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Volusia County Skeet & Trap Club, the rest of the story

Yesterday, it was Olympic Bunker that was being talked down. I posted a response written by Allen Chubb. Today, a well written response in regard to an effort to close or severely restrict the operations at the Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club.

I've shot at this Florida club. They are in the middle of nowhere in regard to having close neighbors, so I was surprised when I first read of an effort to close the club headlined as "Volusia County Trap and Skeet Club works with county to resolve site issues".

Here is the rest of the story...

Letters to the editor for Dec. 29, 2009

News-Journal Corporation / Florida

Pull, clear to shoot

I would like to expand on the Dec. 16 News-Journal report "Skeet club may stay on site in Samsula":

As reported, Volusia County sent out a sound survey crew twice in response to neighbors' noise complaints. No noise violations were found. As to allegations of horses being spooked by loud noises, the properties of Richard Beckman and others border on a hunting lease area. Therefore, the possibility exists for a deer hunter or other hunter to discharge a high-powered rifle within 500 yards of Mr. Beckman's or others' property, which may, indeed, be enough to frighten a skittish or not-well-trained horse.

I invite any County Council member to go out there when we are shooting at the end of Langford Road, which is 1.2 miles as the crow flies from Mr. Beckman's property and listen to see what they can hear. Also, if council members care to go out to the 65 acres we lease from the county to listen to what's going on there when we are not in operation, they may hear firearms being discharged from various directions, but on other property.

Although not part of the news report, the club has heard complaints that individuals have found lead shot and pieces of targets on their property. As to the shot issue, #7 1/2 shot is the largest shot allowed at Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club and will carry a maximum of 260 yards or 720 feet. It is a physical impossibility for shot and broken clay targets to come from our location onto neighboring property.

Remember that we are open only 12 hours per week: Wednesday and Sunday 9 a.m. till 1 p.m., and Saturday 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. These are our normal operating hours as of this time. We have the ability, according to our lease, to be open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on either of those days.

Readers may have construed from the news report that the club had no insurance, when, actually, Jerry Miller paid for range insurance for years before the club relocated from the former Strickland shooting- range site. When we set up the new skeet and trap fields on the land leased from the county, we understood from county staff that we needed X amount of insurance; then, after we obtained the increased insurance, we were told in another meeting that our insurance was still insufficient to meet county needs. We, again, sought out the required insurance and found that, because of certain county requirements, this insurance was impossible to obtain. After lengthy negotiations between our insurance company and the county legal staff, a mutual resolution was finally agreed upon.

As to the statement in The News-Journal that the club agreed to no alcohol on the premises after the county stipulated it, this has been a club policy from the beginning. It was a condition of our original insurance policy. In fact, if we even smell alcohol on someone, they will be asked to leave.

As to county officials looking into developing a more modern skeet range and trying to interest the club in paying for it, the county actually wanted nothing to do with developing and running a skeet and trap facility, unlike the development of the Strickland Rifle and Pistol range that cost more than $1 million and employs three full-time county employees. The county has invested less than $30,000 in the trap and skeet venture, and it costs the public nothing to operate. In the future, if this endeavor continues, this could be a first-class clay-target shooting facility for Volusia County and the surrounding area at a cost of nearly zero dollars to the taxpayer.

It would seem to me that the fact that we have more than 600 members after being in operation at the new site for only two years, that there seems to be a serious need for this facility. This does not include the well over 2,000 visitors who have used or visited our facility and for the many people who are traveling in our state who have contacted us for a place to shoot. Also, this public facility is the only place in Volusia County where a person owning a shotgun can enjoy the sport of clay-target shooting and learn safe gun handling at an organized and responsible clay-target sport- shooting range. The Strickland Rifle and Pistol range does not allow any type of shotgun on its premises.

JIM BORDWELL, Vice President, Volusia County Skeet & Trap Club, Inc.


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Olympic Trap Ranges (Allen Chubb)

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A discussion took place on Trapshooters.com in regard to the announced opening of a Olympic Trap (International Trap) bunker at Ben Avery.

As usually, the topic was hijacked and arrows started to fly.

The bunker at BA will be underutilized if they don't promote it to their shooter base.

In our neck of the woods the trapshooters have to subsidize the skeeters and the bunkerboyss. Even then there are bunkers that are just holes in the ground that only a couple of kids with Olympic aspirations use or they have gone to fallow. I mean no disrespect but history tells us that bunker shooting usually can't pay for itself.

On any kind of reasonable amortisation schedule, there is no way the cost of a 15-trap operation, plus the extra electricity will approximate the cost of a single trap house ... and that is ignoring the cost of concrete and assuming 110s and 108s cost the same, which they don't.

Allen Chubb posted a response and I received his permission to reprint...


I trust that everyone enjoyed their Christmas. If I may first publicly offer Cadry Genena and the staff at Ben Avery a round of applause for their fine effort in bringing this project to a successful completion. Raising funds for such a venture is no easy task, especially in these times. I am confident that the BA facility will be a huge plus to future US efforts.

I'd like to offer a perspective as an Olympic Trap (OT) competitor, facility designer, project manager and range manager. First and foremost, properly run and promoted Olympic Trap ranges can make a profit and be self sustaining. As evidence of that fact I will offer the following: When I built the bunker at the Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in 1989, I originally estimated that it would take 6 years for us to pay off the club for it's original construction investment. We raised a pretty fair amount of money, but the club still put a fairly large amount of seed money into the range. The club was paid off in 18 months; not 6 years. Now before anyone says "See, I told you so", I would also offer this information as well. Raising the money to build such a range is a daunting task, but one that pales in comparison to actually running it. My friends, your real work, worriment and anxious moments only begin when the first target is thrown on the opening day. There are parts of truth in a lot of the statements above from several of the parties. The real work is involved in building your core club shooter base. Then you have to build a regional shooter base and then finally you have to create a National Event attraction.

I spent my first 6 years as the range manager at Ontelaunee on the computer 3 to 4 hours a night, on the phone calling competitors, organizing events, etc. The work did not go away in subsequent years, but I built my base and became better manager of my time and efforts. The fund raising and construction phase of a range project is only for a short period of time, but the real joy and work begins during the post construction period. After 30 years of experience I will offer this recommendation. If you want to build an OT range at your club and you don't have someone that is a tremendously knowledgeable and passionate supporter of the game, than don't build one. This is a pretty bold statement, but mismanagement of our assets can cause mistrust, contempt and closure of a range. Having someone run a range that doesn't possess the qualities to do so in such a manner could cause a catastrophic collapse and embolden the nay sayers.

In 1983 there were 6 bunkers in America. We now have over 50. Now once again, before anyone jumps up and wants to offer another dose of "See, I told you so", you have to look at the facts and conditions in totality. Both our past and current National Governing Body (NGB) have very poor records in assisting and building ranges in this country. Both ranges in Los Angeles and Atlanta for the Olympic Games were task to their respective Olympic Committees and the NGB du jour did NO funding of those range construction projects. Out of 50+ ranges in this nation, the NGB can only be attributed with building the four ranges in Colorado Springs and that facility was built under the prior NGB's reign. That is a tragically poor record, especially when you consider that the NGB is task to assist and promote such projects at the "Grass Roots" level. So who built the other 45+ ranges in America. OT enthusiasts, corporations, private citizens and average shooting Joe's look you. The only bunkers built in this country with tax dollars were at the military bases, which now only encompasses Quantico (1 Bunker) and Fort Benning (3 Bunkers). By the way, you can throw all the dirt you want at the military, but up until 1996, they were the only shooters that produced Olympic medals for this nation, so you may want to temper your condemnation of their efforts. Why did this situation now change in 1996? Several factors contributed to this change and they are as follows:

1. With the range building surge after the 1984 Olympics, we had more facilities in which to now attract the youth, give them their first dose of the games. More ranges meant closer drive times, more participation, more competition, better skill building, etc. It was no longer a necessity to go into the military to become a competitive participant in these games.

2. The 4H and SCTP programs have been a huge assistance to bringing the new blood to the games to fill the many added ranges as identified above.

3. The creation and success of the Olympic Training Center (OTC) program has helped create an alternative to military service.

