Friday, March 30, 2018

Browning Ammunition Rebate

MAXIMUM REBATE AMOUNT $25 PER HOUSEHOLD. Offer is valid on qualifying purchases made between March 16, 2018, and May 12, 2018. Offer expires and all requests must be received by June 1, 2018.
 Rebate offer valid in the U.S. and Canada.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Winchester 2018 AA Rebate Form

Winchester 2018 AA Rebate Form

April 15, 2018 and September 8, 2018, earn $2.00 back for each box of Winchester AA loads you purchase.

Minimum Purchase 8 Boxes  ($16 Winchester Ammunition Check) Maximum Purchase 50 Boxes  ($100 Winchester Ammunition Check)

Must submit individual box UPC codes for eligible redemption.

Hardest Practice Course in Northeast Florida (Saltwaters Shooting Club).

We visited and shot sporting clays courses for practice in the region.  Most stations at many clubs you'd find IC choke would consistently break the target.  A few times LM or tighter would be recommend, but overall IC choke would get you good scores.

If you think your good or just want to see where you stand in regard to challenging targets I suggest a visit to the Saltwaters Shooting Club, located west of the St. Augustine air port (look for the rail road crossing north of the Northrop Grumman traffic light).

The club has two courses.  The front course starts off easy and steadily gets more challenging as you work your way around the course (14 stations).  Nothing to beat you up and you can feel comfortable shooting the course with IC choke (even skeet choke on some of the stations).  New shooters and long time shooters should enjoy the experience.  We do!

The back 14 station course starts with LM choke.  Speed and distance on a number of targets can be found.  Not all targets require LM, but I just leave them in.  I think a couple of outgoers need at least modified choke, but when I hit them I'll let you know. No way I'd bring a new shooter to the back course and I don't say this lightly. 

On the last visit they just got finished resetting the targets on the back course.  If anything, it was overall, a more challenging course. 

Anyway, just my opinion and take it for what's it worth, as I'm not or even close to being a AA shooter.

I haven't shot on another practice course in the region where LM should be the choke of choice starting out. If you start out with IC choke you will quickly change chokes. Fast targets the norm.

Club is open 9-5, Wednesday through Sunday.

Amelia Shotgun Sports 5-Stand Under Construction

Amelia Shotgun Sports (Yulee, Florida)

Several photos of machines and location of the excavation for the new Multi-Level 5-Stand.  The 5-stand will be to the left of the skeet and trap fields.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Broke (bent) a Beretta A400 Excel Piston Ring

Experienced a ring failure and I think my fault!

I read online the metal ring that is part of the assembly is the Achilles heel of the A400 and I've been careful when inserting the piston assembly, as the piston assembly on the A400 needs to be inserted into the barrel cylinder before inserting the barrel into the receiver.

Anyway, failure to fire and a bent ring....

In theory, without removing the ring.  You can work the ring back into the groove, squeeze the ring tight, and return to shooting to get through the day.

Didn't test the theory as I purchased a complete piston assembly when I was looking to see what part was most likely to break in an A400 when the ring came up in several postings. I just popped in a new complete piston assembly.

Midwest Gun Works has a replacement ring for $12.08.

Now, what I'm thinking.

Excess carbon buildup on the Piston Assembly, to include the ring.  The excess carbon over time worked the ring and/or the assembly out of position (just  theory). 

Shot a couple thousand rounds without cleaning and up until yesterday, failure to fire was unheard of. 

Had one at the range yesterday and on the fifth shot (first shell) today, click.....  Tried again with new shell, click....

Believing all the stories in regard to cleaning the Beretta left me a dollar short. 

No more then four cases of shells from now on!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Silver Dollar having Land Use / Zoning Issues in regard to east Skeet Fields

The Silver Dollar (Florida) may lose it's skeet fields and everything else on the east side of the club.

An informative and timely blog to follow the latest.

Silver Dollar Bulletin


Effective tomorrow, the 5-stand, Crazy Quail, and the two combination trap/skeet fields will be closed until further notice. This has occurred because of the side-deal conceived last night at the zoning hearing. This side deal will benefit only one of the three opposition groups. The others will have no noise reduction. No doubt they will continue their fight to close the club completely.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Gamaliel has been absorbed by Brownell (and, you might not be happy about it)


 In 2015 Brownell purchased Gamaliel Shooting Supply, a premier shotgun sports company.

