Saturday, March 29, 2008

Skeet & Trap @ Amelia Shotgun Sports, Florida

The skeet and trap fields at the Amelia club are up and running.

The fields went operational just this month. The club also offers sporting clays and 5-stand. At some point a FITASC parcour will be installed.

No voice release for trap. It's been a while from the last time I shot without a voice release and I was jumping the targets on the first round. A good thing to know.

The clubs trapper offered to pull, but we pulled are own. Too be honest, I rather not be tipping for something we can do on are own, especially for practice.

The skeet targets were low and shot them as they were.

On the warm side (85 degrees) and the heat drained us while shooting skeet and trap.

After a short break we started a round of sporting clays, but after four stations, enough was enough with the heat and we departed.

A word on the sporting clay target presentations. Not an easy course if you have been shooting "skeet in the woods" type courses. Yes, they have some so called easy targets, but...

The main builidng is close to being ready for use and the rest rooms are operational.

Club Visit Photos

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Registered trap shooting in Northern Florida

I shot registered trap at three clubs this winter; Jacksonville, Flagler, and Gator.

All were good shoots and it was not because of the quality of targets, as good targets are expected.

It was the attitude of those working the shoots that stood out...

I've been to some shoots where you get the feeling the club is just going through the motions. Just another shoot!

Not so at these clubs...

Shoots were well run and workers hustled. Most importantly, all were friendly, both workers and those in attendance.

The clubs had a dedicated work force, paid or not, who's goal was to have a successful shoot, enjoyed by all.

I did not see anyone working a shoot that was just going through the motions. I recall during a changeover at Jacksonville, two different people, at different times, checking the same machine to see if it needed to be topped off. All within a few minutes.

Squads started on time and posting of scores was almost immediate, at all clubs.

At both Jacksonville and Gator (Chain Shoot Clubs) I thought one of the workers was born with a radar gun attached to his hand, as it was always in use, making sure targets were on the mark.

Flagler was the smaller of the shoots, as they were not part of the 2008 chain, but as at the larger shoots, the same dedication was seen in ensuring a successful shoot.

Gator is not a club I shoot practice at, but I have shot practice trap at Jacksonville and Flagle during non-tournement days. I can assure you if visiting the region you will be welcomed with open arms.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flagler rebuilds trap field #3

With two new trap fields completed the Flagler club has turned it's attention to the older fields and as seen in the photos below, trap field #3 has been gutted and a new pop-up roof is being installed.

Jack Krousoup told me his goal is to ensure all trap fields at Flagler meet ATA standards and that all fields throw the same target. With an effort such as this, you have to believe.

I've shot the new fields and targets were right on the money. I assume we will see the same on all fields when Jack and his band of volunteers finish there work.

The range is located west of Bunnell, Florida.

A morning club so check the clubs schedule before you visit.

Photos by David Lamb

Monday, March 24, 2008

Converting Winchester Handset Trap Machines

I was asked about what I thought about converting the old Winchester Handset machines to basket traps.

Converting old machines with no turret and targets needing to be hand loaded, one at a time, and going out and purchasing a basket conversion kit.

It all depends...

If the club needs a backup machine or if a small club and money is an issue, it may be a wise purchase.

If you already have an old machine, the conversion will cost $1995 USD, plus shipping & handling. A new Pat Trap, + $8000.

But be warned, the reasons there was a flight to Pat Traps and machines of that type was reliability, number of targets loaded, as well as easy conversion to doubles.

Not every machine at a club needs to throw doubles, but at a smaller club this may be a must. The retro fit basket conversion will not throw doubles.

When running a club the number one issue with any machine purchase has to be reliability. Repair centers for the old style Winchester machines are at great distance and shipping a machine for repairs is expensive.

Most clubs no longer have anyone willing (or able) to repair such machines in-house and replacement parts can be expensive. I know in skeet, most of us love the target thrown by the single stack Winchester machine, but the machines are worn and repairs are always an issue. The same can be said for trap and Winchester basket trap machines.

Parts on modern machines can be replaced by anyone with average skills and a little working knowledge.

Who will make the repairs on your old Winchester Machines when they go down, as that is the bottom line if you base your decision on cost alone?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mar 22 @ Gator Skeet & Trap Club

We attended the 1st Annual Armed Forces and Veterans Open Shoot at the Gator Skeet & Trap Club.

