Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lost Target Sporting Clays Benefit Shoot

I received a telephone call from Elie Zarife, owner of the Montreal Skeet Club. He asked if he could hold a sporting clays shoot for my benefit.

He said I was always promoting shooting in both Canada and the states, usually at my own expense, and he wanted to give shooters a chance to give something back.

I was hesitant to give the green light, as it was not expected and I was a bit overwhelmed by the offer.

My first thought was who would come?

Matter of fact that was also my second and third thought...

But, I figured with my wife and Elie shooting we at least would have one squad in attendance and it would not be a total bust.

Thanks to Elie for making the offer putting this together...


Montreal Skeet Club - Quebec

Saturday, July 26 or Sunday, July 27

Shoot either day!

100 Targets Sporting Clays

$80 with $10 going back to shooters.

Pre-registration is not required.

Shoot Flyer

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Background checks and reasonable licensing procedures

Most firearm owners have no problem with background checks, and for handguns, reasonable licensing procedures.

However, it seems the other side always wants to push it to the next level.

1. Ban semi-automatic shotguns to include the Remington 1100.

2. Not recognizing a citizens right to own firearms, to include handguns. (Thanks to the Supremes for settling that issue)

3. Unreasonable licensing procedures. (Excessive fees and unusually long processing times that are meant to discourage.)

4. Rejection of licenses without just cause (no reasonable standards established). In New York, you must have a good reason for wanting a gun. That law will now have to be re-written, as to own a gun is a right.

5. Not issue licenses because of regional crime rates.

6. Judges or local officials allowed to place restrictions on firearms license holders that are not written in the law.

7. Serial numbers on primers and/or shells.

8. Firing pins with identifiers.

9. Safe guns that can only be fired by the owner (unproven and unreliable technology)

10. Ban firearms that look dangerous.

11. No Gun Zones (Easy prey zones for criminals and the insane)

12. No right to carry concealed by licensed gun owners.

13. Not recognizing licenses issued in other states.

14. Unreasonable storage requirements. (Thanks to the Supremes for settling that issue) Syracuse NY requires gun owners to lock up their firearms when not in use.

15. Require stores to hide firearms for sale from children.

16. Unreasonable restrictions on reloading components or presses.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Second Amendment ruling. What does it mean?

The Supremes ruled and individuals have gun rights...

- The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

- The Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues.

- A handgun ban and the trigger-lock requirement (as applied to self-defense) violate the Second Amendment.

For many, nothing has changed. No guns in school zones, no machine guns, assault weapons bans where implemented, licensing requirements. All still the law!

The license requirement wasn't struck down. In theory, people can now go and ask for licenses. And they can't be turned down, unless the rejection is based on some reasonable criteria.

In regions of the country where firearm owners jump through hoops to obtain a handgun license, they will still jump through hoops.

However, the government will not be able to deny a license unless they can show just cause; such as mental illness or being a convicted felon.

Localities such as New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco will have to issue a handgun license to those who meet reasonable established standards.

Government will have to give a reasonable reason why your right to a firearm was denied. The local judge, sheriff, or government representative will not be able to deny a license because they are against civilians owning firearms.

No longer may local governments have a licensing system that does not issue licenses or only issue licenses to the politically connected.

Minimum licensing standards will have to be written!

It will be up to the government to prove you don't have the right to be armed, not you the individual, having to prove that right...


The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association may use the high court's decision to challenge the power of New York police to reject an applicant for any reason.


Within minutes of the high court's ruling, the Illinois State Rifle Association began the court fight to get Chicago's ban overturned as well.

In Chicago, unless your gun was purchased before the ban went into effect in 1982, it is illegal to possess a handgun within city limits. Only police officers, aldermen and a handful of others are exempt from the ban. While other firearms can be registered, under current law, handguns cannot be registered and are considered illegal.

The fight that began with the filing of a lawsuit against Mayor Daley and the city at 9:15 a.m. Thursday would take between 18 months and two years to resolve. If the Illinois State Rifle Association loses its lawsuit, it would appeal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.


