Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama audio — I want to ban concealed weapons permits

The setting is a WBEZ Chicago NPR radio program called “Eight Forty-Eight”, the date is September 13, 2004, as Obama runs for the US Senate. It is edited for time.

Obama flat says, with pausal prompts omitted, “I continue to support a ban on concealed carry laws.” As I mentioned, I didn’t know that until now. It turns out that it really isn’t much of a secret, (”I am consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry”) but you wouldn’t know that from Obama’s campaign website, where you have to find his position on the 2nd Amendment under “additional issues — sportsmen” and not find anything about carry permits.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 Australian National Championships

Mark Farrow, Australia, sent me the following in regard to the just completed sporting clays championships.

At this link Sporting Clays you can find the results and some photos of the presentation at the Australian National Championship shot over the 24,25,26th Oct.

The event run by Field & Game Federation of Australia

Friday 24th - 11th English Sporting Nationals – 80 targets Winner Sox Pilipasidis

Sat 25th and Sun 26th Australian Sporting Clays Nationals – 150 targets Winner Damien Birgan

Location: Little River – Victoria (south west of Melbourne)


For those who travel...

The 2009 FITASC World Sporting Championships will be conducted at the Laang Sporting Clay Range of the Warrnambool Branch of the SSAA (Vic).

16th to 22nd November 2009

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Action Spring replacement, Remington 1100

I mentioned in a previous post I do preventive maintenance on Remington 1100's we own, replacing the Action Spring and Magazine Spring before they need replacing.

Replacing the Action Spring on my 1100 turned out to be a problem, as I did not have the proper tool.

After removing the butt plate, I saw the Action Spring Tube Nut had been replaced by GraCoil when they installed a adjustable comb and butt plate. The Remington tube nut removal tool would not work, as they used a different fastener.

A 7/8" deep socket was needed. I didn't have the proper size socket that was thin enough to fit into the opening at the end of the stock.

I visited Lowes and Sears, but no luck.

I asked Jean Brousseau, the manager at Club L'Acadie if he could take a look. He took me to his work shop and tried several sockets. After trying various sockets from his main tool chest, he dug into a drawer and found a Snap-on deep socket that worked. He said Snap-on sockets run a little thinner. Thanks Jean...

With the Action Spring and Magazine Spring replaced, I dropped the trigger for cleaning.

The Feed Latch fell out!

Not something that normally can be fixed without the proper tool.

I had re-staked a Feed Latch in an emergency once, using a punch, but this one required the tool Remington designed for installing this part.

In a pinch you can put it back in without having it re-staked, but not recommended.

A call to the local Gander Mt. gunsmith found they could do the work at the store, but it would be a week before they could work on it. Not my favorite store in regard to ammunition and reloading supplies, as they over charge, but...

As for the Feed Latch.

When you want to remove the Action Bar Assembly, you must press on the Feed Latch located inside the receiver.

The Feed Latch is reached by holding in the Carrier (Carrier is under the receiver, where you feed shells). The Feed Latch is on the shell ejector side of the receiver.

Feel around and press on the Feed Latch. At the same time pull out the Assembly. You may have to roll the Assembly from side to side to get it to pop.

Once you have the assembly removed, be careful as the sharp edges on the inside of the receiver can cut fingers.

If the T Link falls out with the Assmebly removed, best to use finger nose plyers to insert. Years ago I saw broken links from time to time, but not in the past ten years. I assume Remington is using a harder metal.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lead shot issues may close another club, will the EPA close your club?

SAN DIEGO Shotgun Sports is temporarily closed due to shot-fall issues.

A major club. Offering Trap, Skeet, 5 Stand, Olympic Trap (2) & Olympic Skeet.

Much information on the clubs lead shot problem is gleamed from talk board postings. Let's see what we got!

A leased property on a military installation. Sited on property that has an unrealistic shot-fall zone.

The property line, designated with a fence reportedly 500 feet from some shooting positions, with lead reportedly falling beyond the fence.

Shot may also be falling on a creek bed.

With a 900 foot shot fall zone recommended, but some saying you can get away with 750 - 800 feet, 500 feet is not even close.

