Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ontario Canada Clay Target Shooting

A gateway site to clay target shooting in Ontario, Canada.

Clays Ontario

Ontario clubs, shoot photos and information.

Skeet, trap, & sporting clays.

If you don't see a clay target club listed, let me know.

The calendar will never be complete, as all clubs don't submit shoot dates or information for upcoming shoots. You will need to check with the individual clubs.

The same goes for shoot results....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guns and kids

The gun stories not seen on CBS, NBC, CBC, CNN, and ABC...

- Students hone character in gun club

- Tucson teen Luis "Taz" Gloria a high-caliber performer

- Jon Michael McGrath aims at Olympics

- TKA shooters win state championship

- Wisconsin State High School Trap Shoot drew a record field of 625 shooters

- Arnold Juniors bang-bang-bang their way to two titles, Trapshooting squad opens season with wins at state tourney

- 4-Hers add shooting competition to their talents

- Trap shooting program at Davenport West takes flight

- McGlory gives shooting sport a shot

- Arizona's young shotgun shooters continue to rise in clay target competitions

In spite of the national news organizations and efforts to demonize gun ownership, participation in youth shooting programs is expanding nationawide...

Junior & Collegiate Shooting News

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Traveling to Canada with a Firearm

A posting I made to a talk board that was discussing entering Canada with a firearm.

Other then paying the $25 for a 60 day permit and getting the U.S. customs form prior to entering Canada, crossing with a firearm (long gun) and ammunition is not a big deal. A number of us attend shoots in Canada each month. I was in Canada as recently as last Saturday.

The US custom form that you get at customs prior to crossing into Canada is good for as long as the form is legible. You need to show the form at the crossing every time you return to the states. I have forms that are 15 years old. Don't bring your firearm into the US customs building when stopping to get the paperwork, they will come out to the vehicle to verify serial numbers.

I've had up to four firearms in the vehicle when crossing the border and enough ammunition for two shooters for a full weekend of shooting (4-gun skeet and doubles). Not a problem.

If you live close to the border, attend a Canadian Firearms Safety Class and get a five year Canadian firearms license.

Take the test first. If you pass you don't have to take the class. If you can't pass the written test you should not be in possession of a firearm...

A passport or Enhanced Drivers License will be required to enter the U.S. at all land crossings as of 1 June. For both Americans and Canadians. Kids can still use a birth certificate.

In my region its true you need to fill the gas tank before traveling north. A dollar difference if not more is common.

Canadian Taxes are considered high, but at present a very favorable currency exchange rate favors Americans.

Back to the border. If you cross (coming or going) and have attitude they are going to give you a hard time. I know some who have had repeated problems and I'm never surprised.

Also, a U.S. visitor can arrive at the border, fill out the form and pay the fee and be on his way in under 30 minutes. A Canadian must have his paperwork pre-approved by the ATF. It may take six to eight weeks to receive approval.

Don't ever arrive at the Canadian border with a handgun....

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

Bringing Fireams Into the US

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17, 2009 @ SCFC, Vermont

We attended the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County Early Bird Fun Shoot this past Sunday. Events were skeet, trap, and modified skeet.

The club is maybe 4 miles southwest of Swanton, Vermont, off Route 36.

A cool start to the day. I shot the first round of skeet wearing my coat.

I was not paying attention when putting together my 1100 and shot station #1 with my trap barrel. I hit the targets and then ran over to the vehicle and grabbed my skeet barrel.

I did like the way the 30" barrel swung on station #1. The next time I shoot skeet practice I'm going to shoot the 30" barrel with a skeet choke and see how it goes.

It warmed just a bit, but the wind kicked up in the PM.

Registration was from 9am - 11am.

Those who arrive in the AM to shoot and wish to stay to the end, recognize the need for registration cutoff at fun shoots...

This is the only club that I shoot at that has PAT Trap Skeet machines. Great targets...

The club seemed to have plenty of help and the desk was manned by Canadian Garry Gosse.

Shells were given as prizes.

My wife Heide was 2nd in skeet after a three way shoot-off that ended at station #5. The wind had picked up and shooters were lucky to get off station #3.

Clays Vermont

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 16, 2009 @ Club L'Acadie, Quebec

I visited Club L'Acadie on Saturday. They club was holding a charity sporting clays fun shoot. I was not shooting, but the club has treated me good in the past and I enjoy running around with a camera...

The club is 20 minutes southeast of Montreal, depending on traffic.

A forecast for rain, but not until late in the afternoon.

A bit of wind when I arrived.

A gray day and getting grayer by the hour.

The club manager was out and about and three or four kids were taking care of machines/targets.

The last station was a distance from the club and they were running a shuttle. A nice touch!

The rains did not hold off and around lunch time the skies opened.

Twice I lost my umbrella to the wind. Time to call it a day...