The National Rifle Association also plans to file lawsuits in Chicago and several suburbs, as well as San Francisco, challenging handgun restrictions there based on Thursday's outcome.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canadians importing firearms from the US

I had what you would call an animated conversation with a shooter from Ontario on his right to purchase a firearm in the states.

He has no right and more importantly he at a minimum must follow U.S. Federal law in regard to firearm purchases in the United States by Nonimmigrant Aliens.

Under the various firearm purchase scenarios he presented...

1. He cannot walk into a gun shop; purchase and take possession.

2. He cannot have an American friend purchase it for him and take possession.

3. He cannot purchase and take possession at a gun club (private sale).

4. He cannot take possession if a gift or won in a raffle.

A Canadian on a visit of less then 90 days cannot take possession of a firearm, either purchased from a dealer or as result of private sale.

Under no circumstances may the Canadian take possession of the firearm when in the states.

All such sales (dealer or private) must go through an FFL. The FFL must ship or transport the firearm to Canada.

Violation of this prohibition, could result in a maximum of 5 or 10 years of imprisonment, depending on the violation.

Nonimmigrant Aliens Purchasing Firearms and Ammunition in the United States

If a U.S. gun owner sells to you without using an FFL, it is not a legal transaction.

Let me also mention ammunition sales.

Easily accomplished in the states.

However, you cannot export ammunition to Canada without a U.S. export permit.

If you came across this posting and are not interested in purchasing a firearm, but just want to visit to hunt or target shoot and looking for information, please visit:

Visitors to the United States with Firearms

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jun 22 @ Montreal Skeet Club

The club, located southwest of Montreal, Quebec had two shoots this weekend.

A QPTA trap shoot, the Quebec Cup and an International Skeet shoot.

I shot QPTA trap singles.

When I departed from home it was raining. By the time I arrived at the club the rain had ceased and the sun was threatening to come out. Not a windy day and the sun popped just as I finished my 100.

I come up the back way from the states and had to wait at the bridge that crosses the St. Lawrence Seaway in that area, as an ocean cargo ship was heading west. The bridge is one of the few left where traffic has to be stopped so it can be raised to allow ships to pass.

After crossing the bridge the check engine light came on : (

My wifes car (better gas mileage).

Nothing seemed to be amiss!

I checked the fluids and all was at the correct levels. Nothing was overheating.

I assume a sensor went out of whack or detected something not in spec. In any case, it will be in the shop first thing...

Upon registration I was placed in "D" class. I questioned this and was placed in "B" class.

Five birds per station, 50 targets per field.

No voice activation. I had one quick pull but other then that no problems. A few broken targets but I suspect a trap boy in a hurry loading machines.

A couple of 47's gave me a 94.

The only complaint I had, and I let it be know to QPTA shoot management, was the lack of a drop dead time for registering for the singles event.

I arrived way to early...

Normally, singles is the first event of the day. For this shoot it was doubles with a doubles registration start and end time.

Not so for singles. Several of us were left cooling are heels.

I understand why doubles is shot first, as not as popular as singles and handicap, but shoot management needs to give a drop dead time for registering for singles when they decide to make doubles the first event.

Make it an hour after registration closes for doubles or what have you, but at least address it in the shoot flyer.

If the answer is singles is open "until the last squad goes out" than that is not acceptable...

I have better things to do with my time then wait around at shoots that don't have registration start and END times, especially for what is normally the more popular event in regard to number of shooters!

I got the impression they did not think it was a big deal...

This was a QPTA shoot and not a shoot run by the club.

The International Skeet gang seemed to be having a good time. I snapped several photos.

After a few false starts the clubs main building expansion is underway.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SunBuster Shooting Glasses

I'm in the market for new shooting glasses and want to go a different route in regard to lenses.

Prescription lenses are costly, especially if several lens colors are wanted.

It was suggested I purchase SunBuster shooting glasses. You receive five interchangeable non-prescription lenses. At additional cost you purchase a clear prescription lens that inserts into the nose piece.

One prescription lens and five non-prescription colored lenses. That works for me...

