Thursday, December 29, 2011

ATF Nonimmigrant Alien Firearm FAQ Missing Link

Regulations for Nonimmigrant Alien Regarding Firearms & Ammunition (FAQ) is no longer available. The ATF link to this valuable source of information at the present is dead.

Also Application for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition ATF F 6NIA (5330.3D)is no longer printable via computer. The form must be downloaded, printed out and information printed or typed using a printer.

Feel free to contact the Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch and ask why:

Phone: (304) 616-4550

Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Monday through Friday (except federal holidays)


If you have questions on the process for bringing a firearm into the U.S. as a visitor, feel free to visit the page I have posted. It answers most questions.

ATF Form 6NIA Guidance

Friday, December 23, 2011

National Shooting Complex Open to the Public

Received from Dana McKittrick...

I am traveling over the holidays and currently in San Antonio, TX. I visited the National Shooting Complex this week and was invited back to shoot any of the venues.

They explained that very recently they have opened the ranges to public shooting on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I took advantage of this and enjoyed a great day of shooting yesterday.

I spoke with the folks in the Pro Shop and they were anxious to spread the word about the opportunity. If the response is strong enough, they will consider additional days for shooting. If anyone is traveling or planning a trip to San Antonio or the area, they should seriously consider taking some time to enjoy this magnificent facility. Everyone there couldn't have been nicer.
Hope you enjoy a very happy holiday season.

Good Shooting!

Dana McKittrick
Matthews, NC


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Scholastic Trap Teams Introductory Instruction Manual

Looks interesting...

New Trap Shooter Primer

Today, hundreds of new trap shooters are joining scholastic trap teams. Parents, new coaches, volunteers, along with the new shooters, are seeking an introductory instruction manual to help them get started. The New Trap Shooter Primer has the answers! From equipment, to ammunition, to gun selection, and singles trap strategies, the New Trap Shooter Primer is your information source for the new shooter.

Written by a coach who instructs shooters of all ages and all different backgrounds and skill levels, the New Trap Shooters Primer fills the gaps of knowledge during the first couple of years of participation.

Authored by Mr. Rob Mathis

List Price: $14.99

$11.99 AIM / SCTP Special Price when using discount code



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Thursday, December 22, 2011

90-day residency requirement for aliens (Firearms)


The Gun Control Act (GCA) generally prohibits any person from transferring firearms to any unlicensed person who they know or have reasonable cause to believe does not reside in the State in which the transferor resides. See 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(5).

Longstanding Federal firearms regulations at 27 C.F.R. 478.11 define the term “State of residence” differently for U.S. citizens and aliens. A U.S. citizen’s State of residence is the State in which he or she is present with the intention of making a home; while an alien is considered a resident of a State if he or she has resided in that State for a period of at least 90 days prior to the date of transfer with the intention of making a home.

As you know, Federal firearms licensees (FFLs) are required to obtain documentation establishing that an alien legally in the United States has resided in the State continuously for at least 90 days prior to the transfer of the firearm. This documentation is currently recorded as a response to Question 20c of the Firearms Transaction Record, ATF Form 4473.

The Department of Justice (the Department) has recently concluded that, as a matter of law, applying a more stringent State residency requirement for aliens legally present in the U.S. than for U.S. citizens is incompatible with the language of the GCA.

As a result, ATF will be revising the regulations in 27 C.F.R. Part 478 to conform to the Department’s conclusions by removing the separate 90-day residency requirement for aliens.

Once the regulations have been revised, both U.S. citizens and aliens legally present in the U.S. will be subject to the same requirements for State residency and proof of residency.



This is the rule as presently written. The ALIEN portion is being revised. Pay attention to U.S. citizen requirements!


State of residence. The State in which an individual resides. An individual resides in a State if he or she is present in a State with the intention of making a home in that State. If an individual is on active duty as a member of the Armed Forces, the individual's State of residence is the State in which his or her permanent duty station is located. An alien who is legally in the United States shall be considered to be a resident of a State only if the alien is residing in the State and has resided in the State for a period of at least 90 days prior to the date of sale or delivery of a firearm. The following are examples that illustrate this definition:

Example 1. A maintains a home in State X. A travels to State Y on a hunting, fishing, business, or other type of trip. A does not become a resident of State Y by reason of such trip.

Example 2. A is a U.S. citizen and maintains a home in State X and a home in State Y. A resides in State X except for weekends or the summer months of the year and in State Y for the weekends or the summer months of the year. During the time that A actually resides in State X, A is a resident of State X, and during the time that A actually resides in State Y, A is a resident of State Y.

Example 3. A, an alien, travels on vacation or on a business trip to State X. Regardless of the length of time A spends in State X, A does not have a State of residence in State X. This is because A does not have a home in State X at which he has resided for at least 90 days.


A Justice Department spokesperson said this does not expand any rules under the Gun Control Act, it merely removes a previous stipulation for legal aliens.  Those who fall under the category of legal alien will still have to go through the same process as an American citizen does to purchase a firearm, showing proof of residency, among other things, the spokesperson said. The spokesperson could not specify when this decision was made, but said that the department regularly conducts legal reviews of these rules and such reviews occur on an ongoing basis.


Nonimmigrant visitors to the United States who entered without a visa would still have to meet other requirements to buy a weapon — including establishing that they are residents, such as by obtaining a driver’s license with a local address.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shotgun shells at cost, why not at your club?