A benefit shoot consisting of 100 skeet and 100 bunker targets. Shoot one or both, with shoot proceeds to benefit the Military Support Group of Alachua County, Florida.

I'm a veteran and the wife not, but an open shoot and all invited to attend. I shot both skeet and bunker, Heide shot skeet.

In the 60's and humid, but no wind. When we departed it was 75 degrees.

The club replaced the old Winchester machines that many will remember and NASTA machines are now installed on all fields.

I'm not sure if I've shot off a NASTA machine before, but the targets were right on the money and today's targets may be the best I've seen in several months. We shot on field #2; a field I would practice on if getting ready to attend a big shoot. My wife agreed!

We had a good bunch on the squad and the ref was top notch.

I was lucky and won a nice belt buckle.

As a side-note; three years ago Gator threw the worst skeet targets that I have ever seen and we had the feeling skeet shooters were not welcomed. I was not a happy camper and only returned to shoot at the club last month, taking part in the Florida ATA Chain Shoot. A changed attitude is evident, as the old manager that I dealt with on my initial visit is long gone and I would recommend the club to all.

I would suggest the club downsize (shrink) the huge windows on the skeet houses. I mentioned this before I departed. Looking at the high house on field #2, you see orange targets in the stacks, a huge number of orange targets. A distraction that should not bother most, but a distraction.

We headed over to the bunker when we finished with skeet.

Gator at present has the only Olympic Bunker in Florida.

The bunker and shooting positions are elevated above ground level to alleviate future water/flooding problems. Flagler recently did the same with the two new ATA fields they built.

Heide was nice enough to keep score as she was not shooting.

Prior to the start I was given a few pointers on the game. This was much appreciated.

I was expecting a few more high targets then I received. Just my luck on the setup for the day and easy targets were not to be had : )

For whatever reason, I kept missing straightaway low targets.

100 targets and I used 160 shells. Not what you want to do!

- If you have not shot bunker before, your allowed two shots per target.

- A bunker has 15 machines, three per station.

- A target is launched from one of three machines on your station, computer controlled, on your call. You shoot one target and move to the next station, 25 targets.

- The voice release is controlled by the computer and only at the hot station is the voice release activated. This is signaled by a green light on the stand.

- All shooters at some point receive the same target as all others, but the computer makes it seem random.

- If a no bird, a reset button can be hit on the voice release stand to reset the computer.

Hard lefts and hard rights are the norm. I'm not sure but I think the only targets not legal are those that go straight up or bounce along the ground : )

As always, the Bunker shooters were very welcoming and always happy to have new shooters to the sport join them.

We both enjoyed are visit to the club!

On the route home we passed a roadside stand selling strawberries. We could see workers in the distance picking the fields. We purchased a few quarts.

Shoot Photos

Friday, March 21, 2008

A right to bear arms?

That is the question the Supreme Court will decide in June 2008.

From articles written, the court will rule it is a right.

I assume the states will be allowed to implement reasonable controls that will be pushed to the extreme and need to be revisited by the court at a future date.

Unreasonable controls you could possible see; $1000 a year handgun permits, $500 permit for each handgun, one year waiting periods, guns stored at ranges, guns stored in safes, and whatever else the states or counties think they can get away with.

With a favorable ruling you WILL NOT have to PROVE to the local judge, sheriff, or county official your right to own a handgun.

A city such as New York City, will have to approve your handgun permit within a reasonable period, provided you have not lost the right to bear arms:

(1) Has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year;

(2) Is a fugitive from justice;

(3) Is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance;

(4) Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution;

(5) Is an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States or an alien admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa;

(6) Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;

(7) Having been a citizen of the United States, has renounced his or her citizenship;

(8) Is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner; or

(9) Has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

(10) Cannot lawfully receive, possess, ship, or transport a firearm.

The gun community need not shoot themselves in the foot upon receiving a favorable ruling and background checks requirements must be supported, as in todays society they are much needed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In French please, Clays Target Quebec

Pourquoi le site est seulement en anglais ?

N'y a-t-il pas des lois sur les langues au Québec ??

Même si je suis bilingue, cela ne veut pas dire que tous les gens qui pourraient être interessés à votre site le soit... À moins que les francophones du Canada ne soient pas à la hauteur de votre organisation.

RC, Montréal.

For those not aware, I also run a site called Clay Targets Quebec that covers clay target shooting in Quebec, Canada. As is the Lost Target website, I run it at my own expense and occasional donations.

