Friday, September 28, 2007

Lead prices

I've posted a live feed "lead price chart" on the main page of the Lost Target web site. At a glance you can see current price.

Lead this AM is $1.583 per pound.

This is the U.S. price before it's processed.

You can do the math, but no near term relief is in store in regard to the cost to reload or for those who purchase factory ammunition.

Barring a recession in China or increased production and/or the opening of new mines, be prepared to see higher prices in 2008.

LONDON (Reuters) - Renewed concerns over tight supplies and expectations of strong demand in the last quarter of the year sent lead prices to a record high on Thursday, while copper rose to a two-month high on a weak dollar.

The metal, mainly used in the battery industry, trimmed some of its earlier gains after LME inventories showed a rise of 200 tonnes, bringing total stocks to 22,000 tonnes -- still less than a day's global consumption.

Also, lead shipments via Esperance from a mine run by Magellan Metals have been suspended since March after thousands of bird deaths due to lead contamination.

* The mine is located in Australia and will remain closed for an unknown period.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

International Shotgun web site?

I don't come across many sites dedicated solely to International Skeet and Bunker Trap and this one seems light on traffic. A shame as it has a simple format and information can easily be found.

International Shotgun

If you shoot Olympic skeet or Olympic bunker, please pass the link around and see if we can get something going before we lose the site.

I post shoot dates and what have you as I receive them to the Lost Target web site, but this site should be the major focus for posting information; such as shoot dates, results and photos.

Anyway, whether you shoot informally or travel about to sanctioned events, a posting or two might generate some interest.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Graco service

I received a call from Graco this AM.

They were ready to install the recoil reducer and had a few questions on the work I requested.

They received the stock last Tuesday and here they are working on it first thing Monday morning.

Not only quick service but making sure they do it right the first time by calling the customer. My fault on the required call.

I will assume it will ship today, but did not ask.


Remington 1100.

The 1100 is still going strong, but did have two failures to load yesterday.

I tore it down as soon as we got off station and did a wipe down, taking off excess Break Free. The gun fired the next 80 shells without fail.

This is the second time I've had problems because of excess Break Free.

I guess this is a good problem to have.

Going to have to get away from using the spray can and just apply directly from what I smear at the end of a finger tip.

I try to shoot 1100's as dry as possible but Break Free gets into every opening and can sometimes be difficult to remove, even with a can of air and Q tips.


Sporting Clays.

Sunday is the shoot at Beaver River.

Mostly hand traps, but 18 stations : )

Lewis class shoot and includes a steak dinner.

All for $35.

They advertised a cut off date for pre-registration, but I suspect if you give them a call they will fit you in.

One of those clubs where I always have a good time.

It will be my wifes first visit.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Odds & Ends (Sep 22)

Presentational contenders.

Of the viable candidates running for President, I don't trust one of them when it comes to gun control and their current stated position.

Huckabee is the best of those running, but he is not a viable candidate.

Anyone of them will sign whatever bill is presented to them by congress.

We all better hope that anti-gun representatives in Congress don't become the majority.


Canadian dollar.

The Canadian dollar is at par. No more $.30 on the dollar deals.

Something to consider when traveling north to attend a shoot or go hunting.

For Americans, the $6 round to shoot trap or skeet in Canada is $6. No more exchange rate deals.

Why any Canadian who lives near the border is not doing the majority of his shooting in the states is beyond me.

Vermont clubs near the border are charging $3.50 a round for skeet or trap. Gas is $1 cheaper then Quebec. Almost like shooting for free if you come down with an empty gas tank.



I saw lead for club members at $37. Non-members, $40.

The local Gander Mt. is selling lead for $47.


Graco Corporation.

I sent a stock into Graco to have a recoil reducer installed. I went with the length of pull option.

Mailed it via priority mail from the local post office on Monday and Graco received it on Tuesday.

I was told a few weeks back that I could expect a two week turn around.


N.Y. to allow illegals to drive.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced a major policy change that will allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses.

Michael W. Cutler, a retired Immigration and Naturalization Service agent, said it opens a loophole for fraud and that it's tough enough to verify U.S.-issued birth certificates, much less foreign documents.

