Sunday, December 29, 2013

Using TSA recognized locks to secure firearms when flying

Comments were being made that the use of TSA recognized locks to secure a gun case when flying was being phased out or no longer allowed.

It was said they were not to be used, as no longer mentioned on one page of there website (we're suppose to read between the lines) and also that TSA was not allowing gun cases to be processed if they were using such locks at a certain airport.

I had contacted TSA in 2009 and they said they were legal, but maybe a change in policy, so after a bit of back and forth I contacted the TSA.

TSA Response:

December 29, 2013

Thank you for your e-mail regarding travel with firearms using Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - recognized locks.

On flights that originate in the United States, passengers may transport a firearm in accordance with 49 CFR §1540.111 under the following conditions:

• the firearm must be unloaded;
• it must be in checked, not carry-on, baggage;
• it must be in a locked, hard-sided container; and
• it must be declared to the airline.

Travelers may use any kind or type of lock for securing firearm cases, including TSA - recognized locks.  However, TSA does not recommend or endorse any specific brand or type of lock to use on firearm containers.


TSA locks are legal, but you do have the option of using your own!  

Some have a strong opinion that you should use your own locks, but they shouldn't be telling you they are illegal if that is not the case, nor turning opinion into a fact.

* Make sure your insurance covers your firearm when traveling.  Your homeowners policy may be lacking in regard to firearm coverage.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Gun Control (Safety) 2014?

In the name of Gun Safety or Gun Control there coming after your guns....

If your state doesn't already require this, don't say you weren't warned!

- State firearm photo ID to purchase or posses.

- Finger printing for those who posses, to include hunters and target shooters.

- Mandatory Firearm Storage.

- Ammunition purchase monitoring. Require state approval for each purchase.

- No on-line purchases of ammunition and delivery.  All sales face to face.

- Unrealistic magazine size requirements.

- Restrictions on firearms that look dangerous.

- Additional taxes on sales of firearms and ammunition.

- Notifying schools that you have firearms in the home.

- Expanded gun free (kill zones).

- Outlawing children toys that has anything to do with firearms.

- Continued monies being spent by anti-gun groups who preach GUN SAFETY but in reality want to take your guns away or make it difficult or almost impossible to own one.

- Restrictions on purchase of reloading components.

- Stricter EPA rules on bodies of water on club property, man made or not, and any alleged runoff.  At some point shot curtains will be required at all clubs with any water on it's property or they will be closed.

- Stricter indoor range air quality standards.  As seen in the coal industry, rules that make it so expensive to comply the club will be forced to close the range.

The left will continue to oppose mandatory sentencing for any crimes, to include using firearms in a commission of a crime. They will continue to support plea bargaining in all cases and in turn shorter sentences (if any jail time).  They will spend there resources on gun control laws for lawful citizens instead of crime control (throw away the key)!

Belonging to a Pro-Gun political organization such as the NRA may not be your cup of tea, but if you don't belong, who is fighting for your gun rights?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

NRA Firearms Insurance Activation

A shooter had two shotguns stolen from his truck.  A member of the NRA, but had not activated his NRA insurance (a free $2500 policy) thus no reimbursement received.

Member of the NRA?

If you haven't activated your NRA firearm insurance policy, something that you need to do, as not an automatic enrollment upon membership purchase!

Go to the NRA website.  Log into the site (NRA membership number required).  Under member services find the area that covers insurance and enroll.

* You may be able to use this link an register without an account.


All NRA members in good standing receive $2,500 of ArmsCare protection at no cost to them. To begin receiving this coverage members must activate their No Cost benefits.

ArmsCare Firearms Insurance provides NRA members with protection for their firearms and accessories include scopes, rings, mounts, slings and sling swivels, which are attached to the insured firearm.
With ArmsCare Firearms Insurance, guns and accessories are protected from the following:
  • Direct physical loss
  • Damage
  • Fire
  • Theft (Theft from a vehicle is covered when it is the result of breaking and entering a locked vehicle or locked portion of the vehicle.)
Firearms do not need to be scheduled and serial numbers are not required
ArmsCare sells upgraded policy's starting at $65 a year for $6500 in coverage. 
Other then to draw your name to the ArmsCare company and the option to purchase additional insurance, is this the only reason that enrollment is not automatic, as firearms don't need to be listed?
You must likely will first have to make a clam against your homeowners police before they will act on your clam.  I won't swear to that, but my understanding from my readings.
Be warned, your homeowners coverage may be limited unless you have a rider and even with a rider it may not cover your firearm when not in the home.

Colorado's shooting -- over in 80 seconds

Give thanks the school was not relying on a 911 response to quickly end the taken of lives.

Despite the thinking on the left, a strong case for allowing school officials to have guns. 
In this shooting, an armed school resource officer averted a greater tragedy.
"He took no effort to conceal the fact that he was armed," said Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson.
In less than 80 seconds, Karl Pierson "fired one random shot down a hallway," then entered an area where 17-year-old Claire Esther Davis was seated with a friend, "and shot the female victim point-blank" in the head. "There was no time for the victim to run from the shooter," Robinson told reporters on Saturday.
Pierson then fired another round down a hallway, then entered the library, where he fired again and ignited one of the Molotov cocktails, according to Robinson.
That ignited at least three bookshelves, causing smoke to pour into the library.
He then fired a fifth round and ran to the library's back corner, "and there took his own life."
By 12:35 p.m., it was all over.
"His intent was evil, and his evil intent was to harm multiple individuals," Robinson said about Pierson, whose entrance into the school was documented on security cameras, as was the bulk of the one minute, 20 seconds of violence that ensued.
The rampage might have resulted in many more casualties had it not been for the quick response of a deputy sheriff who was working as a school resource officer at the school, Robinson said.
Once he learned of the threat, he ran -- accompanied by an unarmed school security officer and two administrators -- from the cafeteria to the library, Robinson said. "It's a fairly long hallway, but the deputy sheriff got there very quickly."
The deputy was yelling for people to get down and identified himself as a county deputy sheriff, Robinson said. "We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life."

Troubling to learn that unarmed school security officers were working in the school. Why weren't they armed also?   Without knowing the answer, I gather the argument they didn't have the training of a police officer, so they can't be armed. In my opinion a bogus argument. Provide the training and be done with it!
As reported in the past, shootings that take place in gun free zones in many cases are terminated upon the arrival of an armed person, with the end result being the shooter taken his own life. Only a psychiatrist can answer why the suicide, but we see this time and time again!
The shooter was 18 years old and legally purchased the shotgun and ammunition.  A shotgun that would not be illegal to own in any of the 50 states!
No background check, either state or federal, in any state would have denied his purchase.
It was reported that he recently had issues (undiagnosed bipolar disorder?) but nothing that would make anyone think that he was capable of doing anything of this nature as it was also reported he was anti-gun and disliked republicans (from his postings on the internet) and his thinking was left of center.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Credit Card Compromised

The last 20 days or so a few strange pending charges popped up on my account, all from the same company.  I brought it to the attention of the credit card company, but was told I had to wait until it went from Pending to Posted Activity.  One actually went through and was removed by the credit card company after I notified them.

I should have cancelled the card, but didn't.  Didn't go with my gut feeling.....

Today, a charge of almost $3000 on the account.  Card Cancelled!

I'm not responsible for the charge, but just passing along how important it is to keep an eye on your credit card account.  Very easy during the holiday season with increased activity to have something slip by.  I access mine online and view daily activity.