The sentences in French were asking; why the website was not in French, suggested that I did not find francophones du Canada worthy, and that I was breaking the language laws of Quebec.

I almost didn't have the heart to tell him I'm an American, residing in New York who attends many shooting events in Canada and my lack of French is well known. I saw a need for a site that would promote the clay target sports in Quebec and put up a page or two to accomplish that.

I'm sure he's not a shooter, as I shoot at various Quebec clubs with francophones and most if not all respect what I bring to the shooting sports and don't begrudge my lack of French. I'm usually applauded for taking the time to promote shooting in Quebec via posting shoot flyers, shoot results, and photographs.

And, you though running a website was all fun and games!

Now, If I can only convince Americans that I'm not a Canadian, as they see the Canadian content I post and assume : )


UPDATE: March 22nd

Well you know what, if you are a US citizen and take the time to do all of this, I beg your pardon... It is just that it is more and more of an issue here in Montréal to get ``service`` in French.

Keep up the good work... but having a choice and being able to read, in French, your site, would be great I think... and you would reach a lot more people in Québec and all the French communities, why not, around the WWW....

RC, Montréal

Shooter Kim Rhode

I pulled this out of US Today. It was part of an article on the the Olympics.

Quit interesting her training regiment and the number of targets she shoots each day in practice. She shoots more targets in one day than most of us shoot at a three day tournament.

Heat is on:

Shooter Kim Rhode, 28, qualified last weekend for her fourth Olympics.

What's new? Oh, just a new sport, she said.

She will compete in skeet because women's double trap was dropped.

"It's like the difference between swimming and diving," said Rhode, winner of gold medals in double trap in 1996 and 2004 and bronze in 2000.

One difference, she said, is the shotgun is mounted in double trap, while in skeet, the gun rests on the hip before being raised to the shoulder when the target is pulled.

"It's like night and day," she said.

Rhode, who shoots 700 to 1,000 rounds a day, seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., wants to be ready for Beijing's humidity and heat. Living in El Monte, Calif., she works with a trainer and nutritionist, runs in the heat and plans to train in humidity rooms before continuing her preparations at Fort Benning, Ga., this summer.

One constant: her dad, Richard, is her coach. "He's pulled every target for me." Do that math.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shipping firearm, private sale

Some confusion in regard to shipping a firearm sold in a private sale to someone in another state.

The firearm must be shipped to an FFL, not directly to the buyer.

From the ATF website:

(B7) May a nonlicensee ship a firearm through the U.S. Postal Service?

A nonlicensee may not transfer a firearm to a non-licensed resident of another State. A nonlicensee may mail a shotgun or rifle to a resident of his or her own State or to a licensee (FFL) in any State. The Postal Service recommends that long guns be sent by registered mail and that no marking of any kind which would indicate the nature of the contents be placed on the outside of any parcel containing firearms. Handguns are not mailable. A common or contract carrier must be used to ship a handgun.
FedEx will ship handguns.

May I suggest a firm return policy. Five days, two weeks...

If never fired, will the firearm be allowed to be fired and still be accepted for return?

Postal money order?

Also, something to think about before you decide to not follow federal law, let alone your own state laws and just pop it in the mail.

If the firearm is used in a crime, suicide or whatever, what is your liability if a lawsuit is brought by an injured party who finds that you did not follow the law?

(B5) Are there certain persons who cannot legally receive or possess firearms and/or ammunition?

Yes, a person who –

(1) Has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year;

(2) Is a fugitive from justice;

(3) Is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance;

(4) Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution;

(5) Is an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States or an alien admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa;

(6) Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;

(7) Having been a citizen of the United States, has renounced his or her citizenship;

(8) Is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner; or

(9) Has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

(10) Cannot lawfully receive, possess, ship, or transport a firearm.

A person who is under indictment or information for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year cannot lawfully receive a firearm.

Such person may continue to lawfully possess firearms obtained prior to the indictment or information.

[18 U.S.C. 922(g) and (n), 27 CFR 478.32]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Pro-Gun Group?

American Hunters and Shooters Association, a thinly disguised anti-gun group?

It's been out there for a number of years but just discovered by Jeff Birnbaum of the Washington Post.

I've copied pretty heavily from the Washington Post article written by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, but I wanted to cut out the fluff and get right to the meat of the article.

Remember, Hillary Clinton says she once hunted for ducks and Obama is for REASONABLE gun control.


