Friday, May 28, 2010

Lost Target Odds & Ends, May 28, 2010

We shot skeet with are good friend Bryce Verrall this week. I think the last time we shot skeet together was two years ago, if not longer.

We plan on meeting for practice at least once a week for the rest of the summer.


I had to change out the main spring on the bottom barrel on my Browning O/U.

It seems it needs replacement once every two years.


If you shoot name brand factory shells save the sales receipt(s) and UPC off each box (not the case), as companies are offering rebates ($2 per box) throughout the summer.

From my readings, companies want original sales receipts(s) and UPC, limit of five cases per household.

Relatives and friendly neighbors can assist you if you wish to get around the household limit. Just think it out and come up with a plan...


A number of clubs are having problems with site updates.

Usually the person who volunteered to update the site has moved on or just can't find the time.

If your clubs site is not being updated maybe it's time to review your clubs site and decide what is really needed.

Keep it simple...

- Disciplines offered.

- Hours of operation (all disciplines).

- Points of contact with at least one working email and telephone number.

- 911 location and Google map link.

- Shoot calendar (provide link to shoot programs/fliers).

- Shoot results (link).

All the above can be placed on one page.

Each year all is needed is a review and an update of the shoot calendar.

If more is needed on a website, maybe it's time to pay for the service...


Speaking of club websites.

I'm not in competition with you website.

Instead of thinking of me as a competitor for viewers, think of my site as notifying the newspaper of an upcoming shoot or the results of a shoot.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Helping out at the club

The last time you helped out (volunteered) at the local club was to...

Open the club, move targets, mow the lawn, edge walkways, pick up trash, clean and restock bathrooms, clean the kitchen, attend a meeting, work a shoot.

The last one, "work a shoot" does not necessarily mean getting on the field and pulling targets. Machines need to be loaded, trash cans emptied, hamburgers flipped, score sheets brought to the desk, scores posted.

The last time you helped out at the club was to...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Canadian Clay Target Championships (All)

A listing of shoot dates for the various Canadian Clay Target Championships, to include Olympic Trap and Skeet.

Clays Canada

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not the best weather this past weekend

In Vermont on Saturday we got rained on and Sunday in Quebec we received a combination of snow and rain, as well as heavy winds.

Not a pretty weekend...

Not a bad day on Saturday at the Underhill club until it was the squads turn to take the field. The skies opened and it poured for about an hour. After about five minutes of rain I had to put my cameras away until the rain stopped.

I knew it was not going to be a pleasant day on Sunday, as snow flurries at the house. When we approached the border a snow plow was clearing the roads.

Thankfully the Valleyfield club is at a lower elevation than the border crossing and no snow on the ground, but we felt the full force of the wind and a combination of snow and rain. The snow and rain at some point stopped but not the wind. I wore full winter gear to include long johns and gloves. Not great camera weather and I did not bother to take out the video camera.

A NSSA skeet shoot next Saturday, hopefully we will see the sun...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

YouTube for Clay Target Shooters

Youtube has taken off and so has the quantity and quality of clay target video's. A number of firearm organizations/companies are now doing monthly postings, if not weekly.

On the main page of the Lost Target I recently added three video sections. This is in addition to Audio/Video Reports and Canadian Audio/Video.

YouTube for Clay Target Shooters

A wealth of information for clay target shooters and coverage of various shoots. I included an ARCHIVES page, as the number of videos posted on the page was not keeping with the appearance of the main page. If you check the site at least weekly you should see a new posting or two.

Lost Target YouTube

My own videos from various shoots that I attend.

Junior & Collegiate Videos

Small in numbers at this point but I would not be surprised to see major growth.