Now since 1996, non-military shooters have garnered 7 Olympic medals (Lakatos - 1996 Silver, Bade - 1996 Bronze, Cogdell - 2008 Bronze and Kim's 2 Silver and 2 Golds). The military proved to still be a formidable threat and contributor to Olympic hopes and medals with the likes Todd Graves's 2000 Bronze as well as both Vince Hancock's and Glenn Eller's 2008 Gold Medals. The success story is that where the US only had a one pronged approach to medal production and representation at the Olympic, we now have a credible two pronged approach to now include the civilian component. The eggs are no longer in one basket thanks to the "Grass Roots" clubs that received no help from the NGB. The incredible part of this success story is that we created all of this without a cohesive plan among any of us. We didn't have some big planning conference to lay out a 25 year plan in 1984. We all simply built our respective "Field of Dreams" and managed them to the best of our abilities. Just imagine what we could have created if the "Grass Roots" managers would have actually built a plan together. The competitors with a dream came; they learned and they won World & Olympic titles. This is the kind of stuff that they make movies about, but you won't hear it from many or any other sources. It is simply the factual modern history of the sport in America.

No matter what your game of preference might be, Viva la Differance". Condeming, belittling and creating an aire of belligerence is hardly the appropriate course to take when offering commentary about a sport that you know nothing about, nor do you get to be the gate keeper of any website that promotes TRAPSHOOTING, whether it is ATA or bunker. You have two avenues in life. You can either be a Builder or a Destroyer. What's your choice? If it's the later than I would recommend refraining from any further negative commentary.

If you take nothing else away from this post, understand that WE, the Grass Roots men (Charlie Wentzel, Steve Wirth, Jack Burch, Rick Chordash, Jim Clawson, Ricardo Alcantara, Cadry Genena, Guy Avedisian, Tom Baber and many Others) that built this success did so in a manner much like how the greatness in America was built.......with DREAMS, PASSION, HARD WORK AND FAITH.

Best Regards,

Allen Chubb


A past posting...

Keystone Shooting Park Olympic Bunker, Pennsylvania

Friday, December 25, 2009

Clark County Shooting Park, Nevada

The Clark County Shooting Park had a soft opening and is open for business. The Las Vegas club that many shot at in the past did not have it's lease renewed and is closed!

Shooting Park Map - PDF

The shooting community is looking forward to attending major shoots at the facility.

However, the shooting park will not run registered shoots. An outside party will have to run with the ball.

For those interested in hosting a shoot at the club.

Approved by Clark County Board of County Commissioners

- All groups who desire to use the park must have a current Registered User Group application on file at the Park Office. Individuals may not register as a User Group unless they are a bonafide business.

- All Registered User Groups must possess a current liability insurance certificate naming Clark County as additional insured before using the Clark County Shooting Park.

$1,000,000 policy is required.

- All event shooters and Registered User Groups must pay the appropriate shooting park fees through designated event coordinators or match directors.

The park is charging shoot management $30 per case for targets. The price includes someone to load machines. $30 per case, no matter if used to set targets, show targets or shoot off targets.

You must provide your own target pullers/refs.

You must provide for someone to run the desk/registration.

- All Registered User Groups must provide trained safety officers to supervise their events. If a sanctioned event is being held, these officers must meet the standards set by the sanctioning authority.

- All Registered User Groups must be responsible for match set up and clean up and ensure that their Clark County Shooting Park reserved areas are left in a clean condition. Clark County Shooting Park does not provide set up nor clean up services.

In the case of a large event (four or more days) the registered user group will provide a roll off dumpster. Registered User groups will be charged a clean up fee if Clark County Shooting Park staff must clean up after an event.

- All Registered User Groups must provide portable toilets if their event lasts more than six hours with 50 or more people (including participants and spectators). The first toilet must be ADA (handicapped) approved, with an additional toilet provided for every additional 25 people.

- All Registered User Groups must hire a licensed security agency for the duration of the event, or rental of buildings, when the event includes participants, vendors and goods or services remaining on property beyond normal hours of operations. The security agency must be approved by and contact the Park Office in advance to obtain specific instructions on close up procedures, access, etc.


The Nevada NSSA made inquires and passed on holding a shoot at the present time.

Subsidizing another clay target discipline

I came across a posting on a talk board where it's claimed one clay target sport is subsidizing another clay target discipline at the club. I've seen those postings in the past and have heard such talk at various gun clubs.


It only takes a small number shooters to pay the annual cost for any one discipline. Replacement parts, mowing, and power for the machines being the three major cost that come to mind. If a field(s) is seeing any use at all, the discipline is not being subsidized by anyone.

Also, if we're not talking machine replacement, that is the transition from Winchester machines to modern machines, the cost to run a field is minimal.

In any case, replacing machines is the normal cost of doing business. Something that should be planed for well in advance. There should no reason to raise prices because new machines need to be purchased. That should already be priced into the cost of shooting. If monies raised is not used to purchase new machines; maybe for a future clubhouse roof replacement or a replacement of the clubs mower. A club run as a business will charge enough so that they don't have to raise prices for a major outlay, as it's already been priced into what's being charged. If a club is not sitting on seven or eight thousand dollars in a emergency fund they are not charging enough for services they provide.

I know one club where the trap field was rarely used. They did not have one shooter that used the field weekly. In spite of that the club installed a PAT trap and a set of voice release as part of the clubs modernization program. The outlay was considered just the cost of doing business.

It seems that some shooters think they are subsiding another discipline because the other discipline doesn't have shoots or if they do, less shooters attend.

Nothing can be farther from the truth!

In most cases shooters making negative comments don't attend meetings or wish to disregard the annual treasurers report. We can't let facts get in the way, can we?

The bottom line is the net at the end of the year. Did the discipline take in more money than the club spent on it?

If the club is not netting at least 100% on each target (member run club) they are undercharging and have stopped operating as a business. 100% net is on the low side. I'm not aware of any club that I shoot at on a regular bases that is not netting at least 125% on targets. A club that has paid help may be closer to 200% if not higher. Remember, all the cost for operating fields now and in the future comes from target fees, not the price of membership. For whatever reason it's also the clay targets shooters that end up paying other major expenses the club may have, outside of taxes that is usually covered by membership fees at a number of clubs.

For a club operating a 5-stand the cost to purchase machines is rarely considered when setting prices. Again, a machine purchase is just the cost of doing business and for long term betterment of the club.

Can a club charge the same for 5-stand as it does for skeet and trap. The answer is no. More show targets, more targets thrown if a machine is given problems, and higher electrical cost to run the field. Most clubs charge a minimum of $1 more per 25 and I've seen it at $2 more, depending on the number of machines.

Some clubs have a night rate when shooting after dark to cover the cost of lighting. An additional expense that should not be passed on to others.

Will one discipline make so much money that the club can afford to build a new club house or to allow rifle range shooters to not be charged a fee? You bet, but that has nothing to do with one clay target discipline subsidizing another.

Christmas gifts for a women shooter

Gets harder each year to do something a little different in regard to gifts for Christmas. Thankfully the wife is a clay target shooter!

A Magnetic Barrel Rest for trap. It was for Christmas and I wanted it personalized. I called Shamrock Leathers. At no additional charge I was able to change out the logo from what was shown on the display ad and also have a first name added. An easy company to do business with.

Rounding off the shooting theme I also ordered a women's summer shooting shirt from Clay Target Shooting Shirts & Embroidery. A Moisture Management Shooting shirt was what I choose. When it arrived I found the quality of the material was better than I expected and the design of the shirt looked much better than shown on the companies website.

There are several companies that cater to women shooters. I've listed those that I'm aware in a designated area on the Lost Target Links page.

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Complimentary NSSA Skeet Membership

Have you been thinking of shooting registered skeet?

The NSSA has a deal for you, a one year FREE membership!

The rules:

Complimentary Membership recipients cannot have been a member of NSSA or NSCA at any previous time.

There is one exception: if a former NSSA member desires to compete in a registered Sporting Clays event and has never fired at a registered Sporting Clays target, then a Complimentary membership may be granted.

Download the application and submit to club or shoot management before participating in a registered event. The application shall be submitted to NSSA with a shoot report.

Skeet Membership

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Lost Target 2009 Year in Review

I ended up shooting four different shotguns this year. Not something I recommend. The last time I shot my O/U was in April. Going into 2010 all is well and I expect to be shooting my primary guns, especially my O/U in small gauge skeet events.

We attended the first Florida Chain ATA Trap Shoot held at the Flagler Gun & Archery Club, Bunnell, Florida. The previous winter I saw the addition of fields (both skeet and trap) and the effort put forth at the club to make it a shooting destination. The club put on a great shoot and I look forward to attending future shoots.