New Pro-Gun Group Hopes to Draw From the NRA

The American Hunters and Shooters Association is the latest organization to try to dethrone the NRA as chief spokesman for people who care about guns. The association positions itself as an NRA alternative, a group that likes guns and those who shoot them but believes the NRA is too absolutist, especially when it comes to opposing almost any curb on the right to bear arms.

The NRA is extreme," says Ray Schoenke, the former Washington Redskins lineman and failed Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland who is president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

As proof of his gun-toting credentials, Schoenke says he likes nothing better than heading to Maryland's Eastern Shore and shooting a duck, then cleaning it, cooking it and eating it. "I own guns," he boasts. "I have guns everywhere."

Schoenke hopes this macho, carnivorous image will make pro-gun voters more open to accepting "common sense" limits on gun buying. Such changes can't be so bad, he wants gunners to say, if fellow enthusiasts also support them.

The NRA also asserts that Schoenke's association is a thinly veiled front for gun-control advocates, and offers as proof Schoenke's $5,000 donation to Handgun Control Inc., predecessor to the main anti-gun lobby, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Schoenke rejects the assertion; he says he was only trying to help a cause important to his wife.

Unfortunately for Schoenke, the Brady Campaign basically agrees with the NRA. "I see our issues as complementary to theirs," Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, says about Schoenke's association. "They're a positive group."

Helmke even contends that the two organizations are not far apart in approach. Helmke says he, too, shot guns as a boy and is as Middle American as he can be -- a former Republican mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind. "The Brady Campaign is not just East Coast liberal Democrats," he says.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mar 16 @ Bradford Farm Sporting Clays

As the tradition at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, the club held two 100 targets events on the same day.

Todays shoots were held on the west and north courses. The club also has an east course. We shot the 14 station West course in the AM.

Ninty-four shooters in the AM.

Sunny and no wind. The temperature was 79 degrees when we departed.

Prior to going out we shot a warm-up on the elevated 5-Stand. It was 16 targets for $5.

The West course is an easy walk.

As seen at many NSCA shoots in the region, most shooters had motorized carts.

The club has rentals carts available. Maybe four people walked the AM course and that included the two of us.

Machines were constantly topped off and plenty of water available on the course.

All targets were hittable. Gun speed was of the essence on many stations as targets were zipping along. A few stations had shooters asking, what was the lead...

Overall scores reflected a course that gave shooters excellent preparation for the upcoming Florida State Shoot that will be held at the club in April.

As is the norm for shoots in the region, lunch was included in the price of the shoot.

The club has an excellent web site. The club is easy to find, with the turnoff for the club just a few miles west of the Starke Wal-Mart.

Shoot Photos

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mar 15 @ Volusia County Skeet & Trap Club

We arrived and no one was home : (

The club apparently has stopped shooting on Saturday.

A first time visit. I had talked to two shooters who had shot at the club recently and was told Saturday and Sunday shooting.

The Florida club just opened in the past few months and I gather the schedule needed to be modified. At this time the club has one skeet and one trap field, but is suppose to be adding an additonal skeet and trap field at some point.

Saturday taped over, open Wednesday (9-1) and Sunday

Directions to the club...

I took exit 261B, I-95 (coming from the north).

The club is maybe 10 minutes from the Daytona Beach Flea Market. I drove right past it, heading south on Rt. 415, Tomoka Farms Road.

Keep driving until you see the Cabbage Patch Bar and hang a right (west) at the intersection. The Volusia club is located 7/10 of a mile west of the Cabbage Patch Bar, on Rt. 4118 (Pioneer Trail).


We stopped at the flea market, as they also sell fresh produce and purchased a flat of strawberries, so the day was not a total lost.



I found these telephone contact numbers posted to a regional newspaper after we visited.

386-295-0981 or 386-252-9444

Friday, March 14, 2008

Military Support Group Fun Shoot, Florida

I was looking a Good Friday Trap shoot and came across a shoot flyer posted to the Gator Clubs website.

Not what I was looking for but the club is having a benefit fun shoot consisting of 100 skeet and 100 bunker targets. Shoot one or both, scheduled for Saturday, March 22nd.

Shoot proceeds to benefit the Military Support Group of Alachua County.

I contacted the club and its a Open Shoot, with all shooters welcomed.

I was told that pre-registration was not required and just to show up during the AM. The flyer says activities start at 9am.

It was suggested that if you wish to shoot both bunker and skeet, that bunker be shot first.