Clays Quebec

No traffic at the border when I crossed back into the states.

* Passport or Enhanced Drivers License required as of June 1, 2009.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Chapman Skeet Shoot @ Lamoille Valley

Lamoille Valley Fish & Game has scheduled an NSSA skeet shoot for August 8, 2009.

“The Jim Chapman Open” Registered Skeet Shoot.

I believe the first registered shoot the club has held, if not the first, the first I'm aware of.

12 & 20 gauge.

If anyone should have the honor of having a "first shoot" named after them, Jim Chapman is the person, as Jim is well thought of throughout Vermont.

I dropped a shoot I had on my shoot calendar and will participate in the Jim Chapman Open.

I've never visited the club, so a first time visit.

The club is located off Route 15 in Morrisville, Vermont on Garfield Road. I took the liberty of posting a google map as I did not see directions posted on the clubs website.

For those who have shot at Underhill, the club is 30 minutes east of the Underhill club.

See you at the shoot...

Clays Vermont

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nine months of Lost Target Videos

I've been putting up shoot videos for nine months.

I've come a long way but still learning!

Posting videos was something I wanted to do for at least a year prior, but I did not want to purchase a camera that required the use of tape and I could not find a reasonable priced digital camera that fit my needs. Canon final came out with a camera that fit my needs and my pocketbook.

I purchased a digital video camera for ease of moving the video from camera to computer and ease of editing.

I wished I'd spent a few hundred dollars more and bought the next model up, but I didn't know what I know now.

As with the still camera my rule is try not to embarrass anyone. I'd rather not use the video if the person did not hit a target or seen doing something stupid.

A windy day can mess up the sound. I'm thinking of using some type of material on the camera to muffle the sound of the wind, as it can be very distracting.

Closer is better. Sometimes I forget : (

A tripod is a must! For close-ups I can hand hold the camera, but anytime I use the telephoto lens I'm better off with the tripod.

Sunlight is my friend, especially if I hope to get a good camera shot of a breaking target. As it is, targets have to be relatively close.

It's pretty easy to get a shot of a target in flight at a trap shoot, not so easy in Bunker trap unless you sit on one station and read the traps. A hard time getting a good shot of a sporting clays target unless the targets/machines are close.

It's funny, but I find you don't need to hear the ref call lost when I'm shooting a video, as the body language or facial expression as seen on the video display says it all.

I'd post names of shooters, but most times I have no idea.

As with posting photos, in many cases using less video is better, as it can get boring very quickly unless it's your home club and you know all the shooters.

I like to have a beginning and end to the video, to include music. Some may not like the music, but something I enjoy.

I've been forced to cut back on my musical selections, as YouTube has been rejecting videos with copy right material. I recently had two rejected and had to re-submit with the original music replaced.

The video process from start to finish is very time consuming. With photos I can have a shoot posted within an hour from the time I arrive home. With video, my goal is to have it posted within six - twelve hours and not always possible if I have a software hiccup or I just don't have any energy left after a long day.

Not only do you have the shooting of the video at the shoot, but it takes a couple of hours if not more to edit a video. I may have a hundred short clips if not more to look at and edit. Also, have to check for swear words and embarrassing moments.

Almost two hours to render the video as a file that can be used by YouTube. I could cut down the editing and rendering time considerable if I had a more up to date computer, but a new computer purchase is not in the cards at this time. You need a modern processor, a 512 video card, if not higher, and 4GB of memory if your going to do it right.

I've replaced a couple of posted videos as I was not happy with the editing.

Not always happy with YouTube as many times they degrade the quality of the video and you lose detail when viewing. They also from time to time have problems counting video views, and not all views are counted but they think they have it fixed but some who post videos on major sites think otherwise.

Two videos scheduled for this weekend. One I'm not participating, just attending the shoot with cameras in hand. No way I can participate in every clay target shoot scheduled as it would blow the budget. I attended three shoots this past winter where I did not bring my gun, just my cameras. I can honestly say I enjoyed attending the shoots with just a camera...

Lost Target Videos

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9, 2009 @ the Underhill (Vt) 50/50 Shoot

Underhill Rod & Gun Club 50/50 Sporting Clays Shoot at Westford, Vermont.

A three field skeet and trap club, with a 5-stand overlayed on a combination skeet/trap field.

The shoot consisted of fifty 5-Stand targets and fifty sporting clays targets.

The club does not have a sporting clays course and put in eight temporary stations for the shoot. Very well done...

A nice start to the day, but in the PM it started to rain and then a series of thunderstorms rolled through the area. The last squad was unable to complete the course as shooting had to be suspended.

Prior to the suspension of shooting I had already stopped shooting and did not finish. Everytime we thought it was letting up another round of thunder and lighting would come through. I don't mind walking around with a camera, but carrying around a shotgun is another story...

Shoot video...