From my experience, those putting in the ranges at the time knew of the lead issue. I can't imagine a scenario where the subject of shot fall was not discussed, especially when the Olympic bunkers were built.

Why is lead now an issue and not at some point in the past?

Maybe friendly installation commanders in the past, an empty field and no harm done, an informal past agreement when the fields were sited, or no one actually checked and just assumed.

Well, now it's an issue...

Rumors abound. Permanent closure, shot curtains, relocate problem fields, close selected fields, renegotiated lease to include a realistic shot-fall zone.

The creek bed will be a problem, but hopefully the lease can be renegotiated to include the empty land where shot is landing.

Lets hope for the best!

If you think your club has any issues with lead, be proactive.

Lead falling outside your property has to be addressed. The adjoining property owner may not care now, but at some point will sell the land and the next property owner may require you to cease. No court will side with you!

Get out the maps, walk the property and confirm shot fall areas. National organizations generally uses 300 yard shot fall zones in regard to clay target shooting. It can be less, but if it's falling outside your property, you don't have a leg to stand on.

If it could go either way, the easiest thing to do is to take four or five tarps and lay them out on the property line that faces your shooting fields, to include the property facing those hard left and right shots. If lead is falling on the tarps, you have a problem. It may take a full weekend of shooting to get a good reading. Take into consideration the direction of the wind to test worst case scenarios.

Tournament shooting will see shooters pushing the limit on loads allowed (or not allowed) and may be the most realistic time to check for lead shot fall.

A more probable issue and most likely see EPA involvement...

Shooting over wetlands, or water runoff into wetlands or streams is nothing but trouble.

Runoff problems can be addressed. Shot falling directly on wetlands is most likely cause for a field to be closed and/or relocated. This has to be addressed, not ignored. It may be perfectly legal, but you must be proactive.

Is lead getting into the ground water?

Areas in doubt can be tested for lead contamination.

Do all ares where there is water have to be lead free? I don't know...

I suggest some serious reading is needed in regard to lead management and your club.

Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Lead Management at Florida Shooting Ranges

The Massachusetts Lead Shot Initiative

Michigan Dos and Don'ts for Shooting Ranges

You don't have to do it alone.

I don't know how involved the NRA is in regard to the lead situation, but The National Association of Shooting Ranges is an excellent resource.

An agreement of interest.

NASR, EPA Agreement Allows Range Anonymity in Environmental Certification

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indoor ranges and lead, a new EPA standard?

Is it a new ball game?

The EPA announced new standards that tighten the allowable lead level 10 times to 0.15 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air (ug/m3).

Quote "No later than October 2011, EPA will designate areas that must take additional steps to reduce lead air emissions. States have five years to meet these new standards after designations take effect." End Quote

Indoor ranges may have to invest serious monies in ventilation and remodeling if the new revised EPA standards also include indoor range operations.

Does anyone doubt that indoor ranges will not fall under the new standards?


U.S. Air Quality Standards for Lead Now 10 Times Stronger

Release date: 10/16/2008

(Washington, D.C. – Oct. 16, 2008) EPA dramatically strengthened the nation's air quality standards for lead, improving public health protection, especially for children. The new standards tighten the allowable lead level 10 times to 0.15 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air (ug/m3).

"America's air is cleaner than a generation ago," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "With these stronger standards a new generation of Americans are being protected from harmful lead emissions."

This decision marks the first time the lead standards have changed in 30 years. EPA strengthened the standards after a thorough review of the science on lead, advice from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, and consideration of public comments. The previous standards, set in 1978, were 1.5 ug/m3.

EPA's action sets two standards: a primary standard at 0.15 ug/m3 to protect health and a secondary standard at the same level to protect the public welfare, including the environment.

The existing monitoring network for lead is not sufficient to determine whether many areas of the country would meet the revised standards. EPA is redesigning the nation's lead monitoring network, which is necessary for the agency to assess compliance with the new standard.

No later than October 2011, EPA will designate areas that must take additional steps to reduce lead air emissions. States have five years to meet these new standards after designations take effect.

More than 6,000 studies since 1990 have examined the effects of lead on health and the environment. Some studies have linked exposure to low levels of lead with damage to children's development, including IQ loss.