Hat's off to the Palatka Skeet Club, Palatka, Florida. After years of disuse, they put the clubs lone trap field back into operation. One of the things missing in Florida, compared to what I see in the Northeast, is small feeder trap clubs for the big shoots, especially for trap in Northeastern Florida. In the last few years I've seen three clubs in the region put a trap field into operation. At some point it should have an impact on ATA trap.

What a treat to watch the Southeast Regional Olympic Trap Tournament held at the Gator Skeet & Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida. I not only saw top shooters, but I got the chance to talk to Olympic shooters.

The past year I visited four clubs that I had never visited in the past.

Volusia County Skeet & Trap Club, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

One of the newest clubs in Florida. I left the club knowing I would return. I was more than happy with the skeet side of the house. I can't remember his name, but they have a first class person running the trap operation. Very reasonable priced.

Rhino Outdoors, Williston, Florida.

A well run club. Sporting clays shooters will not be disappointed.

Lamoille Valley Fish & Game, Morrisville, Vermont.

The Lamoille Valley Fish & Game held it's first skeet shoot. No way I wanted to miss it. The club is a rifle/pistol club that happens to throw clay targets. A small but dedicated group in charge of the skeet operation. They have two NSSA shoots scheduled for 2010. I will be attending at least one.

Golden Triangle Trap & Skeet, Brockville, Ontario.

The Golden Triangle Trap & Skeet club was like finding an oasis in the desert. I had driven down the 401 many times on my way to Kingston, not knowing I was driving past a top notch club. A three hour drive, but worth the trip.

I also this year did one of of my better Hat's Off to shooter Jim Chapman.

The Canadian Shotgun Championships was an opportunity to see shooters from all across Canada in attendance. Hosted by the Montreal Skeet Club, Les Cèdres, Québec. A 600 target event.

As for the Lost Target website. I was asked if I could put up a clay target page for Ontario and for sporting clays in New York. I was hesitant, but posted a page for each. The Ontario page seems to be holding it's own, but the promised information support from New York sporting clays shooters has not materialized.

If you follow this blog you know I recently updated various Lost Target pages, especially the information pages in regards to visiting Canada and the U.S. with firearms. A major undertaken and very time consuming, but I think well worth the effort.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site and my efforts to promote the shooting sports!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun shoot at L'Acadie, Dec 20th

I shot the trap portion of the fun shoot held at Club L'Acadie this past Sunday.

The shoot consisted of a 100 target 16-yard BenJo Trap Shoot and/or a round of Strapheet.

11 degrees when I arrived, the high for the day...

In the trap event you took 50 shells to the field and shot five per station. After all shooters shot their initial 50 you went out and shot the last 50. A break between the 50's was long enough so that you could go inside and have lunch.

I dropped eight out the first ten. I've been holding on the roof the past year but obviously this was not working. I started to hold about two feet above the roof and targets started to break. I thought targets were high, but not that high...

I passed on the Strapheet event. I've seen several variations through the years. The club went with two man teams and shooting from the rear of the field. The last part of the video shows the event. No video of targets. Almost impossible to get a video of targets in such an event with the camera I have.

In spite of the cold temperatures I was comfortable. For winter shooting I always place a chemical hand warmer in the palm of each hand, inside the glove. I also wear my earmuff hearing protection. I did have a problem with the eyes watering and it cost me a few targets during the first 50.

As part of the shoot, a venison meal with all the fixings was served at the end of the day.

Of all the clubs I shoot at in Canada, L'Acadie is the only club that flies the American flag year round. The club is located maybe 30 minutes tops from Montreal.

Shoot Photos

I did not experience any problems crossing the border in either direction.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Temporary Export, visiting Canada with firearms

Visiting Canada with a shotgun or rifle to hunt or attend a competition?

Make sure your aware of US export laws and Canada import laws in regard to firearms and ammunition, as the laws of Canada and the USA are in conflict!

Don't get caught in the government bureaucracy...

Canada allows for the import of 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition. Canada also allows for more than three firearms to be temporarily imported.

However, US persons have limits on what can be removed from the USA.

    123. 17(c) Temporary export of firearms and ammunition for personal use. U.S. persons may export temporarily not more than three non-automatic firearms and not more than 1,000 cartridges of ammunition provided that this is for the person's exclusive use and not for re-export or other transfer of ownership (i.e., firearms for use on hunting trips).

I've never heard of it as a problem, but if more than three firearms in your name and/or over 1,000 rounds of ammunition in your possession when returning to the states you may have issues. I can't imagine a target shooter returning to the states with over 1,000 rounds, but in rare instances, the traveler may have more than three firearms.

Also, under the laws of Canada, a Canadian may import:

- primers, up to a quantity of 5,000;

- propellants, smokeless powder in containers not exceeding 4 kilograms and black powder in containers not exceeding 500 grams, up to a maximum total combined quantity of 8 kilograms, (17.66 pounds).

Once again this is in conflict with U.S. law. A US person (as well as a Canadian) must have an export permit to remove the items from the USA and import into Canada. An American would require approval from Canada.

As a side note. If you bring a barrel into Canada to sell or to give to a friend, it requires an export permit.

A simple process to bring a firearm into canada. The procedures can be found on this page: Visiting Canada with a Firearm. Don't let the above keep you from visiting Canada to attend a shoot or to go hunting.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Montreal Skeet Club Dec. 2009 Fun Shoot

Three of us crossed the border and attended the Montreal Skeet Club's annual clay target turkey fun shoot.

At the Canadian border the lady working the booth was someone I've had process me in the past. As always, all firearm serial numbers were checked. If I was running a business she would be someone I'd hire, as both professional and friendly...

Overcast and maybe 30 degrees when we arrived at the club. No wind to speak of.

Registration was a simple process. All shooters logged into the computer.

We shot the sporting clays and 5-stand event, passing on skeet and trap.

We shot sporting clays first and while waiting to shoot the 5-stand it started to snow.

I had to laugh at myself during the 5-stand event. I was missing targets that should have been easy hits. I reached into my pouch to checked the ammo and pulled out a #9 shell...

After shooting the 5-stand I walked over and snapped a few photos of the skeet shooters.

If you view the video the last part really shows the snow.

I was able to snap a few trap shooting photos when I walking out to the sporting clays course, but except for one shooter I was not able to get in any trap shooting video.

Shoot Photos

A rather long drive home, as highway speeds were reduced. Crossing the border was uneventful. We declared the one turkey that was won by Mike Duquette.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Golf Carts for Shooters

Free Golf Carts!

FOX News Network

After money from the "stimulus" bill was spent on destroying perfectly good cars and building an Airport for Nobody, the WSJ reports that government has found an even more ridiculous way to spend your money: free golf carts.

"The purchase of some models could be absolutely free," Roger Gaddis of Ada Electric Cars in Oklahoma said earlier this year. "Is that about the coolest thing you've ever heard?"

The golf-cart boom follows an IRS ruling that many golf carts qualify for the electric-car credit.

Tony Colangelo, in Florida, calls himself "golf cart man" and is already advertising free carts.

Golf Cart Man is referring to his offer in which you can buy the cart for $8,000, get a $5,300 tax credit off your 2009 income tax, lease it back for $100 a month for 27 months, at which point Golf Cart Man will buy back the cart for $2,000. "This means you own a free Golf Cart or made $2,000 cash doing absolutely nothing!!!"

I thought this giveaway was outrageous enough that it would embarrass Congress into killing the tax credit. I thought the media would be all over Colangelo, after the WSJ story. I was wrong. When we called him, he said, “I’ve never had so many phone calls,” But most of the calls come from potential golf-cart “buyers.” Colangelo said he had received some e-mails from newspapers, but my researcher was the first reporter with whom he’d spoken.

He also said the golf-cart credit is a very good thing. Good for the politicians:

It’s all [about] going green. They want all those gas vehicles off the street. They’d rather have the electric than anything.

And good for the average person:

I never, in my entire life, got anything back from the government and I’ve always paid taxes. Why shouldn’t the people who worked hard for their money get something back?

Because government shouldn’t be in the business of taking money and giving it back! That just gives the venal cretins more power over our lives.


First cash for clunkers – now free golf carts

by Steve McGough

In a twist that will tick-off taxpayers, the federal government’s plan to provide tax credits to buyers of electric vehicles has turned into a boon for golf cart manufactures. The IRS allows the full credit – $4,200 to $5,500 – to be applied to electric golf carts as long as they are road-worthy. Some buyers will drive carts for two years – and get paid $2,000.

