Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRA VP: Holder's got to go

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation in a speech Saturday morning at the Association's annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Powder drop, don't assume!

I had a number of lite re-loads at last weeks trap shoot. Cost me a few targets, as it got to the point that I was thinking about my shells and not targets!

I thought the reason for the lite shells was I filled an empty powder bottle and the powder had not yet settled when reloading the first box or two of shells. Those shells in-turn got mixed in with the shells I brought to the shoot.

Past practice has been to set aside the first box or two when starting with an empty bottle and shoot them in practice. With the theory being the powder in an empty bottle needs to compact. Something I failed to do.

I have a plastic powder baffle on the re-loader and it should ensure uniform power drops, but you still have to check from time to time.

Today, I dropped powder and put the charge on a digital scale. Weighed light. 700X dropping in the upper 15s. I wanted in the mid to upper 16s. Especially when shooting an 1100 that may slow a bit when shooting 100 targets. The charge bar was moving all the way to the left and not sticking.

I remembered I had opened a new container of 700X. Same powder but different production run, as the lot number was not the same on the old and new container. I changed bushing, going from a 29 bushing to a 30 bushing. Immediately got powder drops in the upper 16s and a few 17, 17.1 drops. Settled down to the upper 16s. A powder drop that works well in my 1100.

Years back this would have never happened, but I got away from what I use to do when I first started to reload.

I got lazy and have not been spot checking my loads with a scale. Especially, after filling an empty bottle or opening a new bottle of powder.

Also, humidity in the home can vary the powder drop.

I would have not caught this if I was shooting an O/U unless the shells sounded really weak or I had spot checked my powder drop with a scale. Checking with a scale is something I stopped doing.

First time re-loaders need to know powder bushing charts are just starting points and you do need to weigh your powder drops.

I have a battery operated scale. My first scale was a manual balance scale, but a pain to operate.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apr 22, 2011 @ Montreal Skeet Club

Attended the Montreal Skeet Clubs annual Good Friday trap shoot. The club is west of Montreal, maybe 30 - 45 minutes west depending on traffic.

A mostly sunny day, in the mid 50's. A slight breeze from time to time.

Shot singles and handicap.

Good targets, voice release working properly and great background. The clubs kids did a good job calling lost and change.

One squad showed up late and they put them on a field without voice release, as handicap was getting ready to start. A good call!

Bill was the #1 U.S. shooter and I was 2nd! Bill had a serious flinch in past years and late last fall had his trigger modified to RELEASE. Not one flinch today...

Driving into Canada we had firearm serial numbers checked. Myself and my friend Bill have a Canadian Five Year Firearms License and the required firearm registrations, so no delay in filling out firearm paperwork.

Heading back south took longer then anticipated, as the border crossing we planned on using was still on winter hours and closes at 4pm. My GPS said arrival was going to be at 4:03. Unfortunately, we had to use the I-87 crossing and sat at the border for an hour. Seven lanes open, but it was Easter weekend.

Two vehicles in front of us were yellow carded and directed to report for secondary inspection. Three officers were walking the lanes and checked two vehicles with some type of hand held device. One officer actually reached under a truck and it looked like he was running the device along the gas tank.

A passport or enhanced drivers license is required to enter the US via vehicle. Passport only when flying. A regular drivers license is no longer acceptable when driving.

When at the booth we had one firearm serial number checked against what was listed on a Customs Form 4457 and we were on are way. If you have a firearm, US shooters need to stop at US Customs prior to entering Canada and fill out a Customs Form 4457. A one time requirement, as the form does not expire unless no longer readable. I laminated mine! By the way, don't bring a handgun into Canada. Jail time awaits...

Shoot Photos

Stuck Shotgun Wad Removal

A bad reload at a shoot yesterday and a wad got stuck in the barrel.

I thought I was going to have to leave the line to clear the barrel, but a shooter handed me a cut down 12 gauge hull with a live primer. Maybe half the height of a regular hull. No powder or wad, not crimped.

I loaded and shot the hull. The pressure generated from the primer expelled the stuck wad.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Deuce Weekend 2011

We shot the Spring Deuce Prelim at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club, Rush, NY on Friday and saw sunny skies and great targets.

FITASC for me was Saturday AM at 8:30. Rain, cold, and windy. I was happy to get off the two parcours.

Walked the grounds in the PM and took a number of photos, to include Prelim, small gauge and additional FITASC photos. The rain let up some in the PM, but the wind started to blow harder then what we saw in the AM.

Machines on the course were worked on immediately if a problem. I observed club workers constantly driving around filling machines when needed.

All the club workers seem to be in good spirits. 16 stations and no sour grapes...

Shooting the main event on Sunday. High winds in the forecast.


Sunday saw winds and temperatures the low 40's. Ended up wearing my winter jacket.

17 stations.

I liked the target presentaions. Only one station, a true pair, that I thought a target needed to be set a bit higher. A few problems with the wind, but the refs were quick to call "NO TARGET" if the target flew off course.

Shoot Photos

I failed to mention my vehicle was not able to depart the designated parking area on Saturday and the club tractor had to pull it out of the mud!