Clays Vermont

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We attended shoots at there club and they don't reciprocate

Reciprocate (To give and take something mutually)

I recently asked a shooter if he had been attending shoots held at XYZ club, as the club was a reasonable drive from his home.

No, was the answer.

He went on to say shooters from his home club attended shoots in the past hosted by the club, but shooters from the XYZ club never attend shoots at his home club. Club shooters were now passing on XYZ shoots.


This is not first time I've heard this complaint.

If your involved in running shoots at your club you need to think about attending other shoots held in the region or find several shooters who will.

You may not agree, but I've passed on marginal shoots using the same reasoning. On the other hand I've driven three hours to attend a small fun shoot, as shooters from that club attended shoots at my club

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 3, 2009 @ Club Valleyfield in Quebec

Heide and I attended the QPTA trap shoot held at the Club de Tir de Valleyfield this past Sunday.

A Quebec club that a few years ago came back from the dead and is now one of the more successful small clay target clubs in the province.

Days prior to the shoot the club took delivery of a brand new PAT trap. You could feel the excitement in the air, as a major purchase for a small club. The club now has two PAT Traps, along with older Winchester traps.

As a side note. The older PAT Trap is either PAT Trap #1 or #2, purchased rebuilt from the La Roue du Roy who purchased one of the first models when they were made available. Still running strong...

The first squad to shoot off the new trap. Heide in the red vest and me on the extreme right. We're wearing the Valleyfield club hats.

The wind was not suppose to kick up until the PM, but I felt the wind at my back when I hit the field. Don't mind a steady wind, but it was in an out.

A die hard skeet shooter was pulling targets for us on Field #1. Matter of fact, Max is one of the better skeet shooters in Canada. At a Valleyfield skeet shoot you'll find the trap shooters lending a hand.

We stopped at a market prior to re-entering the states and picked up a loaf of french bread. Baked fresh three times a day. We also stopped for a soft ice cream cone. The fat content in the ice cream is more than seen in soft ice cream in most regions of the states and you can tell the difference. Very rich!

Crossing into the states we were prepared to have are new enhanced drivers licenses scanned, but the small crossing was not equipped with a reader. They had to punch in the numbers. I was told they were not at this time scheduled to have the scanners installed.

In any case, as of June 1, 2009 you will require either a Passport or Enhanced Drivers License to re-enter the states at all land crossings. Children will require a birth certificate.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gun-free zones

Call 911?

There were more than 100 documented pirate attacks in 2008 that resulted in more than 40 ships being hijacked.

Off the wires...

The company that owns the Norfolk-based ship that was commandeered by pirates off the coast of Africa has stepped up defenses for its vessels traversing the region but did not reverse its ban on arming crew members.

“Weapons onboard could lead to a dangerous escalation and raise a number of multi-jurisdictional legal issues,” the company said in a news release, attributed to A.P. Moller – Maersk Group Partner and Maersk Tankers CEO Søren Skou. The company is based in Denmark.


Somali pirates said on Saturday they had captured two ships over the past few hours, including a Ukrainian vessel that was headed to Iran.

If confirmed, the latest hijacking would bring to at least 18 the number of ships currently held by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Gun bluing, Glenrock Blue

I sent my O/U to Glenrock Blue.

This Wyoming company comes highly recommended on various talk boards.

I had the gun blued a few years back by another company, but the bluing started to deteriorate in the last year or two. I suspect I got what I paid for...

I have no idea when I will get it back, as I did not ask. It had to be done by a reputable company and how long it takes was not a consideration.

I shipped it via UPS, registered shipping.

The gun is tubed for skeet. I've cut back on registered skeet shooting to only a handful of shoots a year, lately favoring one day shoots. The earliest I will need it is sometime in August. I presume I will see it well before then. I'm thinking of using my wifes gun at a two-gun shoot I might attend in June.

I've been using my 1100 in sporting clays and skeet practice in anticipation that I would be without my O/U for part of the year.

I've come to the conclusion the 26" barrel is a little light for the longer shots on sporting clays, as I seem to slow my swing. I have a barrel weight I can attach and the next time out I'm going to give it a try. I use to have a 28" barrel years ago, but sold it as I did not think I would ever have any use for it...

Sponsor a Lost Target Video

In the past year I've been posting short You Tube videos of skeet, trap, International skeet, Olympic bunker, and sporting clays shoots that I've filmed. If you wish to sponsor or advertise on future videos please contact me.


You can limit the advertisement/Sponsorship to either U.S. or Canadian videos.

Two line and full page Ad/Sponsor rates.

Full Page. I scan your business card and use it for the full page ad. I can do a half page sheet of paper (8.5" x 5.5"), but the font size can be no smaller than 22 or it will not be readable.

One Year (12 month) business card ads inserted in all videos. Also, posted on the main page of the Lost Target website.

All monies received must be in the form of a DONATION!

Email for further information.