Golf cart dealers are taking advantage of the the monstrous federal bureaucracies legislation. New golf carts, equipped with three point seat belts and rear-view mirrors, can easily be purchased for $8,000 and dealers are promoting the $5,500 rebate on your 2009 federal return

Taking this one step further, dealers are suggesting you can make $2,000 on the deal, after driving the cart around for more than two years for free! This is more ammunition for TEA party members and a great example of an out-of-control federal government.

From the Wall Street Journal.

In South Carolina, sales of these carts have been soaring as dealerships alert customers to Uncle Sam’s giveaway. “The Golf Cart Man” in the Villages of Lady Lake, Florida is running a banner online ad that declares: “GET A FREE GOLF CART. Or make $2,000 doing absolutely nothing!”

Golf Cart Man is referring to his offer in which you can buy the cart for $8,000, get a $5,300 tax credit off your 2009 income tax, lease it back for $100 a month for 27 months, at which point Golf Cart Man will buy back the cart for $2,000. “This means you own a free Golf Cart or made $2,000 cash doing absolutely nothing!!!” You can’t blame a guy for exploiting loopholes that Congress offers.

Can the deal be any better? For cart buyers, it really can’t get any better, but how do you feel about your tax dollars being used to provide free luxury items – golf carts – to other people. We’re not talking about tax dollars going to the poor to pay the heat bill ya know?

OK, maybe golf carts are “regular transportation vehicles” in some communities, but is the federal government going to subsidize the purchase of bicycles next? It’s not like the feds are requiring those who buy golf carts turn in their cars or anything.

Can it get more idiotic? Sure it can!

The IRS has also ruled that there’s no limit to how many electric cars an individual can buy, so some enterprising profiteers are stocking up on multiple carts while the federal credit lasts, in order to resell them at a profit later. We should note that some states, such as Oklahoma, have caught on to the giveaway and are debating whether to cancel or limit their state credits. But in Congress they’re still on the driving range.

Your federal government at work, and it’s just another symptom of the disease. Tax credits to specific groups as pay offs and a stupid go-green initiative leads to more and more of this crap.

TSA Recognized Baggage Locks for Firearms

A recent change by the TSA, or what I think is a recent change, has stirred up a bit of controversy.

Last year I received an email from the TSA after asking if a TSA Recognized Baggage Lock could be used to secure a firearm when flying?

They answered no!

Last week I was updating the web page I have dedicated to this topic and noticed a change in language on the TSA website.

I contacted the TSA in regard to TSA Recognized Baggage Locks and firearms, and a qustion on another subject. They ignored one question, but did answer the lock question.

Question: Can TSA Recognized Baggage Locks be used to secure checked baggage containing a firearm?

I received an email response (Dec 9, 2009):

Thank you for your e-mail about using Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-recognized locks to secure firearm cases.

Passengers may use TSA-recognized locks to secure firearm cases. However, TSA does not recommend or endorse any specific brand or type of lock to use on firearm containers.

This contrary to what I see posted on many websites but the TSA is the ruling authority and sets the standard.

This response was questioned on another talk board. I posted that if someone could provide me information to the contrary, a letter from the TSA or what have you, posted after December 9th, I would take another look at the topic.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Visiting Canada with a Firearm (Temporary Import)

The Lost Target web page in regard to visiting Canada with a Firearm was updated Dec 8, 2009.

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

I changed the flow of information to hopefully make it easier for those who have never brought a long gun into Candda, and more importantly, to not have any surprises on the day of travel.

A few notes:

A 60 day temporary firearm permit cost $25 (Canadian). You can show up at any border crossing and do the paperwork the day your entering Canada.

You can bring your own ammunition or with the permit, purchase ammunition.

For the most part, a handgun is not allowed. Unless pre-approved, don't even try as you will be turned away.

U.S. visitors require a U.S. Customs Form 4457 and Enhanced Drivers License or Passport when returning to the states. If flying, only a passport will be accepted.

If you had a DUI in the past you may not be allowed entry into Canada. There is a process for having a DUI removed from your record.

Monday, December 07, 2009

ATF Form 6NIA (Visiting the US with Firearms)

The Lost Target web page for this topic was updated Dec 7, 2009.

Visiting the USA with Firearms

The web page provides guidance for visitors to the U.S. who wish to temporarily import a firearm for target shooting, attend shoots, visit clubs or for hunting.

The ATF recently changed links to numerous postings. The links have been updated.

It also seems that the AFT Form 6NIA branch no longer has a dedicated web page.

I will be verifying voice and FAX numbers in the AM.



I talked to ATF this AM and the posted FAX numbers are correct. They have not changed.

I did not see any FAX numbers posted on the revised ATF main site, thus the telephone call. They are aware of the missing FAX numbers and expect a site update at some point.

Flying with Firearms

The Lost Target web page for the topic Flying with Firearms has been updated as Dec 7, 2009.

Flying with Firearms

Importing a Firearm

The Lost Target web page on this topic was updated December 7, 2009.

Americans Importing Firearms from Overseas and Canada

If you wish to VISIT the USA with a firearm for hunting and/or target shooting.

Visitors to the USA

A permit to bring a firearm into the states may take up to six weeks to process.

Canadians importing firearms to Canada

The Lost Target web page on this topic was updated December 7, 2009

For Canadians that wish to purchase a firearm in the states and import to Canada.

Canadians Importing Firearms

If your interested in VISITING Canada with a firearm for hunting and/or target shooting, visit this link.

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

* Rather simple to visit Canada with a long gun, very difficult to bring in a handgun. You can process a long gun at the border the day of crossing.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shooter's Post... Looks Like a Home Run!

I have no interest in Shooter's Post, but I recommend all take a look...

The Shooter's Post is your one stop Internet site for everything shooting sports.

- Club / Organization Interactive Website (Free)

- Interactive Calendar

- League Management

- Tournament Management

- Mobile Access & Update

Shooter's Post

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lost Target Odds & Ends, Dec 1 2009

Glenrock Blue.

The Wyoming based company returned my Browning Citori. From what I see they did an excellent job. They even redid the gold trigger.

I went for a dark finish. It looks like I made a good choice.

If you been following the story I sent my shotgun in for re-bluing. When it came my guns turn to be worked on they found a part broken in the receiver. I opted to have them send it to a regional gunsmith for repairs, adding the cost of repairs to my bill. Hat's off to the gunsmith, as a reasonable charge for the repair.

A busy company. One time I called and they had 700 guns needing work. Two months later I was told they had 400 guns in the shop.

From what I see posted on talk boards, expect to not have your firearm from anywhere from three to five months, depending on time of year.

You get what you pay for. The shotgun had previously been re-blued by another company and the bluing failed. Thus, the shotgun being sent to Glenrock Blue...


Montreal Skeet Club.

The club is holding it's annual December turkey shoot on the 13th. I plan on attending. A bit of a drive, especially at this time of the year, but I always have a good time. A few years back a major snow storm hit while at the shoot and it took me over three hours to get home. Normally a 1hr 40 min drive.

You can shoot one, two, or all events; skeet, trap, sporting clays, and 5-stand.

I will shoot two events for sure, maybe three, but not all four.

A few years back I shot all events and my back went out...


Club L'Acadie.

The club is having a December fun shoot. Strapeet is the game offered, but it does nothing for me. However, the club was asked if on the same day a 100 target fun trap shoot be held and after completion, host a venison dinner (donated meat).

Have not seen the flyer as yet (should be received this week for posting), but I received two invites and the trap shoot looks like fun.

I don't know about you, but it's nice to receive a personal shoot invite instead of just receiving a shoot flyer in the mail...


Pierre Dubois.

I gave a Hat's off to the Australian Federation for the outstanding job they did with the information flow for the 2009 World FITASC.

Time to recognize Pierre for taking the time to take photos and pass them along for posting on the Lost Target.



Remington 1100.

I've been shooting for the most part a Remington 1100 this past summer and fall.

It shoots great when used for skeet and trap, but for whatever reason, my 5-stand and sporting scores have tanked.

The reason is most likely shooting to much trap and skeet. I'm having a hard time judging leads when I shoot 5-stand. I think next year I need to ensure three or four practice outings in a row, centering on shooting 5-stand and/or sporting clays. Doing this ever so often, not just when I'm getting ready for a shoot.

