Sunday, February 23, 2020

A300 Outlander Sporting Ammuntion Hiccup

My wife shot three types of ammunition from the time of first use.  All 1oz. 1200fps.

Estates, Fiocchi, and Challenger.

My Beretta A400 had no issues.

My wife's A300 had a failure to feed the second shell about once every box shooting Challenger.

After the first outing with Challenger shells I cleaned and oiled.  Still the same problem the next time out.

She shot Estates the next visit to the range and no issues.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Feb 2020 @ Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, Land O' Lakes, FL

Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

Pick your poison!

All sporting stations we shot had four machines.  

As well as White Flyer targets, the club also uses targets from Europe.  No issues with eurotargets.  Center hit and you get dust...

I don't know if members get a deal on ammunition but bring your own unless you want to pay over $8 per box.  Cart rental for non-member was $25.

The club offers other types of clay target shooting, as well as Olympic bunker trap.


Feb 2020 @ Silver Dollar, Target Way, Odessa, FL

Silver Dollar Shooting Club

Passing by on the way to Tampa Bay Sporting Clays and dropped in to take a few photos.

A shoot was scheduled but didn't hang around to take photos.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Feb 2020 @ FishHawk Sporting Clays, Lithia, FL

FishHawk Sporting Clays

86 Degrees, but low humidity.

Targets for everyone.  Recommend you rent a cart.

The club also has skeet, trap, 5-stand and pistol.

Except for one machine that ran out of targets and a couple of broken targets we didn't have any issues (targets were discounted)  .

Bottled water available at a number of locations throughout the course.

Only 20 miles or so from Tampa.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Feb 2020 @ Amelia Shotgun Sports, Yulee, FL

Amelia Shotgun Sports

First visit since 2018.  Facilities and club house in great shape.

14 station sporting clays, 3 machines each.  Five other stations available for beginning shooters.  Skeet and trap is also shot.

Two or three machines I should have changed to a tighter choke, but overall an IC course.

We rented a cart but you can easily walk the course.

In the low 60's with a cool wind.  Put on my rain jacked for a bit more warmth.

Didn't shoot it but looks to be an interesting 5-Stand.

As a side note it cost me some years back, $2,500 to become a life member of the club.  The club was just opening and they were looking for seed money.

The deal was you chipped in $2,500 and in return you received a life family membership, the complete $2,500 returned in shooting (you had a $2500 account and they deducted targets shot, from the $2500) and you could shoot at the club seven days a week.  You also shot at a reduced rate.

Still shooting at a reduced rate but the $2500 is long gone!

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Feb 2020 @ Saltwaters Shooting Club, St. Augustine, FL

Saltwaters Shooting Club

Sunday afternoon and crowded.  We bounced around from station to station instead of taking them in order.

A cart is a must and rentals are available ($6 per person).  A long walk if you don't. Members have use of a cart for free.

Two courses (moderate and one for the big boys).  Targets for all level of shooting.

$0.40 per target for non-members.

I think the last time I shot was in October.  A few medical issues have kept me off the range and just had a cortisone shot in each knee earlier this week.

First couple of shots my wrist were hurting, as well as my shoulder.  I missed the first six targets.  After a box the pain went away and more confident swinging the gun.  May take two or more outings before I'm back in any type of shooting form and before I even think of shooting trap (arm strength).

The wife shot her Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting for the first time.

Out of the box she had to have an adjustable comb installed and the stock shortened by 1/4 inch.

She shot two brands of shells.  1oz. 1200fps Fiocchi and Challenger.

Recoil wasn't an issue and no face slap.  Fit well in her shoulder and didn't have to feel for a sweet spot.  She thought it was lighter then her 1100 and found it well balanced.  No failures to fire.