I contacted SunBuster and Sved Optics who makes the prescription lens inserts.

SunBuster and Sved Optics replyed within 24 hours.

What I found was you purchase the SunBuster glasses from any vendor. Having the prescription insert lenses made is a separate process and SunBuster does not take part.

Sved Optics has the nose inserts in stock for the SunBuster Dude frames glasses. You send in your prescription as you would for any shooting prescription lens. They send you the prescription lens and the appropriate Dude frame nose piece.

I wanted bifocals as I have on my Decot Lenses.

The bifocal on the Decot's is the size equivalent of your smallest fingertip. It does not interfere with your shooting vision. Sved Optics offers such a bifocal.

Sved Optics gave me a number to call if I wished to further discuss prescription options.

I had also emailed the HiDefSpex company from there website, as I wanted additional information on what they offered and wished to do a brand comparison, but my email bounced.

Anyway, it will be a few weeks before I pull the trigger and make the purchase. But, unless another option presents itself, I will be making a SunBuster purchase.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jun 14 @ Montpelier Trap Club

100th Annual Vermont State Championship Trapshoot

Registration for the 200 target singles event on Saturday was a breeze.

Hot and muggy but the sun stayed hidden for most of the day. A slight breeze.

Ten targets per station. Not something I'm used to and it did not help that I was on a four man squad. I made an extra effort to relax between shots. After the first station I settled down and not until the last 50 at the end of the day did I have any problems with my shooting.

My back was still acting up from the previous week, but not really a factor until the last 50 when I stiffened up after a slight delay on the line.

Ended the day with a pair of 93's.

I shot factory Estates 1 1/8 #9's. I thought I might have had a few light loads, but the targets broke. I picked up the Estates on sale for $50 per case in Rochester back in April.

The Remington 1100 worked flawlessly, but I did give it a wipe down between 100's.

I use Break-free as the only cleaning fluid on my 1100's.

If there was any machine problems I did not see any and except for changing out a microphone on the last 50 my squad did not experience any problems.

I did not stay until the end and thunder could be heard in the distance as I was getting into the vehicle. It rained most of the way home (2 hours).

Shoot Photos

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wal-Mart ammunition prices, June 12

The local Wal-Mart has lowered the price of 100 shell value packs.

All brands now under $23. Just last month prices were near $24 for two different brands of shells.

Federal value packs are under $22.

AA shells were listed for $7.54 per box of 25.


Lawrence Brand Shot is offering to ship two (2) bags of lead for $80.

The price includes shipping.

The link has been added to the "Shot Price Check" section on the main page of the Lost Target


Shooting Clubs of Europe

A map has been added for Greece.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Skeet Weekend @ Kingston, Ontario

A warm and humid weekend at the Kingston Club in Ontario, Canada.

One of those weekends where you had to keep drinking water.

When I checked my vehicles temperature gauge on Sunday it read 89 degrees.

The wind had the targets hopping on Saturday, but the wind was a welcome relief from the heat.

A well run shoot. A positive attitude by all and the kitchen staff did a great job.

We had a good squad and that made for a good time.

The club experienced a few machine problems which distracted from the 110% effort put forth by the club and its members. The fields with modern basket machines worked flawlessly.

I talked to two shooter from Virgina, a first visit to Canada. They used the posted guidance on the Lost Target for crossing the border with firearms and was told I was right on the money. The did say with traffic and having to stop at both U.S. and Canadian customs, it took them one hour to clear the border.

On Sunday my back was acting up. An intense pain shooting down the hip and thigh on the left side. Was more then interesting when I had to move the shotguns from the motel. A half dozen Tylenol kept me in the game, but barely. I shot a 96 in the 28 gauge and 90 in the .410 event. Talk about being a happy camper when the last shot was fired.

We stayed at the Days Inn. The air conditioner acted up on Friday night. They came in and made an adjustment on Saturday and we were good to go.

We saw more than a few police running radar on the 401. More than I'm accustomed to. A number of vehicles pulled over. I got clocked at 73mph and was not bothered.

