Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 29, 2012 @ Palatka Skeet Club

Hot, 85 degrees.

A good workout with the 28 gauge. If you want to see your mistakes, a round or two of skeet will highlight them. I picked up on a balance issue, as the gun was coming off my shoulder and not getting my face into the stock. Both easily fixed on a skeet field. Picked up a few bad habits in the last month and the first chance I got to work on them!

$4 a round is the member rate.

Lawry targets thrown at the club. I shoot them at more than half the clubs I visit in the northeast. I seem to get better hits off a Lawry then White Flyer Bios, but maybe it's just me. Just read a posting on, full load Lawry, $8.80 case delivered to NJ.

As I said a warn day. A stop at Dairy Queen was a must on the ride home...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Southeastern Olympic Bunker Trap Championships

2012 Southeastern Regional Olympic Bunker Trap Championships

Gator Skeet & Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida


A cool start...

Flags flapping in the wind. Eventually the sun popped out.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Lens Color Recommendation?

I'm losing my focus on the target when I experience overcast white skies and no sun.

In the tree line not a problem, but as soon as it hits the white sky : (

Someone suggested a clear lens, but was wondering if anyone has a lens color they prefer under these type of conditions?


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gator Chain Trap Shoot, Saturday, Feb 18

200 Singles at the Gator Skeet & Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida, Chain Shoot.

Weather forcast was calling for rain and thunder storms. Almost stayed home. Saw neither. Overcast for the most part in the AM, clearing in the PM. 80 degrees by noon.

A well run shoot!

As the first squads were ready to go and looking at the forcast, the shoot kicked off early.

25 targets per field!

After the last AM squad cleared field #2 and the houses were re-stocked with targets, squad 1 re-took the field and started the afternoon action on field #1.


No observed trap machine issues and didn't have issues with voice release.

The club is located behind the county airport. Shooters must cease fire when aircraft are approaching the runway or taking off. As in past shoots I attended, not a problem. Only saw one instance when shooting had to stop and that was only for about 30 seconds.

Lunch was served until 3pm. Dinner was free!


Looks like the 5-stand received a rebuild from last year and saw a covered trap field on the far side of the olympic bunker.

Only one thumbs down and that was the lack of 1oz #8 shells for sale. Did not need them for the shoot, but did want to pick up a case.

A road side stand east of Gainesville. Farmer's fields behind the stand. Strawberries were $2.


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canada Scraps Long gun Firearms Registry, Questions!

Canada's House of Commons passed third reading of legislation which would abolish the Canadian Firearms Registry. The bill now goes to Canada's Senate for passage before being signed into law by the Governor General.

The Canadian Firearms Registry came into being by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien back in 1995. It has long been plagued by cost overruns and there is little evidence to suggest it actually reduces gun crime. The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has wanted to abolish the agency since coming to office in 2006. However, the Tories were in a minority government situation and the opposition parties wouldn't have it. But after the Tories won their elusive majority in the House of Commons last May, it was only a matter of time before the registry was going to be scrapped.


When the firearm law is Implemented, a few questions you may want to ask?


Will Canadians who travel to the U.S. have to stop at Canadian customs prior to leaving Canada and record what guns they are departing Canada with?

Will they have to have each guns serial number checked by Canadian customs when returning?

* U.S. shooters have a one time requirement to stop at U.S. Customs and have firearms recorded (unless they have original bill of sale). They show this completed and signed form to U.S. customs when re-entering the US. The form can be used over and over.


If Quebec requires long gun registration. What will the procedure for those visiting from the rest of Canada? A visit to police headquarters within 24 hours or 48 hours to register? If so, what will be the cost to the firearm owner or will it be free?


Will U.S. shooters entering Canada still require a 60 day permit and pay $25, or will the permit be a 12 month permit, free of charge?


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoot attendance is down. What can be done?

The big NSSA and ATA shoots still see nice attendance figures, but numbers down at many smaller shoots. Has been for some time!

Easy to blame the economy. I think it was dropping before the last market crash and the economy is just an easy excuse for many clubs.

This is suppose to be fun (Sometimes its not)...

Let me ramble a bit!

We put up with a lot at times, many won't, especially the new guys thinking of shooting registered and taking a first look or those just tired of problems experienced and we lose them.

At some clubs it seems they are just going through the motions. Maybe time to cut back on the number of shoots, as the clubs help nor shoot management seem to be enjoying themselves. I feel it at some shoots and drop the shoot down to the bottom of the list when considering next years calendar.

Do you often hear the word click? Who makes up the click at your club? Does it seem they are not very inviting? How does the so called click act during shoots?