Not a natural born athlete and not close to being a AA shooter. I have to work hard for every target I hit, in all the shooting sports...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hats off, Field and Game Federation of Australia

Hats off...

The Field and Game Federation Of Australia, the home of Australian Sporting Clays.

An outstanding job with the information flow in regard to the 31st World FITASC Championships held at Laang Sporting Clay Range, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

Timely posting of shoot photos and daily posting of shoot results was the norm.

Even with a hiccup with web Internet operations that delayed posting of day three results and for a period made the site unreachable, they managed to email results for posting on other websites not associated with the shoot.

Much to my surprise, receiving a PDF file with Day #3 results for posting at 5am EST, and earlier receiving Day #2 results when it became apparent they were having Internet problems that were not going to be resolved quickly. They had managed to post Day #2 results, but shortly after the site went down. Eventually the site went back online and posting of photos and shoot results resumed.

Many of us in the states have gotten used to shoot results being posted each evening for major and not so major shoots. Not the case with World FITASC championships. The Australia shoot was the exception not the norm. Posting of photos may have been a first.

It was almost like pulling teeth getting daily results for previous World Shoots. If not already the agreement, the World Body should make posting of scores each day on the Internet part of the bid agreement for hosting a world shoot and not just assume they will be posted.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Valleyfield November 2009 Fun Shoot

Attended a small club Fun shoot at Club de Tir de Valleyfield, St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, Québec this past Sunday.

The first such shoot at the club. A 75 target event; Trap, Skeet & 5-Stand. You shot all three disciplines, 25 per discipline.

The first time I shot just 25 in each discipline at a fun shoot, as normally 50. Worked out well and I can see the benefit, as a nice flow to the shoot and not a lot of down time.

A slight drizzle and fog conditions at the start of the day. By the time we left the sun was shinning and 60 degrees.

In 2009, the club purchased an additional PAT Trap, two sets of voice release and two promatic machines.

There is talk of a purchase of a new set of skeet machines for field two in 2010 and after that purchase a new PAT Trap in 2011, if not sooner.

Crossing the border into Canada was uneventful. We did have the serial numbers on are shotguns checked.

On the return to the states, the first question at the crossing was "Where you been shooting this week"?

Shoot Photos

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

31st World FITASC Championships

The 31st World FITASC Championships are being held Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia from 16th-22nd November 2009.

Canadian Pierre Dubois will be in attendance with laptop and camera and has promised to take some photos for posting on the Lost Target. I gave him access to my server so he can FTP to a private account and not have to email photos. He may also provide some video. Almost no file size restrictions when you use FTP and makes for sending large files effortless.

I've heard from Australian Mark Farrow and he will start posting photos and hopefully a bit of video on the Australians Association website, starting on the 17th. He wanted to do a live webcam but the location is to remote for the cam to stream. He has to drive 2000 kms to get to the club. He says a two day drive.

You will have to take into consideration times zones in regard to postings and scores, as it's already tomorrow in Australia in relation to where I live.

As links become available I will update this posting to include the links to photos and scores. If I come across anyone else posting photos I will also make those links available.


Shoot Photos - Pierre Dubois

Shoot Photos


Update: Nov 20, 3:26pm

As of this posting, the Australian site that has the results posted went off line......

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

The articles and Pierre photos are still available for viewing, but as I linked the results from there site and they are not on my server, we will have to wait until they come back on line to view results.

What normally happens is that you have to contact your ISP and pay an additional fee for additional bandwidth to get through the month.


Update: Nov 20, 6:45pm (EST)

I have received scores for Day 2 (PDF File)


If they don't get the website problem fixed they will send the PDF out to various sites for posting. I will post Day 3 when received...


The Aussie site is back online...


They are having problems posting Day 3 scores. I received a PDF for day 3 and have posted them to my site.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday: Obama, Economy, Afghanistan

Chris Wallace interviewed Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday. This is part 1 of 3. Wallace asked Rush what he thinks Barack Obama has done for or to the country.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Broken Remington 1100 Shell Catcher

This summer my Remington 1100 broke.

Major problems inside the receiver.

I had to re-stake the Feed Latch and have the Disconnector replaced.

After repairs, I shot the firearm and found I had to replace the shell catcher. It was loose and not doing it's job. I carry a spare so not a problem.

I took a look at the catcher today thinking I might be able to repair it.

Upon inspection, I found a sliver of metal running along the entire inside edge of the catcher at the bottom of the lip, missing.

Did the sliver of metal that broke off cause the damage inside the receiver or was it just a coincidence?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hats off, Jim Chapman

One of the good guys...

An avid skeet shooter and the ultimate volunteer!

Through force of personality and good business sense, he took a rundown club with outdated facilities and a clay target program in decay and turned it into a club that all could be proud of.

He also lead the effort to purchase and install a PAT Trap & voice release on his home clubs lone trap field. A trap field that had seen better days and only used for fun shoots and an occasional outing. The field now sees weekly use.

Visit Clays Vermont

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama is for Gun Control, but...

A majority of gun owners think President Obama wants to ban gun sales.

A new Gallup poll shows 55 percent of those who own a gun, 53 percent who have a gun in the household, and 41 percent of all Americans believe he will attempt to ban the sale of guns while he is president.

I firmly think he would do so and more!

Whats stopping him?

65 House Democrats...

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” [Attorney General Eric] Holder told reporters.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tossed cold water on the prospect of reinstating the assault weapons ban, highlighting Democrats’ reluctance to take on gun issues. “On that score, I think we need to enforce the laws we have right now,” [Speaker of the House Nancy] Pelosi said at her weekly news conference. “I think it’s clear the Bush administration didn’t do that.”


Democrats abdicate on gun control
By Mary Sneyd
May 26, 2009

Silence is the new Democratic strategy. The majority party has a big tent now. Its denizens are diverse, from coastal lefties to backwoods righties. Priority one is to protect the centrist and conservative freshmen from political harm back home; after all, there's an election next year. There's no appetite for doing anything that would put those Democrats in the crosshairs of the gun lobby.

That's why Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, was basically told to zip his lip about any restoration of the assault-weapons ban. Three months ago, he came out for restoration; he had the wild and crazy idea that such a ban might help stanch the easy flow of assault weapons to the Mexican drug gangs who are wreaking havoc at the border. The NRA swung into action, and 65 House Democrats -- many from swing districts -- formally protested Holder's idea. Holder got the memo. By April, he was saying: "I respect the Second Amendment," and little more.

Lets not forget...

Obama has consistently supported gun control legislation that came up while he was in the Illinois state legislature and the U.S. Senate.

- When Obama ran for the Illinois state senate the political group, Independent Voters of Illinois (IVI), asked him if he supported a “ban [on] the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns” and he responded “yes.”

- In 1998, another questionnaire administered by IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test didn’t ask about banning all handguns, but it did find that Obama wanted to “ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.”

Indeed, such a ban would outlaw virtually all handguns and the vast majority of rifles sold in the United States.

- From 1998 to 2001, Obama was on the board of directors for the Joyce Foundation, which funded such anti-gun groups as the Violence Policy Center, the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, and Handgun Free America.

Both the Violence Policy Center and Handgun Free America, as its name suggests, are in favor of a complete ban on handguns. During his tenure on the board, the Joyce Foundation was probably the major funder of pro-control research in the United States.

- John Lott knew Obama during the mid-1990s, and his answers to IVI’s question on guns fit well with the Obama that John Lott knew. Indeed, the first time John introduced myself to him he said “Oh, you are the gun guy.”

John responded “Yes, I guess so.” He simply responded that “I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns.”

When John said it might be fun to talk about the question sometime and about his support of the city of Chicago’s lawsuit against the gun makers, he simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.

- Obama also opposes the current laws in 48 states that let citizens carry concealed handguns for protection claiming, despite all the academic studies to the contrary, that "I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations."

- Obama is unwilling to state that DC’s or Chicago’s ban on guns are unconstitutional.

- Obama’s website only recognizes two legitimate purposes for civilian ownership of guns: “hunting and target shooting.” The notion that people might want to protect themselves when the police are not around isn’t something that he sees as legitimate.

- With guns, it sure looks like Obama is telling voters what they want to hear, not what he plans on doing.

The Obama campaign’s strategy largely follows 2003 surveys produced by Democratic pollster Mark Penn showing that if Democrats didn't show "respect for the 2nd Amendment and support gun safety," voters would presume that they were anti-gun. "The formula for Democrats," according to Penn, "is to say that they support the 2nd Amendment, but that they want tough laws that close loopholes. This is something [Democrats] can run on and win on."