He also said a driver's license is the key to being able to live undetected in the U.S. and that Mr. Spitzer's new rules will aid illegal aliens trying to do that.

"It's almost a de facto sanctuary," Mr. Cutler said. "Driver's licenses enable people to do more than drive. They establish people's identity when they write a check, do banking, get on airplanes."


Off the wire.

France is hardly a fortress, but it is getting harder to enter the country as a legal immigrant - and easier for illegal aliens to be deported. The bill adopted by the National Assembly would require French language tests for visa candidates and parents seeking to join family members to sign immigration contracts. It would also authorize voluntary genetic tests to prove family ties. If passed by both houses, it would be the third French law in five years tightening immigration policy.

Le Figaro newspaper, this week, found the majority of French people support immigration quotas. Most also favor French language requirements for would-be immigrants and oppose blanket regularization of illegal aliens.


Do not call registry.

Numbers placed on the registry, begun in June 2003, are valid for only five years.

You can go to the below link and re-register at any time. You can also register your cell phone.

Do Not Call

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Theft from your vehicle

A month does not go by where I don't come across a posting where firearms were stolen from a vehicle.

I gather your waving a red flag if you display NRA or shooting association stickers on your vehicle. However, I suspect most are just random thefts, someone looking for goods so they can sell them for their next fix or for party money.

Why anyone would leave firearms in a vehicle instead of bringing them into the room is beyond me, but I'm sure people have there reasons.

The postings I read are mostly about thief's from motel parking lots, but surprisingly a number from restaurant parking lots.

Out of state plates up the ante as crooks figure that increases the odds of making a killing. If the crooks watch you enter a restaurant they know they have a window of opportunity. Park the vehicle where you can watch it, and if not possible, find another place to eat.

One item that will attract theft is your portable GPS unit.

I was recently at a Quality Inn where they warned me to remove my GPS from the vehicle as they had a number of patrons experience smashed windows and stolen GPS units. I have mine attached to a dash weighted cradle and it's easily removed and stowed out of sight.

I quote from an article:

"Even people who take their GPS gadgets off their dashboards when they leave their cars are returning to find windows smashed, as thieves gamble that an empty plastic cradle suction-cupped to the windshield means a GPS unit has been hidden somewhere in the car.

That happened to Jessica Jaross when her car was parked outside a church in San Francisco one morning this summer. Even though she had stowed her $300 GPS unit in the car's center console, she left its empty holder stuck to the windshield. A thief busted the driver's side window in search of the treasure, and got it without setting off the car alarm.

It gets worse: Taking the plastic cradle off the windshield might not be enough if the suction cup leaves a ring of film on the glass. That alone can signal a thief.

That's why police in Montgomery County, Md., handed out 1,200 microfiber cloths at a fair last month and told motorists to clear suction-cup rings. Cops in Alexandria, Va., advise using moist towelettes.

Unless the mark is wiped away, a thief is going to bet the GPS unit is in the car, said Cpl. Jimmy Robinson, a spokesman for Montgomery County police. "The least you're going to get is a shattered window," he said.

Police say several things have come together to make this a lucrative crime -- so lucrative, in fact, that victims often say GPS thieves ignored other valuable items in their cars." END ARTICLE

If you leave anything in your vehicle, assume it will be stolen...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday at Underhill

A pleasant day. I think the high was 54, but a warm 54 as long as the sun was out.

A few shooters who had not shot on Saturday attended Sunday.

The club had plenty of leftover desserts from Saturdays dinner and had them out for the taking throughout the day.

Something I had not noticed at previous shoots, but the club was very aggressive in posting who was going to be in a shoot-off.

As you will find at many clubs in the Northeast, a mostly tree background. The trees are not close but you know they are there. When the sun is shinning no problem, but have a cloudy or dark day and you can be straining to see targets. This was one of those days where a cloud would block the sun from time to time and you really had to pay attention. I'm sure those with young eyes had no problem.

We shot the field to the right of the club house for the second time and confirmed the high house bird was loose. Sometimes the target would come out at the top of the window and sometimes from the bottom. It was not a wind issue.

On Sunday it was also moving right to left. Maybe the wind, as a slight breeze was coming from the direction of the low house when standing on station 3?

I was using this shoot to test my gun fit as I had made major changes to my stock.