A few years back I received a call from the credit card company asking if I was in India making Ebay purchases?  The card was cancelled. The next day FedEx was at the door with my new credit card!

A Chase card.  A nice service they provide is the out of region travel. You notify them via your online account you will be in a XYZ city during a certain time period and they won't flag your card when used in that city and region.  
I failed to notify them one time when I was out of my region and was down south using my card at a Walmart.  My purchase was denied.  The next thing my cell phone starts ringing and Chase was asking if I was using my card in the city I was in.  Said yes and after a brief conversation, hung up, re-swiped my card and it worked.  Don't know if it will always be that fast, but I was impressed!

You do have to give them a listing of authorized phone numbers via your on-line account for the above to work for you.  Make sure you include your cell phone number and the number of your spouses phone.  You can always call them if your having a charge problem, but they will only accept calls from the numbers you provided.

I have also made a few online purchases for types of merchandise I don't normally buy every now and then.  The charges were flagged by the Chase computer. A phone call received from Chase asking if I had used my card on-line?

Not a perfect system when using a card and you have to assume at some point the card will be compromised. Be a smart card user and keep an eye on your account!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Kingston (Ontario) Fun Turkey Shoot

Four games were on the schedule for the clubs turkey fun shoot.

Kingston Shotgun Sports, better know as the Kingston District Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays Club is located in Kingston, Ontario just off the 401.

Of the four games offered the one I had not seen before was a skeet game.  Shoot singles only from station 1 through 7.  You had to hit a target, two shot maximum, at least two times to score a point. Very hard to do if you center hit a target on the first shot and no visible pieces to hit for the second shot.  As often seen on a skeet field, a lot of good old fashion ribbing took place.

Machines ran well for both the skeet and trap events.

For the most part a sunny day, but when standing in the shade you realized how cold it was (30 degrees / -1 C).

A very nice turkey dinner with all the fixings was served for lunch.  The ladies (well, not all ladies) outdid themselves getting the meal ready and manning the serving counter.  Also, a verity of tasty desserts were offered.


Friday, December 06, 2013

28 gauge reloading

I had to purchase lead for 28 gauge shooting, the shell we use for skeet practice. I bought Lawrence Brand #9 hard shot.  I was able to purchase via a club buy.

Was not sure what reloading saving were as prices are all over the place and ran the numbers through a Reloading Cost Calculator.

Using today prices and not the cost of reloading supplies I have on hand, my cost to reload a box of 28 gauge AA hulls using W209 primer, Clay Buster wads, and Universal Clays comes to $4.073 a box.

I can bring the price down a bit if I was willing to use a cheaper brand of primers but chose not to!

Still way cheaper to reload 28 gauge and .410 then to purchase factory and cheaper then practicing with the cheapest of factory 12 gauge loads.

A word of warning if you don't reload, but thinking about it. Easy to lose your reloading saving by not buying smart!

Do you shoot enough shells each week to justify getting into reloading? The cost going in can be high, especially if your buying a progressive re-loader.

You may not find reloading 12 gauge worth the effort.  All depends on what you can purchase factory shells for versus the cost to reload and your financial circumstances and what your time is worth.

Purchase a used machine, not brand new.

A scale to weigh powder is a must.  A bushing just gets you in the ball park!  I prefer an electronic scale but an old fashion balance scale will meet your needs. Changes in humidity can change your powder drop, as will opening a new container.

Don't purchase reloading supplies at box stores.  Your paying way over market cost!

Find a local club that allows club members to piggy back on club purchases.  Saves you on shipping cost and HazMat fees (powder and primers) and you may also be able to take advantage of discounts the club may receive for buying in bulk.

Check out the bigger shoots for those selling reloading supplies.

Most who reload shotgun shells purchase 5,000 primers and 8 pounds at a time, not lesser amounts as usually cost more.

When you run into the deal of the year, purchase two 8 pounders instead of one, 10000 primers instead of 5000 or more if you can afford it.

Clay target shooting is an expensive sport, reloading may make it a little more affordable!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

MEC Bottle Support, a must have!

A number of years back I had a MEC shot bottle break in half and as a result shot spilled throughout the reloading area.

The constant bottle motion (vibration) caused a crack.  I assume the plastic became brittle after years of use and it was only a matter of time.

I purchased MEC Bottle Support ($27) holders for all my re-loaders.  I have developed a few cracks and the bottle support saved the day, as the bottles did not snap in half and spill lead.

Today, not so lucky!

I tipped back the bottle and the top of the shot bottle snapped off.  Luckily not a full bottle of lead, maybe a quarter bottle!  Because I was tipping it back slowly I caught it in time before the bottle emptied completely.

Feeling the plastic in the area it broke, it seemed brittle to the touch.

I have no idea if newer MEC bottles ($9.99) are made from a different type of plastic, but something you need to be aware.

I suggest you either use a bottle holder or change out your bottles every ten years or so.

Anyway, a first for me, having the top of the bottle snap off!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

L'Acaide Turkey shoot and my U.S. Customs experience!

I attended the annual turkey shoot at Club L'Acadie. Skeet, trap, and 5-stand.  Shoot one, two or all three events.  The club is located just southeast of Montreal and maybe a 35 minute drive from the NY border.  The 2014 Canadian Trap shoot (ATA) will be held at this club. 

The weather outlook for Sunday was not looking good.  90% chance of rain when I checked on Saturday AM.  Sunday comes, in the mid 30's, overcast and no rain.  In the PM a few snow showers, but that was it.

Shot skeet (50 targets).  Missed the first three high house birds : (    That was good for a few laughs!

Spent the rest of the day meeting old friends and running around with my still camera.  Five or six shooters telling me what sporting clays shoots they planned on attending in Florida this winter.

Shoot Photos and  Results

I ran into a shooter from Club de Tir Huntington who wants me to visit his club next year.  He told me his club just purchased a rebuilt PAT trap from the Silver Dollar.  They are just waiting on delivery.  The club has 4 trap fields, but the most modern trap is just one Winchester basket trap.  The PAT Trap should be a welcome addition.  They are already thinking of another purchase.  I do plan on dropping by in 2014.

I was telling a few people that I had been contacted by the BBC last week and they wanted to use some of my Galt video for a story they were going to run.  Don't tell anyone, as I don't know if that has been cleared for public release yet  : )  When all said and done, most likely they will only use 15 or 20 seconds of what I shot, but Galt will get a mention and that's all for the good!

I decided to take the main U.S. border crossing on the way home instead of the small crossing I normally use. 

Nine lanes, late Sunday afternoon.  Should be back in the states in no time!

Ops!  Fifteen minute wait. Turns out it's always like this the weekend after thanksgiving, or so said the person working the border. 

While I'm waiting in line in my vehicle, a commotion breaks out at the booth two lanes over.  Customs people in a run to the booth. Bing, bam, two pulled out of a vehicle and being led away in cuffs in a blink of an eye.  No more then 60 seconds later the vehicle is being driven to the secondary inspection area.   Arriving a minute later and you wouldn't have known that anything had happened.   Whatever popped up when the ID was run must have been more then a little interesting.

I reach the booth and show my ID and the paperwork for my firearm.  Tell him I was skeet shooting an won a turkey.  I ask if I must declare a turkey, even if it's frozen?  Next thing I'm being carded and instructed to drive over to the secondary inspection area.  Not a big deal (my paperwork is in order) and nothing hidden in the vehicle (and I've done this so many times through the years).

