Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Deuce Results

The scores to the Spring Deuce sporting clays shoot held at Rochester Brooks have been posted...

Final Scores

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday @ Rochester Brooks (Spring Deuce)

A cool (cold) rainy morning. As the norm the club went with three rotations. We shot at 11:30. It stopped raining when we had five stations left. The last rotation did not see the rain.

Not a heavy rain and at times a drizzle. Combined with a slight wind that kicked in it did not make for a great time on the course. I had debated wearing an extra layer of clothing, but chose not to and suffered for it. You would think after all these years I would know better.

As always, the volunteer refs did an excellent job!

A few machines I think suffered from damp targets but that was rectified in short order.

A let down for me was the club shot the main event over the same property used for the prelim. Yes, machines had been moved, but it was always something we look forward to, the shooting over a virgin course on Sunday.

The problem, as I was told, is the company the club rents additional machines from for the shoot was not in business this year and the club did not have the additional machines to populate a second 17 station course.

Maybe next year...

What I think would be worth a try but I failed to mention it to shoot management is to have a number of rental carts already in place at the sporting clays parking area, instead of picking up the cart at the main building and then driving the cart to the course a untold number of times over a three day period. It may already be an option but I'm not aware...

In the middle of the event on Sunday I broke the Link in my Remington 1100. I think the only part on the 1100 that I had not replaced in the past year or so.

The gun had started to act up early on and I had no idea why. The first broken link I've seen in ten years.

I already had the maximum malfunctions allowed when the firearm stopped working.

I was cold and wet and in no mood to have to drop a trigger and replace the link. In any case I did not want to hold up the squad.

A fellow shooter was kind enough to lend me a spare 390. It fit like a glove, but obviously it did not swing like my 1100. After being on a hot streak for the last five or six stations it was all downhill. Just the breaks of the game...

Any firearm dealers or manufacturers that would like to donate a shotgun, feel free to contact me : )

Shoot Photos

The trip home saw a record number of state police running radar on I-90 and I-87.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday @ Rochester Brooks (Spring Deuce)

Attending the Spring Deuce sporting clays shoot at the Rochester Gun Club, Rush New York.

We arrived Friday and shot a NSCA prelim ($50) in the PM. Referees were assigned to each squad. The 16 station prelim course was overlaid over the two sub gauge courses. For many of the stations, especially on the 28/.410 course, we shot from the stands and the sub gauge shooters shot out of a hula hoop that at times was set just a hair closer to the targets. This allowed those shooting the prelim to get a nice workout and those shooting the .410 not having to take impossible shots. I found the prelim to be as challenging as some main event shoots that I have attended. Hats Off to the target setter...

Saturday AM we shot a two parcour FITASC ($50) at 8:30. I did not shoot as well as I did last year, but thought the target presentations were much better than the previous year. Refs did an excellent job.

In the PM we did a prelim re-shoot for $30.

For both Saturday and Sunday (main event) referees are assigned to each station. From past experience, the clubs volunteer refs can easily hold there own against paid referees.

Looks like a few additional shooting platforms have been built since my last visit and the men's bathroom received a major overhaul.

Sundays main event (17 stations), if set as in previous years, will see 80% of the stations set on land we have not yet set foot on.

Rain expected for Sunday...

Shoot Photos

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IS Outdoors Magazine

Received this via email and thought I share. Very informative and just love the format...


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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Amelia Shotgun Sports Shoot Voucher

UPDATE: Both shoot certificates have been mailed to Florida shooters.


At the March Amelia Shotgun Sports shoot we won a couple of certificates that entitle the bearer to shoot a free round of sporting clays (100 targets).

The certificates expire June 30, 2010. Just received in the mail an we will not be able to use them.

I'd liked to mail a certificate to a Florida or Georgia resident that would use them (the club is north of Jacksonville). I will mail one (1) certificate to the first two people who contact me via email and have a Florida or Georgia address. Don't include your address in the initial email.

Free, all I ask is that I don't see them for sale on EBay...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cost to Reload, Apr 7 2010

I purchased reloading supplies today.

W209 primers, Universal Clays, and 700X.

Running the numbers through a "reloading cost calculator" I came up with the following:

12 gauge 1oz. @ $4.30 per box.

28 gauge @ $3.50 per box.

I used current lead and wads prices in the calculations.

If I waited a few weeks I might have gotten a better deal from another vendor, but the supplies were in stock and I decided to pull the trigger.

You could reload at lesser cost if your willing to purchase less expensive primers and powders, but for me, if it works, I don't mess with it...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gun safety at the club

At clay target clubs we all follow the same firearm safety rules:

• Keep your action open at all times when not on a shooting station.

• Do not load your gun until you are standing on the shooting station.

• Depending on the clay target discipline, you may only have either one or two shells in the firearm.

• Do not leave the shooting station until the gun is emptied and the action is open.

• Firearms may be placed in the shotgun racks during a cease fire and when not in use. Break action shotguns may be closed while in the rack, but must be opened as soon as they are removed from the rack. All other shotgun action types shall have the action open.

Twice this year I observed a shooter stuffing a Remington 1100 with as many shells as it would hold.

A shooter approaching the field with the bolt NOT locked to the rear. I approached the shooter and said the bolt must be locked to the rear. I was told the safety was on. I repeated that the bolt needed to be locked to the rear. When the shooter locked the bolt to the rear, a 20 gauge shell came flying out. I want to say five shells in all were ejected, but I lost count. This was a new shooter who had not been briefed on firearm safety at a clay target club.

I observed a father teaching his son how to shoot. They were on a skeet field, station #1. Once again a 1100 loaded with as many shells as it could hold. The young person was not wearing eye protection...