Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amtrak Allows Guns In Checked Baggage

Effective December 15, 2010, passengers will be allowed to check unloaded firearms and ammunition between Amtrak stations and on Amtrak trains that offer checked baggage service. The following policies apply:

Firearms in Checked Baggage

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov 28, 2010 @ the Lacadie Trap Shoot

Spent the day at L'Acadie's annual clay target turkey shoot taking photos and video. I passed on shooting.

Skeet, trap, and 5 stand were the events offered.

The L'Acadie club is located 30 minutes southeast of Montreal.

Early in the day was the time to shoot trap, as winds picked up in the PM and targets flattened considerable.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov 21, 2010 @ the Valleyfield Trap Shoot

Club de Tir de Valleyfield, St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, Québec.

100 target trap shoot. 50 singles and 50 handicap. The handicap yardage based on singles scores.

A cold and windy day. The coldest weather I've shot in this fall. The high was 29 degrees, but wind chill made it feel like 15 degrees. My right eye watered for most of the shoot.

I shot a Winchester value pack, but I think a mistake. If going that route in the future I will stick with Federal.

The second time crossing the border with firearms this week. As in the past not a problem, coming or going.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Missed Target, Sparta World Shooting Complex

Received via email...

Spotlight Spending November 3, 2010

Sparta World Shooting and Recreation Complex

The Problem

The World Shooting and Recreation Complex (WSRC) in Sparta, Illinois was completed in 2006 at a construction cost of $31.5 million (as well as another $18 million for road, water, and sewer improvement).

The 1,600-acre facility includes 746 RV campsites, 120 trap shooting fields, and a 34,000 square foot events center.

The state-funded facility came fully loaded with high expectations. In August 2004, State Representative Dan Reitz said the World Shooting and Recreation Complex “will be the only state park in the state of Illinois that makes money.”

In June 2005, the director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), estimated the complex would bring the state about $50 million to $100 million in economic development each year, once up and running.

Has the Complex lived up to its hype? Not exactly. In fact, the Complex’s total projected revenue collection from fiscal year 2004 through fiscal year 2011 falls short of the total amount the state appropriated to the Complex by more than $1.5 million.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remington 1100 Action Spring Follower

If you didn't read my previous posting on 1100s, I replace the springs in the stock and forearm once a year. At the same time giving the tubes they sit in a good cleaning with BreakFree.

I tore down my Remington 1100 for its 100% annual cleaning and found the Action Spring Follower (located in the Action Spring Tube) with wear marks. Well, more then wear marks, a couple of dings.

The Follower is what your Link (T) sits in.

I think the Follower was made of aluminum. In anycase, it was replaced.

I have never seen this type of damage before, but aluminum is soft and who knows what could have happened to cause the dings. The new one does not feel like aluminum.

I have not yet had a chance to shoot my 1100 after being torn apart, but my wife shot hers in trap on Tuesday and shells were ejecting smoothly. Matter of fact, she posted a 25 at the 16 yard line.

Keystone Shooting Park Olympic Bunker Update

Go to March 2011 Update

Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.
302 Tennessee Avenue
Elizabethville, PA. 17023

Dear Joe,

On behalf of the Board of Directors at Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. (CISS), I wanted to offer a construction progress report for the Keystone Shooting Park (KSP) project to our fellow international shotgun sports enthusiasts.

The concept and design of KSP allows unequalled access to our World Class range facility. KSP will be the first fully automated Olympic shotgun sports range in the world. The technology incorporated into this range was not possible in the past, but it is now a reality. We have partnered with the finest vendors in the world to offer our patrons/athletes the most awe inspiring international shotgun sports experience possible. Our world renowned partners of Olympic trap machine manufacturer Mattarelli SNC of Bologna, Italy and range electronics manufacturer, Elfipa SNC of Grogo Al Monticano, Italy..…helped to make this a reality. These names are synonymous with excellence, durability and innovation in our sport. The combination of these two manufacturers products will give our patrons/athletes the most positive and real life training experience available.

Unequalled access is no longer a dream but it will be a reality for everyone……both novice and Olympic athlete alike. We are tremendously proud of what we are creating, but more importantly what this facility will mean to both current and future U.S. Team members as they pursue their dreams. Our patrons/athletes will now have a World Class training facility available to them (7) days a week. They are now truly the masters of their own schedule and no longer obligated to work around a ranges schedule. A patrons/athletes employment or scholastic schedule is no longer an obstacle to their training. They no longer have to work around our schedule, because we work around theirs in order to help them meet their goals. Unlimited access is imperative to a fully engaged Olympic Athlete as they hone their skills in order to meet the rigors of international competition and KSP offers that access. Our attached web-brochure will explain more of the culture that we will create at KSP. Please note that the KSP project is also a multi-phased, multi-year construction project that will add additional international shotgun sporting sports fields in the future.