Park my vehicle.  I'm told go through door A and report inside!

Where were you hunting? 

I wasn't hunting, I was skeet shooting. 

What's skeet shooting?

You know, clay target shooting. 

What's clay target shooting? 

Shooting at orange targets flying through the air. 

So where did you kill the turkey. 

I didn't kill the turkey, I won it shooting skeet and it's frozen! 

You won it shooting skeet?

Yes, I'm a good shot  : )  

Did you declare your gun before you left the U.S.?

No, I didn't have to as I have it listed on my form 4457.

So you didn't declare your gun before departing the USA? 

No, the form your holding is my 4457 and I don't have to declare the firearm every time I depart the USA, as it's already on a signed form. 

At that point the other customs person standing next to him the whole time says, he doesn't have to declare his firearm when he departs the states, as he has it already listed on the form.  He gives me back my ID and my 4457 and tells me I can go. 

When all said in done, at no time did anyone look at my firearm or take a look at my turkey!  All this because no one knew what skeet shooting is and thinking I was a killer of turkeys?

Other then the extra time it took to cross, an interesting story to add to the many I have in regard to both US and Canadian customs. Not complaining, just passing along my experience, as at least once a year I get a surprise when crossing and I've come to expect the unexpected.

* The 4457 is a one time requirement for US shooters.  A signed form is valid for the items listed as long as it's readable (does not expire). It's not transferable to another person.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Kids in the home, secure that handgun!

Something like this product is a must have for all who have children in the home....

Get protection as unique as your fingerprint

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Have you decided where your going to put the gun safe?

If you have been doing any reading lately the anti-gun crowd is pushing "child access prevention" gun-safety laws.  A fancy name that the left came up with instead of using the term Gun Control.

The latest push is for you to store your firearm in a safe. You don't need a firearm to defend yourself, no need to leave it out.  The police will protect you. Call 911, they will be there in 10 minutes, 20 minutes the operator says as you hear the 17 year old armed punk from down the street breaking down your door looking for a quick score!

Those pushing such laws don't believe in self-defense, nor guns in general and are looking for any means to take firearms away from law abiding citizens or limit there access. Many are from the same stock who 25 years back advised women to not fight off a rapist.  Believe it or not, some women went along with that way of thinking. Not any more, but just to think their was some who thought that way and advised others to not resist....

What of the Supreme Court Ruling, you know, the one that struck down the District of Columbia's portion of the gun regulations act that required all firearms including rifles and shotguns be kept "unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock." The ruling that made it legal to have a firearm in the home that was unencumbered by a trigger lock, not locked in a safe, loaded and ready to go.

Time for lawful gun owners and the NRA to take a stand!

How many guns are to many?

Are you a danger to society because of the number of firearms you own?  Should the government limit the number of firearms you possess?

I'm seeing more and more headlines stating so and so had five guns in his home, or six guns, or more.  You may also see somewhere in the headline that he had 300 rounds of ammunition or more.

Must be a nut to have more then one firearm and more then a box of ammunition, right?

Such headlines are not an accident, they are on purpose!

The headlines are antigun headlines meant to make those not into firearms and various hunting and shooting sports think anyone that possess more then one firearm and a box of shells is a danger to society. They are meant to scare the general public and rally support for so called SAFE gun laws!

Are you a danger to society because of the number of firearms you own?

Other then a self defense handgun (at home or carry) what other firearms an active sportsmen may posses; a firearm for bird hunting, a firearm for deer hunting, a firearm for plinking, a firearm for trap shooting, a firearm for sporting clays, a firearm for skeet shooting (4 gauges).  I'm sure you can list several more firearms required for other type of shooting activities not listed. Those not into shooting have no idea and the press is not going to educate.

In regard to ammunition.  Someone attending a weeklong trap shoot may require a minimum of 1000 shells, a skeet shooter 500 shells.  Having 500 shells or more at home is not an unreasonable number, and for many that are into serious shooting, two cases of shells stored at home most likely doesn't even meet there needs but for a few weeks of shooting, if that.

And, for those who reload.  The news can make possessing an 8lb container of powder and 5000 primers look like your getting ready to start a war.

Next time you see the headline, are they reporting the news or do they have another agenda?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Support Renewing the Plastic Gun Ban

The federal law banning undetectable plastic guns expires in two weeks and Congress is on a Thanksgiving vacation, making it likely the law will lapse — and opening up at least a temporary problem.

Gun control proponents say the search for a solution is even more urgent with the expanding capabilities of 3-D printers, which can manufacture plastic guns that can be untraceable through traditional means.

Washington Times


Many Gun Free Zones (Kill Zones) especially in court houses and airline passenger terminals depend on scanning technology to detect firearms.  No matter if you support Gun Free Zones or not, they are here to stay!.

A plastic gun defeats the most simplest of such scanning devices.  Someone will take advantage, it's just a matter of time.

Will a law stop a determined terrorist?  The answer is no, but it will slow down the mentally disturbed and the so called cowboy terrorist who acts on his own.

Support the ban....


Monday, November 25, 2013

Annual Remington 1100 Maintenance

Every year around this time the 1100's get disassembled and I give them a thorough going over.

One of the 1100's was purchased used in either 1972 or 1973 and still going strong. My wife and I were out shooting sporting clays a few weeks back and they worked as if new.

I always replace the Action Spring ($5.99).  Not a part that needs to be replaced unless you start having problems, but for what they cost, and as I already have the gun torn apart, it just one less thing that I have to consider if I start having problems.  To access the Action Spring you need to take the stock off.

Through the years I had a Feed Latch ($19.99) that has fallen out a few times after removing the trigger.  I have a re-staking tool, but after taking a good look at the latch I saw it needed to be replaced, as pretty beaten up where it had been re-staked in the past (likely I didn't do a good job the first time).  I used one plate pin (holds the trigger in place) and a small (maybe 3 inch) C clamp to hold the latch in place while installing. Any gun smith can re-stake the latch if you don't have the tool.  I have read where some just use glue to hold the Feed Latch in place and forgo using a re-staking tool.  It will work, as if you can get the trigger installed the Feed Latch is not going to fall out. 

A butt plate screw needed to be replaced. It was loose and wouldn't tighten. A quick run to the hardware store and I went with the next size up.

The last few times I removed the recoil pad I had a hard time with one of the hex screws holding the pad in place and feared it was stripped.  I pushed it out of the pad and found a piece of rubber had lodged in the opening where you place the hex key to tighten or loosen.  An easy fix.

I pull the Magazine Spring and give the tube a good cleaning.   A few years back I replaced the Magazine Follower ($5.29) on my 1100's when I was having a problem.  My feed problem went away with a new follower on one, and as I have older model 1100's, I replaced them all.

The Barrel Seal gets replaced.  I can't remember the last time a barrel seal was the cause of my 1100 not working properly. As long as it doesn't look torn or beat-up, most likely good to go, but there cheap enough. If you purchase from Remington they will charge you an Arm and a Leg. Visit the local hardware store or do a Google search.
Viton O-rings, size 21 for the 12 gauge. Viton is the material you want. 20 gauge O-ring is #19 Viton. 
Many years ago I purchased a package of 50 via the internet for a very good price. I think I gave away half of them through the years to shooters that needed a replacement.