Not a shoot where you will be greatly awarded for your efforts, but the cause is worthwhile.

As I was looking to visit Gator and shoot bunker, the shoot fit right into my plans. I don't shoot bunker, except maybe once a year at a fun shoot. I was thinking 50 targets for fun, why not 100!

Should make for an interesting visit, shooting 100 bunker targets and than 100 skeet targets. If I'm going to make the drive I might as well shoot both and it is for a good cause.

Hopefully, I can break more then 50 bunker targets out of the 100 thrown.

It should be easy, as you do get two shots at each : )

I never did come across a Good Friday Trap shoot...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ID needed when Crossing the Border

Some confusion on what is the minimum ID required when entering the US, for both US citizens and Canadians.

Passports are not required for land/sea crossings into the US until 1 June 2009.

The minimum requirement is the good old fashioned drivers license with photo and a birth certificate. Most of us have these documents and for 2008 there is no reason to run out and obtain any other type of document.

Land/Sea Travel

U.S. citizens ages 19 and older must present documentation that proves both identity and citizenship. Identification documents must include a photo, name and date of birth.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens ages 19 and older must present documentation that proves both identity and citizenship. Identification documents must include a photo, name and date of birth. Children ages 18 and under will only be required to present proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.


Identification Documents*

- Driver’s license or identification card issued by a federal, state, provincial, county, territory, or municipal authority
- U.S. or Canadian military identification card

* All identification documents must have a photo, name and date of birth.

Citizenship Documents

- U.S. or Canadian birth certificate issued by a federal, state, provincial, county, territory or municipal authority
- U.S. Consular report of birth abroad
- U.S. Certificate of Naturalization
- U.S. Certificate of Citizenship
- U.S. Citizen Identification Card
- Canadian Citizenship Card
- Canadian certificate of citizenship without photo

For Americans entering Canada, the drivers license and birth certificate is all that is required.

If transporting firearms into Canada or the US the following is posted for your convenience.

Visitors to the United States with Firearms

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reloads & Sporting Clays

Some events don't allow reloads.

Should reloads be allowed at all registered NSCA events?


Let me address some of the issues.

A scale maintained at the club and random inspections of shells is all that's required to assure a level playing field. If found with 2 ounces of lead, throw the bum out.

Don't mix apples and oranges and tell me that in Europe no one reloads. Like I really care...

To be a weekly shooter in Europe (and England), the shooter is not someone who works at the local Wal-Mart, but the store manager. In other words, the clay target sports in Europe is not for the common laborer and those who shoot have no reason to reload, as cost of ammunition is not a consideration for most.

As for shell reliability. In recent years I've seen more problems with bad primers with factory shells than any problems associated with reloads. I can say the same for skeet and trap.

It said that problems with reloads slows the pace of the shoot. I beg to differ.

The problems I see at shoots does not usually come from ammunition, but from those with a semi-auto who have not cleaned it in recent memory and squads that insist on seeing a large number of show birds. Another problem is those who bounce around the stations on motorized carts and upset the flow of the shoot.

As for the present thinking that you can no longer save money when reloading.

Not true!

The price of factory shells has finally caught up with the increased cost of reloading components. The balance has returned and those who reload and shop wisely can see a nice savings in dollars, not pennies per case.

An added bonus to reloading, as has always been the case, is those who wish to shoot a light load have numerous choices in loads, not possible when buying factory.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mar 8 @ Okefenokee Sporting Clays

Friday saw a number of severe storm systems go through and I wondered if the shoot at Okefenokee Sporting Clays in Folkston, Georgia would be held, as the storm systems passed right over the club. The club is located on the edge of the Okefenokee swamp and I feared they might experience flooding, as well as wind damage from the storms.

I called owner Roni Murray and he assured me that the shoot was being held as scheduled. I would just have a few puddles to jump over, and oh by the way, it's going to be windy.

Sure enough, Saturday saw clearing skies and winds gusting to 40 mph.

By the time we arrived at the club the clouds had mostly cleared. The main building was working off a generator but power was shortly restored.

It was on the cool side and it never hit 60 degrees. The wind did not help.

Learning are lesson from previous shoots we came prepared for the cool temperatures and half a closet of winter-ware was packed in the vehicle.

The club holds four NSCA shoots in one weekend. AM and PM shoots on Saturday and Sunday. We attended on Saturday.

The club has free lunch on both days, but on Saturday they throw in a steak dinner.

