Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here we go again: Shooter claims he suffered ear loss

Shooter claims he suffered ear loss after visiting Belleville Indoor Shooting Range

An Illinois resident has filed suit against a shooting range, alleging he suffered from diminished hearing after the range failed to provide him with adequate protection.

Babatunde Owoseni claims he visited defendant Metorking doing business as Belleville Indoor Shooting Range to practice shooting on July 20, 2010. While at Belleville Indoor Shooting Range, Owoseni rented ear protection, according to the complaint filed May 8 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.



Where have I heard this before?

Woman claims she lost hearing at League City shooting range



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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stolen Ruger Handgun, Serial #317-03141

Ruger was stolen on 4/26/12 in Hyde Park , Vt.

It's a P95PR semi -auto 9mm pistol Serial #317-03141

CANAM Cup & Quebec Olympic Trap Championsh​ips

2012 CANAM Cup & Quebec Olympic Trap Championsh​ips

Dear Olympic trap athletes, coaches, parents & enthusiasts,

Keystone Shooting Park is proud to announce a cooperative effort with our Canadian friends at the L'Acadie Gun Club near Montreal to kick off our "Road to Rio Campaign". Both events are scheduled during the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London to not only celebrate these Olympic Games, but to also initiate the forward motion of our focus now to the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, brazil.

Both clubs are hosting back to back weekend events in the sport of Olympic Trapshooting and you are cordially invited to attend either one or both events to celebrate the kick off of our campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to energize, train and season our younger athletes for future world and Olympic events and to reinvigorate our older competitors to bring back the joy of the sport to both nations seasoned athletes.

L’Acadie shooting club was the host site of the 1976 summer Olympic Games and possesses three flush European style bunkers equipped with Laporte machines. Two of the three ranges are covered by roofs over the shooting stations. Keystone Shooting Park has one fully automated European style flush bunker with Mattarelli machines. The range is covered by a roof over the shooting stations as well.

Pre-registration and payment for both events are mandatory. Please see both attached programs above. Payment for the CANAM cup can also be made via our the PayPal link on our website.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Wounded Warrior Sporting Clays Shoot @ Vernon National

This past Sunday myself and Bob Howard attended the Wounded Warrior Sporting Clays Benefit shoot at Vernon National Shooting Preserve, Vernon Center, New York
A bit of a drive, departed the house at 4:30am.  10am start time!

Registration went smoothly.  Coffee, juice and breakfast muffins were available at no cost.

Opening ceremonies included the singing of the national anthem and a 21 gun salute.


14 stations.  Sunny and 81 degrees.

A nice mix of target presentations and good use of terrain.

Lunch (included in the shoot fee) was chicken and all the fixings.  Plenty of dessert to go around!

Awards were announced and Bob Howard was HOA with a 97x100.


Proceeds of the shoot to benefit the Fort Drum Physical Therapy Pool (Station WBS).



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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Death at the Gun Range

I just read a posting where a shooter died from a heart attack while shooting.

Considering the distance of many clubs from EMT response and the age of shooters visiting, it most likely happens more often then we are aware.

Other then calling 911 and starting CPR, what can the club do?

Not all can be saved, but...


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Monday, May 21, 2012

4300 Series Long Range Clay Target Release

Sunday I dropped in at Club de tir L'Acadie (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec).

Did a little shooting and also shot a short video.


A little of everything; bunker trap, 5-stand, skeet, FITASC and trap.  Enough video to give you a sample of what the club offers.  The club also supports International Skeet, as well as pistol, rifle, and archery.

The club manager showed me his new toy.  A Long Range wireless clay target release controller that he had installed on the practice eight (8) machine FITASC parcour. 

An eyeball estimate, but he was releasing targets from a distance of 100 yards, to include report pair and true pair.

In the video you see huge green steel containers that machines are stored in.  Even inside the containers the supplied antenna worked 100%.  The antenna did have a cord so they could be located outside the container, but no need!

During a round of practice not one no bird call!

If I was in the market I would install such a system on a 5-stand without hesitation.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting Canada with your firearm (gun)

A simple process to bring your shotgun or rifle into Canada to hunt or to attend a shooting event.
You first stop at U.S. customs and fill out Customs Form 4457.  You proceed to Canadian customs, declare your firearms and complete CAFC 909 Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form. Pay $25 Canadian and proceed to your destination.