I use Break-Free to clean.  I use the plastic squeeze bottle.  Tried the spray can and did not like, as no control.  A small dose goes a long way.  Put on and leave overnight.  Wipe off and your set to go. No need to oil and not recommended if you use Break-Free!

I use Rim Oil on the outside of the barrel and receiver when putting the gun away when at the range.

Watch those fingers when reaching around inside the receiver, sharp edges.  I use a Q tip when cleaning the rail the Link slides on.

This is also the time that all the chokes get a good soaking in whatever at the time is my favorite choke cleaning solvent.  I put them in a pickle jar with solvent and let sit for a few days.  A bore brush at the end of a drill finishes the job.  Make sure you crease the threads before you insert the chokes.  Should be part of your routine, using choke crease.  Doesn't take much.  A pain in the butt to remove a frozen choke!

Also, a good time to check your supply of spare parts. 

I own a tubed O/U and use for skeet, but prefer the 1100 for both trap and sporting clays!  Saying that, will have to think about using the 1100 for FITASC, as only allowed one malfunction!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Federal Target Shotshells @ Cabelas

Through December 4, 2013, Federal Field & Target Shotshells for $56.99 per cases.

1-1/8 oz, 1145 fps.

Free ammunition shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Firearm parts to Canada ($500)

In recent searches I failed to find any businesses that have updated there international shipping rules in regard to shipping to Canada and the $500 limit.

§ 123.17 -- Exports of firearms and ammunition (Revised 2013)

(a) Except as provided in § 126.1 of this subchapter, District Directors of Customs shall permit the export without a license of components and parts for Category I(a) firearms, except barrels, cylinders, receivers (frames) or complete breach mechanisms when the total value does not exceed $500 wholesale in any transaction.

The old standard was $100. 

Don't get confused by the inclusion of the word ammunition, as exports of ammunition require an export permit, as well as ammunition components (primers and powder).

Exemption can only be used and claimed by a DDTC Registered Exporter (not just any business, nor a foreign individual traveling in the US).

Does not apply to any parts/components related to Shotguns (these are regulated by the U.S. Department of Commerce rather than the U.S. Department of State, and there is not equivalent exemption for shotgun parts in the Export Administration Regulations).

Not all U.S. businesses will ship to Canada.  Check posted shipping rules before you shop.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wind Mills & Solar Panels kill more birds then lead, but, no big deal!

Imagine the uproar if dead birds were found on the grounds of your local gun club?

Fines, lawsuits, condemnation in the local press, unending town council meetings, and even being threatened with closure.

But, if your gun club was a political correct activity as defined by the left and animal rights groups.

California Wind Farm Seeking First Permit to Kill Protected Golden Eagles – A wind farm in the Montezuma Hills region of Northern California is seeking a permit to legally kill up to five golden eagles over the next five years even though the raptors are currently protected under federal law and an international migratory bird treaty.

Birdwatchers flock to see rare bird, then watch it killed by wind turbine

There hasn’t been a sighting of a White-throated Needletail in the United Kingdom for 22 years, so nearly 80 birdwatchers flocked to Scotland to get a look, the Telegraph reported.  But instead of enjoying the world’s fastest flying bird soaring, they watched it fly into the small blade of a wind turbine and die.

California solar power plants singeing bird feathers

Of 34 birds reported dead or injured at Ivanpah in September, 15 had melted feathers. Dozens of other bird carcasses, not singed but with critical injuries, have been found in recent months at two solar projects about to go online on public land between Joshua Tree National Park and Blythe, Calif., a town of 20,800 on Interstate 10 near the Arizona border.

Last month, 19 birds, 16 of them water fowl or marsh birds, were found dead at Desert Sunlight, a 550-megawatt photovoltaic plant about 50 miles east of Indio, Calif. The carcass of a Yuma clapper rail, a federally endangered, medium-sized marsh bird, was found at the project in May.

About 600,000 bats killed by wind turbines in 2012, study shows

More than 600,000 bats fell victim to the turbines in 2012, according to a new study. The turbines spin at up to 179 miles per hour, rising hundreds of feet into the air.

While many Americans consider bats to be pesky or scary, they serve a vital ecological role. They eat a tremendous number of flying insects and they help pollinate crops, such as peaches and avocados.

 "Dead bats are being found underneath wind turbines across North America," wrote biologist Mark Hayes. "This estimate of bat fatalities is probably conservative."

Should Wind Industry Get a Free Pass on Bird Deaths?

Study: Feds underestimating the number of protected bird deaths at all the wind farms they aren’t prosecuting

Feds go after big oil for 28 bird deaths; ignore 400K deaths from wind turbines

Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths; 83,000 hunting birds killed each year

Sea eagles being killed by wind turbines

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Shipping Ammunition

As of January 1, 2014 you MUST use the Striped Diamond shipping label when shipping ammunition.

The label (required 2014) was on the box of a recently UPS delivered case of ammunition.

Ground Limited Quantity Marking

A visit to several talk boards finds that some receiving clerks are requiring private shippers (you and me) to write the words Ammunition or Hazardous materials or some other such wording on the box. 

This is not required. If requested, ask to speak to a supervisor.


Diamond Labels Will Replace ORM-D Labels on Ammo Shipments

The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) is phasing out the current ORM-D ammo labels, replacing them with a larger striped diamond label that does not mention “Small Arms Cartridges”. This change is designed to harmonize U.S. shipping rules with United Nations standards.

“The good news is the new label doesn’t have any indicator that the package contains ammunition. The bad news is the new label is gigantic compared to the old ORM-D label. You are required to use one of the larger labels on one side of any package containing ammunition. If the package is too small for one of the larger labels then you are permitted to use one of the smaller labels instead. Because of the size requirement in the regulations, you only get two of each label on standard piece of printer paper.”


Shipping Firearms (and ammunition) - Lost Target Information Page

Friday, November 01, 2013

Cabela's $5 Shipping (Ammunition)

Through November 5, ammunition ships for $5 per order.  They have a few brands going for $59.99.

Looking around at the on-line box stores it looks like $59.99 is the new norm when offering sales on the cheaper brands of ammunition.

If you miss the shipping opportunity, check the site often, as the shipping offer pops up several times a year.  Be careful, free or reduced shipping does not always include ammunition.

You may find matching in store deals (or better) on Remington Gun Clubs at Walmart and Dicks.  I suggest you take a look the next time your near one of there stores.

I saw a nice price on Remington Gun Clubs at Walmart a few weeks back, but the Federal Value Packs sitting on the same shelf were overpriced!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gun Owners join Tea Party as being Racist

The Tea Party had long been labeled racist by the left, news organizations, and by many in congress.  A smear against many who are god fearing people and only want the best for the country.

Fact, not open to debate!

Now a NY Daily New report states that gun owners are most likely to be racist, as is labeled the Tea Party.

 The headline reads: "U.S. whites exhibiting higher levels of racism more likely to be gun owners: study"
The report by researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University looked at how racism among whites and gun ownership is linked. The report used data from the American National Election Study and scored people based on their ‘symbolic racism,’ which is used to measure anti-black sentiments. Besides keeping a gun at home, they were also more likely to oppose gun control reforms.
I think this racist bit is way overblown, but the left won't let go if it, especially among white liberals. Keep crying wolf, well you know the story...