Souce: John Lott, author of "Freedomnomics" and a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland


From the Obama Change Government Website

Thursday, November 06, 2008 | 75 Days Until Inauguration

Address Gun Violence in Cities:

As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade.

Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them.

They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof.

They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.


Before he became a national political figure, he sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation, which paid him more than $70,000 in directors fees.

The Chicago-based foundation doled out at least nine grants totaling nearly $2.7 million to groups that advocated the opposite positions.

The foundation funded legal scholarship advancing the theory that the Second Amendment does not protect individual gun owners’ rights, as well as two groups that advocated handgun bans. It also paid to support a book called “Every Handgun Is Aimed at You: The Case for Banning Handguns.”

During Obama’s time on the Joyce board, the foundation gave seven grants to the Violence Policy Center. This D.C.-based nonprofit, which calls itself “the most aggressive group in the gun control movement,” for years has argued for a national handgun ban.

The Joyce Foundation in 1999 awarded $84,000 to the Chicago-Kent College of Law for a symposium on the theory that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to bear arms, but rather only a state’s right to arm its militia.


Joe Biden on Gun Control

Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence.

Voted YES on background checks at gun shows.

Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Keystone Shooting Park Olympic Bunker, Pennsylvania

Go to Newest Posting - Nov 2010


I had questions in regard to the bunker being built in Pennsylvania, a bunker scheduled to become operational in the spring of 2010.

Most importantly, I was confused on the bunkers physical location. I emailed Allen Chubb.

His edited response....

Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. (CISS) leased (16) acres from Martz's Game Farm to build and run this complex.

The KSP complex is located at the following physical address:

Keystone Shooting Park
610 Game Farm Road
Dalmatia, PA. 17017

This is located in the very Southern part of Northumberland County, near the Dauphin County line (Central Pennsylvania). The closet town is actually "Pillow". Yes, Pillow; don't laugh. We're two miles West of Pillow and both Pillow and Dalmatia are located on the East side of the Susquehanna River. We're approximately (12) miles South of Sunbury and (19) miles Southwest of Elysburg.

The job site is probably going to shut down during the first or second week in November and we'll probably get back at it again in mid to late March (Weather Permitting). Over the winter, I'll probably go ahead and install the trap tables and machines on the nicer/warmer days, so that this task will be completed and we can devote more man power to the outside tasks in the Spring.

Best Regards,

Allen B. Chubb, Jr.
President & Treasurer
Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.



KSP complex will be the first fully automated International Shotgun Sports range in the world. This ultimately means that the shooting park will be opened seven days a week with operational hours only dictated by your schedule and bad weather. We are constructing the complex in three phases.

Phase I will encompass one Olympic Trap range which will also be able to throw Olympic Double Trap and Universal Trap games. We will also have two Helice rings as well built in this phase.

Phase II will involve the construction of the club house, while Phase III will involve the construction of another Olympic Trap range with a superimposed Olympic Skeet field, two more Helice rings and an Automatic (Wobble) Trap field. All three phases of construction are anticipated to take an estimated five years to complete.

Keystone Shooting Park (KSP) is a division of Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. (CISS). CISS is recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 Non-Profit Corporation. All donation made to CISS/KSP are tax deductible.

There is a lot of work to do and the Corporate Officers and Board of Directors of Chubb International Shooting Sports / Keystone Shooting Park would so deeply appreciate your assistance in making this vision a reality. Your generous contribution will be recognized on our “Wall of Heroes”.

_____ $100 - $499 = Bronze Medal Donor

_____ $500 - $999 = Silver Medal Donor

_____ $1,000 - $5000 = Gold Medal Donor

_____ $5001 - $10,000 = Dream Builder Donor

_____ +$10,000 = Legacy Partner Donor

Contributors in both the “Dream Builder” and “Legacy Partner” categories will receive “Life Memberships” to Keystone Shooting Park.


Make checks payable to: Chubb International Shooting SPorts, Inc. or Keystone Shooting Park


Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.
302 Tennessee Avenue
Elizabethville, PA. 17023 USA

Allen Chubb, Jr. – President & Treasurer

717-362-7830 Office

717-362-7834 Fax

717-903-9009 Cell

Email: allen@allenchubb.com

If you would like to learn more about the project, I'd be happy to send you one of our web brochures and provide you with more information and project updates.

We are actively working on a website, but we don't see that being operational for at least another two month.


Bunker & Tunnel

When the club's website comes online I will post the link to the Lost Target.

U.S. & Canada Olympic Bunker Locations


Side note.

I'm not a Bunker or International Skeet Shooter except for an occasional round or two. Lucky if I break more than half the targets when shooting bunker, but I do have fun when I give it a try.

However, I do try to support both Bunker Trap and International Skeet through postings on the Lost Target. Always willing to post photos and shoot results when provided.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lost Target Odds & Ends, Oct 7 2009


I shot my repaired 1100 in trap practice. It was nice to shoot a gun that fits.

Was shooting #9's from 16 yards. I recommend you give it a try before you knock it!



The Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (Vermont) finished the installation of the PAT Trap Skeet Machines on Field #1.

The clubs three skeet fields now have modern machines. All with wireless release installed. You can use a hardwired cord if you wish.



In the last week I've received shoot photos from Ann Cockburn, Bryce Verrall, & Ron Minor and shoot results from Dennis DeVaux and Raymond Caya.

A big thank you!

These are some of the people that make the Lost Target what it is...



It's being held in Australia this November.

I've been promised photos and maybe video from the shoot.


Value Packs

The price at Wal-Mart for the Federal Value Packs increased by $2.00. They had been running a special for at least a month. They were going for $20.97.



I may be missing out on a few perks, but one more time, I don't charge for posting links to the Lost Target on my links page.

Well, I know I'm missing a few perks as I declined one today.

Just send me your clay target club URL or gun related business link and it will be posted.

When I first started the site that was what I decided in regard to posting links and see no reason to change...



An off year but don't forget to vote this November.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rod Jenneiahn, one of the good guys

Received from Deb Barney, Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Texas

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Rod Jenneiahn, the Chief Referee for the USAS Fall Selection Match. Rod has been involved with this sport for years and appreciates all the support he has been given.

Rod just came out of surgery, a quadruple bypass. His wife Chris says all is going as well as can be expected. Rod will likely be there for awhile. Please send him a card, email or give him a call to speed along his recovery.

Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Here is Rod's email address: His email is rodchris@dcdi.net

His contact information at the hospital is listed below.


6700 IH-10 West
San Antonio, TX 78201

Rod is in room #247.

Main Number: 210-736-6700 (room #247)

Main Fax: 210-736-8400

Concierge Desk: 210-736-8297

Indoor ranges and lead

Indoor ranges have the following hanging over there heads.

On Oct. 16, 2008 the EPA announced new standards that tighten the allowable lead level 10 times to 0.15 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air (ug/m3).

Quote "No later than October 2011, EPA will designate areas that must take additional steps to reduce lead air emissions. States have five years to meet these new standards after designations take effect." End Quote

Indoor ranges were not addressed in the Oct 2008 ruling. Rules for indoor ranges were to be established at a later date.

The Obama administration, his gang from Chicago, and his czars will set the new standard. I imagine small club indoor ranges will find it cost prohibitive to meet the new standard and be forced to close. Back door gun control...

If your club is thinking of upgrading the ventilation system or reconfiguring the range, you may want to hold off until the new lead standard is set as you may find that you spent your dollars but not meet the new standard.

Lead shot-fall zones

Early in September, Nevada County Sportsmen’s Club had to suspend shoots, as lead was going off the property from one or more fields and landing on a neighbors property.

The property owner holds all the aces. He either agrees to allow shot to fall on his property or he doesn't.

If he does, what is the long term impact if he decides to sell to someone other than the club? If he doesn't, what will it cost the club to clean the property of all lead? Would such a cleanup be covered by insurance? I think not...

A messy situation unless the club can purchase the property outright.

In the states, the standard is a 300 yard shot-fall zone from the shooting station.

Yes, shot used in clay target shooting does not travel that far, but if you were trying to start a new club, local zoning would most likely be looking for this standard.

No matter what you think should be the standard, a simple walk of the clubs property line while a shoot is in progress under wind and no wind conditons is recommended if you have any doubts on your clubs shot-fall zone. You could also stake down a few tarps and see if any lead shot is collected, checking every week or so.