2010 CISS-KSP Web-Brochure


All scheduled concrete work has now been completed in time for the onset of the winter months. We have poured a total of 162.5 cubic yards of concrete for the bunker, tunnel, shooting pad area, steps, walkways and awards podium plaza. The fencing contractor will finish their work early next month. Likewise the electrical contractor has already completed all outside work and will begin their interior wiring of the bunker and machinery in January. The excavation contractor will commence all finish grading as soon as the weather breaks in March and the range will be hydro-seeded in April. The shooters protective roof will be erected as well in the near future as well. I have attached some photos of the KSP site for your review and enjoyment.

As you can see, the standard of construction at KSP is unsurpassed and it will stand for many decades to come in order to serve our nations athletes. More photos will be available for review on our website, once operational.

We have begun work on our website platform and it is expected that we will have portions on the website operational by the end of this year or early January at the latest. We will go through a battery of beta tests before announcing the operational status of the site. Our future website address will be as follows:

Keystone Shooting Park

Likewise we will begin to work on our competition calendar for 2011 and we anticipate our Grand Opening to be on Sunday, May 1, 2011. The timing of our May 2011 opening will allow us to have a full schedule of events, which is anticipated to be between 3 to 4 two day competitions until the fall of 2011. As you can imagine building such a venue is not without its economic challenges, especially given the current climate. We have made a tremendous amount of progress, but we would so much appreciate your financial support of our efforts in whatever amount possible.

CISS Donation Letter

CISS is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 tax deductible charitable organization. The Corporate Officers and Board Members of CISS are volunteers and receive no compensation whatsoever. All funds donated to CISS are tax deductible and 100% of those funds will go directly toward CISS's support of the KSP project. We have attached a CISS donation letter that explains the respective donation levels as well as the donation information and process. I would like you to understand that all Corporate Officers and Board Members are international shotgun shooters and enthusiasts themselves and reside throughout the United States, so this is not simply a local issue, but a national issue. Our ultimate long term goals are to assist other organizations throughout the nation with our technical expertise and financial support as they build their respective "Field of Dreams".

We hope that you agree that CISS/KSP will be a shining beacon for international shotgun shooting sports promotion in the United States. Each day I visit the range to supervise the contractors, I can see our vision coming closer to fruition and quite honestly it is tremendously exciting and we hope that it excites you as well. We are simply shooters building what shooters need.

We once again we look forward to serving the international shotgun sports community in the near future and we would surely appreciate your support to help complete this project.


Allen B. Chubb, Jr.
President & Treasurer

Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.
302 Tennessee Avenue
Elizabethville, PA. 17023

717-903-9009 Cell

717-362-7834 Fax



The final total of concrete was 162.5 cubic yards. The guys are kdding me about it being another Hitler bunker.

The actual phyiscal address of the facility is as follows:

610 Game Farm Road Dalmatia, PA. 17017

This is in Southern Northumberland County and only 2 miles from the Dauphin County line near the huge town of Pillow. It's a 45 minute drive North of Harrisburg and 20 minutes South of Sunbury. Regarding I-81, If you're coming up from the South of Harrisburg, you'll want to take 22/322 West and then either take 225 or 147 North toward Halifax. You'll follow 147 from there through Millersburg. If you're coming from the North, the best exit would be "Hegins" Route 25, which is Exit #112.

We're working on our website now and it should be operational by the end of December or early January at the latest. The website address is as follows:


My office is starting to install a new server this afternoon, so I'll be out of email contact for at least two to maybe three days. If anyone has any questions, I can be reached on my cell phone, which is 717-903-9009 or you can email them to me and I can respond early next week.

Thank You,

Allen Chubb

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spring Deuce @ Rochester Brooks 2011 Shoot Date

Easter in 2011 is April 24th. The last full weekend in April.

Thus a change in dates for the Spring Deuce at Rochester Brooks Gun Club, New York.

April 15-17, 2011

A popular shoot at a fair price, offering FITASC and Sporting Clays. All events with referees, to include prelims.

