Friday, September 22, 2006

Remington 1100 malfunction

In the last several month at various clubs I've seen a number of Remington 1100's stop working as they would not cycle the second shell into the chamber.

The 1100's fault?

I don't think so...

When opened, each had so much excess oil that the oil was dripping off the parts, and talk about dirt build up : (

One shooter looked rather surprised when we removed the Action Bar Sleeve. I gather he did not know that it could be removed. I can imagine what his trigger looked like.

A couple guns needed "O" ring replacement.

Shoot them wet or dry, an argument can be made either way. I shoot dry using Break Free.

Shooting them wet does not mean you spray half a can of oil into the gun and start shooting.

Also, the magazine tube needs to free of buildup. I use very fine steel wool.

Sometimes as a group we can get the gun working, but most times we just don't have the time, as the gun needs to be stripped down and given a good cleaning, as a quick wipe down and a shot of "oil" will just not do it.

As for those who say they should have purchased a Berreta.

I've seen a number of feeding problems with them also at various shoots, but as I have no experience with them. I leave it to the experts to get them working.

I suspect even with the Berreta, it helps to give them a proper cleaning after a day at the range.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ten shots per post

At some ATA trap tournaments you shoot ten shells per post. Five shots per post is the norm.

The reason it's done is to move the game along at a faster pace so the club can put through more shooters in a given time period.

Anyway, that's the goal.

I've only shot ten at a post once and it wasn't too bad, but...

If your young and want to get into a good rhythm it's great, but if your older you have no time to recover, as your shooting fifty shells in a very short time and if you have any conditioning or medical problems they are sure to surface at some point.

If you don't mind shooting on a short squad of three shooters at five shots per post, than ten to a post will be no big deal, but if you don't like that type of pace, than ten per post is not for you.