Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Browning firing pin

I was cleaning the trigger group today and decided to pop the firing pins and give that area a good cleaning.

The bottom pin was pitted : (

I did research on the Internet and saw recommendations to also replace the hammer spring when replacing firing pins, so I ordered both, along with spares, to include a firing pin and hammer spring for the upper barrel.

One poster said he replaced both every year. I think that's excessive, but nothing wrong with having spares on hand when and if you start to have failures to fire.

It could not have been more than two years ago that I had the firing pins replaced, so it was a surprise to see the pitting.

90% of the ammunition shot has been with Winchester primers.

I've read different theory's on why the bottom barrel firing pin goes bad and it either has to do with the angle it set at, too various primers that are either to hard or to soft, or it's the metal the primer base is make of. You pick the one that you think fits.

Anyone can replace the firing pins on a Browning CITORI O/U. You will need a small punch.

Remove the hammer springs first. They pop out, use needle nose pliers.

The big thing is the firing pin retaining pins that hold the firing pins in place are meant to only be pushed out in one direction. The pins have a knurled end to keep them in place. This knurled end must come out first. The upper retaining pin should be driven from right to left when removing, and the lower, from left to right.

You could mark the tops (flush part) of the retaining pin with pencil lead if you wish.

The bottom firing pin also has a spring in the cavity and you may want to also replace it or at least have a spare. The top firing pin does not have a spring.

The bottom barrel firing pin goes for $9.89 and the hammer spring is $4.99. The upper firing pin is $0.40 less.