Sunday, February 05, 2012

Markham 2012 ATA Chain Trap Shoot Photos/Video

We visited the Markham Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays Club, Sunrise, Florida at the Markham Park and took part in Saturdays 200 target ATA chain trap singles event.

The clay target ranges are only a small part of the county property. Model airplane flying, boating, RV camping, rifle, handgun, archery, and bike paths to name a few.

The county park is free to enter during the week, but $1.50 per person to enter on weekends. Had to pay the money to attend the shoot.

From the entrance gate it took several minutes to drive to the clay target ranges located on the far side of the property.

Windy! Overcast in the AM. A short drizzle from time to time.

Registration went smoothly. No credit cards. Check or cash!

A mixture of trees of various shades of color make up the background. A tough background to shoot with overcast skies. Old eyes need blue skies and a bit of sun to see targets. Had a hard time keeping focus on some stations because of the white overcast sky. Lost my focus on more than a few targets when they flew high. The wind didn't help! In the PM I started to see a bit of sun and my scores rose.


Several vendors on hand.

A buffet was offered for lunch.


We departed right after we shot the 2nd 100.

The club has handicap markings out to the 30 yard line.

Depending on the time of day, add 15 minute drive time to whatever the GPS calculates. Big city driving to the club.

The temperature never went below 70 degrees the few days we were in the region, even at 2am in the morning.

When trying to find information on the club I found the county park website, a skeet website, and a sporting clays website. Of the two clay target websites, the sporting clays website was current.

If visiting. Sticker shock for some. Depends on what your use to paying for targets. The staff is paid county workers. The price to shoot is high, but as only two clay target clubs in the region (Miami the other) you either suck it up or go play golf!


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