Support the Lost Target. Click on Advertisement!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beaver River Sporting Clays Shoot

Beaver River Fish & Game, Croghan, New York - Sep 27, 2009

I don't think they have a name for the shoot. I call it the "End of Season Shoot" as the last for the season.

A lewis class fun sporting clays shoot. The club charged $40. For the money you got 20 stations, a free lunch, and some pretty nice trophies.

A wet start to the day, but after a three hour drive to get to the club the rains had almost stopped.

The early squads saw an occasional drizzle and a light rain towards the end.

By time we went out to shoot the weather cleared somewhat. We did not see a light drizzle until the last ten minutes of shooting. No standing water on the course from the earlier rains and not a problem pushing the cart around the course.

You could shoot the course with a skeet choke. Sounds easy, but no one shot 90 or higher. As a 20 station course, a number of four target stations.

The course is set in two sections. In the open area near the clubhouse and in the woods across the road from the clubhouse.

The wooded area is mostly hand traps. A sand pit is put to good use.

A short tower near the clubhouse.

If your looking to have fun and a good time, this annual shoot is a must attend event.

Shoot Photos

The skies opened when we were ready to depart and it rained all the way home.

Visit Sporting Clays New York

Friday, September 25, 2009

Remington 1100 Maintenance (Malfunctions)

I think I've had every problem that you can have with a Remington 1100.

Except for one part that I did not have the proper tool, I've replaced every part.

Somethings I've learned...

- Shoot Remington 1100's dry. I clean with Break Free, letting it soak for several hours before wiping clean. I've learned to use Break Free sparingly. Just a small amount goes a long way. Use to much and you will end up with a wet gun after it warms up after shooting a few rounds. It's almost like it's coming out of the pours of the metal.

- DO NOT USE WD-40 to clean.

- Keep the Magazine Tube clean and dry (Clean with Break Free).

- Piston and piston seal. I don't find it necessary to break apart the sets that snap together, but you do have to keep the metal that touches the Magazine Tube clean.

- Barrel Seal (O ring) should be replaced at the beginning of each shooting year. Don't purchase from a gunsmith or Remington. Visit the local hardware store. Viton O-rings, size 21 for the 12 gauge. Viton is the material you want, not a brand name. 20 gauge O-ring is #19 Viton.

- Drop the trigger four or five times a year (minimum) and clean off any carbon buildup. A few years back I could not figure out why the gun was not working properly. A cleaning of the trigger did the trick. You don't have to go overboard. Some like to soak in break cleaner.

- Clean the barrel properly. I was using a bore brush on a string, but I was using it dry. Overtime, a buildup occurred where the shell sits in the barrel when loaded.

The buildup was causing the shell to not eject smoothly. The only way I figured this one out was I had two 1100's go down around the same time and tried a bit of everything until it dawned on me what the problem was. Both 1100's started to work flawlessly after I gave the barrels a wet cleaning.

- After a few years of a gun shooting flawlessly and you start having problems feeding a second shell, it may be time to replace the Action Spring. The spring is located in the stock, assessed via the butt plate. I would at that time also replace the Magazine Spring. Both springs are inexpensive. If you have the tool for removing the bolt in the stock, an easy job. Give the interiors where the springs were installed a good cleaning. I hit the springs with a very light spray of Rim Oil.

- I've always been told to check the two small holes found on the barrel (use a thin drill bit) but I've never found any buildup, but you never know. Anyway, keep this area clean as you can get a bit of buildup.

- I don't know why, but I have less problems with a 30" barrel than a 26" when it comes to shooting light loads (under 1180 fps). I assume it has to do with pressure buildup. Never tried testing shells with a 28" barrel.

- Have a complete bolt assembly with extractor ready to go if you use the gun at registered or fun shoots. I've never broke a firing pin, but have broken a few extractors. Extractor and firing pin not already assembled is not what you want in your shoot bag if either breaks.

- I have not had a Piston & Piston Seal or a T break in years. I assume a beefed up metal or machine process in recent years. I carry them but have not had to use them.

- Use choke lube.

My Remington 1100, the story continues

RE: Blog Posting September 18 - Remington 1100.

My gun was sent to Gunworks of Central New York for repairs.

I called today and the gun is fixed. They stated they did a test fire.

Unfortunately, the person I talked to was not the billing department and I'm waiting on a call to settle the bill.


That was last Friday's posting and a week has past.

Today, I called as I had not heard a thing.

I did not ask why they did not call, send an email or post card. I confirmed it was fixed and gave my credit card number.

I was told it would ship today...


Am I missing something?

How long was my repaired firearm going to sit in the shop until they contacted me for payment?

Maybe I'm suppose to call every couple of days, but I think not...

A must read article; Headstone dedication will honor trapshooter who took aim at bias

Headstone dedication will honor trapshooter who took aim at bias

By MEREDITH RODRIGUEZ - The Kansas City Star

“Some folks just don’t have anyone to remember them.”

Nelson Gipson shrugged and said so near the end of his life when asked why he laid flowers every year on the unmarked grave of Tobias H. Cohron, a gunsmith and gentleman shooter who lived in Pleasant Hill into the early 1900s.

Gipson died in May, but his consistent acts of remembrance would lead to Pleasant Hill’s rediscovery of Cohron, an elite trapshooter who died penniless and crippled in a “Home for Aged Negroes” near Independence.

On Saturday, trapshooting enthusiasts from around the country will meet in Pleasant Hill to dedicate a 48-inch by 36-inch headstone where grass once covered Cohron’s remains.

They will remember a man of courage — the first African-American on record who tried to compete in the nation’s premier trapshooting contest. He was turned away from a New Jersey site in 1897 and steered away in 1899.

Then, taking the only course offered African-Americans pinioned by the era’s pretense of “separate but equal,” he helped start the Afro-American Trapshooters’ League in 1903. The league, believed to be the first of its kind, held its own contests for the next decade.

“There are so many people in history that nobody ever thought of, but they made waves. They made ripples,” said Pleasant Hill resident Mike O’Malley, who helped uncover Cohron’s story. “That’s what this man did.”

• • •

Cohron stood out in the 1899 photo, taken during the height of the Jim Crow era. He stood in the back row of a group shot during that year’s Grand American Handicap, the national championship sponsored by the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

Kenny Ray Estes, museum director for the National Trapshooting Hall of Fame, noticed the image several years ago while researching black trapshooting history.

Though pictured among the contestants, Cohron did not complete the competition that year. More than a half-century later, his obituary mentioned how, after shooting in the preliminaries, he was offered $500 by Southern shooters to withdraw.

“Now this is back before any civil rights organizations. There wasn’t any NAACP… Jesse Jackson or politician looking for photo ops with a poor black man,” O’Malley said. “And he, on his own, gets on a train from Pleasant Hill and goes out there unsupported.

“If you don’t admire anything else, you’ve got to admire the man’s courage.”

Estes, too, was impressed and wanted to honor Cohron. But first he had to find Cohron’s grave site, a task helped along by serendipity.

In a trapshooting collector’s newsletter with only 125 subscribers nationally, Estes found O’Malley’s name.

He was the perfect research partner for at least three reasons: He already had started a folder on Cohron. He lived in Pleasant Hill. And, as it turned out, he went to the right church.

Upon learning that cemetery records listed a location for Cohron’s grave that never existed, O’Malley approached the organist at his church.

The organist was Gipson, a black man with a name close to that of a contestant listed as having shot with Cohron in the first Grand Afro-American Handicap.

“I realized it was a long shot, but it would be no shot at all if I did not talk to Nelson,” O’Malley said.

Gipson not only remembered Cohron, but the man in the handicap was Gipson’s grandfather, a good friend of Cohron’s whose name was misspelled in the listing.

And Gipson was certain of Cohron’s burial place, because he had placed flowers there ever since Cohron died in 1955.

“Out of the 125 people in this entire country, I happened to be going to church with the last man on earth who knew where that grave was,” O’Malley said.

“Kenny Ray Estes believes it may have been divine intervention, and I’m not going to argue with him.”

• • •

Cohron lived most of his life as he died — in relative obscurity.

Born in Mississippi in 1870, one of 15 children, Cohron was a janitor at Pleasant Hill Citizens Bank and a deacon at the Second Baptist Church in the Cass County town, where African-Americans were by far the minority.

Cohron, known as “Tobe,” lived with his mother until her death in 1917. He then moved to a two-room house, but never married.