Crossing back into the states saw maybe a five minute wait at the border. The person working the booth had me pop open the gun cases so he could check serial numbers. We used drivers licenses and birth certificates to re-enter the states.

On the way home we drove past a New York wind farm. My first thought when we saw them, and they look huge even from a few miles away, was the War of the Worlds and giant alien machines.

For those upset with living near a shooting range, try living near a wind farm. They do make noise and it never stops.

Shoot Photos

Friday, June 06, 2008

On the way to the Kingston skeet shoot

Prior to crossing into Canada we stopped at the Indian Reservation and topped off the tank. A savings but a reservation closer to home was $.08 cheaper this very AM.

Uneventfully crossing into Canada at Cornwall, Ontario.

A major backup of vehicles going into the states, but I was able to drive right up to the booth on the Canadian side.

The person working had never seen an American with a Canadian Firearms License and she apologized at least three times, but I was issued a yellow card for a secondary inspection for what I would call a hand-off, as she was not taken any chances.

Firearm serial numbers were checked and we were on are way. It only took five minutes.

I say it was uneventfully as 90% of the time I receive a secondary inspection at that crossing. Usually a young person working...

At this crossing you have to cross a bridge. $3.50 both ways.

Two exits from the motel and a tire blows. I was going at a good rate of speed, as if your doing less then 70mpg on the 401 you'd get run over. The tire was a mess and traffic heavy.

A call to AAA on the cell put me in contact with a New York AAA office and they transferred me to Canada. The New York office stayed on the line throughout the call.

In 20 minutes a tow truck was on scene.

The donut spare was put on.

Using the GPS I found a Canadian Tire only five miles away and spent 1 1/2 hours waiting on a new tire. This was after they told me they would have me in and out in 30 minutes. If I knew going in how long it would take I would have just left the tire and returned in the AM, as I was at my destination.

Arrived late at the club and obviously to late to shoot doubles. We shot a few rounds of practice and attended the wine and cheese party.

A bonus when attending Kingston shoots is that major motels are only five minutes from the club.

Shooting third rotation on Saturday as we want to leave early on Sunday.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Odds & Ends (Jun 5)

A few changes to the Lost Target website...

Some changes took place a few months back and other changes, more recent.


- Search engines for finding local U.S. gas prices.

- Shooters Gas Cost Calculator (Required the above search engine).

- Links to check the price of lead shot at four businesses.

- Obama & Guns.

- NRA News Channel Feed.

- Bill O'Reilly Talking Points.

- Target Shooting News is now two separate categories (US/Canada and Overseas).

- Firearm pages reformatted.

- Added Google page translator to selected pages.

- Added currency converter to selected pages.

- Updated menus.

- Added Google map links to clubs in Europe.

I was going with live video news feeds but dumped them. If you click on a feed I have posted and let the commercial run, I receive payment. We're talking clicks in the thousands to make it worthwhile, but a source of revenue for the site. Just an experiment!


Updated the Olympic Bunker page.

An almost complete listing of all bunkers in the U.S. and Canada.

Theres talk of building a bunker in Tennessee but money is lacking.


My eye doctor changed my prescription.

With both eyes open and wearing glasses, no problem.

But, I'm a one eye shooter : (

I was told my right eye is three times weaker than my left eye.

This has probable been going on for some time, but the gradually changes to my eye sight caught up with me.

I had a bit of a problem picking up targets of any distance and staying focused.

He adjusted the prescription so I would not strain the right eye when shooting : )

It will be a few weeks, but glasses will be replaced.

My scores started to tank in mid winter, especially in sporting clays, so it should be interesting to see if my scores will increase after I'm settled in with a new prescription.


Price of lead is dropping.

For those looking for a decrease in ammunition prices. I would think not until the present supply has been sold. Could take six months!

It depends on lead times in manufacturing.

The suppliers still have the cost of fuel and raw materials to contend with.

I have heard of a few deals, so it will pay to look around.


Shooting NSSA skeet this weekend. Looking at temperatures in the 90's.