Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vermont 2011 State Trap Championship

State Trap Championship @ Montpelier Gun Club, Berlin, Vermont

A good time at the shoot. I used for the first time. Well worth the $2 fee.

The trusty Remington 1100 worked flawlessly. I shot 1oz reloads, 700X powder.

A little wind from time to time, but it helped keep the weather decent. It was in the low 80s when I departed.

The first time shooting with a Shot Curtain in place. The club has an area where shot was landing in water and the only answer was a shot curtain. Just under 400 feet wide, set to protect the water behind it. A stand of trees was already growing in that area to help deflect shot, so all should be well!

Not the prettiest thing to look at, but not a problem when shooting. I didn't hear anyone saying they missed a target because of the curtain.

The shoot is not normally this late in the year, but they had a flood and the installation of the shot curtain needed to happen as the club was not allowed to shoot without it being installed.

Photos / Results

Shot Curtain

Lead shot containment curtain @ Montpelier Gun Club, Berlin, Vermont.

Shot the club on Saturday and took photos and video. This is the first shoot with the curtain in use.

A seven field trap club. The curtain is NOT the length of all seven fields. Just enough length so shot does not hit water!


The shot is basically spent when it reaches the curtain!

Shot 200 targets and the curtain was never an issue.

If you wish to contact the club I recommend you gleam the contact information from the ATA website, under club listings.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Sunset Farm Sporting Clays Shoot

I shot the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Fun Shoot at Sunset Farm Sporting Clays, Delanson, New York this past Saturday. The clubs located off I-88, southwest of Albany.

A hot and humid day.

A fun shoot but NSCA members could register targets.

A shotgun start.

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Nice course, varied target presentations. A combination of hand traps and automatic traps. Some stations were just hand traps. Other stations modern trap machines. Sometimes a mix!

Trappers did a great job.

No machine breakdowns experienced on my squad. Shot a 100 shells at 100 targets.

Coming off the field you had the choice of steak or chicken and all the fixins.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vermont State Championship Trapshoot

The Montpelier club has recovered from the flood and also resolved all environmental issues.

103 Annual Vermont State Championship Trapshoot

Montpelier Gun Club

July 29-31, 2011

Shoot & Club Information

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 World FITASC Championship

2011 World FITASC Championship

Orville, France

JULY 14-17th, 2011


On the photo page I'm linking three sites that are reporting the scores!


Christophe Auvret wins 2011 World FITASC Championship!