Lead can be inhaled or can be ingested after settling out of the air. Ingestion is the main route of human exposure. Once in the body, lead is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and can affect many organ systems including children's developing nervous systems.

Lead emissions have dropped nearly 97 percent nationwide since 1980, largely the result of the agency's phase-out of lead in gasoline. Average levels of lead in the air today are far below the 1978 standards. Lead in the air comes from a variety of sources, including smelters, iron and steel foundries, and general aviation gasoline. More than 1,300 tons of lead are emitted to the air each year, according to EPA's most recent estimates.

Since September 2006, EPA has strengthened air quality standards for lead, ground-level ozone and particulate matter.

Gun Control 2009

The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that Americans have a right to keep a gun at home for self-defense, striking down part of a handgun ban in the District of Columbia.

By a 5-4 vote, the court concluded the 2nd Amendment and its famous right “to keep and bear arms” protects the gun rights of individuals, rather than just a state’s right to maintain a militia.

Obama stated there is an individual right to bear arms, but it is subject to common-sense regulation, just like most of our rights are subject to common-sense regulation."

He explained what he means by common-sense regulation, “I think that local jurisdictions have the capacity to institute their own gun laws . . .

In 2009, lead by Democrats in both the House and Senate:

- The ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN, long pushed by Democrats, will see a vote in 2009.

New York Senator Schumer will lead the charge. I'd be surprised if we don't hear from him within a week after the November 4th election.

Mark your calendar!

The NRA and other pro-gun organizations will protest loudly, but the majority of hunters and clay targets shooters will look the other way, as long as shotguns such as the Remington 1100 is allowed.

- A Federal surcharge on ammunition sales will be implemented. Monies collected to pay for health care.

- Purchasers of ammunition will be required to provide identification.

- A law to ban lead for hunting will be proposed. This will include ammunition used by deer hunters.

- BACKGROUND checks for purchases made at gun shows in all states will become law, with a push to require Background checks for private purchases of long guns.

It will be almost impossible to regulate the private sales of used long guns outside of gun shows, as past ownership will be almost impossible to establish.

Most states don't require long guns registration, as required in Canada. It will be attempted by the Federal government, cheered on by the Brady Campaign.

A person who commits a crime with a firearm will be investigated, with the person selling him/her the firearm being prosecuted if a background check was not conducted.

- Once again a push to make the GUN INDUSTRY libel for guns they manufacture and used in a crime will be pushed at the federal level. A back door attempt to put gun manufacturers out of business.

- The Brady Campaign will lead an effort to dance around the Supreme Courts ruling in regard to securing firearms in the home. We can't have anyone protecting themselves when a drug addict kicks in the door to their home, can we?

- ATF will be directed to increase checks of FFL holders and a FFL fee increase will be seen.

- Three members of the Supreme Court will retire. We will see the 2nd Amendment weakened, as new members of the court will not be supporters.

One of the first court rulings will see the states win the augment they should not be forced to implement the Washington D.C. 2nd Amendment ruling, as it infringes on state rights.

- New York City will argue they have the right to deny firearm permits without just cause. The city assumes a favorable court ruling after new members have been sited to the Supreme Court.

Common-sense regulation from a Liberals Point of View:

Pay a reasonable annual registration fee, per firearm...

Be in possession of a license approved by local officials...

Guns in the home must be disassembled...

Safe storage...

Transported securely to and from the range...

Use ammunition approved by the government...

Use firearms only in areas not designated Gun Free zones...

Firearms must be from the same period as when the 2nd Amendment was written...


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct 12 @ L'Acadie QPTA Trap Shoot, Quebec

Club L'Acadie hosted this years National Trap Shooting Day for the Province of Quebec, Canada.

As well as the normal 100 target ATA events, a 50 target non-registered event was held for non-ATA members. A good idea...

I was not in the building for more then 60 seconds when I was told the shoot would be shot in 25 target segments.

Someone mentioned they read my blog...

I posted previously I did not enjoy ten targets per post or being forced to shoot five per post, but two boxes without a break. Just not fun!

A few had problems with the voice release, but I shot on the same fields and they worked flawlessly for me.

No problems seeing targets and very consistent.

Not one flinch...