The change seemed to work for sporting clays and I figured if I had any gun fit issues they would come apparent in a 4-gun shoot.

After the 28 gauge I had to tweak the right/left settings on the comb as something was just not right and it was costing me targets. I should of made the adjustment after Saturdays shooting but I wanted to give it one more try to make sure it was not a clothing issue.

In the .410 after I made the adjustment I started to get comfortable during the second round and I managed to hack my way into a class shoot-off. I won the shoot-off on station 4 but it was only by luck, as the person I beat is a much better shooter and just had one of those days.

During the shoot I had a whistler (hull separation) in the 20 gauge. The hull separated about 1/4 inch above the brass and lodged in the barrel. I went to the car and tried to remove it with a cleaning rod without the tip attached, but no luck. I quickly threw in my 28 gauge tubes and finished the event.

Later, I cleared the hull after only a few tries. I had read that you could poke a wad down the barrel/tube to push the hull out, but did not have to go that route.

We shoot AA hulls in the 20 gauge and I don't think a shoot goes by when I don't have a hull separation or two. They almost never lodge in the barrel, but this the second time in maybe three years. We check hulls prior to reloading, so it's not that we're shooting junk.

I think it's the combination of RXP wads and Universal clays, but just a theory. I switched to RXP wads when I started shooting HS hulls and immediately had great looking crimps and did not have to adjust the reloader.

A good group attends the shoot, with shooters from throughout the Northeast and Canada in attendance.

Always a waiting list for the September shoot and contacting Susan today would not be too early to be squadded for next year.

The club just received a shipment of components and other related shooting supplies.

I did not think cost could go any higher from what I paid in August when in Rochester, but I was wrong.

If this keeps going, all will be reloading 28 and .410 for practice.

Shooters need to be aware of there cost to reload and jump on a deal on shells if they happen to come across one. It still cheaper to reload as the price of shells also continues to rise, but if you can hit a sale or promotion.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday at Underhill

A light rain in the AM and definitely on the cool side.

Going in the shoot was sold out. I'm aware of three who had slots but did not attend. Not even a call to say they would not be attending.

What is the club suppose to assume next year when the same three ask for slots?

No, the club does not require a deposit and I don't think they want to go that route.

I understand people backing out of a shoot, but not to have the decency to give a call...

As aways, registration was straightforward.

Sitting in the car getting ready to go out for the PM flight, I hear on the radio the weather service has issued a high wind advisory for Lake Champlain. We're maybe 10 miles from the lake and sure enough the targets started hopping as soon as we got on the field. We did see some blue skies in the PM.

Heide was involved in a 12 gauge class shoot-off. She won it at station #5.

The shoot cost $35, to include fees and Saturday dinner. Pork was the main dish served and more than enough desserts were set out to satisfy any one's sweet tooth.

I ran into a shooter who I last shot with at the Fairfield club in Connecticut two years ago at the "Never on Sunday" skeet shoot. He lives just north of NY city.

In conversation with him, the Kingston Ontario skeet club came up and he may make the trip next June. We talked about getting over the border and motel accommodations near the club. He had run into someone from that club in the past and even received a shoot flyer for this years shoot. I invited him to squad with me and Heide if he was interested in making the trip next year.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Skeet shooting weekend

What a way to start the weekend...

The Underhill club in Vermont is hosting the Fall Foliage 4-Gun NSSA skeet shoot.

Usually a sold out shoot.

I don't care for shooing in the rain, but it's not a heavy rain and the rain does keep the targets steady. I just hope the skies are not to dark as it makes it hard to pick up the target.

Hopefully, it will dry out prior to the PM squads going out and maybe we will see a bit of sunshine.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Skeet in the woods

From time to time I visit clubs to shoot sporting clays and find "skeet in the woods" type target presentations.

I have no problem with that type of target settings and normally have a good time.

Most of us know that clubs have to set targets for the audience they are trying to attract, usually whatever the majority of locals like to shoot.

The more serious shooters at the club are not happy, but in the minority and either go elsewhere or just put up with it.

If the club sets targets for the serious shooters they most likely would lose the weekly crowd that pays the bills. The local weekend shooter is normally the bread and butter for clubs, not serious shooters.