NSSA/ATA members not inviting new shooters to attend a shoot. Yes, sometimes just asking may get you a new registered shooter or two!

A lot of down time at shoots. If its suppose to start at 9 start at 9. Shoot management must make sure the next squad and ref is set to go. I don't need to sit around for an extra hour or so because of squad issues or the club does not have its act together.

In ATA shooting, 10 per post, not fun at all. Or, forcing shooters to take 50 shells to the field and not allowing even for a one minute break between 25s. Cut the number of shooters instead of overbooking. Been on more then a few waiting list for NSSA and NSCA! Shooters go back to the home club and tell stories. Is that you want them to hear, they had to shoot 10 per post because the club got greedy and overbooked the shoot?

At an ATA shoot, schedule handicap before doubles. Have no reason to stay around to shoot handicap if forced to wait on the doubles shooters. Yes, reasons for shooting doubles first at some shoots, but many shooters are not going to wait around (down time) or not even attend.

Over an over through the years I experience machine problems at the fields that are never used, except for when the club is having shoots. Either rotate the machines to the favorite fields or don't open the favorite fields (near the clubhouse) at least once a month and force the use of the unused fields, so problems can surface before a shoot.

Sell ammo to shooters at cost. Buy Rio or NobelSport or what have you and make them available at shoots. No reason not to have 12 & 20 gauge ammo at $5 a box. Clubs don't pay what you do for shells when they purchase in bulk!

Don't sell a $1.00 hot dog for $3. No pre-cooked hamburgers, re-warmed and served.

Maintain clean facilities (Bathrooms).

Mow the lawns prior to a shoot.

If you don't have a radar gun at the club, get one!

Keep the voice release in good repair (ATA).

Allow non-registered shooters to shoot with registered members (at all shoots). Pay the same target and fees to shoot as the registered member. Same as the NSCA. Can't win any money. Their shooting targets only. Can have a special category of money (prizes). No harm done and you may pick up a few new members. Members need to force the NSSA/ATA to make this change!

Who is representing the club at shoots? Does any club officers go around and thank shooters for attending? Asked if they had any problems?

Keep cost down. Prizes is a big expense at any shoot.

- Many clubs have stopped looking for shoot sponsors or have never looked. Once a year someone should hit up the local businesses. I've won a free carwash, wrenches, flashlights, free meals at restaurants. Some companies have a budget for such things, but they may need up to six month lead time to budget as your not the only one asking. Who is asking at your club?

- Check with the local beer or soda distributer. In the past I know my club (skeet shoots) had to give a years notice to the local beer distributer, as you had to put in for budgetted money! The club got a catolog and you submitted a wish list.

Everyone should they have a chance to win something. What the club can offer.

- Participation drawings. Ammunition giveaway by random draw (you name the amount). I've won 2 boxes and even a case from time to time from random draw. Rounds of shooting, 1000 primers, bag of wads, club membership, pay next years NSSA/ATA membership.


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 2012 Flagler Chain Trap Shoot

Flagler Gun & Archery Club, Bunnell, Florida.

ATA Chain Shoot, 200 16-Yard Singles.

Saturday Forecast:

Breezy. Partly cloudy in the morning then clearing. Highs in the mid 60s. Northwest winds increasing to 15 to 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph.


The forecast was right on the money. Too bad we couldn't have started the shoot at 6am, as the winds really picked up after 9:30am.

The club used black rimmed targets with an organge top. Worked well!

With the wind, some targets shot out like a low line drive and others just kept climbing. Made for an interesting day.

Never had a problem with the voice release. One person with a very low sounding call had to pick it up a bit and call a bit louder, but other then that I did not see anyone else experience a problem.

Scores posted as they were handed in. Scores were displayed on a computer screen in the clubhouse.


Seemed to have a good number of club volunteers on hand.



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Friday, February 10, 2012

Remington Store Ammo To Your Doorstep

Received this from the Remington Store via email. Now Delivering Ammo To Your Doorstep - Shop Shotshells, Rimfire & Shooting Accessories

I ran a check on Gun Club loads.

Remington Gun Club Target Loads - 12 Gauge, 2-3/4", 1 1/8 oz, 1145 fps, #7 1/2 Lead Shot, 250 Rd/case

Price: $69.99

Shipping: $4.99

* You can ship up to eight (8) cases at this price.

ATTENTION: We do not ship ammunition outside the contiguous 48 United States, nor to: District of Columbia, Illinois, Los Angeles (CA), Massachusetts, Oakland (CA), New Jersey, New York, Sacramento (CA), San Francisco (CA), or Post Office Boxes, including APO/FPO mailing addresses.