The process is described here:  Bringing Firearms Into Canada

Be reminded that an enhanced drivers license (land crossings only) or passport is required to return to the USA. An everyday drivers license is no longer acceptable.

The purpose of this posting is for those who insist on bringing handguns into Canada.  NOT ALLOWED except for those who are serious competitors, and even then may not be approved.  In any case, a handgun entry must be pre-approved prior to attempting to enter Canada.

Leave your handgun at home... 

Handguns land U.S. man in jail

74-year-old didn’t declare them at border


SARNIA - A 74-year-old American caught at the Blue Water Bridge with 11 handguns has been fined $30,000 and sentenced to nearly five and a half months in jail.

John McMullen, from the western U.S., pled guilty to not declaring the guns and possession of prohibited guns Monday in Sarnia court.

McMullen crossed the border Aug. 3, 2011 on his way to Peterborough to visit friends, and had been driving continually from Colorado with most of his possessions packed in a minivan.

He had met the Peterborough family after billeting the family's son years ago in Denver, Colorado.

McMullen had worked as a construction contractor.

One of the guns found in a case in the seat behind the driver was loaded.

The guns were in his lawful possession in the U.S. and investigation showed he had no "nefarious" intentions, said defence lawyer Ken Marley.

People have a duty to declare guns when entering Canada, said federal prosecutor Michael Robb.
The guns were forfeited to the Crown following the conviction and a 10-year weapons ban in Canada was imposed.

McMullen was deported from Canada when court proceedings ended. He will be seeking permission from the Canadian government at a later date so he can visit his friends, said McMullen.

He also said he knows his return to Canada to face the charges was unusual. Nearly all Americans released on bail after being charged with gun offences at the border never return. In those cases the bail money is forfeited to the Crown.

McMullen was held in custody until $35,000 bail was posted in January. The jail time was emotionally trying on the man, who has no criminal record, said Marley.


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Sporting Clays Shoot @ Underhill

Twice a year the Underhill Rod & Gun Club in Westford, Vermont transforms a three field skeet club with 5-stand, trap into a five parcour sporting clays course.

Seventy shooters participated in the first shoot of the year named the Spring Fever Open.


New this year was a parcour in the tree line on the hill overlooking the skeet field, right of the clubhouse.

A little wet on the course from past rains, but we saw temperatures well into the 70s.

Shotgun start, three shoot times.

A nice number of hunter class shooters in attendance. 

It's man power intensive to hold an event such as this. Hats off to all who lent a hand!



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Friday, May 11, 2012

White Flyer Targets Modified (mid west only)

FaceBook Posting...

To: White Flyer Distributors
Gun Club Managers/ Personnel
From: White Flyer Targets
Subject: New White Flyer Targets

Hi All:

 Recently you may have noticed receiving orders from White Flyer/ Webb City in which a memo was attached to each pallet stating “Tooling Change was made on these targets and readjustment of the splitter or knife may be necessary”. What basi...cally occurred was that the first step of the target was lowered by about fifteen-thousandths.
In talking to gun clubs in the Midwest that have received these ‘newer’ targets, adjustments have been minimal, but the shooters have remarked that these ‘newer’ targets are different in that they ‘smoke’ better than the ‘older’ WF targets! Rumors started that WF mixed bio ingredients into this target and this is why it ‘smokes’ a light, grayish color. Other rumors were that the dimensions, plus weights, have been changed and it is a completely new target. Quite frankly, a lot of misinformation is going on out there and we felt it necessary to contact you and ask you to please pass this memo onto your customers & gun clubs.
First and foremost, this ‘newer’ target is different in only two areas, the height of the first step and its composition. They still undergo a 27-step process of quality control to measure weights and concentricity- the specs which are weight mandated by the ATA and other organizations have NOT changed. The main difference and the thing that shooters are commenting about is the fact that when centered, instead of the ‘black sootball’, you get a whitish, gray picture of the smoked target. This is where the only change has been made to this target- a different style of pitch is now being used that is lighter in color and therefore causes the target to ‘smoke’ whitish, gray. Outside of this pitch change, no other aspect, other than the very first step, are any different. Extensive testing has been done on these ‘newer’ targets and in our testing, we found that they actually break/ smoke better that their older AA pitch counterpart. There is no question that when smoked, against a dark background, they could be mistaken for our biodegradable target that smokes a whitish color. It will take a bit of getting used to with this lighter smoke, but overall we feel this is a better target.
At the current time, this ‘newer’ target will only be produced at our Webb City, Missouri, target plant. Hence, many shoots in the Midwestern US will receive these targets over the next few months. We wanted to dispel any of the rumors out there that they were suddenly shooting a totally new WF target because they weren’t.
Hopefully this clears up the misconceptions about what you will be using and what to expect. Should you and your gun clubs have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at our Houston office @ 713-626-1843.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kim Rhode, Olympic Shooter

A good read...