The problem I have is with "skeet in the woods" clubs that never change presentations.

Changing presentations does not have to be drastic. Moving a stand or machine eight or ten yards can make a big difference in presentation.

Not changing target presentations probably loses a club more shooters from year to year then anything else.

Can we say, boring...

A club with more challenging targets may get away with not changing the course from time to time, but for "skeet in the woods' type clubs it gets old really fast and can actually cost them shooters.

One club that I use to visit lost me as a customer, as after three years of attending once or twice a year, the course never changed except for maybe one presentation over those three years. I now only visit once every two or three years. The same club from what I hear has not seen any growth in it's shooter base.

Several years back I knew a young shooter that only shot at such a club. He thought he was the greatest shot in the world and aways shot high scores. He went to his first serious shoot outside the region where the targets were not that difficult, but did require some thought. He came home with his tail between his legs.

Sporting clays is not skeet or trap. Clubs need to have plans for moving machines and/or stations from time to time.

Moving two or three machines or stands every few months can give a club a whole new look every 12 months.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that takes into consideration target presentations and if the club is making any effort in giving shooters a different shooting experience from year to year.

I let it be known that I will be going to XYZ club and I'm still surprised on how many will ask if they can come along or are also planning on visiting. On the other hand I'm not surprised when I say I'm going to ZYX club and only the newest of shooters wish to make the ride...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rules for sporting clays

I attend a number of Sporting Clay shoots where no referee is in attendance. Squads pull there own and self referee.

Novice shooters and even some seasoned shooters are not aware of or have forgotten (ignore) some of the basic rules.

I would suggest shoot management ensures all shooters are aware of at least the minimum as listed below before squads go out, this is in addition to all knowing the safety rules.

A shoot I attended in July at Sunset Farms (with pullers provided) gave a nice briefing prior to the start of the shoot.

We all try to use a little common sense with new shooters, especially when it's there first time out, but when a long time shooter can't give a correct ruling on everyday situations...


The first person on every squad shall be allowed to view a
good presentation of targets from within the shoot station.

The referee may allow additional targets to be viewed as
he/she deems necessary. This person is the only person
permitted to mount their unloaded gun and track the targets
being viewed.


In the event of a NO BIRD on a simultaneous (doubles) or
following pair, nothing can be established.

Two good targets must be present to record the score.
This will also apply for gun/ammunition malfunctions
while shooting pairs.


In the event of a NO BIRD on the second target
of a report pair, the first bird will be established
as DEAD or LOST and the shooter will repeat the
pair to establish the result of the second target.

When repeating the pair, the shooter must make a
legitimate attempt at the first target.


In the event of a “shooter malfunction” on the
first bird of a report pair, the first bird will be
established as LOST and the shooter will repeat
the pair to establish the result of the second target.

When repeating the pair the shooter must make a
legitimate attempt at the first target.

The first target has already been established as LOST and the result
of the second target will be recorded.


The shooter shall be allowed a combined total of three (3) malfunctions per day, per event attributed to either the shooter's gun
or ammunition. Targets not attempted on the three (3) allowed
malfunctions shall be treated as NO BIRDS.

Targets not attempted due to the fourth or later malfunctions shall be scored as LOST.

* Malfunctions indicated on score pad.


Targets shall be scored as LOST if the shooter is unable to
fire because of the following examples which include but are
not limited to:
a. Shooter has left the safety on.
b. Shooter has forgotten to load, loaded previously fired
shells or failed to properly cock the gun.
c. Shooter has forgotten to disengage the locking device
from the magazine of a semi-automatic shotgun.
d. Shooter has not sufficiently released the trigger of a
single trigger gun having fired the first shot.
e. Shooter not seeing the target.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

La Roue du Roy Sporting Classique

We shot the La Roue du Roy Sporting Classique.

Sixteen stations, thirty-two machines.

In past years the club had gotten away from using the tower, but this year the tower is included in all shoots.

A good move!

On the cool side with the afternoon rotation seeing on and off rain.

Chicken noodle soup and sandwiches served for lunch. Fresh picked tomatoes from the clubs garden were provided. I did not ask but I would not be surprised if the soup was home made.

The areas around the stations seem to be cleaner (a lot cleaner) then in past years with not any great number of spent hulls laying about.