In my life in the service, 20 years plus, I didn't have time for such things.  Minority, woman, gay, lesbian, or whatever worked for me at one time or another. Yes, there was gays in the service way back then!  Could care less. The bottom line was; did they come to work each shift (and on time), did the job to the best of there abilities, and have integrity when they didn't think anyone was watching? Happy to have them on board if that was there work ethic!  Even had a declared witch working for me at one point.  One of the better workers among her peer group and someone I could count on to get the job done.

So, as a white gun owner who is against further gun regulations, for less government, and a conservative I failed the real world racism test, as I think most gun owners would!


Racism and guns go together.

That’s the finding of an international study released Thursday that says the two are linked. More specifically, odds are greater that a racist white American also keeps a gun at home and opposes gun control regulations.

The conclusion wasn’t too surprising for researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University, which sought to better understand American gun culture.

“There had already been research showing that ... blacks are more likely to be shot, so we thought there must be something happening between the concept of being black and some whites wanting guns,” Monash researcher Kerry O’Brien said in an email to the Daily News.

He also found that political leanings and geography play a part into firearm ownership.

“It is particularly noteworthy that the relationship between symbolic racism and the gun-related outcomes was maintained in the presence of conservative ideologies, political affiliation, opposition to government control and being from a southern state, which are otherwise strong predictors of gun ownership and opposition to gun reform

Read more:

2014 Canadian Trap Championships @ L'Acadie

The 2014 Canadian Trap Championships (June 23 - 29) will be hosted by Club L'Acaide (Quebec).

Too early to have information on the shoot (sanctioned by the ATA), but for those in the states who may be thinking of attending, the basics of attending shoots in Canada.

At a World English ICTSF Sporting Clays Shoot held in Ontario in 2013, the only complaint that American shooters had was they did not expect the traffic (delay) at the border. A major outdoor event was taking place at the town at the Niagara Falls crossing that weekend and traffic was backed up.
Firearm processing went smoothly for all. I asked many of the shooters, as I host a page on "crossing the border with a firearm" and wanted to assure that all procedures stated were correct. Who best to ask then those who just crossed into Canada!

- You require either a Passport or U.S. Passport Card (Driving Only), or Enhanced Drivers License (Driving Only) to re-enter the USA.  An enhanced drivers license is issued by many states and less expensive then a Passport. The days of presenting your standard drivers license is no longer!

- Prior to DEPARTING the USA, process a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Form 4457 and list all firearms. You can process the form at any time prior to crossing the border (at any location).  A one time requirement. If you have a form from ten years ago that list your firearm and is readable, it's still valid! This form allows you to re-enter the USA with your firearm without issues.

- A Canadian Nonresident Firearm Declaration must be in your possession. The declaration is available at all border crossings (and processed day of crossing), but can be Emailed to you and filled out prior to arrival. The declaration is good for 60 days. It cost $25 Canadian, paid at point of entry (credit cards accepted).

* Each shooters must have his/her own declaration. The declaration also allows you to purchase ammunition while in Canada.

- No Handguns, leave all handguns at home!

- Import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition. I normally bring in a case or two without issue.

- The club is located southeast of Montreal.  Approximately 45 minutes from the NY I-87 border crossing.

-The club has ammunition.  Can't remember seeing STS, but Winchester and other brands available.  Don't know what they will have available for the shoot, but a lack of ammunition at the club has never been an issue.

- The club kitchen is open when the club is open.  Breakfast and lunch available!

- GPS is recommended.  English is understood and spoke by many, but as in the states when visiting a club for the first time, having your motel and club punched into the GPS makes for a less stressful mode of travel.

- If you had a DWI in the last ten years you may not be allowed to enter Canada.

- Cross into Canada with a full tank of gas. Gas in Quebec is at a minimum a dollar higher a gallon then what you pay in the states.  The prices you see posted is for a liter of gas.  1 liter = 1.06 quart.

Club de tir L'Acadie Directions & Information

Check out the above link and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Gun Box, Shipping for the Holidays

Responsible gun owners should take a look....

The Gun Box uses RF and fingerprint scanning technology to keep handguns secure, yet rapidly accessible in an emergency. To prevent tampering, The Gun Box will text its owner and trigger an alarm when its accelerometer detects movement

The Gun Box

You do have safe storage, especially with children in the home?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NY SAFE ACT Ammuntion Requirements Delayed!

As reported.....

SAFE Act provision on background checks for bullet buyers to be delayed

Background checks won’t begin on Jan. 15

ALBANY – Checking the backgrounds and recording detailed information about anyone buying ammunition, a key component of New York’s gun-control law, will not begin as expected Jan. 15.

State Police said Friday the agency needs more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition.

Additionally, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and maintain an assortment of information – from the buyer’s name and occupation to the type and amount of bullets bought – also will not be kicking in on Jan. 15 as permitted under the gun-control law.

Officials did not say when the ammunition background checks might start.

The law requires ammunition sellers to register with the State Police and to also run the purchaser’s name through a state-created database to see if they can buy ammunition. Only commercial dealers capable of running a background check, which must include a photo identification procedure in a face-to-face transaction, can sell ammunition under the new law.

Further, ammunition dealers must keep a written log – noting the date of purchase and the name, age, occupation and residency of ammunition buyers – for each sale that police can later inspect “at all reasonable hours.’’ That could have begun, under the law, on Jan. 15.



My unanswered questions and those you need to ask your elected officials:

- Will gun clubs who sell ammunition (formally or informally) to members, visitors, and those who attend shoots and/or classes be required to be REGISTERED with the NY State Police and follow all reporting and documentation requirements?

If so, your local club will likely not be selling ammunition, especially at member (volunteer) run clubs! 

- Will ammunition awarded as prizes at many fun shoots held at clubs across the state be against the law, even if the club does not sell ammunition as an everyday activity?

- Will Canadians be able to purchase ammunition in NY when they are attending sporting events, visiting a club, or hunting in the state?

- What ammunition sellers in New York will be still selling the one box of ammunition to hunters in there stores if all sales have to be recorded at that location?

Can you imagine the long lines during hunting season and sales staff needed to sell ammunition?  What businesses do you think will be selling ammunition?

- Will sportsmen who travel to adjoining states and purchase ammunition for themselves and bring back a few cases for there friends be prosecuted, even if it can be argued they are not in the business of selling ammunition?

Remember, once the law takes effect, all ammunition sales must be face to face, no internet or telephone sales!


Monday, October 21, 2013

A home run, Valleyfield FUN shoot!

A fun shoot with the emphases on FUN!!!!

A very windy day and on the cool side.  The first time this year wearing my winter shooting jacket. It did warm up a bit in the PM.

Joe and Heide Potosky

As you can imagine with the wind, birds were bouncing around and just all over the place. You can't say Boo when shooting trap, but a lot of laughs on the skeet fields when at times the bird took a dive or skyrocketed into the clouds just as you were getting ready to pull the trigger.

The wife and I tied, 45x50 in skeet. I had the upper hand in trap, but it was mostly luck as I shot over my share of targets also, but got lucky and hit just a few more targets!

In both skeet and trap we had excellent squad mates, who lucky for us had a sense of humor and did not let the wind and bouncing targets take away from the good time we were having.

As well as skeet and trap, Handicap and Doubles trap was offered.

A nice turnout!

$1100 in random draw prices awarded, plus medals for event winners and club champions. 