Chicken and fish for lunch and the steaks covered 2/3's of a dinner plate. All the trimmings you would expect with both meals.

The club is famous for the food it makes available to shooters and also to almost anyone who drops in for a visit when the club is not holding a shoot.

We shot 100 targets in the AM and 100 targets in the PM. Two different courses, all automated machines. The wind had the targets hopping.

The PM targets were tougher than the AM targets. I got beat up pretty badly in the PM. The wind was messing with targets, but I still should have shot a bit better. Anyway, a frustrating afternoon but we did have fun and everyone was having a good time and thats the bottom line.

If I lived close enough I would love to return and shoot the PM course two or three times.

Shoot off's were shot over the combination skeet/5-stand field.

A very friendly bunch at the shoot, not only those that worked the shoot but also the shooters.

As seen at WW Sporting and Bradford Farm in Florida, the owner of Okefenokee, Roni Murray, also sets the tone for his club and it's all positive.

Eric from Jacksonville was nice enough to let us share his motorized cart, both in the AM and PM. Thanks...

My wife hit a drawing and won $50.

Shoot Photos

Friday, March 07, 2008

Canadians importing firearms into the US for repairs

Importation of Firearm for Repairs (FAQ)

Q5. I am a nonimmigrant alien temporarily bringing a firearm into the United States for repair. Should I complete the Form 6NIA?

A. Yes. This is the one other situation (besides a temporarily import for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes) where a nonimmigrant alien should complete the Form 6NIA.

This FAQ has been under discussion the past few weeks and some of the guidance given by various people was more of what they think than what the correct procedure is.

I contacted the Firearms Branch for clarification in regard to firearm repairs, asking a number of related questions, to include modifications. Comments at the end of paragraphs in the response are my own.


This email is in response to your letter to the F&E Imports Branch dated March 2, 2008.

- There is a fine line between the repair of a firearm and the manufacturing of a firearm. For the most part, gunsmithing is the replacement of parts. Manufacturing is the addition of firearms parts. My suggestion would be to call your local ATF office if you need additional clarification. (I had also asked about modifications to a firearm, not just a repair).

- The person conducting firearm repairs should be licensed by ATF to do so. They should either be a licensed gunsmith or a licensed manufacturer. A letter from the gunsmith is sufficient documentation in order to apply for an ATF F6NIA. (This was in regard to supporting documentation when submitting your ATF Form 6NIA).

- Under an ATF F6NIA, the importation is just temporary and when the owner leaves, they must take the firearm(s) with them. (You cannot depart the states without the firearm).

- An ATF F6 is not the right vehicle for a temporary importation. ATF F6’s are only for permanent importations. (Asked about using the ATF Form 6 to temporarily import for repairs, instead of the ATF Form 6NIA).

- If you wish to temporarily import a firearm, and cannot wait for the repair, your only other avenue is apply for a DSP-5 temporary import through the US State Department.

- The importation of barrels also requires an approved ATF F6. If you apply for an ATF F6NIA, you would just record the information about the barrel on the form and explain it is for repair. (I asked about barrel repairs and modifications such as installing chokes. You cannot leave the barrel in the states when you depart. You may have to inquire on choke installation, as that is not a repair. Selling your barrel in the US requires a ATF F6, not to be confused with the ATF Form 6NIA)

- You cannot leave a repaired firearm in the states when an ATF F6NIA is used. An ATF F6NIA cannot be used for shipping a firearm. (I asked a direct question on the possibility of leaving the firearm in the US and shipping)

I hope that I have answered your questions. If not, please call our main Imports number at (304) 616-4550 and ask to speak to an Imports Specialist.

Kevin L. Boydston
Department of Justice
Bureau of ATF&E
Chief, F&E Imports Branch
Martinsburg, WV 25405


ATF Form 6NIA Procedures for Temporary Firearm Imports into the US

Mandatory purse, sporting clays & skeet?

Sporting clays and skeet both have the same problem. That is the thinking at some clubs that mandated purses increase shoot participation, as it allows for cash prizes and/or attracts shooters from outside the local region.

I say sporting clays and skeet, as I don't see mandated purses at the ATA trap shoots I attend and the clubs don't seem to have any problems attracting shooters.

Mandated purses may be good for a handful of shoots, but for most I think it does more harm then good, as local shooters decide not to attend, especially with the increase in shooting related expenses that all are experiencing.

You see a mandatory purse in most flyers. They may not say it's mandatory, but when you see X dollars returned, guess what?