Spring Deuce 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010 @ Underhill

Received an email saying Bill Boyce would open the 5-Stand at the Underhill Club (Vermont) on Wednesday. The club is on its winter schedule, so an unscheduled day to take advantage of the nice weather we been enjoying the last few days.

Sounded like a plan.

I contacted Montreal shooter Pierre Dubios and he decided to also take part.

For New York Shooters in this part of the state a visit to the Underhill club starts at the ferry crossing.

Arrived just a little after noon. A sunny day and 42 degrees. Just cool enough that I needed my winter jacklet. A frost covered the clubhouse roof on the side facing the fields.

A few minutes to open the field and we were set to go.

We brought 50 shells to the stand and shot report pairs.

Eventually the stands were set aside and hoops were placed on the field.

Once we started using the hoops, it was time to change chokes, as IC was just not going to cut it for the majority of targets.

Two were shooting a side by side and did just fine.

Thanks to Bill Boyce for making the day possible.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UK Based International Trap Shooting Forum

Just getting off the ground...

Olympic Trap "bunker" Universal Trench "5 Trap" ABT "wobble" DTL "ATA" Helice / ZZ Double Trap


Monday, November 08, 2010

Remington 1100 Preventive Maintenance

Once a year I tear down the two primary 1100's we shoot, usually in the fall. The tear down includes a cleaning of the magazine tube and the action spring tube (located in the stock), and cleaning the trigger.

In preparation, I order replacement Action Springs ($4.60 each) and Magazine Springs ($5.05 each). I have the stock already off the receiver and we're not taking big bucks, so a no-brainer to replace both springs. The action spring does not need replacement until after 5,000 rounds, but considering the price, kind of foolish to not replace it.

The interior of the magazine tube can get nasty and possible hang the magazine follower. The tube is always a good candidate for a yearly cleaning. You also want to take a look at replacing the plastic magazine follower when you have the spring out if it shows signs of wear.

I soak the interior of both tubes with BreakFree for a minimum of 24 hours. A light coating of Remington Rim Oil on the springs when inserting.

If it looks like it needs it or not, I replace the O-Ring.

I also give the barrel a good scrubbing. Over time the one or two inches at the end of the barrel where you insert the shell can see a bit of buildup if not cleaned properly. That buildup can slow or stop the ejection of a shell when the brass expands upon firing.


A question was asked on Trapshooters.com about replacing the feed latch on a Remington 1100.

I used 5 minute epoxy on mine about 5 years ago and it work just fine for singles and multi-feeds. Clean that groove with alcohol real well. Apply epoxy and insert feed latch. Use clamps to hold in place until glue sets.

After that, WHEN REMOVING/INSERTING TRIGGER PINS, PUSH THEM TOWARDS THE EJECTION WINDOW. Do that and the epoxy should last a good long while. Pushing the pins away from the window is the cause of the feed latch being knocked loose.


I use a re-staking tool sold by Brownells to secure the feed latch, but the next time in addition I'm also going to use superglue or epoxy.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Odds & Ends, Nov 6, 2010

I was thinking no more shoots to attend this year, but not the case as four fun shoots scheduled in Quebec.

Scheduled is a trap shoot at Valleyfield, an all round turkey shoot at L'Acadie, and a sporting clays turkey shoot at the Montreal Skeet Club.

In the mix is the start of the Montreal Skeet Clubs winter sporting clays fun shoots, starting Dec 5th. A series of sporting clay shoots held throughout the winter.

Unfortunately, the annual December turkey shoot held at the Underhill club in Vermont will not be held this year. The club does offer league shooting during the winter months.


We've been shooting RIO 1oz shells for the last month. Nice shooting shell. Not as dirty as Federal Value Packs.

The shooting of factory ammunition will be ending. I'm back to reloading for the rest of the year. It got to the point last month where I did not want to look at the re-loader, but time to get back to the re-loading bench as easier on the pocketbook.


The last time we were at the SCFC in Vermont we hit the pattering board. As a result, the wife added two spacers to the comb for when she shoots trap.

We had done this previously, but something changed. She shot three different loads.


I posted this in the past, but my New York Sporting Clays site never took off.

A shame, as I'm not aware of any one site that list all shoots (registered and fun) taking place in New York.

I was willing to do the postings but never received the input that was needed (or promised).

I will maintain the page, as it contain a listing of New York clubs, but I'm not going out of my way to post information on shoots unless provided.

Just so many hours in the day...

On the other hand, the input from Vermont, Quebec and Ontario clubs is at times overwhelming, but appreciated.