State sales tax applies.

Great shipping price if you don't live in a banned area, but Dicks normally has them at a much lower price and seems to run a sale every six weeks or so.


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Visiting the U.S. with a firearm (ATF Form 6NIA), Update

Nonimmigrant aliens are required to have an approved ATF Form 6NIA for entry into the states with firearms and/or ammunition.

Firearms and ammunition listed on the permit may be repeatedly brought into the states for twelve months from the date the permit is approved.

ATF Form 6NIA (Revised August 2011)

NEW: Block 5 requires your Email address.

ATF Form 6NIA may be returned to you by the "Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch" via Email, as an attached PDF File.

Print out the PDF file and use the same as if you received a FAXED copy.


In the past, the Imports Branch had two options. Mail the form or have the approved form returned via FAX. In some cases, the FAX was not received by the shooter and the Imports Branch had to be contacted for a re-send. The shooter never knew of the failure until a call to the Imports Branch was placed asking on the status of the form.

Returning via email by the Imports Branch should assure an almost bullet proof system.

* Imports Branch still has the option to return the form via the mail or by FAX.

ATF Form 6NIA Guidance and Procedures.

* UPDATE: If you go to the guidance page a form you can type on from your computer keyboard is available. The update to the form was done inhouse, not by the ATF. If you see something that needs to be fixed, let me know.


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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For Sale website with a twist

Shotgun Deals. A new vendor (For Sale) website with a twist.

A section of the Andrei Erdoss website allows you to track and analyze your scores and shooting performance.

Shotgun Scores

Want to become a better shooter?

- track ALL your shotgun sports' scores for FREE
- analyze your performance on a chart
- keep track of your averages for overall performance and individual sport
- view your results sorted by sport, date, location, equipment, environment
- categorize scores by practice, league, shoot
- observe if the weather, temperature, wind or time of day have an effect on your scores

Also has club listings.


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I turn down targets I don't like!

ATA Trap


The referee/scorer shall rule, “LOST”:

2. When a whole target appears promptly after a contestant’s
recognizable command and is within the legal limits of flight and the
contestant voluntarily does not fire.
A contestant shall be allowed two (2) failures to fire in Singles and Handicap events, for any reason other than stated in Paragraph
C.,2. above, during each sub-event regardless of the length of the

I was shooting registered trap with an older gentlemen who shot a Remington 1100.

He had what I thought was an unusually high number of gun malfunctions throughout the day. He call for the target, not fire, lower the gun and push on the operating handle before remounting. Usually hitting the 2nd target. On the last round, same routine I think he shot a 25.

Not keeping count, but I think he had more than two failure to fires in more than a few rounds. I suspect the ref was being generous!

Talking to him, I said was your bolt binding and not closing all the way.

No. I turn down targets I don't like!


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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Markham 2012 ATA Chain Trap Shoot Photos/Video

We visited the Markham Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays Club, Sunrise, Florida at the Markham Park and took part in Saturdays 200 target ATA chain trap singles event.

The clay target ranges are only a small part of the county property. Model airplane flying, boating, RV camping, rifle, handgun, archery, and bike paths to name a few.

The county park is free to enter during the week, but $1.50 per person to enter on weekends. Had to pay the money to attend the shoot.

From the entrance gate it took several minutes to drive to the clay target ranges located on the far side of the property.

Windy! Overcast in the AM. A short drizzle from time to time.

Registration went smoothly. No credit cards. Check or cash!

A mixture of trees of various shades of color make up the background. A tough background to shoot with overcast skies. Old eyes need blue skies and a bit of sun to see targets. Had a hard time keeping focus on some stations because of the white overcast sky. Lost my focus on more than a few targets when they flew high. The wind didn't help! In the PM I started to see a bit of sun and my scores rose.


Several vendors on hand.

A buffet was offered for lunch.


We departed right after we shot the 2nd 100.

The club has handicap markings out to the 30 yard line.

Depending on the time of day, add 15 minute drive time to whatever the GPS calculates. Big city driving to the club.

The temperature never went below 70 degrees the few days we were in the region, even at 2am in the morning.

When trying to find information on the club I found the county park website, a skeet website, and a sporting clays website. Of the two clay target websites, the sporting clays website was current.

If visiting. Sticker shock for some. Depends on what your use to paying for targets. The staff is paid county workers. The price to shoot is high, but as only two clay target clubs in the region (Miami the other) you either suck it up or go play golf!


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