Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vermont 2010 Sporting Clays Championship

A wet day at the Vermont Sporting Clays Championship hosted by Northeast Kingdom Skeet & Sporting Clays, Burke Hollow, Vermont.

A light rain for the first 6 or 7 stations and than an on and off drizzle for the rest of the day. Mostly no rain in the PM.

I had my rain gear on but as soon as it turned into a light drizzle, off it came, as it was to warm for rain gear.

Walking up the hill (The course is on the side of a mountain) was not to bad, but on the way down, coming off station 14 you experienced some slippery footing.

I was on a good squad with some good shooters, but more importantly it was a fun squad to shoot with.

Lunch was included in the registration fee. The club gave out nice trophies.

The club has an excellent 5-Stand.

From what I see the course is mostly handtraps for day to day operations, but they automate a number of stations with battery operated machines brought in for the state shoot.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Harris claims $100,000 in Grand American Challenge

SPARTA - When Devon Harris broke his 49th straight target in The Grand American Challenge, he knew he had just put $100,000 in his pocket.

The shooting promotions manager for Federal Premium Ammunition appeared to dance a celebratory jig when the target exploded. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"I fell down," he said. "My left knee let go. I don't believe I didn't fall down."

Harris recovered in time to cement the win by breaking the 50th target.

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The ATA is proud to announce LeeAnn Martin’s $200,000 Lewis Challenge For the 2011 Grand American

Here’s how it will work:

There is a $200,000 added starter fund which was donated by Lee Ann and Bill Martin.

To enter the option, participants will pay a $200 option entry fee on Monday of Grand American week. The $200 will cover a fee of $20 per 100 targets for the 1,000 target High-Over-All. This fee will make participants eligible for both daily and a High-Over-All Lewis options.

50% of shooter’s option entry fee will go into an option that will pay out for each 100 targets. These options will be paid out to 5 Lewis classes divided 60/40%. An example of how the 100 target options would work with 2,000 entries is:

- 2,000 shooters x $200 = $400,000 shooter’s Lewis option entry fee money
- $400,000 Divided 50% to daily Lewis Classes, 50% to HOA Lewis
- $200,000 divided by 10 = $20,000 per 100 targets
- $20,000 divided by 5 Lewis classes = $4,000 per class
- $4,000 divided 60/40% = $2,400 for 1st in each Lewis class and $1,600 for 2nd in each Lewis class

Monday and Wednesday would pay out $4,800 and $3,200 in each Lewis class because they are 200 - 16 yard target events.

The other 50% of shooter’s Lewis option entry fee is added to the Martin $200,000 starter fund and will be paid out to 5 Lewis classes divided 50/30/20% on the Grand American High-Over-All.

An example of how the High-Over-All target option would work with 2,000 entries is:

- $200,000 remaining shooter Lewis Option money + $200,000 Martin Added money = $400,000
- $400,000 divided by 5 Lewis classes = $80,000 per class
- $80,000 per Lewis class divided 50/30/20% - 50% ($40,000) /30% ($24,000) /20% ($16,000)

All Monies will be calculated using the Percentage System (all ties divide)

Please Note: The $100,000 Grand American Challenge will return to the 2011 Grand American as well.

The ATA Encourages ALL trapshooters to thank LeeAnn and Bill for their generosity.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trap Shoot @ Derby, Aug 15, 2010

A 2hr 30min drive to the Lewis Class Trap Shoot held at the Derby Fish and Game Club, Derby Vt.

To be honest, I didn't know what I was to find, as a first time visit.

For whatever reason I was thinking an old winchester machine and run down facitities.

A pleasant surprise...

The grounds were immaculate.

A modern club house, PAT Trap, and Voice Release.

Very impressive archery and rifle range.

A well run shoot, good food and plenty of volunteers on hand.

A bit of a wind, but not to bad.

Shooters from Quebec, New York, New Jersey and Vermont were in attendance.

Shoot Photos

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sporting Clays Shoot @ Pionnier, Aug 14, 2010

Attended a sporting clays shoot at Club de Tir Pionnier, L'Assomption, Québec. A first visit for me. The drive to the club was uneventful (1hr and 50 minutes). The club, north of Montreal, was easy to find.

The shoot was advertised as 50 sporting and 25 trap.

Turns out the trap event was modified 5-stand, shot off an elevated stand.

Well organized shoot and a nice turn out. A large number of hunters in attendance. Everyone was friendly!

The clay target course is across the road from the main club house. The club does not seem to have a large property to work with, but they make the most of what they have and put on a nice shoot. Lewis class, $1,500 in prizes.

The club has what seems looks like the standard pistol/rifle range setup in Quebec. The shooting stations are inside a narrow building, with shooters shooting through open windows. Throw in a bit of heat in the winter and you have year round shooting. The pistol range building is being extended.

A free outdoor BBQ was part of the shoot fee. The club does run a kitchen.

I was told the club is seriously looking at installing a trap field in the next year or two, hopefully with a wobble trap.

I wanted to stay until awards were presented but I had to get on the road. I hit a major traffic tieup just a few miles from the tunnel that goes under the St. Lawrence River and lost 45 minutes.

Hitting the border I had to show my Customs Form 4457. I was asked to pull over so firearm serial numbers could be checked. Not a problem. A young crew working this day. A first time for me in all the years I’ve been crossing is that I was asked to enter the building after my firearms were checked. The agent made a phone call. I did not hear the conversation but I assume he was asking what the correct procedure was. After he got off the phone, he handed back my paperwork and said, have a nice day…

Shoot Photos