My snap-on shell catcher for my 1100 went south. It was given me problems on Thursday, as shells were not catching, but I was testing a new brand of ammunition and I thought it might be the shells. In any case, I threw a spare shell catcher in my pocket and when the shells started to fly, a quick switch fixed the problem.

The club runs a kitchen and I had breakfast for lunch.

A day without wind.

It was 69 degrees when I departed shortly after 4pm.

The border, both coming and going, was empty of vehicles.

I used a birth certificate and drivers license to cross, but come June 1, 2009, Americans will need an enhanced drivers license or passport to re-enter the states.

I received an email saying I hit the Lewis Class...

Shoot Photos

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Canadian gun owners go to the polls on Oct 14

The upcoming election in Canada will decide the fate of long gun registration and firearm laws in general.

If LEGAL gun owners in the province of Quebec and Ontario vote Conservative and give Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority government, the long gun registry would see a quick death.

A Conservative government lead by Harper wishes to remove the registration of long guns, implemented by a past Liberal government, but can't at present, as they don't have a clear ruling majority and would lose the vote required to rescind.

If returned to power, liberals have there own plans. They wish to not only add more restrictions on long gun ownership, but to ban handguns completely.

Ontario and Quebec have Liberal leanings and how they vote will sway the election unless the Conservatives can persuade a change in voting patterns.

Toronto is a tough nut to crack, as they have many who require a vast social network that requires government handouts.

Liberal Toronto's most recent answer to an illegal handgun problem within the city and firearms in general?

Go after legal gun owners...

Toronto refused to renew leases with gun ranges on city property and forced gun club closures.

Based on current gun crimes statics, the criminals seemed to not miss having gun ranges to use for practice.

However, handgun owners in Canada must belong to a gun club and this closure action was more likely implemented to reduce the ranks of legal gun owners, as some think they are the source of illegal handguns in Canada, as criminals supposedly steal legal guns in great numbers, but not supported by fact.

One Olympic shooter that I know of no longer has a place to practice inside the city and now has to travel for practice.

Toronto is not the only problem in regard to achieving a majority Conservative government, as a majority in the Provence of Quebec are anti-gun and until recently not inclined to vote Conservative.

However, Conservatives may make gains within the province based on issues that are unique to Quebec.

If gun owners get out and vote, the long gun registry will be elemented...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The gun critics silence prior to the election is deafening

Mayor Bloomberg and Chicago Major Daley have been uncharacteristically quiet on the subject of GUN CONTROL.

Six months ago you could not keep them from making weekly statements on the subject.

Newspapers across the nation published every word of there non-stop rhetoric against lawful gun owners, many cheering them on in the editorial pages.

We heard it all; Gun locks, mandatory licensing, firearm registration, the right to deny gun ownership without just cause, restrictions on ammunition purchases, controls on the sale of ammunition, smart guns, serial numbers on ammunition, one gun per month purchase, against canceled firearm permits, banning of semi-automatic firearms, banning firearms that look dangerous, protect the children, more laws against lawful gun ownership.

Anti-gun articles published by the mass media has mostly dried up, as the left in the media does not want to draw attention to Democrats true agenda and Democrats for the most part have stopped talking about the subject.

Major ant-gun organizations are keeping there powder dry and seeming to be promoting firearms for hunters, if you wish to believe their rhetoric.

The consensus is the Supreme Court will likely see three (3) new members in the next four years, with the oldest stated to retire, 92 years of age. That is the bottom line for this election and more important than who controls the congress.

With Obama as president, new members will be decidedly liberal and against the 2nd Amendment. They will also liberalize many of the nations laws in regard to immigration and borders.

Special interest groups in-turn will have more say in the governing of the United States and the spending of it's tax dollars, as laws will be written by the left in congress to support there agenda, with the Supreme Court supporting them.

It's your vote, use it wisely!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama elected President and what it means

- In first term, Obama appoints three (3) Supreme Court Justices who combine with LIBERALS on the bench to overturn the 2008 ruling on the Right to Bear Arms.

- The LIBERAL majority in the Supreme Court will rule that states can ban the possession of firearms without just cause, to protect the children.

- The ATF will resume harassment actions against FFL / Gun Shops.