For years I donated to the purse, usually $5 or $10 and never gave it a second thought.

Recently I passed on a shoot that mandated $20. I'm sure I would have had a good time, but enough already. Talk about killing the golden goose...

Many who attend a shoot don't expect to place in class. They think mandatory purses is a donation they need not make. At $5 not a big deal, but as the price climbs they just say, no way...

Shooters will play the optional Lewis Class and be happy if they hit, as seen in ATA Trap. Lewis is a crap shoot but many think they at least might see a bit of there money returned, with no chance at all when donating to the purse.

I know if you want to play with the big boys you pay the going rate. Thats just the way it is.

I guess except for selected shoots, I won't be playing with the big boys...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Human rights and gun confiscation (and the UN)

An interesting read on the ill effects upon a population of several countries when guns are confiscated.

Human rights and gun confiscation

This Article addresses a human rights problem which has been generally ignored by the advocates of firearms confiscation: the human rights abuses stemming from the enforcement of confiscation or similar laws. This Article also documents some of the human rights abuses that result from the types of gun control and gun prohibition programs supported by the United Nations and other international gun control advocates.

Part I conducts a case study of the U.N.-supported gun confiscation program in Uganda, a program which has directly caused massive, and fatal, violations of human rights. Among the rights violated have been those enumerated in Article 3 ("the right to life, liberty and security of person") and Article 5 ("No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment") of the Universal Declaration.

Part II examines a similar gun confiscation program, with similar results, in Kenya.

Part III describes the recent government attempts to disarm South African citizens, and details how the implementation of antigun laws has caused extensive violations of civil and human rights, although not the government-perpetrated murder, torture, arson, and ethnic cleansing that have been endemic in Kenya and Uganda.

Part IV reports on survey data and other evidence from around the world which suggest one reason why gun confiscation programs can result in major human rights violations: most gun-owners possess their firearm for personal and family defense. Therefore, gun confiscation must be enforced by extremely violent and intrusive measures. Civilians simply will not disarm when they cannot see concrete evidence of guarantees for personal safety.

This Article concludes by offering two caveats for disarmament programs. First, voluntary disarmament will generally be possible only after a government has proven that it will protect the security of the people to be disarmed. Second, coercive attempts to disarm people who still need guns to defend themselves - including for protection from predatory governments - are likely to lead to massive resistance, and to an escalating cycle of human rights abuses by government forces, and re-armament by the victim population.

This Article also provides the most complete collection ever presented of international survey data about why people in various countries own guns.


Thanks to John Perocchio for making this information available.

Purchase ammunition, leave a fingerprint!

The fence sitters (moderates) in favor of so called REASONABLE gun control laws should not have any problem with this one.

I'm sure Hillary and Obama find this REASONABLE, very reasonable.


Under a proposed new ordinance in Long Beach, anyone looking to purchase ammunition in the city would have to provide information such as a driver’s license (or other proof of their identity and residence), their signature and a thumbprint. The store selling the ammunition would need to keep a record of that person, the date of the transaction, the brand and type of ammunition purchased and the name of the sales person.

All of that information would be sent to the Long Beach Police Department.

On its Web site, The NRA urges members to contact the Long Beach mayor and City Council and voice opposition to the proposal. “The Federal law requiring ammunition purchasers to present I.D. was repealed by the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 because it was found to be ineffective in reducing crime,” the NRA Web site states.

Long Beach would not be the first city to have such an ordinance. Long Beach’s would be based on one from Tiburon, Calif., and there are similar ordinances in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chokes for sporting clays

For those who want every advantage when in the stand. Here is a choke chart (submitted by Bob Howard) from the Briley website.

In reality, especially in North America, many courses can be shot with IC choke. Throw a lite mod or modified choke in the bag and your set to go.

If you get the opportunity, I suggest you take your favorite chokes to the trap range. Lock down the trap so it's not moving and observe your hits starting from the 16-yard line. Keep moving back in yardage until you don't like the hits.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Rochester Brooks, April sporting clays pre-registration

On-line registration is now available for the Spring Deuce sporting clays shoot held April 25-27, 2008 at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club located just south of Rochester, New York.

Shoot Registration

One of the better sporting clays shoots in the region and reasonable priced.

A shooting weekend, as you can shoot all three days, to include small gauge and FITASC.

We normally shoot the prelim twice, once on Friday and again on Saturday. The prelim course is not the course where the main event will be held.