My wife shot her 1100 in a 5-stand practice and the main event with no failures to fire. This gun was purchased used in 1972.

A nice variety of target presentations.

A few problems with release buttons. We almost broke a few thumbs as we were pressing so hard. I talked to the person who takes care of the electronics at the club (all stations use the key system, to include skeet) and he is going to take a meter to all releases and identify problem buttons and have them replaced. At first I thought it might be battery problems, but some stations that acted up were connected to power lines.

No problems with any machines with the exception of a few broken birds. No big deal and well within what you would see at most well run clubs.


As I posted earlier, I've been shooting over birds for some time and decided to adjust my stock as it was costing me targets, big time...

I not only adjusted the comb, but also added a 1/2 in length to the stock. This worked out very well. I remember maybe twice shooting over a bird. Keep your head down, Joe...

A skeet shoot this upcoming weekend for a final test. I checked it out the other day and shot 73x75 shooting skeet, but nothing like a 4-gun shoot to see if I made the correct adjustments.

I have one last problem to address and it's an issue of balance on the second shot in sporting clays. Costing me all year. I lost a minimum of six targets today because of this. I try to set for the second shot but it's just not working. I may be unconsciously leaning to far forward, hanging over the rail on the first shot and thus losing my balance when going after the second bird.


My posting in regard to "Black Listing" a club and my reasoning why it should not happen received a lot of positive comment.

I had people walking up to me today and thanking me for making such a positive post and defending the owner. Many thought the call to Black List a club for the reason listed was a cheap shot.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but the person calling for the "Black Listing" has not attending a shoot at the club this year and maybe not for the past few years.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Amelia Shotgun Sports, Florida

The club located north of Jacksonville, Florida launched it's web site this past holiday weekend.

A new club with sporting and 5-stand up and running.

They promise a full line of clay target disciplines to include; sporting clays, 5-stand, skeet, and trap. Building permits are in hand to construct the skeet and trap fields, as well as the club house.

I'm lead to believe that at some point NSCA shoots will be held.

The club is offering a limited number of FOUNDER memberships. An interesting concept!

This winter we'll be dropping in with camera in hand and give a first time visit overview.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NSSA Membership $40

I just renewed my NSSA membership for $40. It's been a number of years since the last increase.

However, I also renewed my ATA membership, at a cost of $20.

The major difference in price is the ATA does not require you to take a magazine.

With the NSSA and NSCA working off the same database and the push for computerized submitted shoot results, membership fees would be more in line with the ATA if the magazine was an optional purchase.

I gather charging an additional fee as an option to receive the NSSA and/or the NSCA magazine will not fly.

Looking at the amount and quality of advertisers, the NSCA magazine most likely makes money, while NSSA magazine at best breaks even, but I don't think so and most likely is subsidized.

Anyway, the magazine is not going away in the near future and I doubt if they will let it stand on it's own legs, so just get use to paying the $40.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Odds & Ends (Sept 4)

Federal Cartridge raised prices of both shotgun shells and rifle ammo by 15 percent on Saturday.


A Quebec skeet shooter was mentioning North Carolina skeet shooter Katie Reynolds, as he read an article about her a while back. He did not know her name, but I recognized who he was talking about. The article had been posted on the Lost Target and I have shot with her in the past.

She beat me by a few targets in a 200 target NSSA registered .410 shoot a few years back and won the event. I think she was 14 at the time.

Anyway, a small world.


Sunday we were presented a 60 yard left to right rabbit.

It started out in the air. Maximum spring.

Six rabbits total with the option of taking two shots at each.

Not many hit even one, but one shooter did manage to hit four.

Some would say it was not a fair target as it started in the air, but it was a fun shoot and the last station. In any case, much talked about in my next day travels.

I'm a firm believer that every shoot should have at least one station where the gloves are taking off. If it takes full choke, it takes full choke.

I could not figure out the lead and after thinking about I may have been shooting under the target. I normally hold low for rabbits, but at 60 yards...


An update on the failure to chamber situation using a Remington 1100.

From the time I cleaned the trigger assembly on my wife's Remington 1100 she had one failure to chamber and obviously cleaning the trigger was the solution to the failure to feed problem.