It was uncommon for poor people to shoot for sport, Estes said. Travel was a luxury most African-Americans could not afford then.

A factor that likely supported Cohron’s hobby was his trade as a gunsmith. He fashioned his own parts and worked on everybody’s guns in town, said former neighbor Robert Kimbrell who, as a child, knew Cohron in his later years.

“He was quite a gentleman,” Kimbrell said. “Everybody in town liked him.”

As an old man who was plagued with arthritis and who would later have one of his legs amputated, Cohron read all the time, Kimbrell said. In the summertime, he lounged under a big shade tree in his yard.

He never talked about being a trapshooter, and Kimbrell never thought to ask about the trophies on his wall.

He never knew that Cohron traveled to New Jersey and tried to compete twice against white shooters.

A Sporting Life article lamented him being turned away.

“Mr. Cohron, the colored brother from Pleasant Hills, Mo., was barred from participation in the 1897 Grand American Handicap on account of his color … and yet if he had been permitted to shoot, he might have proved to the objectors that the color of his skin did not make him any the less their equal at the traps. As long as a man is a gentleman, and Mr. Cohron had proven in the past he is, no American should be guilty of drawing the color line.”

For the same reason that others formed the Negro baseball leagues, Cohron became the founding secretary for the Afro-American Trapshooters’ League.

The group held the first Grand Afro-American Handicap in on Oct. 6, 1903, in a Kansas City shooting park.

Only 20 people, mostly locals from Pleasant Hill, competed. Contestants paid $5 for 25 birds — real birds, not the clay pigeons of today.

Cohron won that year, as he did four years later.

The last of their competitions on record was in 1913.

• • •

As in golf and tennis, trapshooting’s whites-only policy remained the rule long after baseball and other sports had integrated.

Black shooting groups, formed by Cohron and others, allowed for community gathering when such activity was discouraged, said Endia Snowden, secretary for the Eastern Skeet and Trapshooting Association, a black shooting league.

Even if there were only 20 or 30 trapshooters competing, she said, 200 spectators would cook out and enjoy the camaraderie.

“We made occasions and events out of nothing because we had no place to go,” Snowden said.

It was not until the mid- to late 1970s that blacks were welcome in the mainstream trapshooting clubs, said Eva Crowley, secretary of the Western Skeet and Trapshooting Association.

“He (Cohron) is an inspiration to everybody else who has come along behind him,” she said.


Grave site ceremony

The headstone for black trapshooter Tobias H. Cohron will be dedicated at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, 1501 N. State Route 7.

Original Article



Picture of Tobias H. Cohron from 1899 that accompanied Kenny's article last January in Trap & Field. The picture was provided to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame by Charlie Hartwig.



PLEASANT HILL, MO - Tobias Cohron was a civil rights pioneer long before the phrase was even invented, and on Saturday the forgotten legend in the sport of trap shooting was remembered in Pleasant Hill as a group gathered to honor him 54 years after his death.



TS COM - Trapwife

It was a perfect autumn day to honor this long forgotten trapshooter. Nearly 100 local and not so local friends of both Tobe and the sport of shooting gathered in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. T

he St. Andrews Bagpipes and Drums opened the brief ceremony with their reverberating version of "Rest Me Easy Lord" and "Amazing Grace". When the last note faded upward into the turning leaves of the trees, there was not a whisper of sound. ATA Hall of Fame Director Kenny Ray Estes made a few brief remarks before unveiling the black granite headstone. It was beautifully engraved to tell the world that Tobias H. Cohron was a champion shooter, master gunsmith and first known black man to attempt to compete in the Grand American Handicap".

A shotgun salute concluded the service as Willis Corbett and John McCormick (dressed in period attire) each fired two shots from antique guns.

A prime rib luncheon reception was held in Pleasant Hill at the Memorial Hall following the dedication, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Mike O'Malley.

An oil painting of Tobias Cohron, commissioned by O'Malley was presented to the Pleasant Hill Historical Society. Hall of Fame Director Estes and Mike O'Malley extended their appreciation to all who made the day possible and thanked those who attended.


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September 2009

Zone 1 Results

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inexpensive registered skeet shooting, Jacksonville Florida

I recently received a shoot flyer for a skeet shoot and threw it in the garbage. From what they were charging I'd expect a steak dinner and paid referees, that was not the case. More power to them if the can pull a crowd, but there were not getting my money.

Today, I received a mailing from the Jacksonville Skeet & Trap Club, Florida.

They will be charging $42 per hundred, including shoot fees. Saturday Night Rib Dinner – Included for Contestants and their guest; non-shooters $10.

Reasonable and something that I can live with. The club has a reputation for putting on a good shoot and NSSA refs on the fields is the norm.

If your aware of the clubs member and non-member rate for practice targets, it's obvious the club is making efforts to keep registered shoots held at the club affordable.

Not always the case when you look at what some clubs normally charge to shoot non-member practice and the price per 100 for registered shoots. The math does not add up, even after you include ref and daily fees.

This is what caught my eye:

HONORS ONLY (any event) $32 per 100, includes fees

I understand it's a Florida Skeet Association rule to offer "targets only', but it's nice to see a club openly offering it on it's shoot flyer.

I imagine the option of shooting registered skeet for $32 is welcomed by many and something that can only entice new shooters to registered shooting.

Hats off to the Jacksonville club!

Now, if all clubs throughout the US & Canada would openly embrace HONORS ONLY for all registered shoots...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clay target shoots and the middle class, a conversation

Where is the middle class at clay target shoots or has the definition of middle class changed from when I was a youngster?

I see plenty of Wal-Mart 100 shell value packs at a shoot, but rarely someone who works at Wal-Mart attending the shoot! If I do, its more likely at a ATA trap shoot or a non-major sporting clays shoot!

I'm talking middle class, full time workers. Not talking small skeet clubs holding "target only" shoots or sporting clays shoots offering 100 targets for $40, lunch included!

Also, not talking clubs that give a Holiday Inn experience such as Addieville East Farm. It can charge accordingly and not look back.

Returning from the Lobster shoot at Addieville I can tell stories of lobster served on Saturday, cigars handed out, and the 30 minute fireworks display. For the shoot that offers almost nothing but charges Holiday Inn prices, I tell stories of...

Clubs that charge Holiday Inn prices, but give a Super 8 experience must be more realistic on fees charged.

In the long term such clubs are doing great harm to the clay target sports.

Registered skeet with it's 4-gun format may have lost the middle class Wal-Mart type worker forever.

The skeet community needs the value pack shooter, whether some shooters know it or not. You won't get him if the cost of shoots is not restrained and the emphases is on 4-gun shooting.

Trap is always the most affordable. Most likely due to the number of shooters they can schedule per field per day and the ability to put cheap or free help in the scorers chair. The PAT trap has done wonders for keeping shoot expenses down. When you hear a trap shooter complaining its usually over the cost per 100, excluding other fees, and the shooter is from a member run club in the northeast still charging $3 or less per round.

When I talk about the expense in regard to register shooting, many just roll there eyes. Yes, there is exceptions with fees charged, but if you have your eye wide open you can't but help see for yourself. Throw in the ever increasing cost of travel and ammunition and you better find a way to cut cost!

Whats the answer? I don't have one solution for all, but...

Paid referees is a big expense. Somehow we have to find away to work around that or get more bang for the buck.

Skeet referees according to talk board postings can take home $150 per day at some shoots. They may also can get room and board. I remember when $100 was a big deal!

Some 16 station sporting clays course pays each puller $65 for a total cost of $1040. That is a fixed cost even if one shooter attends. Thus, the stampede for clubs to go without refs and pull your own at monthly shoots, and at shoots that don't offer a large payout. Hats off for trying to keep cost down!

I always see the youngest workers at a trap shoot. Cheap labor?

What's to be done?

One club that I'm aware, when asked what the expense of holding a shoot was, the person in charge of the shoot could not come up with a number. You have a set expenses going in and go from there, but if you have no idea going in...

Is the free lunch or dinner really free? If not free, make it an option.

Does every shooter need to get a mailing. We do have the Internet...

Do we have to see $10-$15 returned to shooters? Is this mandatory or optional when registering for shoots at your club? Trap seems to get along fine without it.

Do trophies given gotten to be to expensive? An expense that might need to be addressed.

Maybe if we sit down with paper in hand before we decide what to charge for a shoot.

Also, please don't start with the mindset the shoot will allow you not to raise club dues or target prices if you can overcharge for the shoot and still get a decent turnout...