ESPN - By Bonnie D. Ford

We tend to picture our most distinguished Olympians as residents of Valhalla, a little aloof, not entirely earth-bound.

Yet the woman who could become one of the most decorated U.S. athletes in history this summer lives in Monrovia, Calif., and has an outgoing, relentlessly sunny personality. She makes her own fresh pasta. She can build a car from the ground up. She collects antique children's books. Her mom keeps her schedule and her dad is her coach. Her name is Kim Rhode and her blog is modestly subtitled "just a girl shooting guns and stuff."

In short, Rhode is the girl next door who grew up to be a woman with a remarkable skill set. Rhode, 33, who will compete in skeet and trap at the London Olympics, could become the first American athlete to medal in an individual sport in five straight Games if she reaches the podium again.



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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Remington 1100 Feed Latch Replaced

Was cleaning a Remington 1100 today and when I removed the trigger group the Feed Latch fell out.  I've re-staked the feed latch numerous times in the past, but doesn't hold for long (an older model).  I purchased a device from Brownells several years back for re-staking, but you can use a small punch. 

Has come to the point I expect the latch to fall out every time I remove the trigger group.  I only remove the trigger group maybe once every two or three months, or if I was out shooting in wet weather, so more of an irritant then anything.

 I purchased a spare feed latch this past winter and went ahead and installed it.  Will see what happens.  Have read you can place a couple spots of glue behind the latch, but not ready to go there.  A loose latch does not affect the operation of the gun, just a pain when pulling the trigger group. The old latch went in the spare parts bag. I've never seen one break, but you never know!

As I was fiddling around with the gun the Magazine Spring went flying.  An opportunity to clean the tube before putting it back. I usually clean this part of the gun once a year, but as long as the spring was already out...

 I also checked the spare parts bag I carry at shoots, as its been a while.  I found the spare Piston/Seal to have a grayish crud like build up on it.  I suspect salt got at it from my time in Florida.  Along the coast, salt is always in the air.  The piston/seal is presently soaking in Break Free.  If I find its pitted after the soaking I'll try steel wool, but if no luck will throw in the garbage and replace.


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Monday, May 07, 2012

Quiallity control issue, Pink Top Gun Shotshells

We were shooting sporting clays practice yesterday using pink Federal Top Gun shotshells. 

Found two with dished crimps. 

Looked like something I would set aside when reloading.  I know a cheaper brand of shell, but you would think....


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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm Florida Challenge

An article in the June issue of the NSCA magazine Sporting Clays in regard to the four day Florida Challenge sporting clays shoot got me moving on a project I had been thinking of.
I had been kicking around posting a shortened version of the video I posted in March, with results added. Seeing the article gave me the push to get it done.


Original video was shot on March 4, 2012.

The 200 target main event was shot over two sporting clays courses at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, Graham, Florida.

Day to day operations at the club sees two 14 station sporting clays courses, elevated five stand, and a combination five stand / skeet field.  Visitors welcomed!

For major shoots the club has the option to close its 1000 yard rifle range and use it as a third sporting clays course.  For the Challenge the rifle range was closed and one of the three courses was dedicated to 50 target sub-gauge events.

In the video you will see two side by side five stands that were installed for the Challenge, thus freeing up the clubs main five stand near the clubhouse for practice.

The club plans for this four day shoot (FITASC 100 targets, small gauge, five stand,
preliminary, and 200 target main event) to be an annual shoot held the first weekend of March each year.

I counted three parking areas and carts were available for rental.  I mention the parking as sometimes an issue when a club does not have the capability to hold a large shoot, as space is at a premium.  Not the case at Bradford!

The club is near Starke, maybe 15 minutes.  Starke has a Walmart, restaurants and several motels.

Gainsville, a major university city is to the southwest.  My mapping program shows a Holiday Inn Express (Exit 384, I-75) and other major motel chains, 37 minutes from the club.

To the northeast you can find a nice cluster of motels off Exit 351, I-10, 35 minute drive time.

* To be on the safe side, I would add ten minute drive time from motels listed.

See you at next years shoot...


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