2 x 20 shoot coupons ($ 220)
1 x membership card ($ 80)
10 x 10 shoot coupons ($ 550
2 x $ 50 Voucher Sail ($ 100)
2 x $ 30 Voucher ST-Hubert ($ 60)
2 x Vouchers Ultramar $ 25 ($ 50)
1 x Work light, 2x Jackets and different caps.

The awarding of shoot coupons was a good idea and something that all clubs should consider!

The club in conjunction with the shoot also held it's club championships.

Several at the shoot were for the first time being introduced to skeet and/or trap and plenty of shooters willing to give pointers.  It was nice to see!

You had your choice of hamburger or hot dogs for lunch.

The shoot was held at Club de Tir Valleyfield in the province of Quebec.  Crossing the border coming and going was without delay.  USA shooters will need either a Passport or Enhanced Drivers License (driving only) to return to the USA.

French was of course the language of choice, but not a worry if shooting in Quebec, as the vast majority of shooters speak and/or understand English.  I only know a handful of words in French and for the most part never have a language problem when visiting clubs in Quebec!  We all understand Dead and Lost.....

Visit this link for:

Shoot photos, a rather noisy (wind in the background) Video and Shoot Results

I had not let it be known in Quebec that I was going to be attending the shoot, but I was honored at the shoot by the club, shooters in attendance, and the Quebec Trap Shooting Association (QPTA).

Thanks for the kind words and the contributions given!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Expensive clay target practice!

I attended a FUN shoot and was charged $40 for 100 targets. 

Not complaining about the price, but it turns out NO prizes awarded, nor was shoot management ever intending on given out prizes!

No shoot flyer was printed, just email notification that the club was holding a FUN shoot.  After many years of attending such shoots I ASSUMED some type of awards would be given.  That's what I get for assuming...

I talked to someone closely associated with the club and talked about "No Prizes".  He didn't get it.  Saw nothing wrong with it and tried to justify it.  To say the least an uncomfortable conversation on my part, as I soon realized I was not going to win the discussion.

If the club would have broke down a case of ammunition and gave boxes out as prizes I would have been satisfied or maybe awarded be a fast food coupon to a fast food joint, but no prizes at all???

Maybe it's me and times are changing and I'm expecting to much when invited to attend a shoot!

My fault for not checking before traveling to the shoot, but not something I would have expected after attending 100's of such shoots in my years as a clay target shooter.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hats off Jeff Wright (Vermont Skeet Shooter)

Hat’s off to Vermont shooter Jeff Wright!

It’s often surprising to some on what one person can accomplish.  One who is not only dedicated, but also has a strong work ethic, vision, and plays well with others. 
Jeff is one of the few with that same mindset found at clubs we all belong or visit.  One of that small group (a handful) where shoot programs as we know them would die a slow, sometimes painfully slow death without people like Jeff.  Look around your own club, how many Jeff’s do you have helping at your club 24/7?

Jeff (and his wife Linda) took the Underhill Rod & Gun Club NSSA skeet program, a program that was static to say the least, and gave it a shot of adrenaline.  Jeff was not the only one who righted the skeet program, as he had the support of others!

In the last few years.....
A policy to make the use of wireless release an option was implemented.  The use of the mandatory wireless release during NSSA shoots had become a sore point for some and cost the club shooters. 

The number of 4-gun shoots scheduled was increased, with less emphasis on 50/50/50/50 shoots.  One day shoots are welcomed in any format and a great way to attract new shooters, but the lack of 4-gun shoots found a decrease in the number of shooters who traveled to the club from out of state and Canada.  The popular September 4-gun shoot that was dropped in favor of a one day shoot has still not recovered, but looks to be heading in the right direction after being reborn once again as a 4-gun shoot.
A 200 target .410 shoot long held at another club held to honor Jack Corse, but no longer, was reincarnated at the Underhill club and now is an annual event.

After a draught of articles, Skeet Shooting Review now receives in-depth shoot reports that all can enjoy.
Moving into the modern era, the use of email to keep shooters informed is utilized.

Not doing it alone I'm sure, but Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shotshell ammuntion purchases, 2014 is just around the corner!

2013 shooting season is coming to a close (for those in the north) and 2014 is just around the corner. 

An ever ending cycle, or so it seems!

I usually shoot 12 gauge reloads for practice, but for shoots I prefer factory.

Never to early to restock.....

Value packs at Walmart at this time are overpriced and I passed, but they did have a good deal on Gun Club shells last week, under $6 a box.  Not enough Gun Club shells on hand to meet my needs, but a start!

While internet searchers are not finding vast supplies (if any) of reloading supplies, shotgun ammunition is available.

I was looking to purchase low cost ammunition, Rio or Nobel Sport.  I've shot both in the past and as long as I stay close to 1200fps or higher, not a problem when used in my Remington 1100.  My Browning O/U ejects them without issues.

My impression is that Rio shells pattern a bit tighter and what I purchase if I have a choice, but I won't pass on a deal that I may come across. Nothing a tighter choke can't overcome!

Lately I've been leaning towards 7 1/2 instead of the 8's.  I seem to get better breaks with White Flyer Bio's and Lawry targets using 7 1/2, especially at distance.

I ended up picking up a mix of shells, as a limited supply of shells in both brands in the shells I wanted, but will meet my needs. 

I also purchased Federal Premium shells in my internet travels, as free shipping and I had a coupon.

I will be taking advantage of bulk club ammunition purchases (something available at a few clubs that I belong) and sales of ammunition at some of the shoots I attend.

A few states have started placing controls on ammunition sales and NY shooters should be aware that internet sales (or by telephone) of ammunition is going to be outlawed sometime in 2014, if the NY State Police can get it's ammunition background check system up and running.  All ammunition sales will need to be face to face and background check approval for each purchase! 

Going to be interesting to see what stores in NY will bother selling ammunition, if for each purchase they have to contact the State Police.  Can you imagine the lines at Walmart during hunting season....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Job, NEK Skeet & Sporting Clays Club!

A job well done!

The club, located near Lyndonville, Vermont, not only had a vibrant sporting clays shoot program throughout the warm weather months, but also held a Fun skeet/trap/5-stand shoot in June and hosted the first FITASC shoot held in Vermont in recent memory.

Growing pains Yes, but always learning from mistakes (perceived or real), making corrections and making it better for the next shoot.

As seen at many member run clubs, only a handful (small handful) responsible for upkeep of the grounds and running shoots.  Hats off to all who volunteer!

Just announced after the last shoot, the building serving as a clubhouse to be demolished and  a new building in place prior to the 2014 shoot season.

If you haven't attended a NEK shoot in recent years, "skeet in the woods" is no longer the game.  A 100 target course with targets for all level of shooters is what you will experience, with always the option to shoot 5-stand.

Looking forward to 2014!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Going to shoot registered .410 (after a long layoff)

I committed to the Underhill club NSSA 200 target .410 shoot next Saturday. 

I shot registered .410 years back, but not in recent times.  So long in the past that I don't carry a classification. Matter of fact, registered skeet has barely been on the radar. Not many registered targets in any gauge in the last couple of years.  Three hundred targets this year....

No longer a 4 gun shooter, as not willing to put the time to attend 4-gun shoots, nor willing to spend the kind of $$$$$ that 4-gun registered shooting requires.  Four or five hundred shells, shoot fees, motel, restaurants, fuel.  Just given my reasons, to each his own.  If 4-gun shooting is your enjoyment, great. I'm just no longer willing to make the commitment required.