I'm seeing inexpensive brands of shotgun ammunition being sold by distributers for $50 to $56 a case (Noble Sport, Estate & Rio shells to name a few), with clubs receiving discounts on bulk purchases. I just purchased through a club Noble Sport shells for $48 after club discount. Taxes additional, but still a deal.

Just this past week Gun Clubs at Dicks and believe it or not, at Gander Mt. for under $50 a case.

On Black Friday I purchased Federal Value packs at Walmart for $18 a sleeve. The equivalent of $45 a case.

I see the same shells (except Value Packs) being sold at clubs from $6.50 to $8 dollar a box.

I think this pricing is slowing or even decreasing the participation at clubs. Sporting clays clubs have a slight advantage, as most practice courses are 100 targets, but in skeet, trap, and 5-stand a shooter can call it a day after one round.

I'm often surprised at the number of shooters showing up at clubs I visit with value packs, either 12 or 20 gauge. Look at your own club, how many are shooting value packs instead of purchasing the shells your club sells?

What does that tell you and what usually happens?

Your price of shells is to high and instead of shooting four or five rounds they most likely are leaving after a round or two.

Targets is where the money is, not in the sale of ammunition.

I received an email a few weeks back. The shooter informed me that he purchases shells at his club for $50 a case. At those prices he no longer reloads.

You want to throw more targets in 2012? Offer shells at cost...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shotgun Hull Recycling by Garrison Green

Shotgun Hull Recycling by Garrison Green

Our goal is to help shooting clubs and ranges across the nation become more environmentally friendly. Garrison Green supplies the collection containers and transportation for the empty hulls, target boxes, and hull cases at no charge to the club or range.

All materials collected are processed and reused for a variety of applications. Clubs and ranges that participate in the program earn rewards including gun racks, benches, banners, and barrels.

Learn More (PDF)


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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Loose adjustable comb

In the middle of my annual Remington 1100 Preventive Maintenance program.

A new one for me, a loose rear adjustable comb post (left/right). I tightened it down and will keep an eye on it, but If it comes loose once again I will use loctite.

I don't normally take the comb off, but it seemed a hair loose so I took a look. When I popped the comb the rear post moved freely left/right.

Have started on a 2nd 1100. Have it broken down, soaking overnight in BreakFree.

Entering Canada, declare those firearms

Three recent cases in the news.

American vehicles searched after declaring no firearms being transported.

- Machen, who has multiple health issues, was held in custody in the hospital until his court appearance Thursday.

- At the time, Cross and Barr — accompanied by their wives — were on their way to Alaska to celebrate Cross’s wedding anniversary but instead ended up in jail for five days until a $50,000 bail for each was raised.
Result. $10,000 fine each.

Visitors may import non-restricted firearms (shotgun/rifle) into Canada for legitimate purposes:

- sporting or hunting use during hunting season;
- use in competitions;
- in-transit movement (i.e., moving in the most direct route possible from Point A to Point B) through Canada; or
personal protection against wildlife in remote areas of Canada, as long as the customs officer is satisfied that the circumstances warrant the firearm being imported.

Import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition.

When entering Canada with a firearm a "Nonresident Firearm Declaration" must be completed.

Bringing Firearms Into Canada

In theory a handgun can be brought into Canada, such as for a recognized competition, but it has to be approved for import prior to your intended visit. If heading to Alaska and you need your handgun, ship the firearm via UPS or FedEx. The post office won't ship a handgun!


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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

NobelSport Target Shell Purchase

A club I shoot at is purchasing targets and offered club members the opportuinty to purchase reloading supplies from Gamaliel Shooting Supply. The reloading supplies would be delivered on the same truck as the targets.

I saw that NobelSport shells were going for $51 a case and asked if ammunition could also be purchased?

Not a problem...

Using them for registered trap. 1 1/8 oz.

Have shot NobelSport in the past, but I won them at a shoot and never purchased any, as the best deal in the past few years has been with RIO shells.

Will be attending three trap shoots in a very short time span. It will be interesting to track scores to see if any difference from the scores I normally shoot.


Update: Received my bill for the purchase. Shells came in at $49 a case.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Enclosed 5-Stand @ LAcaide

I attended the L'Acadie "turkey fun shoot" this past Sunday and took a few photos of the enclosed 5-stand.

Rear view. Under the right weather conditions the shooting stations on the roof are also used. Not shown, stairs to the roof on the right side.

Five shooting stations.

Note the heater for the trapper.

View from the roof.

In the next few weeks the club plans on installing a container on a trap field. The pads to support the weight of the container have been poured. The container will be postitioned to allow for 16-yard trap shooting.

The club is southeast of Montreal and also offers International Skeet and Bunker Trap and will host the 2012 Quebec Trap Championships.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Keystone Shooting Park Phase II Expansion

Allen B. Chubb passes along the clubs plans for 2012...

Keystone Shooting Park
610 Game Farm Road
Dalmatia, PA. 17017

Plans for exspansion.

Haldeman Field Lighting Package

Elfipa Electronic Training Aids Package

Elfipa Skeet Range Electronics Package

Elfipa Field Electronic Scoreboard (East Side of Range)

Spectator & Competitors Grandstand (West Side of Range)

Handicap Parking and Access Ramps for Paralympic Athletes

(2) Mattarelli Olympic Skeet Machines

Olympic Skeet Field Construction

Helice Ring Machinery Package
Keystone Shooting Park Article - Trapshooting USA (PDF)

* The club has a state of the art Olympic Trap Bunker (15 machines).

* The club will be hosting several Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) events in 2012.