The misfires continued.

The following week the springs arrived. I replaced the springs and would you know it the misfires went away.

The springs were a pain to get in and I almost gave up, but they finally popped in.

I thought at one point they sent me the wrong springs.

The use of a vise is advised.

Also, if replacing springs/firing pins, the bottom firing pin on the Browning has a spring that the firing pin sets in, the top pin does not. You may want to replace it at the same time.

I was surprised how the misfire problem went away when replacing the main springs, as I was lead to believe that it was a firing pin problem, common in the lower barrel for the Browning O/U. I had never read anything about spring replacement in regard to a lower barrel firing pin problem (misfire).

Saturday, January 06, 2007

We shot Jacksonville

We shot at the Jacksonville club today.

80+ and mostly sunny.

The plan was to shoot trap and that I did, but we also shot skeet and 5-stand.

All available trap fields in use and we had to wait a few minutes to shoot. I was told an additional field was down for repairs.

The trap guys we talked to were very helpful and pointed out a field that was finishing up. We were invited to shoot doubles, but I was only looking to shoot singles. Thanks for the invite...

This is the third or fourth time I've shot trap at the club and its always the same in regard to whomever happens to be shooting trap that day, always helpful and friendly.

I had not shot the clubs 5-stand before. I think not an overly difficult stand, but it does have three menus and we had a good time.

We shot the 5-stand with a father and son who had not shot 5-stand before, but had shot some skeet in the past. Both seemed to be natural shots. It turns out they were hunters and had just been out that AM. I suggested they visit WW Sporting and take in a round of sporting clays if they wanted to see some neat target presentations. I suspect they will be shortly making a visit.

Thanks to Ken for pulling the 5-stand.

The club rates for members has not changed from the previous year.

$5.50 for skeet and trap and $6.50 for the 5-stand. They also have wobble trap, but I'm not sure what they charge.

The non-member rate is something that all should be aware of if just passing through, as your looking at $8.50 for skeet and trap.

Not too many places to shoot trap in this region, that I'm aware of, and if $8.50 seems steep, and for most I'm sure it is, you may want to drive further south and visit the Flagler club, or go southwest and hit Gator.

A first class club that sells a full line of reloading supplies and is open four days a week.

We found a road side stand selling strawberries on the way home. Gas was $2.25.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Shooting at Palatka

We shot at the Palatka Skeet Club this past Wednesday. It was 71 and overcast.

A small price increase from last year, with the member rate for a round at $3.50.

Somewhere in Florida there may be a like price or lower, but I have not seen it.

I don't remember the non-member rate, but it was not outrageous.

The clubs transition to all modern machines has been completed and the pavilion that was being built during are last visit is finished.

The club only offers skeet. At one time in the past they had a trap field, but its no longer in use. Too bad! I would think with a PAT trap and voice activation a trap field would run by itself, as a puller would not be required. Maybe they had issues that I'm not aware of, but its a shame to not see trap offered.

We got in five rounds to include a round of doubles.

The club throws Champion targets.

Anyway, I want to get in a few rounds of trap so a visit too a club with trap will be the priority this weekend.