It's been a few years from the last time I reloaded .410 shells, and can't even tell you the last time I shot .410.  Thought it might be a good idea to give the .410 reloader a good cleaning before I started, as it's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust. That went well and I ran three boxes without issues. I use AA hulls, 296 powder, and Winchester primers. I'll shoot them sometime next week for practice and I'll assume they will all go bang!

I usually have a good time attending one day skeet shoots.  You meet old acquaintances, shoot the bull, maybe stay around for the Saturday dinner (4 gun shoots) and go home. On many occasions we find ourselves at another club the next day in our region, shooting either trap or sporting clays.   Matter of fact, we are attending a fun skeet and/or trap shoot (you have the option) the next day at a club in Quebec. We'll most likely shoot both.  Show up at 10 and be on the road NLT 2pm unless we stay around to visit.

Anyway, good or bad I'll post my scores for all to see.....

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Low House 7, Dead!

Received via email...

These photos were taken by Rick Havner at Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club.  The shooter, Jason Nash, was on the Skeet range at station 7 shooting the low house with a 12 ga and a Full choke.

Pretty cool!

A rough patch for those who reload!


Many years ago I had a problem finding certain IMR powders.   I lived in the area where they did the packaging (remember the metal containers) and was told a quality control issue.  Rail car after rail car was not accepted because the powder (after testing) did not meet standards and could not be packaged.  I grew tired of having to purchase extra containers of power when it was available and switched to Hodgdon powders. 

Problem solved, or so I thought until early this year.  Rumors of a Hodgdon factory fire could not be nailed down, but for whatever reason the purchase of both Hodgdon and IMR powder was and is, hit and miss (Hodgdon now owns IMR).  After a few misses at attempts to purchase powder and finally a hit earlier this year, I fortunately planned for future shortages and made sure I had enough to last out any long term draught.

It seems powder from all manufactures' used to reload shotgun shells is in short supply.  I've seen a few places were you can purchase 1lb cans of  some powders, but this is the most expensive way to buy powder, and supplies are limited. You might as well buy factory shells if you can find them.  800x is plentiful in 8lb cans, but a powder many won't use as a hard powder to meter.

Stories of stores suddenly receiving a supply of powder are seen, but the mail order storefronts list most powders as OUT OF STOCK.

I had a similar problem with the availability of primers just a few years back, but as not willing to change from Winchester 209 primers, I ordered extra when supplies once again became plentiful and now make it a habit.  Lucky I did, as with powder, primers are in short supply.

Lead, if you can purchase for under $40 a bag, don't be shy when making a purchase as the price does not seem to be coming down anytime soon.

Those who only keep enough powder and primers on hand to get them by the current shooting season I imaging are in a world of hurt. For many small gauge skeet shooters the only way to afford to shoot .410 and 28 gauge was through reloading, as factory shells cost more then the most expensive 12 gauge shells.

Some who reload are cutting back on practice to the detriment of the club, as less targets thrown each week. Some are cutting back on registered shoots attended, trying to stretch the supplies on hand. A few, according to several talk board postings have stopped reloading completely and purchase cheap factory shells and have cut back on shooting altogether.

Remember, clay target shooting is not a cheap sport and has never been!  When flush with cash and/or not having many family responsibilities, an affordable game, but when on a tight budget, a game that many can no longer afford. A one or two dollar savings by reloading may not seem like a big deal for some, but reloading was a lifeline that kept many in the game, but that is another posting.... 

What to do?

Except for keeping feelers out and asking friends if they stumble across powder or primers for sale to make a purchase for you, especially if they are going to be attending a major shoot, I suggest you take advantage of a stores Back order Policy, such as seen at Graf & Sons:

Your Cart Contains Products not Currently in Stock

If you continue with your purchase, these products will be backordered and will ship to you as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer. You will be contacted if delivery date is greater than 30 days. Note that additional fees may apply if multiple shipments are needed (hazardous materials, postage — when applicable, etc.).

We take backorders as a service to our customers. Backorders are subject to price changes due to manufacturer’s cost increases to Graf & Sons. You will be notified if your backorder has a price increase and given the option to ship or cancel.


If you go the backorder route I suggest you order two of a product, not one.  I ordered one backorder product several years ago.  At about the 45 day mark I received a call from Graf and asked if I still wanted the product as they received a shipment.  I said yes and asked if I could increase the order.  Was told no, as everything that was delivered was spoken for!

ATA Website (New)

The ATA just updated it's website.

First impression. A home run!

I find it easier to find what I'm looking for virus the old site.

As on the old board, you can see your shoot activity, and if you wish, download and print your average card.  If you have not used this feature in the past, be warned, it's only as good as the clubs (submitting timely shoot reports) make it.  I attended a shoot and my scores were not posted after a month.  I asked the club about it and after a bit of tap dancing my scores magically appeared a week later. 

A forum has been added and will be interesting to see how much traffic it receives.  Will also be interesting to see if the ATA has a thick skin as not all comments will be positive!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Lead Shot Prices, October 2013

I use Gamaliel Shooting Supply to track the price of lead shot used by clay target shooters.

Not necessarily the best price. 


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Oct 4, 2013

$44.50- Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$44.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Oct 4, 2012

$41.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$41.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Jun 13, 2012

$39.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jan 9, 2012

$36.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 18, 2011

$37.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jun 18, 2011

$39.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Feb 21, 2011

$38.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$39.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 20, 2010

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$37.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Sep 29, 2010

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Jul 28, 2010

$29.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$29.95 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Mar 23, 2010

$36.00 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$36.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Oct 15, 2009

$31.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$32.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


Jan 7, 2009

$24.50 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$25.00 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot


February 28, 2008

$42 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$42.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blaser TEN YEAR warranty (WOW)

Shooting practice sporting today at the La Roue du Roy (Quebec, Canada) and a long time acquaintance joined my wife and I at station 5.  Had not had a chance to talk to him one on one for some time and he started to tell me about his Blaser, a shotgun he owned for seven years.

He was shooting this past spring and it locked up.  Would not open.  He took it to a gunsmith.  Once opened it was found a piece of metal was missing from the receiver.

Photos were taken and sent to Blaser (Germany).  Was told the receiver was not fixable, send the receiver for replacement, as covered under warranty.

After three months, a brand new receiver was received (no cost to the shooter).

He said both his 32 inch 12 gauge barrel and his 32 inch 28 gauge barrel fitted the new receiver flawlessly.  The 12 gauge barrel came with the gun and just last year he picked up the 28 gauge barrel.

Two barrels, make in different years, and both fit a new receiver without issues!

When Blaser says TEN YEAR warranty, they mean TEN YEARS...

He was given his 28 gauge a workout today and he offered to let me take a few shots.  A smooth swing and the balance was great.  Didn't feel like I was swinging a 32 inch barrel.  Gun also fit me pretty good.

Next time you in the market for a high end gun, you might just want to give Blaser a look!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Talk Boards and Club Meetings!

What do both have in common?

I see or hear a lot of, the club should do this and the club should do that, but hardly one person doing the posting or doing the talking, willing to take on the responsibility!

They want (to help promote shooting)!

Additional hours (or days) the club is open.

Fun shoots.

4H, AIM or SCTP programs at the club.