The failure was with a Rio shell.

When I opened the gun it was a little on the wet side. I could see bits of powder residue in the wet areas.

I thought I had wiped it down and removed all the excess, but I was mistaken. The solution gets into everything and can take a bit of work to remove completely.

The next time I cleaned the gun I left it out over night. I made sure the Break Free cleaning solution was wiped off the next day, to include using a can of air. In other words, she shot it dry.

She shot 100 shells on Friday and 100 on Sunday. No problem.

Break free is messy, but it leaves a nice film on (in) the metal. No reason to shoot a gun wet when using this product.


One last skeet shoot scheduled and that closes out the skeet season.


Several of us signed up to attend a 18 station Lewis Class fun shoot at Beaver River on 30 September. $35 and that includes a steak dinner. A three hour drive.

9:00 - 11:30 AM

Fees due by 20 September

"limited to 60 shooters"

Pre-registration required

Call (315) 376-3263

Send pre-registration to:

Karen Turck
7702 Lonber Rd
Lowville, NY 13367

Google Map


An ATA trap shoot scheduled in early October. A good test for my 7/8 ounce loads.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Holiday shooting

Monday was a holiday and two clubs were open.

I went to L'Acadie located outside of Montreal instead of a club in Vermont. I figured even with a crowd I could get in a good day of shooting. It's a major club and built to handle a large number of shooters.

At one point five were going, but I was the only one to make the trip. My wife stayed home and baked an apple pie. Macintosh applies are just perfect at this time of year for pie making and we are in the middle of apple country. Heide bakes from scratch when she has the time.

Crossing the border was a two second affair. I was the only car at the Canadian crossing.

Five or six cars were waiting to be processed to enter the states.

As I drove into the clubs parking lot around 11 a.m. I saw the first three trap fields were full and two skeet fields were active. The 5-stand was running and after I parked someone was looking for a person to shoot Olympic trap with. I think the international skeet field was being used but I did not walk down to that end of the club grounds to check it out. I did see some shooters hanging out in that area.

Very windy, but warm and sunny.

The club was flying the American flag as well as the flags you expect to see in Quebec. They also have to fly a red danger flag when the club is open.

The club always has a kitchen running and I had breakfast as my lunch meal : )

A number of guns for sale. I think I counted eight in all. As what you see at various clubs, some of the guns were clearly overpriced. Maybe they can get a new shooter to make a purchase.

A great 5-stand and even better on a windy day!

For the last month or so I swore I've been shooting high and today it really sunk in. It's really cost me at more than a few shoots...

For some unknown reason I've been trying to compensate, but if the gun does not fit, the gun does not fit.

I've lost a few pounds and that may have changed my gun fit. I also found my gun was a hair to the right when mounting with my eyes closed.

It was not until the end of the day, but I messed with the adjustable comb before I departed.

This Thursday is skeet practice and I'm going to see how it goes.

I may have to put the gun to paper. I should run not walk to a pattern board, but will most likely do it the hard way. With the crossing targets in skeet I should get a good idea where I'm at. I'll start with full choke...

Heading back into the states I had my serial number checked by customs and chatted a bit about clay target shooting. Again I was the only car.

A minimum of fifty vehicles were waiting to enter Canada. This was one of the small crossings and the end of a three day holiday. I imagine the major crossings had a two hour wait.

Call to blackball a club

I received an email calling for the blackball of a club because the range owner participates in his own sporting clays fun shoots.

Yes, he does…

Through the years I have attended a number of shoots at the club and always see him taking part and a few times he was on my squad.

He has not only shot in his own sporting clays fun shoots, but also in ham & turkey shoots, and various other types of fun shoots.

A solid shooter in all clay target disciplines, not just sporting clays.

However, to my knowledge he has never taken money out of a shoot that he has hosted, nor any prizes.

Matter of fact, prizes offered at the club normally come out of the owners own pocket.

He always ensures money and prizes are distributed as if he had not shot.

Does he like to see his scores posted? He sure does!

If the owner was taking part of the winnings, I'd drop a dime in a New York second, but that is not the case.

No harm intended, no foul…

If under these circumstances a shooter chooses not to attend shoots where the owner participates, so be it.

But, I see no reason not to attend!