Friday, October 29, 2010

INDOOR Clay Target Shooting

I received a question and photos about an indoor clay target range, location unknown.

I thought it was in Germany, so I contacted Alexander at Von Wenzl Marketing Shooting School, Germany.

Alexander has been a big help in the past and once again did not disappoint...



One of its kind in Europe. 3000 square metre and 22 metre high indoor clay pigeon shooting range allows you to train in full concentration at any time of the day or year - and it currently has 26 traps. Fully air conditioned, perfectly lit and devoid of any disturbances from the surroundings, the traps can be programmed to throw an automatic sequence or operated manually. In addition to Rabbit, Battue and Pigeon, the Olympic disciplines Skeet, Trap and Double Trap are also on offer.

Trap and Double Trap can be shot with 15 traps, Skeet with two traps (high and low house) and Compact Course with 26 traps with Rabbit, Looper and Incomer, Overhead and Electric Pigeon (Compac and ZZ on request).

Only steel shot is used in the indoor clay pigeon shooting facility.


Rifle 100m
Pistol 25 m
Calibers up to 50 bmg
Shooting cinema: 25 ,100 and 300
Shots in the cinema will be analyzed for shooting/wound channel within the hit-ten animal.

The second largest gun-store in Germany is part of the whole establishment, as well as conference rooms, bar, and restaurant.

Located directly on the Autobahn and within 10 minutes of the Walther gun factory, 20 minutes to the factories Krieghoff and Anschuetz.

Directly next door is the German proofhouse of Ulm, which welcomes
occasionally visitors...very interesting.

Hotel is very close (3 min) but I recommend for my clients Hotels downtown Ulm, which is very scenic.

we can be of any assistance for shooters from abroad ...just email us.

We arrange shoots in Italy, Germany and Spain.

You can combine a shooting trip to Ulm, visit a Factory loke Anschütz or Blaser and shoot at the MSZU and a day later at the largest sporting layout in Europe, the Dornsberg.

Shooting clays indoors is just half of the fun ;-)

Best regards


Email: von wenzl marketing


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riding Shotgun with the Border Patrol

A must read article...

Riding Shotgun with the Border Patrol
by Jennifer Kendall

I took a trip to the San Diego Sector Border Patrol for a ride along at America’s Southern border. What I learned and saw is documented in this article.

Drug cartels and immigrant smugglers plague the southern border of the United States; but those who might plan or carry out terrorist attacks on the U.S. may also be infiltrating our country through our borders and our coastline as well. The U.S. Border Patrol has been stepping up their efforts to secure the border; however, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens still manage to slip through each year.

Many new threats are appearing such as tunnels and maritime incursions. Even with added infrastructure, technology and personnel along the southern border, smugglers have found ways to continue their careers while successfully threatening our national security. Hundreds of patches where fencing has been cut through showed that even fences don’t stop border crossers anymore.
“You don’t know whom you’re dealing with until you bring them in and identify them.” That is the most frightening issue. If the person apprehended is a terrorist, murderer, weapon or drug smuggler it will remain unknown until we identify that person through Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Even if they are apprehended and identified, only their criminal history in America is available; serious crimes committed in other countries would not be detected by ICE.

When the government approaches the topic of amnesty for illegal aliens, it is a scary and offensive claim. Those we may be giving amnesty to could be career criminals who take advantage of our government programs, or belong to terrorist organizations planning attacks on American citizens. It is offensive to everyone working to keep America safe, especially our Border Patrol officers who risk their lives everyday to keep criminals out of our country and away from America’s children.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Clays for Women

The section for women on my links page was getting a little busy.

The section consisted of links to clothing for women shooters, Videos, and shotguns.

I reposted the section to its own page.

A go to page if your looking for shooting vest and jackets for women.

Clays for Women

Sunday @ SCFC Skeet Championships

We attended the skeet championships at the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County, St. Albans Bay, Vermont and brought home a trophy.

Well, the wife brought home a trophy for coming in second. I got to carry it to the car.

New York clay target shooter Bob Howard was champion. One of the better if not one of the top three or four shooters in the region. Bob just last month won the 16-yard trap championships at the Northeast Grand. He went 200 straight at the trap shoot and was in a 150 target shoot-off before he took home the price. He is also a AA sporting clays shooter.

Geese were flying and also saw a few hawks in the sky. A windy day that at times had targets hopping.

All fields are set for wireless release. When we went out we hooked up the cord.

The three field club uses PAT Trap Skeet machines. The club does not seem to have any issues with them, summer or during the winter. They also have a PAT Trap with voice release.

A free spaghetti meal was available to shooters and their families.


Cheating in Trap at the last Olympics

A change for the better....

Changes to guard against home-town bias stemmed from a complaint by Russell Mark

Australian shooter Russell Mark's complaint at the Beijing Olympics helped change the sport for the better.

Mark complained that home-town referees were cheating in the trap shooting and it brought about a change of rules that will ensure there is no repeat in Delhi.

Mark almost caused an international incident in Beijing when he complained that Chinese referees were ignoring blatant misses by Chinese shooters and, while he himself was not directly affected, he insists the medals were wrongly awarded as a result.

"I finished fifth so I was out of the medals, but a good friend of mine from the United States really won the bronze medal but it wasn't scored that way," Mark said yesterday.

"My complaint there was that the referees were cheating. There's no nice way of saying it. Let's not beat around the bush. It was disgraceful. The home country cannot have the majority of referees on the field."

As a direct result of Mark's courageous outburst, the rules were amended so that host nations in future could provide only one of the three required referees. "Hopefully the situation will never happen again," Mark said.

"It was really the only time I have seen it in our sport. It was a tragic day. It got to the stage where it (the cheating by officials) was so blatant that everyone stopped shooting and just looked at the referees and said 'What are you doing'?"

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Benefit Skeet Shoot @ Barre Fish & Game

Attended the Tom Busconi benefit fun skeet shoot at the Barre Fish & Game Club, Barre, Vermont on Saturday. The club is maybe ten minutes south of the Montpelier Trap Club.

The time of year when you throw the winter shooting coat in the vehicle. The sun came out just before the squad hit the field and the coat stayed in the car.

A two field club. You have to pay attention to targets, as a tough background. A shootable background, but the first round can be tough.

The club was not sure on how many were going to attend. When I departed they had 37 shooters signed and were expecting a few more.

I shot with a squad from the Underhill club. We pulled are own. Squads with less experienced shooters went out with a puller.

A good time and looking forward to attending the next shoot held at the club.