If thinking FITASC, you need to immediately telephone Mike Krol and register, as the slots are at a premium. Contact information for Mike is listed on the website. Almost every year the parcours are in a different location.

Seasoned referees and minimally machine problems.

For Canadians thinking of attending. You will not be alone as the shoot normally has 30 - 40 Canadians in attendance. Normally two squads from Quebec.

Many shooters stay at the Super 8 in Henrietta. The club is maybe 10 minutes to the south and malls are 10 minutes to the north.

See you at the shoot...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mar 1 @ the St. Augustine Seniors Shoot

I dropped in on the 2008 Seniors NSSA Skeet Shoot being held at the St. Augustine Gun Club, Florida.

I visited for only part of the day.

A beautiful club!

I was told 135 shooters in attendance.

Referee Vermont shooter Peg Meunier & Super Veteran Charles Holman (Age 92)

A machine was down on the field Mr. Holman was shooting on an we had an opportunity to talk. He's sharp as a tack and I'm sure a pleasure to shoot with.

As they only shoot one gun a day I did not get photos of all shooters.

Great weather and only a slight breeze from time to time.

Some fields have the sky for a background and others, depending on the station, had trees. Depending on the time of day the tree background as we all know can be a bit tricky.

I talked to one couple from I believe Indiana, who attended the Jacksonville shoot the week before. Between the two shoots they visited Orlando for three days and took in Disney World and Sea World. A very reasonable drive time for those who have not visited the region and were thinking of shooting and taking in a few vacation destinations.

I could not even tell you how to be squadded for the shoot as it's posted as a closed shoot.

The shoot allegedly has a waiting list but I saw empty slots. You could give the clubs point of contact on the NSSA website a call and see about next year.

I'm not into waiting list and pass. If I was invited and promised confirmed slots, I most likely take them up on it, but my schedule does not allow for waiting lists.

This is a private club. Located north of the St. Augustine airport.

You can stop by on a Saturday or Sunday (PM) and you should not have a problem being allowed to shoot, but you will have to have permission before shooting.

From my own experience the first visit can be intimidating if you don't arrive with a member of the club.

Others say they have had the same experience and shy away from the club when visiting the area. I've run into a number of snow birds in the region who just pass on the club and shoot elsewhere.

I don't think it's that bad but you need to know your not going to just jump out of the vehicle and start shooting, as it is a private club.

A very nice club and worth a visit!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Proposed 2009 NSCA rule changes

The NSCA has proposed rule changes for 2009.

I'll just comment on those listed below.

Safety Rule Change – to take effect immediately if approved

1. Should the following be added to section II-A?

16. Safety Zone – When a shooter is in the process of shooting, no one (other than the Referee/Trapper) is allowed within three feet (3’) of the shooter. There will be an imaginary line three feet behind the shooter that will extend along the entire station. This will be referred to as the Safety Zone.

I'm all for this as some have no problem hanging on your back while your in the stand.

I would have also gone along with a rule that states that non-squad members not be allowed within ten feet (10') of the shooter. Usually the worst offenders.


2. Should the following be added to section III-2-a?

3. The shooter with the highest score and all ties in an event, where there is a minimum of ten (10) total shooters, shall receive a minimum of one (1) punch no matter what class the shooter is in.

Explanation: The addition was proposed to help shooters who only go to small shoots get punches to move up in class. For example, an A class shooter may have the highest score for the event (beating Master & AA shooters), but there may not be enough people in his/her class to receive any punches. This would make one punch mandatory for all who posted the highest score. If there are enough people in that person’s class for more punches, the higher of the two would be awarded. This high score punch would NOT be in addition to normal class punches.



3. Should the following change be made to section III-2-a-2?

Number of Entries in class: Punches earned
0-2 No Punch
3-9 One (1) punch for high score and all ties

Explanation: This will change the minimum number of shooters required from 5 to 3 in class for earning punches. This too will help shooters at small events to move up in class.

NO. Will lead to class inflation.

Has anyone who is seriouslly thinking of voting yes attended a so call "small event" in the past year?


5. Should the following be added to section IV-b?

Hunter class shooters at events run concurrently with registered NSCA events will be charged the same entry fees as those paid by NSCA members including all target fees.

Explanation: Many times, NSCA members are charged more than Hunter class shooters. The NSCA Advisory Council agreed that there should not be a discount for these shooters at NSCA registered events.

NO!!! What a crock.