Monday, March 29, 2010

Mar 28, 2010 @ @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

We attended the St. Patricks Sporting Clays Shoot at Amelia Shotgun Sports, Yulee, Florida this past Sunday.

A nice start to the morning weather wise, but the wind did pick up when on the course. Rain was in the forecast for the PM shoot, but not until after 2pm. We only shot in the AM.

A number of clubs in Flordia have AM and PM shoots on the same day. Clubs with one course, either move machines or have you shoot off different stands for the PM shoots, or a combination of both.

A number of stations could be shot with skeet choke, but also a number required LM. We shot the course with LM, not bothering to open up the choke on the closer shots.

Was very satisfied with my score. Last year I could not keep a gun working and shot four different guns. Not something I would recommend as it really messes up your swing.

As seen at many clubs in this part of Florida a lunch was included in the price of the shoot.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mar 27, 2010 @ at Bradford Farm Sporting Clays

On weekends we don't normally shoot the same club two weeks in a row, but returned to Bradford Farm today as they were having members appreciation day. Member or not, you shot for $20 per 100.

Heide and I shot both the 14 station East and 14 station West course. As always the case, machines were in great shape. Don't remember even one "no bird" call.

A free lunch (Elk Burgers & Venison) and all the fixings was provided.

We ran into several people we knew to include Doug Bailey from Ontario, Canada. A first time visit for Doug.

The weather was great. A slight wind kept the bugs away...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mar 24, 2010 @ Palatka

We shot three rounds of skeet. 77 degrees with a slight wind.

We were talking with Art Starr and getting ready to leave when a couple approached asking about shooting at the club.

Local pistol shooters who wanted to shoot some clays. The man said he had shot some clays in the past. They both had their own shotguns.

My wife did most of the talking and I gave a briefing on safety.

We left them in the hands of Art...

That evening we received a nice email thanking us for taking the time to explain the rules and pointing the lady shooter to a business that sells recoil pads that attaches to a bra strap.

The email went on to say the women had problems with her 20 gauge feeding the second shell and Art spent a considerable time getting her gun in working order. He also coached her to the point where she hit a few targets.

Nice job Art...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mar 20, 2010 @ the Sporting Clays Shoot at Bradford Farm

We shot the Starke Kiwanis Lewis Class sporting clays shoot held at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, Graham, Florida.

Temperatures in the low 50's around 9am, but by 10:30am it was hitting 70 degrees. It was 76 degrees when we departed.

Registration was a breeze.

For those who wanted to practice before going out the elevated 5-Stand was open. The club has two 5-stands.

The event was shot on the 14 station East course. A bit of a hike to station one, but once on the course the stations are within reasonable walking distance from each other. The club does have cart rentals for those who wish to use same.

During the event, one of the owners, Pat Welch, was out and about. A hands on owner...

I don't remember any no target calls. All machines worked flawlessly.

As the norm, a catered lunch was served. The lunch is included in the price of the shoot.

New bathroom facilities have been built and were operational.

Shoot Photos

Friday, March 19, 2010

2nd Amendment, Upcoming Supreme Court ruling

What to expect from the upcoming Supreme Court ruling in regard to the 2nd Amendment and state rights.

1. Citizens do have the right to own a firearm. States and or cities that require a permit MUST issue you a firearms permit. States and/or cities may implement reasonable reasons to deny that right; such as having a felony conviction or being declared mentally unstable. They may temporarily take the right away if an individual has a restraining order against them or is arrested for domestic abuse.

2. A firearm in the home will be allowed to be loaded and not be required to be locked in a gun safe. They cannot require the use of a gun lock.

3. States can set reasonable laws to control firearms, but not allowed to charge what is perceived as excessive fees for a firearm permit, nor require excessive firearm training requirements.

4. May limit ownership to only being allowed to having the firearm in the home and for travel to and from a firing range.

Cities and states that have very restrictive gun laws will not give you more than what the Supreme Court says your entitled!

Be prepared to see them push any ruling to the limit.

Some will be banking on the fact that the makeup of the Supreme Court will be changing in the next few years and any so called excessive limits they place on firearm owners will be approved by a more liberal court...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NJ Trap club in Fairfield under water

Recent rains in New Jersey hits trap club hard.

Ed Yanchok posted this photo on

That's the top of the entry gate. Trap-houses are under water out in front.

Club members had pulled the five trap machines on Sunday in anticipation of flooding.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Deuce @ Rochester Brooks

The program for the 14th Annual Spring Deuce Sporting Clays shoot at the Rochester Gun Club, Rush, New York is posted.

The shoot is April 23-25th, 2010.

One of the better if not the most reasonably priced shoots of it's caliber held in the region. If you have youth shooters in the family you will be pleasantly surprised on the youth rate charged for the shoot.

Referees for each day of shooting...

The shoot offers sub-gauge events. Preliminary shooting is shot both on Friday and Saturday. Very reasonable priced.

