Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 26, 2011 @ the Gator Bunker Trap Shoot

The Gator Skeet and Trap club (Gainesville, Florida) hosted the 2011 Southeastern Regional Olympic Bunker Trap & Double Trap Championships.

The first time the club used only one one bunker for this annual shoot, as the original bunker is no longer operational.

Hardly a breeze. Temperatures in the 80s.

I talked to Cynthia Meyers (Canadian) and she confirmed the Canadian Bunker Championships will be held at the Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club. The shoot will be shot over several days, starting June 5, 2011. She said a shoot program would be available shortly.

Saturday Photos

Keystone Shooting Park Schedules Bunker Shoot

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Received from Allen B. Chubb.


I received notice yesterday from Mauro Perazzi and Lucio Sosta at Perazzi USA that they will sponsor an annual event to be hosted at KSP effective this year. The event will be called the "Perazzi U.S.A. Grand Prix". The event will run from Friday July 8th to Sunday, July 10th. A course of fire will be 75, 75, 50 + final. I will be we preparing and sending out the official program and notices within the next week. Dan Lokker from Giacomo Sporting USA will also be providing gunsmithing services as well during the event. You definitely won't want to miss this event. All of the stops will be pulled out.


Allen B. Chubb, Jr.

President & Treasurer
Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 19, 2011 @ Palatka Skeet Shoot

Looks to be another great NSSA skeet shoot hosted by the Palatka Skeet Club.

The Azalea Open is a 4-gun tournament that attracts shooters from various parts of Florida and a number of states, to include Vermont and New Hampshire. I spent time talking to a shooter from Ontario, Canada.

The desk, being worked by Barb (Rabbit) Benson, was running flawlessly. Registrations were running smoothly and scores posted in a timely manner.

A great day for shooting. It may have hit 80 degrees. A slight breeze experienced from time to time.

Machines seemed to be working flawlessly.

A complimentary Steak dinner Saturday night.

I talked to someone who was selling reloading components. He said he was already alerted to a price increase and the next time he purchases lead he will have to raise his shot prices by $2 a bag.


Friday, February 11, 2011

George Digweed is simply the best

BRITISH clay pigeon shooting champion George Digweed won his 18th world title at the weekend weekend, as fended off the competition to claim gold at the World Championships in New Zealand.

The Northiam ace topped an all-British podium in Auckland as he continued his domination of the sport. Mark Marshall and Chris Childerhouse claimed the silver and bronze medals, helping the British come out on top down under.

Competitors had to shoot a total of 200 clay targets over the course of the two-day event, and Digweed hit 87 on the Saturday and another 92 on the Sunday.

Afterwards, Digweed said: "It was a very hard and technical shoot, and to hit over 85 was generally seen as a good performance, so to score above that on both days was a real achievement for me.

"I was coming directly off the end of the game-shooting season, and it was a 38-hour journey from the UK to New Zealand, so to shoot like that was amazing.

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Ontario shooter Randy Ferguson attended the just completed 2011 New Zealand Sporting Championships and World English Sporting Championships.

He was kind enough to provide photos and a bit of commentary.


It's posted on the photo page, but don't miss his shoot wrap up report.

The Shooting is Wrapped Up

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forest Service proposed firearm hunting ban

NSSF Urges All Hunters to Comment on Proposed Firearm Hunting Ban

Forest Service Accepting Public Comment Until Friday, Feb. 11

NSSF is urging all hunters and sportsmen to submit comments to the U.S. Forest Service on a proposed firearm hunting ban for areas of the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Michigan. The proposed ban could pose a threat to firearm hunting on portions of federal lands across the nation. The Forest Service is accepting public comment on alternatives until Feb. 11.

Background: In September, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Forest Service's regulations required that it consider banning hunting with firearms on lands designated as "semi-primitive" within the Huron-Manistee National Forest. The court felt the noise associated with firearm hunting could harm the quality of the recreational experience of hikers, backpackers, and cross country skiers. The court ruled that the Forest Service had to consider closing these areas to hunting with firearms if other public hunting land was available nearby. The U.S. Forest Service is therefore required to do a formal review to determine if it should move forward with a ban on firearms hunting ban on these areas.

Please submit comments to the Forest Service urging it to adopt the "No-Action" position, which would allow hunting with firearms in areas designated as semi-primitive to continue.

Sportsmen can fax comments to Lee Evison at 231-775-5551 or e-mail comments to

Please include your name and address with your comments. E-mailed comments must include

"Forest Plan SEIS" as the subject line of the e-mail.

All comments must be received by Friday, Feb. 11.

You may also submit your comments via mail to:

Forest Planner Huron-Manistee National Forests 1755 S. Mitchell Street Cadillac, MI 49601


Visit NSSF's Government Relations site at

OPTA Clubhouse Newsletter (Ontario)

The Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association in the past year has put out The OPTA Clubhouse, a series of PDF newsletters.

A newsletter that is not only informative, but also well written. Besides the expected shooting related information, don't be surprised if you find a bit of humor.

Well known Ontario trap shooter Barbara Sheldon has been aggressive in pushing the newsletter and also assuring that it's something that all would enjoy.

I'm sure that Barb is not the only one responsible for the newsletter, but her fingerprints are all over it. Hats off to Barb and all others involved. A job well done!

The OPTA Clubhouse - February Edition 2011

Past issues posted at Clays Ontario

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

World English Sporting Championships

Ontario shooter Randy Ferguson attended the just completed 2011 New Zealand Sporting Championships and World English Sporting Championships.

He was kind enough to provide photos and a bit of commentary.


It's posted on the photo page, but don't miss his shoot wrap up report.

The Shooting is Wrapped Up

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Feb 5, 2011 @ the Flagler ATA Chain Shoot

We shot 200 ATA singles at the Flagler Gun & Archery Club chain shoot this past Saturday.

65 degrees at 8am, 75 at 11am. Overcast for most of the day. It rained for maybe 20 minutes in the PM. We were just finishing the third round of the second hundred when it started and continued to rain for maybe the first three stations on the forth. That was it for the rain and the remaining squads received a bonus, the winds died down. Luckily, the vehicle was parked next to the field we were shooting and we were able to retrieve are rain gear and a few towels between the third and fourth round.

A well run shoot. The club put out two squads at a time. You shot 50 per station. Twenty five at a time, with a short break in between.

We saw a number of flat targets in the morning and rising targets in the PM. Not much the target setter could do about flat targets as the wind kept shifting. Not a wind that bounced the targets around, but it was windy. In any case, targets were pretty much consistent, rarely seeing a floater.

I didn't see any machine breakdowns, nor experience any problems with the voice release. Not one no bird that I can remember.

A nice number of volunteers on hand. Hulls and trash being picked up throughout the day.