- Dangerous looking firearms will be banned (so called assault weapons).

- Ammunition will only be allowed to be purchased by licensed firearm owners.

- Reloading supplies can only be purchased by licensed firearm owners.

- Taxes will be raised for all firearm purchases. To help with the cost of health care.

- Taxes will be raised for all ammunition purchases. To help with the cost of health care.

- The United States will sign any and all United Nations world treaties to stop the spread of small arms.

- Federal government ceases raids on illegal immigrant work places in the United States because it traumatizes families and children of illegal immigrants.

- Open borders will be proposed and Border Patrol will be directed to not interfere on illegal crossings.

- All local, state, and federal documents must also be printed in Spanish.

- Where now required, voter ID requirement laws will be overturned.

- Unions will win the fight to not allow secret balloting when organizing labor in non-union shops.

- Iran will walk all over the United States, as well as most countries in the world.

- Israel will be attacked and the United States will not take any military action in it's support. But, we will wave a stern finger at the aggressors!

- The United States will sign all world laws proposed by the United Nations, even if it means subjecting U.S. citizens to World Law, and not the rights as set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

- The United States will agree to be taxed by the United Nations with the monies collected given to so called third world countries, to include China and India.

- The United States will go overboard in regard to Global Warming and use it as an excuse to tax all products with a so called carbon tax, with portions of the money given to the United Nations.

- The U.S. military will be cut back drastically, as it will be left to the United nations to resolve world conflicts. A large standing U.S. force will no longer be needed.

- No coal power electrical generating plants will be approved.

- No nuclear power electrical generating plants will be approved.

- Oil drilling restrictions will be re-implemented, as it will take ten years to see the results.

- Percentage payments to the Social Security fund will be increased.

- The Social Security retirement age will be raised.

- Taxes will be raised to pay for Medicare.

- Bankruptcy requirements will be eased to such an extent that signature credit loans will be almost impossible to secure.

- As taxes increase, Pay Under The Table to have work done will increase.

- Cities will receive more handouts from the federal government.

- The death tax will be re-implemented, thus not allowing small family businesses to pass the family business on to their children without the estate selling off major portions of the business.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Not always a positive experience at clay target clubs

Passed on a few shoots this year that have a history of not starting on time.

Nothing more frustrating then to be waiting around for 30 minutes to an hour waiting for first squads to go out.

I don't know if my gun was missed, but I'm sure mine was not the only one based on shoot attendance numbers.

It's not always raising cost that keep shooters away...


I have a pet peeve on "fun shoots" that have no cut off registration time.

I enjoy seeing final scores and the given of awards, but when shooters are still going out and it's 3pm.

Think about this the next time you attend a meat shoot and have to wait until the end to see who wins...


I passed on the chance to visit a few sporting clays clubs this year, as the targets have not changed for what seems like forever.

Even if they would only change every third or forth station from time to time, it would be appreciated.

Unlike skeet and trap shooters, sporting clays shooters expect change!



I shot registered targets at a few clubs this year where old Winchester skeet machines need to be junked.

As cost raise, the tolerance level for problems seen at shoots lower, especially if it's a large number of "no bird's" due to machines that should have been retired long ago, and experienced at the same club, year after year.

Attending a 4-gun NSSA skeet shoot is expensive. It can easily be a $500 weekend for an individual when you add up the cost of the shoot; travel, motel, meals, ammunition, and shoot fees.

Usually the problem field is the one never used, except for shoots.



I don't shoot that much registered trap, but the marathon aspect of ten shots per post seen at some shoots is not enjoyable, especially when on a short squad.

Clubs overbook shoots and shooters suffer, as they are forced to shoot 50 targets without a break, hot day or not.

I still remember my last shoot, where you did not shoot ten per post, but were required to bring fifty shells, shooting five per post, but not take a break.

I stopped after each 25 to take a quick drink of water. I received "the look" from the squad leader who was standing on post 1, as I was holding up the squad.

We were not a full squad and by no means a full shoot!

By the way, I had my push cart with water bottle, positioned behind me, near the 20 yard line, so it was not like I was leaving the field.