Shooting clinics for youth and women shooters.

League shooting.

Registered shooting.

Open house.

Sponsors for shoots.

Articles in local papers.

Club newsletter.

Up to date club website or Facebook account.

Cheaper targets (don't normally attend meetings and have no idea of cost to run the club).

Complaining about the other discipline taking over the club, but they don't attend meetings, not on the board, and don't show up to support there own discipline when a function is planned. I just threw that one in, but so true!


They want all this and more.

In reality we're burning out the help. It's getting worse each year, and not only at shooting clubs!

For every 100 members, you have how many that faithfully help out throughout the year?

At many member run clubs a handful is all that is keeping the club running.  Sometimes a club is only one volunteer away from not being open on any given Sunday, and said shooter wants the club to be open on additional days?

League not being run?  Steve can't make it down to the club each week to run it, no one else willing, are you willing to take it on?

Sponsors for shoots.  I suggest you approach your business friends and ask them to support the club, as the guy running the club from day to day has just so many hours that he can commit to the club, and in many cases does not have a relationship with local businesses that you might have.

The lawn does not get mowed by elf's, nor is snow removal.

Targets don't magically appear in the trap house.

The bathrooms are not being maintained by a cleaning service.

Those willing to run registered shooting programs is only two people at some clubs. If one stopped doing it to so would the other.

The small kitchen with snacks and soda is taken for granted.  A volunteer is making a trip to restock the kitchen and most likely also removing the empty soda cans and keeping the kitchen area clean. 

Next time you have an idea, be willing for yourself and your friends to volunteer, and not have the handful that is keeping the club running have to take consider taking on additional responsibility (or not)!

First FITASC shoot held at NEK (Vermont)

A beautiful setting for the first FITASC shoot held in Vermont in over a decade.

Parcour 2
 The shoot was hosted by the Northeast Kingdom Skeet and Sporting Club, Lyndonville, Vermont.
For those not familiar with FITASC.  Twenty-five targets shot per parcour. A low gun game, 1oz. (no reloads), and you can't move your gun until you see the target.  The squad first shoots singles (two shots allowed) and then the squad shoots report pair or doubles, before moving on to the next station.  I think three stations per parcour is what the rule book says.   Only one gun/ammunition failure per 25 targets. A dress code is enforced!
The shoot was 50 targets (two parcours).

* Best viewed at full screen!
An early morning fog, but it burn burned off.  Serious sun issues on Parcour #1 was experienced by early squads. Almost any other time of the year target setting would have been perfect, but low sun seen at this time of year was a killer.  The club recognizes they had an issue and the target setter(s) will take that in account for future shoots.
Rules are rules and boy does FITASC have rules.  Many NSCA shooters, first time exposed to FITASC, were a little taken back by the number of rules and enforcement.  Who knew you couldn't come out and watch squads shoot before it was your squads turn to shoot?  I suggest in the future steps are taken to get the word out in regard to rules before the shooter shows up at the parcour, especially for clubs holding there first couple of FITASC shoots (ever). Use the shoot flyer (program), in email notifications, a point paper handed out at the registration desk, a briefing to squads before they depart for the parcour. Any or all is recommended. Don't go overboard, or no one will read them, but include the major rules (point paper style) that will be enforced, without fail.
 * Received via email from a Canadian. Your note about not viewing targets at a Parcour is false. There is no such rule in FITASC Sporting. It is bullshit by people that don't know the rules. The waiting area is there to prevent distractions from interfering with the squad shooting.   Thanks for the information!
Maybe a little heavy handed in my critique as a first time shoot, but if shooters are to return and bring there friends..... 
Targets pretty much beat me up, but I made the trip (2hr 45min) to primarily take photos and video (I don't pretend to be a FITASC shooter), but as long as I was there  : )    A good squad and I had fun!
As always, the good shooters overcame any hiccups experienced and shot the scores expected!
In conjunction with the shoot the club also offered 50 targets Sporting Clays. During the course of the year the club holds 100 targets sporting clays shoots with the option to shoot 5-stand.
Club volunteers did an outstanding job getting the club ready for the shoot and were out in force throughout the day.  Thanks to all that came out to lend a hand!
Five Canadians traveled down from Quebec.  One won the FITASC event and a one took the Sporting Clays event!
The kitchen was up and running. 
The building used as a clubhouse is slated to be torn down this week and a new club house will be built and fully functionally for the 2014 shooting season.
As a side note, I highlighted Vermont Sub Junior Andy Kachmarik in a video, a young shooter with a lot of potential.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Olympic Bunker Trap (Minute Man Sportsman's Club)

Good news for the New England Region....

New England International Junior Shooting Sports

New England International Junior Shooting Sports a 501c3 has raised private funds and is building an International Bunker on land provided by Minute Man Sportsman's Club. This is the only bunker in New England and we look forward to it's completion.

Minute Man Sportsman's Club
Burlington, MA

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What it cost to attend a shoot?

First, shooting is expensive, period.  Even in the old days, shooting was expensive, period! 

Yes, many can remember $35 for a case of shells and on and on. You could also purchase a new car for under $4000 and many were more then happy if they were making $200 a week.  See where $200 a week gets you now days!

Attended a skeet shoot this past weekend and after reading a few postings on the cost of registered shooting (and the impact on attracting new shooters and keeping old ones). I sat down and figured out what it cost me to attend this one day shoot.

200 Registered Targets = $94   Did not play purse or options!

8 boxes of shells = $48

Gas = $13.69

Brought my own lunch.

Total: $155.69

You can reduce the cost of shells if you reload (good luck finding powder and primers), but those who don't reload can expect to pay $6 or more per box of shells. More if your shooting .410 or 28 gauge.

I don't have issues on what was charged, matter of fact paid $55 per 100 a few weeks back, but my choice to attend or not.  By the way, two shooters in the family, you do the math!

And, those figures are only for one day, 200 targets.  Two or three day shoot and you also have motel and meals to consider, as well as additional shoot fees and shells.

The conversation is about the cost of shooting registered and it's impact on attracting new shooters and keeping shooters!

I think a bigger impact then we realize....

If I was shooting practice, the $94 would allow me to shoot 26 rounds of skeet or trap. The figure is based on the low end on where I shoot, but I plugged in the lowest cost to shoot practice in my region.

A shooter raising a family and on a budget; does he (she) attend a one day registered shoot and shoot 200 targets or spread it out and shoot practice for six weeks (100 targets per visit)?

I think the decision has already been made by many, going by the number of shooters I see at various clubs shooting practice viruses the number I see at many registered shoots (skeet and trap) I attend each year. .

Saying that....

A few things a club could do to lower cost:

Look at is the price charged for registered targets. We sometimes forget a profit is already built into every target thrown at the cub, practice or not. Does the cost of that same target have to be raised because a shoot is being held?

Shoot fees.  Outside of ref fees and association fees, where is the additional money going? Do we need $15 or $20 returned to shooters?  You want to do it for the once a year big shoot, go for it, but is that really needed for every shoot?  I'm comfortable at $10.

Sell shells at cost during the shoot. 

Don't include the FREE meal in the cost of the shoot.

Get a sponsor!  Prizes (awards) cost money.  I've won car washes, tools, blankets, clothing, shells, lawn chairs and more in my years of shooting. 

Shooting is expensive, period, but maybe we can shave off a few dollars for those who are thinking of joining are ranks!