This past week Brownell absorbed Gamaliel completely.  If you Google Gamaliel and click on the link you will be sent to the Brownell website.

Ammunition deals that were on the Gamaliel site, no longer.  RIO and Nobel Sport shells not listed (two shells that were always competitivity priced).

Buying shot....  Lawrence Brand Shot - $49.99

I was not happy with prices and shipping on the Brownell site in the past, but sometimes they were the only game in town when you needed a spare part.

Anyway, the shotgun community just got screwed.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

La Roue du Roy (Quebec)

Rumor mill has club ownership changing hands and re-opening sometime in May.  Emphasis will be on clay target shooting and not the restaurant.

Also, a strong possibility of a pistol range.  You have to belong to a club if you have a pistol. Only makes sense for the club to offer same if only for the yearly membership money generated.  A smart business decision.

Only rumors, but we all can be hopeful.....

Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018 @ Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

Jacksonville Clay Target Sports (Jacksonville, Florida)

Dropped in to shoot practice.

The club has two sporting clays courses.  We shot both courses last year and tend to lean towards the  more challenging south course.  South course it was.....

Station #1.  They skip a target off the water.

I thought we had a good workout.  A nice presentation of targets.

Golf carts available.  Recommend a cart for the north course.  If you drive your car to skeet field #10 the south course is walkable.  If a hot day, rent a cart.

Based on the number of rental carts seen when we arrived and those being used when we left, I can only assume the club was having a good day.  I saw one squad getting ready to shoot skeet when we were departing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

White Flyer Price Increase

Case of Targets as of April 1, 2018 (not April fools) is raising $1.20 - $1.35 a case (depending on source quoted).

Reason given.  Aluminum industry is ramping up and they use pitch in the manufacturing process.

Unless the club is going to absorb the increase (highly unlikely for skeet and trap) I would expect shooters will see a $.25 - $.50 price per round increase.


If you have not already placed an order, price increases are in effect.



Bio's up .55 per case.  The only good news....

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mar 10, 2018 @ Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm

Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm (Graham, Florida)

70 degrees and overcast.

14 stations.  100 practice targets.

8-10 people on the course.  We were the only two walking.  We walk when it's practical for the exercise. Cart rental $15.

Several target presentations we hadn't seen at the other regional clubs we shoot, so a good work out.

On one station they bounced a target off a trampoline.  True pair with the second target flying low and fast away from you.

Lost focus on several targets, usually with trees in the background.  The old eyes letting me down.  A little sun to pop the target would of helped.  

No broken targets thrown and no button issues.

Remington 1100 Carrier Latch started to hang on the wife's gun (thought I had it fixed with a good cleaning).  Dropping the trigger and applying a bit of brute force should fix it, but for the time being I'm going to drop in a spare trigger.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Odds & Ends (Clay Target Shooting) Mar 2018

We had one of those days at the club, practice sporting clays. 

I think we broke a personal record for either a bird not coming off the arm or a broken bird in one outing.  Not all on one station, but spread-out throughout the course.  Just seemed almost impossible to not have at least one machine per station without issue.

Between the two of us we went out with a case and shot eight boxes.

When I went to pay I was not going to say anything, as they already give an ample allowance for broken targets, but when they asked at the desk....

Ended up paying for only two hundred targets, but you'll never convince me they didn't think I made it up and was trying to rip off the club.  Left a bad taste in the mouth!

Never had target issues in the past at the club.


On station waiting for a sporting clays shoot to start. 

Individual telling us how he's in Class "A".  For whatever reason can't go up, can't go down.

Shoot starts.  First station, three report pair.  He misses all six birds.


Shooter ask if I liked my Beretta A400.  You bet...   Told him I shot 1100's for the longest before I got tired of broken parts and cleaning.

Turns out he also shoots a Beretta A400, use to shoot 1100's. He said the same for him, broken parts and cleaning is why he switched.  But get this.  He worked at Remington in Ilion, New York for 29 years.


Driving an electric cart.  Dead battery : (  

Hitched a ride back to the club house.  

The following week.  Same club.  Dead battery : (

I'm told they purchased the carts used.  Plans are to replace with gas powered carts.


Remington 1100 Carrier Latch started to hang on the wife's gun.

I was able to manual reset each time the problem arose while on the course, but....

Dropped the trigger at home and gave it a good cleaning.

No further issues.