At the end of the day, comments were made by those working the shoot on how early the shoot ended, like it was a badge of honor for the club.

Yes, but did everyone have a good time and looking forward to attending the next shoot?

The serious shooters don't seem mind the quick pace, but for the rest who are shooting to have a good time with friends...


Sporting Clays.

Self scoring in sporting clays is seen at more and more shoots.

I understand why it's done, but not as much fun as shooting at a club with scorers.

If I have a choice between two shoots on the same weekend, I'm attending the one with scorers!

At the self score shoots, many have no idea on the correct call for "no bird" scenarios.

Squads want to make the correct call, but...

At the La Roue du Roy, basic rules our placed on the back side of the clip board on one sheet of paper, under a laminating sheet.

No one has to make up the rules as there available to all!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Crossing the U.S. / Canadian border with firearms

The Lost Target web pages that address crossing the border with firearms have been tweaked...

Visitors to the United States with Firearms - ATF Form 6NIA


Visitors to Canada with Firearms

Some background...

The government websites, especially the Canadian site, are much better than seen in past years in regard to laying out the procedure, but I try to bring it down a notch or two so the government jargon is understood by all and to also add my own real world experience and those of my friends from both sides of the border.

To be frank, I wish the ATF would change the layout of there site in regard to ATF Form 6NIA, as not always easy to find or understand information presented.

I've been posting on crossing the border since 2002, the year the US government started to implement ATF Form 6 requirements for temporary imports, and from the time the Canadian government required a firearms declaration and payment for a visitor to bring a firearm into Canada.

When U.S. requirements were implemented, the ATF did not even have a form for temporary imports and modified the ATF Form 6 for use until they came out with the ATF Form 6NIA.

In the first few years, Canadians were routinely denied entry with a firearm at some crossings, as U.S. Customs would not recognize ATF's authority in the matter. Not so much in the past few years, but incidents still happen, as I posted in regard to an incident at a Vermont crossing this past September.

Obviously, the agents involved in the Vermont incident are not aware of the vetting process conducted by ATF, not professional, or did not graduate at the top of the class and failed to read the memo! You decide...

For those not aware, a visitor to the U.S. must seek prior approval from the ATF six to eight weeks prior to crossing the border with a firearm or ammunition. The visitor is throughly checked by ATF before approval is given. Except for a serial number check of firearms and a check of paperwork, no reason for U.S. Customs to have the visitor jump through hoops or to give him or her a hard time.

If visiting Canada, you fill out a form at the border and pay $25 Canadian dollars and your good to go for 60 days, unless you have a five year Canadian Firearm License. I've seen an American processed in under 15 minutes!

I cross the border a minimum of 25 times a year with firearms and shoot with both Canadians and Americans on both sides of the border.

I still run into customs agents that don't have a clue. I've been asked for my ATF Form 6NIA, even though I'm not a Canadian. I was told this past summer that I must renew my U.S. Customs Form 4457, as it was only good for one year. I had to keep my cool and explained the form did not expire and only needed to be replaced when no longer readable. The issue was dropped...

I've run into problems with Canadian Customs, but usually because a young person was hired for the summer and they don't see many Americans with a Canadian Firearms License. Last year I had a young lady apologize for delaying my travel, but she stated she needed to contact her supervisor to see how she should proceed. A short call and I was on my way. Good for her and the correct way to handle the situation!

Water under the bridge and most never experience a problem at the border...

I have written to and spoke to both the ATF and the Canadian Firearm Center on crossing procedures with firearms. I sometimes don't like the answer, but they are always willing to talk.

As for the page tweaks...

I removed several paragraphs that did not aid in crossing the border and more then likely made the process seem harder than it actually is.

I re-wrote several sentences and moved a few.

I verified all links. For whatever reason, I can't get the North Dakota Hunting License links to work, but I will keep it up for the time being and assume it's a temporary glitch. A license used by many Canadians in conjunction with the ATF Form 6NIA.

I updated identification required when crossing borders, to include June 1, 2009 requirements. I keep an eye on this and as information is updated by the government I will in-turn update the pages.

An often asked question.

No, you cannot normally transport a handgun into Canada. If needed for a competition, it must be approved prior to your arrival at the border.

Leave it at home...