A two parcour FITASC event is offered, but slots are quickly filled. Low gun, 1oz loads only. Don't procrastinate on sending in your deposit if you want a FITASC slot.

In the neighborhood of 80% of the 100 target main event held on Sunday is shot on property that is not available to shooters on Friday and Saturday. At least 16 stations. I think one year they had 17 stations. You can shoot most of the course comfortable with IC choke, but you better throw a lite mode or modified choke in your shoot bag.

Not yet listed on the clubs website, but rental golf carts will be available. I verified this with the club.

Major motels ten minutes north of the club (Henrietta) ,and maybe five minutes north of the motels, a major shopping center.

Not only a nice turnout for the shoot, but also a large number of Canadians from both Ontario and Quebec attend the shoot. Matter of fact, this could be the largest contingent of Canadians you will see at any one sporting clays shoot held in the USA each year.

Non NSCA shooters are welcomed!

A video I posted from last years shoot...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Selling a firearm to a Canadian

The last few days has seen a rash of inquiries from Americans who want to sell to a Canadian and from Canadians who want to buy a firearm while in the states.

The law says....

"A Canadian on a visit of less then 90 days CANNOT take possession of a firearm, either purchased from a dealer or as result of private sale.

Under no circumstances may he/she take possession of the firearm when in the states.

All such sales (dealer or private) must go through an FFL. The FFL must ship the firearm to Canada or arrange to have it transported to the border for transfer."

That being said and if the Canadian is willing to spend a few dollars, a small number of FFL's in the states will assist with the paperwork requirements and arrange for the firearm to be transported to Canada, and then shipped to the buyer.

It's up to the Canadian to run with the ball. The seller (private sale or gun shop) only needs to have an FFL ship to the designated FFL after receiving payment (or whatever payment arrangements are made).

The link provided offers guidance and a listing of FFL's that offer such services.

Canadians Importing Firearms, Parts, Ammunition, Powder, & Primers From the U.S.

It's highly suggested the Canadian receive price quotes from two or three FFL's, as prices can vary widely.

* If your an FFL that ships to Canada and don't see your business listed, drop me an email.

Monday, March 01, 2010

ATF Form 6NIA (Visiting the US with Firearms) Clarification

A Canadian told me he was reluctant to use the HUNTING LICENSE option as supporting documentation when having an ATF Form 6NIA (temporary import of firearms into the U.S.) approved by the ATF.

He said some U.S. customs agents at the border question the use of a hunting licence as supporting documentation when not entering the states to hunt, but instead attend a shoot.

The U.S. customs agent in question is mistaken and not current on ATF Form 6NIA requirements/supporting documentation. He or she can ask your purpose for entering the states, but cannot stop you from attending a shoot or visit a club because you are using a hunting license in conjunction with an approved ATF Form 6NIA.

When crossing the border and the use of a hunting license is questioned, direct the agent to GENERAL QUESTION #20 on your approved form, as that section gives you the option to use a hunting license instead of a shoot invitation when submitting the form for approval.

Also, from the ATF website (FAQ):

Q: I’m attending a shooting event in the United States and am not sure if it qualifies for the exception. What should I do?

We suggest that before filing your ATF Form 6 NIA (5330.3D) application, you call the Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch and ask if the event qualifies. If it does not qualify, you may obtain a hunting license as an alternative way of meeting one of the exceptions. Checking if the event qualifies before you submit your application will speed up the processing time of your application.


A valid hunting license or permit from any State within the United States satisfies the hunting license exception to the nonimmigrant alien prohibition. The license does not have to be from the State where the nonimmigrant alien is purchasing the firearm. Please note, the transaction must comply with State and local laws.

For those having an on going issue with agents; you can show them the paragraph on your form, print out the FAC and show it to the customs agents, or telephone the ATF with all pertinent information and they will contact U.S. customs and have the issue resolved.

I would think that once you showed them the information provided on the ATF Form 6NIA, it will no longer be an issue.

Be warned, if you have your ATF form 6NIA approved with a shoot invitation, you can only use shoot invitations as supporting documentation when crossing the border. If you use a state side hunting license when having your ATF form 6NIA approved, that is what you must use. The hunting license must not be expired.

Visitors to the U.S. and Firearms

2010 SE Bunker Championship @ Gator

Sunday action at the 2010 Southeastern Regional Bunker Championships.

Gator Skeet & Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida

Cold in the morning. Windy throughout the day.

The club throws International White Flyer targets. They had experimented with another brand but switched back.

The club has two bunkers. The newer bunker is elevated. It was constructed in this manner to address the water problems that many clubs in Florida experience. This bunker is used throughout the year. Modern machines and computer system.

The original bunker (old bunker) is in serious need of repair. It sees little use, activated for a shoot such as this. Trapper in the bunker required, as hand loaded traps. Delays on the field for one reason or another was not uncommon.

The club is trying to raise funds to fix the water problem the "old" bunker experiences, but this is not the only issue that needs to be addressed.

Visitors to the club are welcomed to shoot bunker. It's suggested you call prior to your visit!

Shoot Photos